Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-130

The episode starts with Ishaani kisses ranveer. Next day ranveer gets up and takes push ups.. Ishaani gets up and see him and smiles and comes near him and falls on him.. He tells her to get up she tells I won’t and sleeps on his chest. He smiles and rolls at her. He comes up and she comes down. He moves her hair and they both share an eyelock… Allah warriyan plays.. He smiles and he moves near to kiss her.. Ishaani tells not to now go and get ready. She pulls him and runs near window.. He gets up and comes near her and kisses on her shoulder . she tells him to get ready. He keeps hand on her neck and turns her face infront of him. He smiles and kisses her;she holds his beard and hair tightly and makes his face away and tells now get ready.. He tells now? She tells yes and pulls him inside washroom and locks it.she smiles and comes near bed and takes her sari and rolls it and keeps on her bag. She thinks about last night and smiles. She gets a call and she takes it. She Cal’s ranveer and tells him to speak to him..

Neha gives money and tells him to speak. He tells Ranveer to come to college tmr or u r result won’t be given be gets shocked and asks what? Principal tells u and Ishaani failed in final semester. Neha puts money in table continuously… Principal finally shouts and tells him to come and cuts it. Ranveer comes out in towel. He sits near Ishaani and cries. Ishaani holds his hand and asks what happened? He tells nothing we are going back to India today. She asks what? He tells her not to ask any question any more and he leaves. Ishaani cries. He then turns and sees her crying and comes near her and hugs her and tells sorry to her and tells about semester. Ishaani tells I have done well only.. Ranveer tells I also then how this happened?

Ranveer tells this exam I should pass or my aim for becoming CA will spoil… She hugs him and tells I won’t let it happen and packs her bag. Ranveer looks at her and comes near her and tells sorry. She tells it is OK I also failed so let us go and honeymoon we can keep it other time. He smiles and hugs her.

Ranveer and Ishaani comes back to India. Madhu,radhika and shakthi asks what happened? He tells nothing and goes to his room and breaks pot and cries.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays.. He thinks why this happens to me? I did well only in exam.

Neha asks princi when will result come? He tells it will come at may end. She tells till that u have to keep ranveer and Ishaani waya from each other. Principal tells don’t worry u gave me money so I will do as u say. Neha smiles evilly..

Ranveer comes to college and Ishaani also comes there.. Principal tells now u both should stay here and write test. He asks what? He tells yes. U both should stay in hostel and write? Ranveer tells no. Principal says yes. Ranveer and Ishaani asks their paper which they wrote exam. He tells I won’t first u get pass Then I will show it and he leaves. Neha sees this and smiles.

Precap:Ranveer comes to boys hostel. Ishaani comes to ladies hostel. Ranveer was sleepless and he comes inside Ishaani room through window by jumping the wall to see Ishaani.

Hope u all liked it and I have decided to extend neha and madhu track for some time to make my ff more interesting. Each and every epi u will find some questions and mystery so u should join it and u should say me the answer which question will be asked on epi-145. Then ishveer will be united back in 150epi or if anyone tells wrong then they will be united in 175epi only… Hope u all understand. So pls read all lines correctly then u will find many question and it starts from epi-135 to 144. Many question will arise.

Credit to: Narendran


  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice and sad seems u asking questions like a game.ok I will try to join.

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      This game question will be asked on epi-145 and the game questions will be in middle of paragraph.. I mean from 135-144epi u will get many question and answer so that u should answer and u all should use little or too much brain to find answer. As I told above if u tell me correctly I mean min 10should tell me correctly and no one should copy others answers..if u all loose then ishveer will be united in epi-175only sorry I don’t have any idea if u won I will change track. Or I will do as real matsh did in shikhar track.

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    I am gonna explain u all clearly. From epi-135 to epi-144 there u will get many questions in mind. I should gather all and u should answer me on epi-145 if I get correct answer then I will unite them in eoi-150 or if wrong then they will be united in epi-175only.. Sorry.

  3. Mariya

    As usual nice episode but I am sad for ishveer. & the game seems nice & interesting I am participate in that.

  4. Mariya

    bro u always break pot , plates ect.. in the ff lol. Sorry but it make me laugh ….. Rv’s angry face & he break the pot . & madhu break plates lol. Sorry bro if I hurt u . but it seems nice to me.

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Actually if I fought with my bro I will add some sad scene if no fight then romance this what I do this ff.. But not now it is old when epi 10to 70 I did like it. But now me too fight with my bro breaking some things and throwing pillow so I use it here

      • Mariya

        Ohh that’s the reason sorry if I hurt u .
        But breaking this things ur ff get high budget na lol. I am just kidding u. I am in full of masti mood. & in my house I am fight with my brother in mazak not in serious we two beat each other & do full of masti. sorry ranaji if I hurt ur my sweet bro na.

  5. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Now 2 members in the game one imp rule u should not get back when this game gets tuff.. Ok? I should continue and u should not share u r question and answers also till epi-144 after that u can share I mean u should not ask the question like why ishveer fought like it? Ok

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Hey dhruva I added her role so that I should hate her otherwise I will forget here and u all also. So only I am gonna make an mark on his history????

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        R u willing to join the game? There will be only 5questions will be asked don’t worry it won’t be tough like exams.

  6. Mariya

    Dhurva dear u are fine na dr that is more important for me dr. & u r sis was writing nice ff. But we all miss u so much dr. God bless u & give all joy & happiness that u want in life. Be happy always & start u r life in new way. & don’t worry dr u live more than 100 yrs. God & we all are always be with u. Take care dear.

  7. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Arham dr me too miss u lot.pls take care of ur health and come u…

  8. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    I don’t think radhika madan is a will be a wrong information.

  9. Ranaji superb epi but that neha always come between ishveer.and iam waiting for precap.and bro iam not abpe to comment regularly so i cant participate in ur game.but one thing i wanna ask u.where did u get all those ideas bro.hmmm day by day my bro grown as real writer

  10. Mariya

    Arham dear how are u ? I miss u so much dr & what r u saying we didn’t forgot u dr. Take care dr

  11. Mariya first of all…who r u ????why u use our sister name……pls mind ur tongue…..this is not possible….our radz is always princess… us….

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Me also thinking the same akka.some one trying to tease is wrong chill out.leave it.

  12. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka read this.when I read it I felt proud for our Vijay Anna.
    Ilayathalapathy Vijay arranged a special screening of his film “Theri” for 60 children from Raghava Lawrence’s home care recently. The multifaceted filmmaker has shared the news on his Facebook page.

    Raghava Lawrence said he had requested Vijay to arrange tickets for 60 children from his home care. Instead of arranging tickets, Ilayathalapathy just booked a theatre for the special show. This was the gesture Lawrence praised on his Facebook page.

    He wrote: “Hi..Friends and Fans! my 60 children’s wanted to watch the latest movie Theri.. I called and informed ilaya thalapathy vijay he said okay nanba I’ll arrange. I thought he ll arrange the tickets but surprisingly he arranged a theater a special show only for my children’s.. My all children’s and me are very happy .. I would like to thank my Nanba Vijay for making my children’s happy..[sic]”

    “Theri,” which was released on April 14, has been received well by the audience. The family-oriented content with mass-entertainment elements has apparently helped it pull audience from all section of society to theatres.

    “Theri,” which was released in over 1,000 screens worldwide, has grossed over Rs. 110 crore at the worldwide box office. The flick has performed well in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It has also collected good revenue in the U.S., the U.K., Australia and France.

    In Chennai alone, “Theri” has raked in over Rs. 10 crore in two weeks, and is likely to break several records this weekend.

    The revenge-drama has been written and directed by Atlee Kumar with Samantha and Amy Jackson as the female leads and Mahendran, Prabhu, Raadhika Sarathkumar, KS Ravikumar, Manobala and Kaali Venkat in the cast.

    Meanwhile, Ilayathalapathy is all set to start his next project on May 2. He is collaborating with Bharathan for the film, which will be produced by Vijaya Productions. Keerthy Suresh is the female lead in the flick.

  13. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    And akka also see his fb page.he also give the link of eana meena teeka song.

  14. now..i am littl bit k guyzz…thanx loads for ur caring my cutie sissy s..but i am properly come to this page daily..but i try to visit it guyzz..really miss u all..luv u all….and mariya plzz don’t spoil our sweety’s name..kind request yaar..

  15. rookey rookers forever lover of ranvi

    hi arham dear , what happened to u akka why u didnt com. these many days ? i misss uuuu sooo much akka

    mariya dear that is not u . why r u spoiling her name and radz …. pls dont do this again … we all warning u , pls keep quit

    naren bro , i am willing to join in ur game ..lets rock

    i watched theri flim yesterday . it was a super duper flim … vijay’s mala. speaking skill super ….
    all vijay fans can watch this ….

  16. Yes sana i heard the news …..already dr….& theri reached 150cr within13days dr……vijay anna & whole theri team celebrated this … his home…..i saw the pics of this celebrations…..on top 10news ….dr…but i searched on google …still not get it….if u see that na pls telll me dr…..

  17. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Sana,raji,Mariya,rookey rookers,and then who? Tell me soon so I will write more mystery.. Sathya Akka I am +2 so I am little grown up.. So I will read many books from school library some I watch in other shows,some in movie,some which occur in day to day and Sathya Akka u can also join the game but u can comment on 145epi.. Only

  18. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    2140 theatres 24movie gonna release in Tamil and telegu language. Ok sana so 24gonna get more response and hit in box office.

  19. Julina

    Hi evry one…. how r u all…
    Atlast arham and dhruva dear u r back….

    What happened arham dear…. u told u r weak… pls take care dear…. because of this climate u may feel like that….

    Who is this maria crap…. how dare she tell like that…. I think she hate our radz thats why…. don’t worry mariya dear… leave it…

    Where is Prince bro…. I’m worrying about him now… he is not commenting nowadays…. I hope ur hand become cured…..

  20. Mariya

    No sathya di & julina dr I am not worrying but little bit tensed . but leave it she is talking nonsense. We all are didn’t believe in that. & thank you so much sissy’s & bros & my friends thank you for supporting me & trust on me. I am very lucky to have this sis , bro & friends. Aur Jo mujhy janty hain wo mujh par trust bhi karty & because I am not like this .people know it very well. Again thank you soooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u all are the best. U all are my true family.

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      ???stupid,nonsense, bl**dy shit,idiot and all bad words to u how dare u tell me about my best friend Prince. Just leave if u comment about me also I will bear if u speak about any one of family matsh.. I will not spare u. Pls leave from here.

      • Mariya

        U r 101% correct ranaji .
        Who is u & why our Prince bro get die pls mind ur language. & don’t tell anything about it. Prince bro may god give umardaraz.( means u live 100 & more yes). & god bless u Prince bro.

  21. fan of ishveer

    I am just telling the truth. If hee is alive why he is not comment. Becauje he is dead that is why prince is not comment u should all admit that he is dead. U all be happy cause the increasing population will now decrease.if u ask me i am happy that Prince is dead. And ho the hell r u to call me bad words??

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Y u r speaking like this? He is not well.that’s y he is not commenting.insha Allah.he will come back Soon and I have a doubt is u prince kidding us?

      • ishveer killer

        Sana very good keep doubting it willbe eaisier for me to destroy your so called family. Doubt is the most dangerous weapon to destroy a family.ya i am prince i am prince hey everybody i am prince i want to ruin u all

      • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

        Iel regret for doubting u as our prince bro never talk like this.he is best and u can never destroy our family.

    • Mariya

      Ohh mind ur language & what u mean by population increase u also living na. & he is not dead I know. God didn’t forgot our prayers. & don’t be happy becs more happy is more harmful to u.
      & u didn’t have ishveer’s fan becas one fan respects other fan & didn’t tell anything wrong about them.

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        R u economics student? I mean I am I itself does not care then why u? Stupid if population increase what Is u r problem?

  22. Hey fan of ishveer ….who r u???first …why ???u comment bad thing about our bro …..u r not fan of ishveer…..our ishveer teach these to us……what is ur problem …first …..u first leave from our matsh family … one asked ur comments here…..

  23. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    And Ranaji bro I don’t have any problem if 24 is hit.u r gr8 surya fan na.all the best.I think u will go for the first day itself.

    • Mariya

      Ya ranaji all the best for 24 & I hope the picture get big hit.& if u see the movie than pls tell me the story in short.

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        Yes it in evening and I gonna take leave to school and my friends all also gonna cut school to watch movie. We requested school management but they did not give leave so we gonna put leave. Keerthi I agree with u.

  24. O god what is going on ….???yest that girl play with our emotion …today …..he/she……o no ….u r heartless people…….u know the value of emotions …..first…..pls dont do this again…how can u said easily a person is dead……????? I swear … u dont know the value of human being…..

  25. Are you joking…..if you are then its the worst joke….who ever you are “ fan of ishveer ” but pls don’t say like this……he is our bro… if someone tell to you like this…..he is a member of our aashiqui family……pls don’t say anything bad like this…….I’m just requesting you dear……hope you understand !!!!

  26. fan of ishveer

    Yea yea whatever i am very much bored of ur nonsense talking what a filmy family u have rana!!!!! Mariya will also agree with me who kalled radj a transgender erlier

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      She is fake and real Mariya won’t agree to u words. Now I will tell something which u did not hear and I will speak like that’s local if u hear that bad words then u won’t comment on my ff in life time

  27. Keerthi

    Fan of ishveer
    Whoever you are boy or girl I don’t mind it but when u speak about someone first think if ur fit for speaking about another person and don’t u ever call urself as fan of ishveer even if they see ur comments they will run away of shame…….
    If a person doesn’t comment does not mean he doesn’t exist anymore and how dare u speak about population decrease have some humanity will u speak about a person like this who is ur friend or family
    Nobody is asking u to comment here and for ur information this ff is written by our ranaji bro for the
    Happiness of all ishveerians and for his dear sisters and brother so u don’t need to come and comment here
    U , duplicate mariya, all are here to destroy our happiness ……
    Try to respect fellow human being so that God blesses u …… Human life is precious u don’t have the right to speak about others life

  28. ishveer killer

    I will talk whatever i want is that bodering u??? i am not talking abt u then why u are getting mad like a bich.i will talk whatever i want and whenever i want understand u bl**dy girl. Prince is rally a roadside dog and u all 2. bl**dy hell humanity

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Ok I think r u a Dracula? Then shall I scold u r brother or sister. Then u will get angry Na? Like that only we get angry OK. Just leave. Ok Prince is alive and his hand got injured soon he will comment. Anyone has his email pls mail to him. So that we does not want to hear Street dog words. U told all bl**dy humanity? U are senseless and u don’t have any feelings. If u had it u won’t talk like this

  29. Payal

    bl**dy people duplicate mariya and you get out from this page yu both are not fit here useless people how dare yu call someone like this God will punish yu to trouble us God is seeing everything such a liers yu are and no humanity if yu are not a fan then go somewhere else ok but go from here bl**dy idiots we are ishveer fans it is our business not yours who the hell are yu telling us a fulmy family we are a strong family of matsh and our ishveer

  30. Julina

    Hey what is ur prob… who asked ur opinion…. if a person don’t cmt means he is dead…. I never seen ur cmts before…. is that means ….. u come from graveyard… what the hell r u talking…don’t u have the common sense… I never seen such a idiot like u…. hey what happen to all… yesterday one stupid girl using my sister name… today one idiotic nonsense cursing my bro…. if u don’t like matsh or matsh fans…. don’t come to this site…. it’s our request…. I’ve never seen such idiots in other serial updates… pls never thought of coming to this site anymore….. get lost….

  31. Guys cool down let the dogs bark we shouldn’t interfere in the barking of dog the fan of ISHVEER how could you bash someone I should say you one thing that if you would be a human then you would have at least one per cent of humanity so that you could think what were you writing but no so this proves you are some alien please you have no right to bash someone and how could you be so happy typing that Prince is dead don’t you have heart sorry I forgot you are alien who don’t have heart please we request you all don’t bother these stupid people actually telling these kind of people words like stupid, shameless and all bad words will also be ashamed chiii shame on you

  32. yaa adayzz most of the nonsense..formed lyk tat girl and this bakwass man…really worried abt u much of dare r u hav nu..i really don’t know..but in one stag all hav plzz don’t cross ur limits…no one harm would not affect our princ..we know he is too gud..allah cares him…i thnk u r the big enemy of princ..if lyk this na plzz don’t use this much of wrds lyk dead…really request u plzz stop ur whol bakwass

  33. ishveer killer

    I dont has any problem with u all.u all has prblm with me.i am just making fun of prince to entertain myself. Since he is no more his soul may rest in pease in hell.Can i take take his place to comment here? I wil change my name from ishveer killer to prince. Cause he dont exist anymore and he is not comment here

    • Shut up how could you think like this you can never take my Prince brother place he is the best just shut up you heartless alien chiii disgusting

      • Mariya

        One thing I say to u that
        good friends are like stars
        … U don’t always see them
        … But u know they ‘re always there!
        & u didn’t get his place in any cost & condition.

  34. Hey what is going on here.y now a days stupid peoples comment here and ruin our happiness.i think same fellow only play wid us.hey bludy dnt mention urname as ishveet fan.u stupid our primce bro is too good.god wid him he live with 100 amdmore yrs
    how dare u told like tis.u hv a humanity or not.frnds someone now a days intentionally play wid our emotions and they wanna ruin our ishveer family.y what we did for tis people frnds.really i fl crying.already iam very emotiomal type how dare he or she told that prince bro is not alive.omg PRINCE BRO WHERE R U..PLS PLS PLS BRO COMMENT HERE REALLY WE R FED UP ABT THAT STUPID COMMENT.SOMEONE PLAY WID OUR ISHVEER FAMILY PLS BRO WHERE R U.PLS COMMENT PLS.PLS

  35. Ya no one can replace our prince bro.and onething i wanna tell here tis is ranaji’s ff and its not a common is for only ishveer family we no need such a rediculous disguisting comments here.just go to hell cha

  36. Mariya

    & friends u know some one has to have fight between us. So thats way using my name & telling about wrong things about Prince bro. So we have to show r unity. & we don’t have to look to any nonsense comments. So chill our Prince bro comes after some days. Keep faith on god.

  37. Guys pls dont answer to the fan of ishveeror ishveer killer…….she /he is heartless person in the world……so pls dont worry about him/her…..leave it…..we know about our bro drs….i have full hope on god….soon our bro wiil come back .

  38. ishveer killer

    Ur family is full of crap all of u r stupidest persons.ireally hope that prince is never comment. Mariya keep going i know that u also dont like these crapy peple.hey prince whre r u? Ur stupid family calling u oops how can i forget that he has tranfer certificate. Rest in pease prince

  39. Julina

    Guys… today bday For our princess….. eagerly waiting for some mystery…… HAPPY BDAY RADZ PRINCESS…….?????…… SHAKTI BABA PLS GIVE HER SOME SURPRISE…. PLS PLS….

  40. Oh god…..pls yaar whoever ISHVEER KILLER you’re don’t say like this…..if you don’t like our family you hate our family then why you are commenting here…..pls yaar….don’t say something wrong about Prince bro…..he is nice and always be there when anyone of us is sad…..he is just not well that’s why he is not commenting…….I don’t know but I have faith that he is alright…..I think you don’t have any family or bro……that’s why you’re saying like this……pls be mum if you don’t have feelings or sense to say the things…..!!!”” And now its a bold request…….

  41. I was happy because today’s our Princess Birthday……but that crap spoiled my mood…..but then also….HAPPY BIRTHDAY RADZ…..hope you get your true love soon…..and good night my lovely family…..and hope Prince bro is fine……

  42. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Wow today is our cutie pie radz birthday.HAPPY BIRTHDAY RADHIKA MAM…

  43. Sumaiya Sumi

    Today my princess celebrating her 21st birthday
    ❤?Radhika ? Madan?❤

  44. Mariya

    Happy birthday radhika mam ????? hope god give u ur true love.?? have a nice day.

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