Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-146


The episode starts with Ishaani leaves from there..Ranveer eyes tears shed..he falls down and cries..Ishaani turns and sees him crying and comes back and hugs him tightly Allah warriyan plays..Falguni comes there..Neha gets irked seeing them together and signs falguni to take ishaani..Falguni takes ishaani from there..Ranveer comes to room and locks the door..He breaks things his hand gets hurt..Ranveer shouts maa….radhika does not come..Neha comes there and puts oinment..Ranveer asks where r my parents?Neha tells they went out for imp work and they will come after 2days..He asks what?they did not inform me..Neha tells they thought of telling but i only told them to go..Ranveer leaves and comes down and calls them but phone is switched off..He gets sad..

Neha sees him sad and comes to store room and calls ranveer through their phone..Neha keeps knife on radhika neck and tells shakthi not to tell the truth..he speaks nicely and gives phone to radhika..Neha keeps knife on shakthi nck.ranveer gets happy and cuts the call and sits on sofa..He recalls ishaani leaving and cries..Hamari aadhuri kahani plays..

Arjun calls neha and asks her what she doing in ranveer house? Neha tells i am gonna marry ranveer so u stay away..Arjun warns and her and tells i will say the truth..Neha tells i will kill u if u tell the truth to anyone..He gets shocked..Arjun tells i loved u r innocence but u are behind money now!!!!!!Neha tells yes and shouts..ranveer hears this and comes there and asks what?Neha tells nothing he is my friend..neha takes phone and comes out and tells him not to tell the truth.

Arjun tells i will tell and cuts the call.Neha gets tensed and thinks if he tell the truth means my truth will be out!!!!!Neha gets ready.Ranveer cries and asks servants where is my old toys? Neha gets shocked and thinks radhika and shakthi are there only..She stops ranveer and takes key saying i have some imp documents and money..Neha tells u will steal it and leaves..He cries and thinks my wife ishaani does not beleive me and now neha??what to do?Madhu comes there and keeps hand on his shoulder and tells him to be normal.Ranveer hugs her and cries..Madhu pacifies him.

Ishaani and falguni comes to house..Falguni throws pillow at her and tells her to sleep down and she sleeps on bed.ishaani cries sleeping down. Phone rings falguni takes it and leaves outside with it.Ishaani wonders who is she? Ishaani also comes out and stands silent back of falguni.Neha tells her to torture ishaani.Falguni tells sure madam..she will run from her with my torture..ishaani gets shocked

Precap: Falguni tells ishaani to brings tea for her..she reads newspaper..ishaani brings tea..Falguni drinks and tells there is no salt and throught tea on ishaani face..Ishaani brings hot water and pours on her head..Falguni shouts pls stop..She runs out..Ishaani takes utensils and throws at her..Arjun calls ishaani and tells i need to tell u something imp..They both was about to meet..but arjun was accidented by car..ishaani takes him to hospital.Neha smiles and comes out of car.

Hope u all liked it and neha will be exposed on 150 th epi…

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. I liked this episode Bro! It is good to see Ishani figuring out Neha’s plan.. And how dare that stupid neha try to seperate the love birds just for money.. She is so cheap.. I hate her! I can’t wait for the reunion!!

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx Reena for the comment.

  2. I loved this epi… waiting fr next update , hope u had a nice day bro!?

    1. yes..ankita my mom and dad is out to hospital so i am enjoying

  3. Superb bro one more awesome update just continue making us speechless

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx and sure next epi I will post soon

  4. It’s just suuuperb…. I loved today epi… ishaani starts to find the truth na… it’s good… I hate that neha…. pls finish her asap… otherwise incredible job…

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Ya sure julina and thnx for the comment

  5. Mind blowing bro….how r u???? & how r u all my dearest bros & sissys??

  6. Naru baiya pls kick off that idiot not neha as soon as possible. Waiting for upcoming episode

  7. See guys shadhika’s selfie and it is not an edit

  8. Hi my sissy & bros & friends I am not feeling well so I didn’t comment in that page . I have several fever & feeling very weakness. & lying on bed. but little much I am fine so I am commenting. I hope u didn’t forgot me.

    1. & how are all of u ? Fine na.

      1. Mariya Dhi.. I hope you get better! I will also pray for you! I am fine but please take care of yourself!!

    2. Didi great you are back please take care sissy I am praying for you only you will pakka recover soon

  9. Bro interesting episode……waiting for reunion

  10. Mariya dr pls take care of ur health…i will pray for u dr….i wont forget u dr…..

    1. Thanx raji dii . & how are u ? bye tc

  11. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    ohh my mariya cutie..wat happn to u dr…plzz tak care

  12. Mariya dr how i can forget u dr.u r my sweety.what happen to u dr.pls take care of ur health pls take proper food and rest dr..drink milk regularly that gives u a strength dr.pls get well soon dr.i misssssssssss uuuuuuu sissy.i loveeeeeeeeee uuuuuuu soooooooo much

    1. Thanx dii ya I take proper care dii & as u said take milk na sure I will take it regularly. . & my mom give me coconut water ( nariyal pani ) also. & now i am feeling little bit fine. & misssssssssssssssss my cute lovely dii . & loveeeeeeeee u so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh . & how are u dii? Fine na . god give u all happiness & joy to my dii . take care dii.

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