Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-135


Guys here starts my game!! So get ready I think many joined so u are most welcome.

The episode starts with Ranveer jerks neha hand and tells Ishaani I thought u and only i…. Ishaani tells him to stop this. She tells I thought u love me. But u love my……….. She tells I can’t even speak to u. She tells speaking to u is waste and she leaves. Neha holds his hand and shows boy aiming gun towards Ishaani.. He gets shocked. She tells him to do as I say. He nods head.. He cries. Neha tells I did this to destory u r family… Ranveer asks what u want? Neha tells I want u to seperate from Ishaani. He asks for what? Neha tells u did something wrong with me which I don’t remember so that only I am taking revenge. He asks what? She tells yes and leaves..

Ranveer comes to room and sees Ishaani sleeping and sits near her and sees man and turns aside and sleeps. Next day ranveer and all comes down. Madhu comes there and joins hand with ranveer and neha. People gather there. Neha stands there and tells about Ishaani cheap qualities. Radhika comes there and slaps neha. Neha gets angry and pushes her down. Shakthi holds her and makes her sit on chair and comes to beat neha but ranveer holds his hand and tells him to stay away.

Neha smiles. Ishaani tells u both are cheap and she tells that yesterday ranveer slept with neha. People around speaks about it. Neha tells yes I love ranveer and he also loves me. Ranveer sees Ishaani but she turns her face. He tells yes. People throws slippers on ranveer face for cheating Ishaani.. Neha tells goons to save ranveer. Neha brings madhu and ranveer to safe place and tells today u both have joined in my game. Ranveer asks what? Neha tells nothing and leaves. Madhu tells ranveer about her blackmail. Ranveer also tells his. They both hifi and tells we both should teach good lesson to neha.

Ranveer comes back to house and he Tries to speak to Ishaani but she comes to room and locks the door. He Tries to talk to radhika but she also leaves. All leaves. Ranveer sits down and cries. Neha sees this and calls him and asks what is he doing? He tells I came to fake bag. She tells him to come back soon. He tells yes. Ranveer breaks phone in anger.

He comes to room and takes dress. Ishaani sees him and turns aside and cries. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays. He tells in mind I am doing this to escape from neha and to safe guard u. He smiles at her and leaves.

Precap:Neha calls ranveer and tells him to apply divorce and send notice to Ishaani.. He sends it Ishaani radhika and shakthi reads it and gets shocked.

Here the game starts from this epi u should note each and every words and u will find some words irrelevant and waste words take that words and think about it. Answer me in epi-145 till that don’t send any answers below. Bye.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    How is profile pic?

  2. So sad epi…
    By the way how r u changing dp???

  3. Ranaji (EDKV Fan)

    Don’t worry ishveer will be united so pls take mystery words and get ready and I have changed my mood and I am gonna ask question on 140th epi!!itself. After that next chance on 160!!epi itself so that I can unite ishveer soon.

  4. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    nice pic bro…..
    fan of ishveer mind ur words , i know u r not a ishveerian . then y u wrote it as ishveer killer ?
    i know u may be a kasam fan . thats why u want r family to be destroyed , but sry my dear it will never happen even in ur dream , and i think u and r transgenders thats why u r talking like this …u dont have any right to talk about prince bro . he is such a kind person , he will more more more safe because of r prayings . but pls be safe while going on roads , who knows lorry or truck may hit u …pls be safe then only ur family will be praying for u … life is short dont say such a bad words , u idiot …if u r kasam fan then i will not spare u ….disgusting …
    u r notprince . no one will believe u even u com. as prince . dont worry guys our prince will be fine …
    naren super ….rock it…..

  5. Ranaji… The episode was Amazing dude! Waiting fr the next sequence!! BTW the cover photo is lovely , which mAde me to remember the epi in matsh.. ❤

  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    So sad episode and cover pic was superb.

  7. Nice epi ranaji but throwing slipper on ranveer was not good..i hope soon ishveer unite.and i try to join in ur game thambi.cover pic superb

  8. If anyone knew na yest shakti wish radz or not pls tell me frnds

  9. Ranaji so sad episode…..

  10. Sathya dr ……still he didnt wish her on twitter page…..arjun &smirithi also wished her….may be he wished her on phone……&check my mail dr…..

  11. Bro very emotional & sad episode but ur writing skills is so nice. & pls don’t do divorce.

  12. Thanks ranaji for sharing 24 news but I like to watch 24 with the real hero surya . if u watch the movie then pls tell the story in short.

  13. Ranaji woh is in ur profile pic?

    1. is the male and female leads of ek duje ke vaaste becoz i hate kasam so i kept their opposite team dp..but i like ek duje ke vaaste show very much…….Guys pl watch that show but not upto our matsh..but it is really superb compared to daily drama

  14. Bro just I read previous ff comments I am not same as that Mariya.
    & u duplicate mariya stop ur nonsense things. If I lose my patience na then …………

  15. Hello my all dearest loveliest sweetuest cutiest heartiest beautiest bros & sissys ……how r u all?….. Aww i miseed u all soooooo much…..which is impossible to describe in words…….hey bro marveloustic ff s always

    1. superb u came back i am sooooo happy

  16. Prince bro r u back oh happy to see u.u know in previous epi someone told abt u pls see that too bro.we r really worried abt ur health u alrightna

    1. I’m fine now sissy……how r u???

  17. hope my all bros & sissys r well by the mercy of the Almighty

    1. prince pls check in 130th epi there one boy told us that u r dead and he told if prince dies population will decrease and we all gave left and right for him…hope u are fine now!!!!!!!!!!

  18. who is that guy?????….why he was talking about me like that????

  19. Arham where r u? i am happy that prince,sana,raji,mariya,sathya and dhruva are commenting and where is rookey,payal,keerthi and arham???????..where r u?we all should join and comment on one day all tell me me..i think we all can comment on may5th agree?everyone should comment how much problem u have?ok?

  20. pls my dearest bros & sissys tell me who’s that guy????……. what did he mean that I’m dead???

  21. I’m not gonna spare him/her…..

    1. bro i am happy that you are back i was so angry on that idiot he even wanted to take your place oh god chiii how cheap he was why didnt you commented for so many days i hope you are fine

      1. Ya sis i saw those comments….. I feel like killing him/her…..what kind of person he/she is??? Any ways i couldn’t comment because i was suffering from virus fever which made me too weak & i was in great pain of my injured arm…….but now I’m 95% ok…..I’m back…….PRINCE is back

    2. Prince Bro! I am soooo happy you are back!! I hope you get 100% ok soon.. Don’t worry about stupid people like that guys. You shouldn’t waste time fighting idiots like then!

      1. Thank u sooooooo much ……I’m the happiest person in the world that I’ve brothers & sisters like u……how r u sissy???? I also missed u soooo much

  22. Ohh thank god u come Prince bro. U see that comments bro that was discusting . we all miss u so badly bro. Now ur fine na. Now I am very happy to see u. God bless u bro & take care.

    1. How can i not be fine when I’ve such a hearty family…..I also missed u all very much…..

  23. Ranaji ur profile pic is nice bro.

    1. Ranaji (EDKV Fan)

      It is shravan reddy pic.

      1. Ya I know it is shravan reddy aka as Aryan .

  24. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    oh my dearest bro …. u r back …i am so happy bro . pls take care of ur health bro . all our blessings r with u bro ….pls cheak all our com. of past 3 days bro . all r abt u and that stupid ishveer killer , god will never forgive his mistake …..

    naren bro i am here … yes i agree , i will com on 5th may even tough i have any short of prblm….

    all my frnds , how r u ?

    1. Ya ranaji I am also agree with u . & I am also come on 5 may.
      & I am fine amritha dear & how r u dr?

      1. & whr is arham vyshu keerthi payal dears u all are fine na.

  25. Don’t worry about that……..I’m eagerly waiting for that gutless person to comment …..then I’ll show him how to show respect to one another….. i think he/she is mentally ill…..I’ll admit him/her into a mental asylum…..

  26. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Prince bro u r back I am sooooooooo happy.missed u badly.u will be totally fine soon.god bless u.

  27. Wow my prince bro is back ……thank u god…..i have full hope on god….he will definitely recover u from ur pain bro……i am sooooo happy bro….

  28. Ranaji (EDKV Fan)

    Why Prince no reply to me??????i commented but no reply???

    1. sorry bro don’t cry…..j promise I’ll not repeat that mistake again

  29. Hai prince, how r u? I am also ishveer/shadhika fan & I loved marsh FAM all members. Someone told about u dead. I cried a lot because I lost my bro in accident. Today after reading ur commit iam very happy. Thank god

    1. Aww sissy don’t cry……i can’t see my sis crying……. I’m alright

  30. Naren bro what is this….???? You’re now not a fan of MATSH….??? Why you’re now EDKV fan……actually me too was this show and Much rang pyaar ke……..and sorry for not commenting I was not able to comment don’t know why ??? I can’t even update my ff…..they are not accepting……sorry…..but ya whenever I’ll get chance na I’ll comment on your ff….again sorry…..I’ll be back…

  31. Prince bro..
    Pls see my cmts in my ff…. I tried many post it here… but I couldn’t….

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