Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-153


The episode starts with Ishaani smiles at ranveer. He comes close to her title track plays.. Ishaani tells him to wait.. She slips.. But ranveer holds her hand and pulls her closer. She smiles at him.. He comes close and closes his eyes to kiss her but she pushes him on bed and comes near window and stands seeing moon. He comes there and holds her hand and kisses on it and watches moon.. Smilingly.. He asks what u see in moon? She tells my love towards u and my guilty.. She cries.. He hugs her and tells her not to speak anymore and brings her bed and takes blanket and closes it..

Next day ranveer gets up and comes to Hall and shouts for servants. They all comes there running.. Ranveer tells today pallavi and his husband is coming here so get ready everything fast.. Pls.. Servants tells OK and leaves for work.

Ishaani comes down wearing night dress she smiles at ranveer. He sees her from up to down and smiles.. He comes closer.. She tells servants are there.. He tells so what? U r my wife and he tells All servants to concentrate on work.. He takes her in his arms.. She asks him where r u kidnapping me? He tells to NY secret room. She asks what? He tells I did not tell u something which is more imp..

Ranveer brings her to store room and shows small lab..she asks what is here? He shows some medicines and tells it is so valubale.. Ishaani tells I am sooo happy becoz I got genious,beautiful husbnad like u… But if child is there means it will be superb.. He comes near her and wipes her tears and tells her to be normal and happy.. Ranveer gets a call and brings her to Hall and ons the TV.. He sees some disease which spreads while world.. In TV they tells disease name.. Ranveer smiles and comes to lab.. Ishaani asks him what? He tells I already found medicine for it.. She smiles

Two girls comes to lodge and asks for room key.. Owner asks their passport and etc.. They shows it.. They both comes to room and. Smiles seeing disease.. They both hifi each other saying our plan is working all good. She smiles.. One room boy comes there and asks their name?. She tells my name is xu hua hua.. Another tells Wang dou dou.. He laughs at their name.. Xu kicks on his belly.. He shouts and takes vomit… Wang throws him out.. They bith both smiles..they see news that ranveer has medicine for this disease.. They both gets shocked and tells we need to take it from him at any cost..

Precap:Xu hua and Wang dou comes there there as press. Ranveer alone sits there.. He bends down to take his watch.. But in the mean time. Xu his removes Mike and takes knife and stabs on sofa.. Ranveer gets up and sees this and asks what? He fights with them..

Guys now a days I lost interest.. Becoz many are not commenting.. Few are commenting.. It makes me sad.. Payal told me to write but she is not commenting.. Less support.. Hope I will get support after this epi.. Bye. Guys.. Sorry if I hurted u..

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  1. Naren bro.. Awesome episode! I liked this episode and can’t wait to see the action in the next episode! Superb job!

  2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Why arham angry with me?? Not answering me now adays..??????

    1. Ranaji sorry episode is wonderful bro

  3. Don’t worry bro. We’ll be there for u any way. Good episode. Hoping for some action sequence of My Birthday Boy Ranveer

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice episode bro.waiting for next.

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    What u told tanvee dr.I am shocked reading ur comment.nothing will happen to u dear.every thing will be strong.this family will pray for u sure because we want our little sister back.

  6. Hi guys it’s me tanisqa tanvee ‘s elder sister as u all know that tanvee is suffering from brain tumour she was not at all sleeping so doctors have to give her sleeping injection but before taking it she said something for all of you….
    Sana di hope your studies going good now don’t forget this kutty hope u remember me
    dhruva di hope ur health is fine and please don’t take stress
    All my ff writers ur ff is rocking
    Reena di, amritha sissy, ranaji bro, meera di, shagun di, fatarajo di, dhruva di, juliana di, mariya di and many more I don’t know I will be there to comment or not but don’t forger me
    raji di we never talked much but ya all the best for ur exams
    payal di and sathya di hope u all r. Also fine
    Prince bro I hope ur hand is fine
    And all ff writers never think about comments because all ur ff is rocking because all brain are very creative
    And my ff will be continued by my sissy if I am no more
    And all please be happy because I can never see traces of tears in ur eyes bye bye take care
    So these were words of tanvee she it’s hospitalized and she is sleeping holding my hands as she is totally scared we’ll she survive or not in her mind only this is echoing that I am going to die as doctors said she could slip to coma or die these words are eating her so guys bye when she will wake up I will give her phone to comment and talk to u all bye guys

    1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Oh this comment making me will I forget my kutty sister? U have to be strong.nothing will happen to u dear.loveee uuu dear…

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Nothing will happen to u tanvee..

    2. Oh my God… This comment is also making me cry.. I can’t believe it.. I can also never forget my sweetheart! But I know she will get through this because she is a strong and amazing girl.. I will pray to God and I know that he won’t let anything happen to Tanvee!! Love you my sweetheart!! And Tanisqa sis.. Thank you for telling us! And please you also stay strong!

  7. Awsomee bro! Ur ff will be the evergreen beauty foreva… please continue.. Pls don’t leave ur interest in writing the ff!

  8. Tanvee nothing happen to u my kutty sister ……soon u will be back dr ….my god is with u dr …..soon everything will be alright dr

  9. Tanvee… nothing will happen to u we all pray for u… so be strong dr… lov u dr…

  10. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    oiii bro…sry only i reached my own town..sry for not rply..bczz of travelling ystrdy busy wid packing maa…ofcours if i opened email naa..i’ll share wid u all..luv u loads…sry for hurting u chlm

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      It is OK.. Fine…

  11. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    hii sana sissy…yaa ofcours..if i’lll come naa i inforned u darling..but it takes too much r u sweety

    1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Fine dr.

  12. Tanvee don’t worry you will be alright son don’t worry

  13. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    ohh sad of u..don’t worry dr..we’ll dua for u..nothing happn to u..we all r wid u..miss u my choti sissy

  14. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    oiii my cutie bro..r u still angry wid me naa..sry for hurting u dr..plzz if u take me as ur own sis naa..plzz forgive me

    1. don’t think about it

    2. So sorry Arham sis! I just saw your comment on the other episode! My real name is Bhavreen and I am 15, in 9th grade (going to be in 10th) and I live in the US!

  15. Tanvee dr what happen to u.oh after reading ur comment i fl crying pls pls come back soon.u r one of my cute sissy .if u hurt u na pls pls forgive me.but i never thought u hv tis prblm only i know ur prblm dr.dr sure u come back soon get well dr.from my heart i ll tell u i love u sooo much pls dr pls comeback soon.i ll pray for u sure god bless u dr.get well soon dr.i miss u

  16. Arham dr u forget me na now a days u r not visit to tis pagena.i am also angry on u dr

  17. Ranaji Its awesome ff bro pls dnt fed up.ya now a days many r disapear from ishveer familyna including too worried abt thay bro.but dnt worry one day all r together through ur ff bro.

  18. Reena dr.u r from us na.ur native is us or india dr.

    1. I am native from the US but I love India.. I just visited in feb and had a lot of fun at my mamaji’s wedding

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