Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-155


Guys now my ff completed 155 epi!!!!!i am soooooo let us start with good words..

Ishaani cares for ranveer..He moves her hair from her face and comes close..she puts oinment in his wound..he smiles and holds her head and closes his eyes and tries to kiss her but phone rings..Ranveer tells this shit..he takes tells after 2days u can come and join..ranveer tells really!! thnx alot doctor..Ranveer cuts the call and hugs ishaani and tells doctor gave date..Falguni asks for what date?ranveer tells we decided to go date with doctor..she asks what?Falguni asks ishaani to say..ishaani was about to tell..ranveer says we have problem for having baby..falguni asks for whom?Ranveer tells me..falguni slaps him and tells see ishaani face..becoz of u she suffered alot..ishaani was about to stop.but ranveer signs her not to say anything..ishaani cries..Ranveer and all comes down..falguni tells all that ranveer has a problem..his tears fells down.ishaani sees this and tells falguni to shut up..All gets shocked..ishaani tells what r u speaking about my husband?Ishaani tells me is my husband and it is our personal matter do u understand..Falguni asks me second person?Ishaani tells her if my husband gets insult one more time i will not spare u..just leave..falguni goes inside crying..Ranveer hugs her and tells her to be cool..ishaani scolds falguni and tells sorry on behalf of her to ranveer..He tells no problem and hugs her.

Falguni in room tells ranveer i won’t leave u…..u have to pay for my insult..Baa comes there and tells her to stay away from them and sleeps on bed.Falguni smirks and sleeps on bed..Next day ishaani and ranveer comes to hospital and takes tells them to come twice in a weeks so that within 1month her problem will be cured..ranveer agrees and leaves from there with ishaani and comes to house

Others smirks seeing ranveer..falguni comes there and hugs ranveer and tells sorry to him and falls down on his legs..ranveer wakes her up and asks her what r u doing?she tells sorry,,ishaani does not mind this and leaves form there angrily,..Falguni cries..ranveer tells i will make her speak and he leaves from there and comes to room and asks ishaani to speak to her mother..Ishaani tells him not to speak about her..ranveer tells then ok and comes close to her and tells i already missed due to phone call but not now..he comes close and kisses her..she smiles and tries to leave but he holds her hand..Matsh theme plays..

Precap: Neha,xu hua and wang dou joins their hands together to kill ranveer and ishaani

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  1. SUPERB EPISODE Naren Bro! I loved how Ranveer took the blame for Ishani and then she stood up for him… BUT STUPID NEHA IS BACK……….I can’t wait for your next episode!

  2. Good episode. Is falguni a negative character in this ff???

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Yes… She is negative..

      1. Congratulations for completing 155 episode and I have updated naagin-love forever episode 2 please read and comment.

  3. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    oh tanvee my sweetheart . my dear . my sissy . nothing will happen to u . i will never permit anything ti cause u danger . oh my dear . why it haplened to u . what wrong u have done ? really god she is such a good girl . if u have power really u should help her . i cant able to digest this . tears r rolling … dear . who said only 40% chance s for u ? really the doc dont have brain it seems . u will be alright dear . my chlm will com. me tom. the 1st com. should be for me. sty chlm now only i know this.bit nothing will happen to u . i will pray for u dear and do u know if i pray then murgan will help u . pls be strong . nothing will happen to such a good girl like u .my soul will be always with u .

    naren bro . really so nice and dont worry i will support u always …

    shakti wish u a happppppy happlly bday …..let this year give u all happiness in this universe ….

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice episode but hated she insulted my Ranvi.I felt so sad for him.

  5. Fabulous epi! Waiting for next one !! 🙂 :*

  6. Ranaji overall it is good but make it more romantic please

  7. Ranaji i miss ishveer very much

  8. Superb episode bro …….

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