Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-141-144 (Maha Epi)


The episode starts with Ranveer comes to doctor house. He tells it is not true . if Ishaani have this then her cancer will cured.. Ranveer thinks then why he told this,? Ranveer comes back and sees his shop is closed and thinks he would be went to house. Ranveer leaves. Neha and goons captured owner inside shop. Neha beats him and tells I had did big plan but u try to flop the plan..? Owner tells no. Neha asks doctor! He tells I did not tell anything madam.. Neha stabs owner in her hands and laughs evilly. Neha comes out and washes her hand. Goona takes owner body from there.. Neha comes back to house and sees cameras.. Ranveer remember Neha cameras.. He comes there and breaks all. Neha gets shocked. She tells from now I can’t wait I will destory u r family ranveer.. Shakthi sees radhika upset.he comes near her and hugs her from back and kisses on her shoulder. Radhika asks what is he doing? Shakthi tells nothing and turns her and kisses her.

Ranveer comes to Ishaani room and sits near her and asks her now how she feels? Ishaani smiles. She tells u asked me one thing so I thought of giving this to u.. Daily.. She smiles and hugs ranveer. Neha fumes and calls goons and doctors and tells them to come tmr to ranveer. They all agrees to come there on time.Ishaani and ranveer share an eyelock.. Allah warriyan plays. Ranveer hugs Ishaani. She smiles at him..

Radhika and shakthi share some intimate moments.. Madhu comes out and sees on guy standing there and comes to him and sees it is Vivian. She smiles and hugs him and asks r u alive? He smiles and tells yes. He shows neha and tells she only saved me and brought me alive infront of u now. Madhu sees her and thnx her by joining hands.neha tells her to do one favour for her. Madhu tells I will give my life for u.

Neha tells no need pls open gate at tmr mrng. So that I can come in and I need to do some imp work. Madhu hugs her and tells sure. Neha thinks I had done NY work now. So this is time to kill ishaani and their family..

Next day… Madhu opens the door. Falguni comes there and calls Ishaani.. She comes there and sees her and hugs her and asks r u alive? Neha comes there and tells becoz of me. Neha calls ranveer. She takes him aside and tells everything.. He tells OK and cries.. Neha smiles and comes to Hall. Neha tells ranveer has agreed to marry me now! Ishaani gets shocked. She asks ranveer is it true? He tells yes. I am gonna fullfill u r wish.. Ishaani cries and leaves inside with falguni. Ranveer asks her will she help me in curing Ishaani cancer then only I will marry u.. Neha nods head and brings doctor and she tells I will start from now itself.

They comes to Ishaani room and checks her and gives some medicines. Ranveer stands near door. Ishaani sees him and cries and signs him. He nods head. Ishaani cries and comes there and hugs him Allah warriyan plays.

Precap:Ishaani,ranveer and neha on same room. Ranveer pleads neha let Ishaani sleep on bed. Neha tells no if she needs to cured she should sleep down. And u up.. After 3days we gonna marry.. So u should sleep up. Neha tells after that Ishaani is servant.. Ranveer slaps her and tells her not to speak like this anymore.

Pls don’t curse me.

Credit to: Narendran

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    As per many request my young love ff will be back.. Within some hrs..

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      It is OK.. Young love ff I have sent I hope I will get more comments. On that ff.

  3. Waiting for ISHVEER’s reunion

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      Thnx Prince.. It will happen soon

  4. Waiting for the reunion ??

  5. Waiting for reunion. Neha idiot, stupid nonsense. After reading this epi I am crying

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  8. I think somebody using my mail… so…I changed my logo… gonna use this heareafter…. epi is soooo gud. … gud twists… waiting for next epi…..

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  10. Superb!! Just love it ??

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  12. Keep it up like this we want you to complete more 1000 episodes of this ff ishveer forever i just love this ff very much

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  14. I cant wait for young love ff!!!! This was an okay episode.. I hate that stupid neha is back but i know that ishveer will hopefully unite soon!

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      Sure.. I have sent it already.. They will post ASAP..

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