Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-15

The episode starts with ranveer asks ishaani for a minute and he brings her outside and tells i need to say you something imp and he tells my friend arranged job for me in delhi will you come with me?? Ishaani pinches him and tells i will come with you whereever you go ranveer gets happy and hugs her harshad thinks they are happy now i should leave

Harshad comes to room and sees the real harshad tied in chair and laughs and tells now my daughter is happy and i told you not to do anything against my daughter but..i am sorry and he takes the knife and stabs him and tells now you are over my ishaani will be happy

Ishaani and ranveer comes to airport and gets inside flight and they reach delhi ishaani asks where we will stay??ranveer tells i have arranged a house for us but it will be small ishaani tells i love you so i will adjust they reach the house and sees the house full of dust ishaani comes there and takes broom and cleans the whole house ranveer greets her ishaani pulls him down and tells you are my husband but you are not helping she keeps the hand around his shoulder and tells you are such a mad i thought you will be romantic ranveer takes her in his arms and tells now we can see who is romantic he brings her to room

Ranveer sees the time and goes to take bath ishaani gets some idea and goes ranveer asks for a towel ishaani tells noo he asks it she gives ranveer asks for dress she tells no i will not give

Ranveer comes out in towel and comes close to her and tells i think i should give you a kiss he comes close to her and kisses on her lips continously and tells i think now you should give dress or i will not leave you she tells no he kisses her and he takes the dress

he gets ready he sees ishaani also getting ready he asks where she is going??she tells i am also going to my friend house

Ranveer comes to office and joins and takes her seat suddenly he sees ishaani also coming he goes to her and asks why she came her??she tells i am also an employee

Ranveer asks what??Ishaani tells if we both work only we can be happy and i will get bore if i am in the house he tells ok

Precap: Ishaani comes close to ranveer she removes her jewels suddenly phone rings she takes it and she gets shocked after hearing the news that her father is dead

Enjoy it buddies guys pls comment in this epi or i will stop it plzzzzzz i need to know how much people read it plzzzzzzzz guys

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. very good narendran… keep up the work

  2. very hotty rv..suprb ranaji..plzz don’t stop it yaar..there are many silent don’t thnk neg yaar

  3. y ur commenting color is change darkvgreen into lyt green yaar…

    1. y change it yaar

    2. How can you pls tell me arham??becoz I don’t know about it?????

  4. comments kudukadha naala..nee kavala padadha..naraya peru padika mattu kuda don’t worry be haapy…and also concentrate ur studies na yaar…now 10th portions start panirpanga la..all the bst to sll thngs yaar…and i want a big episide kkb ‘swaragini’s ff are too long….i want soo yaar

  5. sry yaar not 10th portions…12 th portions

    1. Thnx you too concentrate on your studies bye I will join you in 2.30 and have you seen rajinimurugan movie it is superb they all told

      1. ya yaar i saw tat

      2. it’s superb…suri and shiva nyc pair na yaar…and the comedy portions are very awsom

  6. Woah love Ranaji….sorry but you changed the profile pic so I was confused……then I read the name ……and you’re a amazing writer keep our ishveer united and happy forever like this only……

  7. Superb Ranaji.don’t stop ur ff.pls continue.

  8. And what about ur chess it over.

    1. tmr it will end sana

      1. Then Best Of Luck ranaji for tomorrow……

  9. very nice ranaji. keep rocking

  10. Ranajii ur ff Awesome…. dont stop it pls….

  11. I like it Ranaji nice 🙂

  12. beautiful ff

  13. Superb ranaji different track keep going yaar..

  14. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    osm ff keep going rana g…………….u have many silent readers dont worry,,,,,,,,,ur ff is very lovelyyyyyyyyyyy

  15. Ya ranaji u hv many silent readers ,so dnt worry yaar,ur ff is awesome,u, meera and other ff writers have that talent ,u r all good writers than sonali jaffer so keep rocking yaar

    1. thnx sathya

  16. thnx guys

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