Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-149


Sorry my young love ff is end.. No more epi for that ff..

The episode starts with Ishaani,madhu and radhika gets surprised.. Ranveer,Vivian and shakthi shows garlands.. Ranveer makes shakthi and radhika sit in mandap.. Pandit starts rituals.. Ranveer and Ishaani clicks their pics happily.. By holding their hands.. Shakthi and radhika takes rounds… He make her wear sindoor and mangalsutra.. Marriage completes.. Next Vivian and madhu sits there and rituals starts.. Madhu teases radhika… She smiles and shows Vivian. Madhu stops and stares at Vivian and tells I got fear and she laughs😜😜😜vivian tells her not to make comedy of him. She tells OK OK and laughs .

Rituals starts.. Madhu and Vivian takes rounds they both smiles at each other.. Vivian smiles at her….. Madhu deliberately falls down and tells my leg is paining and shouts.. Vivian understands that she is acting and takes her in his arms.. Allah warriyan plays… He takes 7rounds and sits with her and makes her wear sindoor and mangalsutra.. Finally ranveer and Ishaani sits in mandap. Ranveer holds her hand tightly and kisses on it. Shakthi tells we all are here only.. Ranveer and Ishaani smiles and takes it. Radhika pinches shakthi and tells ranveer and Ishaani to join hands and sit.. They both joins hand and smiles at each other. Shakthi takes their pics..

Ishaani and ranveer takes rounds… Ranveer holds her hand. Rounds complete . Ranveer makes her wear sindoor and mangalsutra.. He tells her to wait and takes diamond ring out and makes her wear.. She gets amused…. Shakthi takes anklet and makes radhika wear it.. Vivian takes necklace and makes madhu wear it..

All was happy.. Ranveer tells let us all click selfie. They all pose for selfie.. Ishaani keeps two finger on his head. He stops her and tells her to be good girl and not behave like child. She asks me? He tells yes. She cries.. He asks why r u crying? I need to take selfie. She tells u only told I am small girl so only.. He smiles and tells her not to cry and tells sorry?????????

Ishaani clicks selfie and tells them to wait and she brings horror film CD and puts there and makes them all sit. Ranveer and shakthi closes their eyes.. Radhika and Ishaani smiles and hifi each other…. Ranveer and shakthi tells them to end movie soon.. Ishaani ends movie.. Ranveer and. Shakthi tells we both acted to be fear.. Ishaani tells let me put film one more time?;?Shakthi and ranveer tells nooooooo.Ishaani tells let us all go out tmr.. They all agrees

Precap: neha fails brake wire from ranveer and Ishaani car. Shakthi,madhu,radhika and Vivian sees this and all chases them in car to stop ranveer and Ishaani.. Ranveer drives fast.. Ishaani sees they all coming back telling to stop.. Ishaani tells ranveer to stop.. But brake does not work.. Their car comes on other side.. Lorry comes fast.. Man wine bottle rolls and comes near brake.. Shakthi makes car comes infront of ranveer and Ishaani car and tries to stop..

Hope u all liked it next epi is 150th epi!!!! I am soo happy.. I did not write any ff more than 1month but this ff for 4months.. From jan-5 to may-5.. After also I will write this ff… Bye guys love u all…

Credit to: Narendran

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