Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-139


The episode starts with Ishaani tells him to leave her. Ranveer tells I won’t till u tell I will not. Ishaani pushes ranveer down.. He gets hurt. Ishaani comes near him and tries to wake him up but stops at once and tries to leave. Ranveer throws mud on her face. Ishaani scolds him and comes to car and takes bottle and washes her face. Ranveer comes there and tells her it is already raining. Ishaani tells I knew and she leaves. Ranveer holds her hand. He moves her hair and comes close and kisses on her head. She gets nervous. Ranveer tells u does like me right? He kisses on her cheeks.

Ranveer tries to kiss on her lips. But she stops and tells him to leave ranveer tells if this time I leave u r hand then I will leave fully.. Ishaani looks at him tensed. Ishaani thinks this is the right way to get away from ranveer. Ranveer tells her to answer.. She tells I hate u!!. Ranveer walks towards the cliff.. Ishaani sees this Tere liye plays.. Ishaani turns aside. Ranveer comes towards cliff and stands there and sees Ishaani.. She walks. Ranveer shouts and slips his leg. He falls little. Ishaani comes there and holds his hand and saves him.

She brings him up and slaps him and asks r u idiot? She asks him to speak.. He tells I love u and I am mad on u.. I cannot live without you. She tells I hate u. Ranveer tells her to say the truth. She tells I love u and hugs him. He hugs her and cries and asks her this much time to tell the truth! She tells this is not truth!! He asks her to say..

Ishaani tells I have blood cancer.. He gets shocked.. She sits down and cries Hamari aadhuri kahani plays.. Ranveer also sits near him and holds his face. He tells I love u and I will live with u.. She tells u can’t becoz I will die soon. Ranveer takes her and brings to hospital. Doctor tells we will not admit Ishaani here. Ranveer tells I will give as much of u r money u want. Doctor tells out hospital owner does not want Ishaani to admit. Ranveer asks who is it? Neha comes there and. Tells it is me. Ishaani will die soon.. Neha asks his PA how much hospital is left? PA tells 2are pending. Neha scolds her and tells her to buy it soon. Ishaani and ranveer leaves to that hospital.

They both comes there and sees doctor. He tells she has blood cancer. He gives some medicines.. Ishaani takes it. Doctor tells if u get blood vomit also come to me. I will handle it pls don’t go to other doctor. Ranveer and Ishaani thnx him and they both comes back to house.

Ranveer tells this to all. They all make Ishaani sit and makes her eat food. Ishaani takes tablet and she haves it. Suddenly she takes blood vomit.. Everyone gets shocked. Madhu and radhika cleans it. Neha sees this through camera and smiles..

Precap:Medicines gets over. Ranveer takes sample to pharmacy.. Owner tells for what u r getting? Ranveer tells my wife is cancer patient. Owner tells if u eat this only cancer will come. Ranveer gets shocked.

Hope u all liked the epi. bye.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    ho bro i was saved by u , as u posted an epi , i was back to my comfortable seat …. lol ….. super twist … but ranvi can show his emotion as ishu is in a major prblm .
    all frnds i am studying well , so sweet of u dear , i am not having any time to specify ur names dears , sry , but bt frnds no sry and thax , am i right ?

    actually i am planning to write a ff ,but only after 20th may as my holiday starts …. if u give me supports , i will . pls reply me either i can write or not ? pls reply me all frnds . k . bye . i am running out of time….

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Sure u write a ff I will support u

    2. Of course you should write an ff! We all will support you and will be happy for another variation of the beautiful ishveer love story.. I promise I will support you all the way!

    3. Pls write it… we all will support… I want ff of ishveer a lot… I want to see them atleast like this… but eagerly waiting for ur ff


    Superb amazing yaar…….I loved the confession part most how could you imagine a storyline like this……obviously this would be super hit blockbuster……if a movie is played with you story line……..just amazing

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx for u r compliment???

  3. Amazing.. I liked the confession but I want ishveer to really unite and stupid neha to leave their lives.. You are a superb writer and I cant wait..

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx Reena soon it will happen..

  4. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys with this 4months completed of writing this ff!! I started this ff on jan-5 with all u r support without u 4months won’t be crossed for me. I have faced many bad comments and good,positive comments.. So I am happy.. That Many likes my ff.??

  5. Wow… semma epi…. suuuperb twist bro…. no one can imagine like u… ur writing skill is amazing…. I loved this epi a lot… I like this type of storyline a lot… pls pls upload soon…. I loved it bro….I love ur ff a lot….?

  6. it ia wonderful. ane I hate yhat neha .

  7. pls bro make neha paralysed……hurt neha s much s u can

  8. Congrats bro !! the story line is very interesting n awsome too ??

  9. Confession scene just amazing. Plz unite ishveer, hate that neha vamp,devil

  10. Hi rockey dear plz write ff. I will support u. And plz dhurva, Mariya,ayana, cutiepie, julina,keerthi continue ur ff. I am missing it very much. I just request u all

  11. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    thax shalini dear, reena dear , juliana akka , and ranaji bro ….. sure i will dear .

  12. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    naren bro – as per my promise i com. on may 5th . r u happy now my cutiest bro nicky ?

    1. i am sooo happy that u,sathya,julina shalini,ankita,raji and all thnx for supporting me

  13. my all dearest bros & sissys my left arm’s bandage is removing tomorrow….. that means from tomorrow I’ll be 100% functional……. #staySTRONG

    1. Yay!!!

    2. Wowwwwwww

    3. Thank god. Get well

  14. Wow really superb epi but i wanna kill that neha.but y ranveer and ish are unaware abt neha becoz they well known abt nehaa then y both gonna her hospital both r like dump.waiting for next epi

  15. Rookers dr ya sure pls write ur ff we r all always support u dr.and its great to see anothet ishveer romance.iam waiting dr

  16. Prince bro its great news get well bro

  17. Hi Sathya akka,…. How r u….. I missed u….

    1. Julina dr iam fine what abt u..i too miss u sweet heart.and how is ur studies dr.go well na.nowu hv semester leave or college dr

  18. Bro wowwowow episode……

  19. Rookers pls write ur ff we wil support dr….

  20. Prince bro …wow my bro will come to normal….i am very happy bro …..

  21. Julina dr iam fine what abt u..i too miss u sweet heart.and how is ur studies dr.go well u hv semester leave or college dr

  22. many did not like my ff?is it boring guys?why less comments?

  23. sathya too miss u ..don’t worry naa ongla eppovu maraka maatey..u r my soul mate..really luv u all…miss u soo much kaa

  24. 24 gets thumbs response from all over the world.. best scifi thriller ever made in kollywood history..guys pls watch it.. It is awesome..still now only positive 24 got 4/5 stars from behindwoods and times of india and many sites so now 24 is must watch film

  25. Arham dr where r u gone i too miss u dr.pls try to comment regularly dr

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