Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-131-134


Guys I have ended qubool hai ff also! For writing this ff. Now only 3.. Young love,this and rettai Vaal kuruvi ff.. That is it. Now let us start…

The episode starts with Ishaani comes to ladies hostel. Ranveer comes to boys hostel.. He was restless. He comes out and finds noone and jumps through wall and comes to ladies hostel.. He throws something and wakes Ishaani up.. Ranveer tells her to come. Ishaani tells him to go.. He tells her to come or I will come in. Ishaani comes out and asks what? He tells I can’t sleep without u. She tells pls adjust. He kisses her…? She tells now this is enough today. He leaves from there and comes to room and smiles and sleeps.

Next day ishaani and ranveer comes to respective departments and writes test.. Neha sees this and smiles. Ranveer gives paper and leaves. Ishaani also gives it and leaves. Principal comes there and tells him to come here with Ishaani after 2days. U should write one more test also.. He asks what? Principal tells him not to question him anymore. He leaves. Ranveer comes there and sees Ishaani standing and comes near her and shouts. She gets afraid. He laughs.. Ishaani beats him with book. Ranveer smiles and tells sorry to her. He hugs her. Neha smirks and tells be happy for 2 days then after that u will face many problems.. She smiles evilly and calls madhu and shares plan and tells her to handle it there and I will use one more here.

Ishaani and ranveer comes back to house. They both comes to radhika room and sits near her and they both have a talk. Madhu comes there and takes ranveer from there. Radhika comes there and asks what happened? Madhu asks her not to interfere in their matter. Radhika gets shocked.

Radhika gets teary eyes. Shakthi asks her what r u speaking? Madhu tells I told fact and she holds ranveer hand but he moves it and tells I love my mom. Madhu tells then I made u grown and taken care of u for 20yrs. Madhu gets angry and comes to room and cries. Ranveer comes there and knocks the door. Madhu opens and asks what? Ranveer hugs her and tells u are more imp for me. Madhu asks him to prove. Madhu tells something. Ranveer cries and tells no. Madhu tells then for get me. He tells OK. Neha calls madhu and tells u r acting is superb and I gonna use ranveer for the plan.

Ranveer comes to room and sits near bed and cries. Ishaani comes there and asks what happened? He tells nothing . She hugs him. He jerks away and leaves. Ishaani cries.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays. She wonders what happened to him? She cries. Radhika comes there and consoles her. Shakthi also consoles her. Later in night.

Ishaani and ranveer sleeps on bed. Ranveer gets up from bed and comes out and calls someone. Ranveer tells him to bring goons her on correct time. Madhu makes ranveer sleep on store room. Neha comes there and removes her dress and sleeps ranveer. She hugs him and sleeps. Ranveer assume her as Ishaani and tells sorry to her. Ishaani comes there and sees this and gets shocked. She comes there and wakes ranveer and slaps him hard. She tells how dare are u? Ranveer sees neha and pushes her. Ranveer tells I don’t know. Neha tells he told that he loves me. Neha hugs ranveer. He jerks her and tells I don’t anything.

Precap:Ranveer,madhu and neha taunts radhika,Ishaani,shakthi and pallavi infront of guests..

Hope u all hate neha from today epi.. Right.. This epi I have taken 30min to write this. Such a expensive fan fiction is this. If u want to join the game pls tell me..

3.rookey rookers.
8.Reena.I don’t about her. Or u willing to join.Reena?

And others who r willing to join tell me so I will add members maximum 20. And min 8.. Actually it will cross 15 I think.. Bye guys hope u all liked one ishveer scene?

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice bro.hate that neha and I felt very sad because madhu also joined with her.

    1. don’t worry from next epi game starts so only i have combined epi..u should get ready ok.

  2. Ishveer scenes r good. I to hate that neha. How dare she. Unite our ishveer soon.

  3. Sumaiya Sumi

    I also join this game
    I hate neha alot and soon pls unite IshVeer

    1. sure and next epi the game starts

  4. Yes I will join!! Im sorry I could repond earlier!

  5. *respond

    1. u too welcome reena

  6. See guys… arjun tweeted her wishes before 8hrs …. but shakti not yet tweet anything….

  7. Oh god…..Neha…!!!! And Naren dear….I hate her from the beginning only….but after this she should go to the hell……she is a stupid girl man…..and what’s going in Ranveer’s mind now….don’t know….but hope Madhu and Ranveer are still positive….

  8. Ranaji bro nice episode…. bro that game is a easy one..????..i cant commment here regularly ….na…

  9. Julina dr ….last year also shakthi not wished her on twitter dr…..pls check his tweet page…..

  10. Ranaji bro ….If that game is easy na sure i will joint here…

  11. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    It will be little easy.. Whoever read my ff fully then u will pass. Don’t worry. I have sent spoilers for 3ff in advance which u don’t expect. I hope u will like it very much.

  12. Very emotional episode ranaji . & didn’t like neha from she come in to matsh. & feel very bad for rv. & u made rv neha & madhu as in one side & other is one other side. But why rv go to madhu & neha ‘s side. So eagerly waiting for next.

  13. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Bro, raji akka, sathya akka, arham dr, julina dii, mariya dii, vyshu dii, prince bro, dhruva, keerthi akka, reena, tanvee , amritha and all tomorrow or day after tomorrow I will go to my mother’s house to stay with my Mami because she is alone I can’t comment here.

  14. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    And bro u asked one question in rettai vaal kuruvi ff only I saw that.actually bro I meant that telly updates part, vishkanya…’s really happening na but I mentioned in wrong way.sorry….I know na u r not married.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      U should not tell any reason comment any how. Pls I beg u 3rd may I won’t post any epi becoz sana sister and Prince,payal on leave??for me also I will get break and sana I have sent spoilers after reading it u will get more happy…I hope. So

      1. Yes ranaji i came just now was not at home sorry ranaji

      2. it is ok payal

  15. Nice episode naru Bhaia but loved ur QH ff love this one too

    1. i have ended qubool hai ff and i have decided to start edkv ff again

  16. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    No bro I tried my best to not go there but my mamu called from abroad and ask me to go.he is very angry man andI am very afraid of I agreed to go there.I dont have any other choice.I am sorry….

    1. it is ok i won’t update on 3rd may don’t worry

  17. Mariya i came to know that Hiritik roshan gonna remake 24movie in hindi.i don’t correctly but hritik told that he likes the story line very much so u can watch on u r mother tongue itself

  18. just stop it guyz…Radhika is a transgender…that’s why shakti ignores..?? radhika’s body is a good example…and you know wht..I’m the real Mariya…

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      I knew who Mariya is!! So u don’t cheat me.

  19. you all are stupid…heeeheeehee

    1. Duplicate mariya tum pagal ho kya. Aur mery sabar ka imteham mat lo Warna……
      Aur tumhy samajh nahi aata ek bar me ke yaha par comments mat karo sab ke bolny ke bawajod bhi ohh tum to pagal ho na & bakwas bhi. & shakti loves radz. Aur uun ke bary me kuch bhi backwas ki na …… Then me tum ko chodongi nahi……. Samjha ya aur kuch kaheny ki zarorat he.??

  20. hii our cutie pie’s b’day na…happy b’day radzz ma..

  21. No I am not same as this mariya.

  22. arham dr..hw r u??..I miss u ma..

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