Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-147

The episode starts with Ishaani gets angry and comes to kitchen.. She breaks utensils. Falguni hears the sound and asks what? Ishaani tells nothing. Falguni tells her to bring tea for her. Ishaani tells sure. She takes tea and does not put salt and brings her and gives to her. Falguni haves it and spilts on her face. Ishaani gets shocked and comes to kitchen and cries. She takes hot water and brings there and throws at her face. Falguni shouts in pain. Ishaani tells her to get lost. She pushes her out and closes the door. Ishaani tells so I need to find the truth.. She calls someone and asks about neha close friend in college..she gets Arjun number. Ishaani calls him and asks about neha? Arjun asks who r u? Ishaani tells I am Ranveer wife.. He smiles and tells yes we can meet tmr.. He cuts the call and thinks I need to bring neha truth out.

Ishaani and arjun meets in secret place.. He tells everything about neha. She gets shocked and asks for proof.? He gives photo. Ishaani sees the pic and throws away and tells she is soo cheap. Arjun tells yes. So pls make u r husband come out from her problem.. Ishaani agrees and leaves from there.. Next day.. Arjun walks on road car hits him and he dies in spot itself. Neha tells sorry to him and tell now u can’t take DNA and prove that is our child!! She smiles and leaves.

Ishaani sees this and helps him.. Arjun gives her video recording. He smiles and tells her to save her husband.. Arjun dies. Ishaani cries and wipes her tears and tells this time I will save my husband from that stupid,, neha..she comes to temple and prays to God and puts sindoor on her face and smiles at God.

Ishaani comes to house and takes all proof. Neha comes there and tells her about radhika and shakthi kidnap. Neha gives her 10hrs time and tells her to find them. Ishaani tells how can I believe u? Neha shows video. Ishaani gets shocked and tells her to leave them. Ishaani leaves. Neha smiles…

Ranveer and neha gets ready in mandap.. Rituals starts.. Ranveer sees door and mandap.. He waits for Ishaani… Ishaani recalls video and thinks about store room and smiles and comes there.. Police also comes in.Ishaani tells them they are at store room. Ranveer smiles at Ishaani.. Ishaani gets shocked seeing their marriage rituald started.

Precap:Ishaani comes there and slaps neha. She removes knot and pulls neha down and sits in mandap with ranveer. Ishaani tells I knew that I don’t have cancer. Neha gets shocked.

Hope u all liked the epi and precap also.. Next epi will be best epi.. I did not write this type of epi in any of my ff.. Pls wait for more masala and masti bye… Matsh fans.!!… Bye.

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Reena

    SUPERB EPISODE BRO!!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH!! Stupid Neha is going to go away and Ishani is with Ranveer!! I am happy with everything Ishani did! AMAZING!

    • Julina

      I’m gud bro… I’m going to get summer vacation from 13th may… I’m waiting for that… how r u bro…

  2. Sumaiya Sumi

    Superb bro. Day by day I am getting addicted to your ff. Hopefully waiting for IshVeer reunion

  3. Julina

    Just suuuperb…. ishaani did a good job….u r an awsm writer… u nailed it…. whr is ur young love ff… I’m waiting for that…. precap seems interesting…. good job bro

  4. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    sathya dii..i’m in my birthy plac for attnd my cousin’s marrag too busy dr…but netwrk seems full..but in my plsc no netwrk…it’s all my fate…hw r u dii..really luv u and miss u toooo….

  5. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    haan sathya only i daily come to this page…u r the one who hav bond wid me from starting to till noe..really luv u diii

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