Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-152-Spcl Epi


Guys this epi is spl for u all. Otherwise I thought of posting next tmr only.. So let us start

The episode starts with Ranveer,azad and manik comes to manik house.. Manik introduces. Raja to ranveer.. Manik tells about job.. Ranveer tells I am CA… Raja tells u are appointed u r salary is 80,000per month.. Ranveer gets happy and thnx him and comes out and thnx manik.. Ranveer asks him what is up? Manik tells I love one girl.. I am going to marry her next month.. Ranveer u did not tell me? Manik tells I came to u r house and I saw that u r parents are dead so I left.. Ranveer gets sad and asks about azad.. He tells I got married to mahira.. Ranveer teases him and tells them to come to my house one day and ranveer leaves from there..

Ishaani waits for ranveer..he comes there and tells I got job salary is 80,000..Ishaani smiles.. She tells now there is some things.. We can manage this month but next month we need money.. Ranveer tells OK..

Year passed by..3yrs leap. Pallavi and apu gets married.. Ranveer has become rich now.. He has one 5Saloon,10shops and 2hotel and 1lodge.. Ranveer and Ishaani does not have baby….

Ranveer sits inside room and plays piano.. Raja calls him and asks about account? Ranveer tells it is already ready sir.. My servant will bring and give to u.. Raja tells u have become rich?? Ranveer it is all u r blessing.. Ishaani calls him.. Ranveer comes to her and asks what? Ishaani shows time and tells we have appointment with doctor now!! He tells OK and comes with her..

Doctor tells them to sit and asks do u want anything? They tells no.. Doctor tells there is treatment.. From that u can get baby.. Ranveer smiles and thnx her and asks date? He tells I will tell soon.. They both comes back to house.. ranveer smiles and gives her food.. She smiles and tells u are caring for me so much? But I can’t give u any baby? Ishaani cries.. Ranveer wipes her tears and tells I love u.. I cannot live without u.. She smiles and hugs ranveer..

Precap:Ranveer and ishaai share some intimate moments.. Sanam re plays..

Hope u all liked this .

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nice episode. …….

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx sumi for the comment

  2. Awesome episode Naren bro.. I liked how Ranveer worked hard.. So are they soon going to try and have a baby? I am excited if they are! Pls update soon bro! And I can;t wait for the ishveer romance!!!!!!

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Sorry i need to sleep now..tmr I will update.

  3. Nice epi

  4. Nice job ranaji..

  5. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    hii guyzz…sathya sana mariya rookey dhruva raji ranaji princ reena tanvee radhika( aftr long tym u comment here naa baby)..keerthu vyshu payal ishurv …luv u guyzz hw r u all

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  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Awesome episode bro.waiting for next.

  7. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Hi arham dr.l am fine and what about u? Loveeee u too dr

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    Hey I forgot…its our Hero’s and heart kings birthday…..thanks Sana to remind…….Many Many HAPYY RETURNS OF THE DAY…..SHAKTI….we love you soo much !!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!!!


    And about epi…..loved the way Ranveer always cares for ishu…. hope they have their baby soon !!!! And Ranveer again became rich !!!! Happy for ishveer…..cute epi…..but waiting for next……I mean precap !!!!!

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  12. Very nice epi bro.ishveer conversation superb.update next soon bro

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      Akka.. Next epi ID I find time I will update..

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  15. Bro superb episode……

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      Why saying like this?????????U are the one who praise my ff more.. Pls u will be normal..and I want u to write u r ff.. I am really crying now..

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