Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-128

Today suspense is revealed………

The episode starts with Ishaani sits down and cries..sesha smiles,,radhika touches the watch..sesha tries to stop it but ishaani holds her hand..radhika types something..sesha soul leaves from there i mean sesha disappears..sesha comes to desert and asks anybody is here?sesha then sees bomb and blasts.she dies..radhika hugs ishaani and thnx her for giving idea..pallavi tells i only gave this idea..AN FB is shown..pallavi asks for selfie and she hides her mouth and tells the plan to them..radhika smiles AN FB ends………

Ishaani comes near ranveer and tells our honeymoon ticket won’t waste now..he smiles and takes her in his arms and tells today i won’t leave and takes her inside..radhika tells shakthi now i am happy..shakthi breaks the door and beats goons and helps police..they arrests goons..they all leaves from there..shakthi smiles……..Madhu in the jail thinks that nobody came here to meet me?i won’t leave them..this time i will not forgive them…Neha comes there and bails her out and smiles and asks her hand tells her to join on her plan with her.madhu smiles and thnx her for bailing out..

Ishaani comes there and asks police and gives them bail papers..he tells she is already bailed out..madhu comes to her crying and thnx her for sending lawyer..she acts with crocodile tears…ishaani pacifies her and takes her back to home..ranveer comes out of gate and waits for ishaani..she comes in..ranveer holds her hand and pushes her closer Allah warriyan plays…he tries to kiss her but she keeps hand infront of his mouth and tells it is road..he tells now let us go..she asks where??he brings her to open location and makes her sit on chair…it goes up..ishaani hugs ranveer..

He smiles and hugs her..he signs someone…..water blasts and they both get wet..ishaani smiles and asks is it u r plan??he smiles and nods..rose blasts and falls on them..they smile at each other..ranveer moves her hair and kisses her…… falls on them…ranveer smiles and kisses on her head and tells now it is private..she smiles and tells tmr we are going to honeymoon..

precap: Ishaani and ranveer comes to switzerland for honeymoon……

Hope u all liked the epi..soon i will catch u with next epi bye guys

Credit to: Narendran

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