Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-138

The episode starts with Ishaani sleeps on bed crying..ranveer gets up and sits on bed..ishaani closes her eyes tightly..he kisses on her head..she gets up and sees him tensed..ranveer smiles at her..ishaani thinks he won’t go away from me so i need to get him away and she slaps him hard and tells him to stay away from her.ranveer thinks this is not my ishaani..he sits on bed and comes down and sleeps,Ishaani sleeps on bed and cries.her tears fell down..ranveer sees it..he also cries..hamari aadhuri kahani plays…

Ishaani sleeps.ranveer day ishaani gets up from bed and sees ranveer missing..she searches him..he comes infront her and tells i knew u was searching me.Ishaani tells not like that..she tells i thought u have done something wrong..he asks what?She tells i mean u did suicide i thought..he gets shocked and thinks ishaani changed within 1day???

Ishaani leaves from there telling she needs to drink coffee.he comes there and asks her why she is speaking like this??ishaani tells i will speak like this only always..Ranveer holds her hand tightly and ishaani tells it is hurting me..he tells let it be then what about me?ishaani tells u did this same to me,ranveer tells i had a problem and u.?he stops and asks do u have any problem?

Ishaani looks on tensed and tells nothing like that,Ranveer tells her to say..radhika comes there with tea and they both drinks it.Madhu comes there and tells i am tired and shows her leg and tells radhika to massage her leg..ishaani laughs..ranveer smiles and asks her to say what problem she has??ishanai leaves from there with teary eyes…Hamari aadhuri kahani plays..

Ranveer comes back and holds her hand and draggs her and makes her sit in car and he drives away..he brings her to cliff..he tells her to say now and nobody is here..he asks her to answer my question..she walks away..Rain starts….ishaani and ranveer have distant eyelock..Allah warriyan plays…Ranveer in mind Pls tell the truth to me…i love u and i can’t like without u…Ishaani in mind if i live with u then u can’t be happy..she cries..she turns her face..Ranveer runs and comes near her and holds her hand and tells her to say the truth..she again slaps him and again and again..

He tells how much time u slap me also i won’t leave u..ishaani tells u can’t live with me for a while…he asks why?she stops telling about cancer and she rain..He tells her to see back once..she leaves.ranveer again runs and pulls her closer and tells her to say..she tells no..he tries to kiss her..he touches her lips and tells today u should tell me or i will confirm that u love me.

Precap: Ranveer asks how much u love me?Ishaani tells i hate u..ranveer walks towards cliff..She stops him and hugs him..he asks tell me how much u love me?She tells above my life..he tells her to say..Ishaani tells i have Blood cancer..he gets shocked..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. I am eagerly waiting for next episode bro! Pls unite Ishveer

  2. Wonderful,suoerb next episode waiting eagerly

  3. Don’t worry ranaji you can write this ff whenever you are free or once in a week ok ranaji please this ff is my world now continue it only ishveer forever

    1. i saw that u comment on my ff only!!!!!!!!!maximum not in other ff it true???

      1. Yes bro i only comment in your ff maximum

  4. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    i am in the tip of the chair , pls update fast

    1. pls don’t fell down i will update next epi asap

  5. Wow bro really really heart touching epi.i just love it.pls update next epi soon.i dnt know when i read tis epi tears fall from my eyes u just nailed it.keep rocking my bro


    At last our sacrificing queen has revealed her secret…….I’m waiting for next epi…..loved it really superb man !!!

  7. Wow superb bro.really really a heart touching epi.i dnt know when i read tis epi tears fall from my eyes.u just nailed it .i love tis epi lot.waiting for next epi.pls update soon .keep rocking my dear bro.and my comments are not posted really iam fedup.what happen to tis page i dnt know

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      It s OK and thnx guys soon I will post next epi. For this ff. Actually that rain distant eyelock I have copied from our matsh.. Show anyone remember when shikhar throwed Ishaani out for stealing jewels. Ranveer will standing outside car. Ishaani will walk with luggage. That is it loved that scene I have watched yesterday in Tamil.. So that I wrote.

  8. Oh no i am crying my comments are not posted

  9. Wow… heart throbing epi. … I’m crying…. amritha dear… I’m also sitting in the tip of my chair….chair seriously ranaji…. hats off…. pls pls pls update soon….

  10. very nice epi .waiting for the update .

  11. Superb wonderful episode can’t wait until next episode pls send it soon

    1. i am gonna go to school after coming i will update asap

  12. aww I’ll miss the YOUNG LOVE ff bro……how r u all my heartiest all bros & sissys????

  13.………..this is my another ff…and guys in 140 th epi i am gonna ask u 2questions…after that u will get clear about this cancer track..u will get triple happy after question and answer……………………anyone here studying for doctor???

    1. I want to.. That is what I want my career path to be..

    2. Hey bro my sissy is in medical path but y???

  14. Wow bro really superb …..emotional episode…..i cried when i read this ……

  15. One more superb update in this one I was literally crying superb and ya I will miss young love but I understand ur problem bro first u concentrate on your studies as u r in +2

  16. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Then tanvee u would have found the answer easy to my question which will be asked on 140epi!! If u all had readed previous epi fully then answer will be easy.

  17. hii guyzz..any news abt matsh 2 r shadhika??really fed up guyzz..

  18. sana and raji i’m cured guyzz…and in my own town too hot..saba how abt spouse said to me itzz to hot..abv 45° c..

  19. bro..who is the guyzz in ur id pic..then tmrw our surya’s 24 will release naa. r u going??

    1. it is shravan reddy in my pic and i am going to 24 on saturday night 10.40 only becoz tickets are full already so i got saturday ticket only

  20. Arham dr how r u dr.iam fine nd life going good ur jijju fine dr.where r u a days u r not comment herena.i miss u a lot dr.pls dnt go away keep touch with me dr.really really i misssssss u a lot

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