Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-127


Guys this epi I am gonna elaborate some scene.. I mean every 5seconds I will elaborate.. It means the today epi will be in slow motion OK…???

20seconds left as per last epi!!. 5seconds..

Ranveer tells Ishaani now this time I don’t know we will live in this world or not. Pls forgive me for all mistakes I have done past. She tells sorry for whatever I did also.. Radhika tells shakthi that I need to tell u one thing which is more imp.. She tells I love u…. She smiles and hugs him once again.. All guests speaks about their moments with her relatives and all…

Next 5seconds…

One grandpa falls down and in chest pain. Ishaani sees this and runs from there and brings water for him. She gives it and comes to sesha and begs her to leave this grandpa alone out.. Sesha tells no then u will also leave and tells her only 13seconds left.. She smiles evilly… Ishaani comes to grandpa and makes him get up from chair and makes him sit in sofa and gives him water.. He thnx her and blesses her.. Ishaani tells I won’t live for even 1min u are blessing me.. She smiles and takes blessing from him..

Next 5seconds…

Radhika sits near pallavi and asks her last wish? Pallavi tells I have one wish I need to take a photo with u all.. Radhika smiles and calls everyone there and they all smile for a selfie.. Pallavi posts in FB with sad face. Pallavi tells this is my last pic.. Radhika hugs her crying and tells her not to cry anymore.. Radhika kisses on her head and comes near shakthi and hugs him.. Ranveer tells Ishaani I have planned for honeymoon but it is all wasted.. She smiles and tells I am very lucky to get husband like u becoz I got big happiness in my life that is dying with my husband.. He smiles and hugs her crying… With tears fell.. Radhika sees this and cries..

Last 5seconds..

Radhika sees pallavi phone and opens films and sees something and cries.. She shows it to shakthi and all.. Sesha tells them not to make any drama becoz we all gonna die within 3seconds.. Radhika gets teary eyes. She comes near sesha and sits near her and explains about human life.. But she does not hear anything.. Radhika holds sesha hand and begs her to save her family for one time. Sesha tells u are too late.. 1second left…

Precap:Next epi is big suspense sorry for keeping more suspense.. Today I thought of elaborating the seconds and made it as big epi..

How is this epi nice or not? But next epi will be superb as u wish..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nice but more ishveer romantic scenes ranaji

    1. payal this is sad epi and next epi there will be more ishveer scene agree

  2. Guys when will our shadhika unite in real life also waiting for that lucky day

  3. Nice episode but precap is same. Suspense waiting for next bro.

  4. Awsomeeee bro! Waiting fr the next episode eagerly! ?

  5. Nice episode ….bro waiting for next one……

  6. Sana ,julina ,khushi ,mariya ,arham ,dhruva ,rookey rookers how r u all?????

  7. Rookey rookers i am fine dr… r u ????dr… well ….when u free comment here…..dr….

  8. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Less comments?? Why marry,arham,Sathya,payal,raji,Prince,keerthi, ankita,khushi,rookey and all where r u??

  9. I’m fine raji akka…. hw r u…..
    Pls reveal the suspense soon bro…

  10. I am fine raji di how are u di . u saw theri movie di ?

  11. Ranaji sorry for late a days u r grown as professional writer keep it up bro

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Hey Akka u are joking at me? I am not grown I am still studying +2 after 1yr I will be happy and I will go to college then superb Na… Akka how r u??.. And u r hubby also??. Reply me here or email..

  12. Payal dr pls tell tis meaning”haktiarora: ‘agar aap chahte hain ke hum saath mein phir se dikhe, we’ll definitely’ AM

    1. It means if you want us to see together we will definitely be together shakti said for radhika i know

    2. Please sathya dr come on what’s app please dr

  13. next epi i have sent i hope u will like it..i have sent all my ff becoz my mom is sleeping now.. ok bye now i going to tuition and i did not learn for test but now i am happy that i updated all my 4 fan fiction today bye guys take care..prince,sana and all pls comment

  14. Hey sorry ranajii like u used to do all these things secretly frm ur mom I used to do the same n frm today my schools had started hence I was unable to comment… N yes no need to say anything to u ur epis are always fantabulous…..

  15. Sorry ranaji I am little busy so couldn’t come in for commenting …. Brother ur studies are more important whenever u get free time upload an episode

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Thnx for u r concern keerthi??????????

  16. But some good happy scenes we expect brother already there is so much sadness for us in shadhika shakti is not speaking out to radz that stupid ishaan is posting pic radz saying she is single already we are not so happy …… So please ranaji some romantic and happy moments of ishveer

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Sure I have added some scene in next epi..

  17. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice episode bro.waiting for next.thank u so much bro for updating this ff even u have problem.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Thnx sana I have sent all my ff today.. And next epi I will update when my mom and dad are busy???after 7th April I will get 2week leave so I will update.

  18. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Tanvee dr, reena dr, mariya dii and julina dii sorry I am little bit busy.l am using my cousin bro’s phone.l can’t comment in ur ff.l will return to my home tomorrow or day after tomorrow and surely I will read and comment in ur ff.pls forgive me.I hope u will understand me.

    1. Ya OK dear as u wish if u get time then comment dr. Take care dr

  19. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka I am r u? I want to share with u and Amrita sissy.l don’t know whether u got the news……..a new film is releasing naming “moondru rasikarkal”showing the story of three die core fans of Vijay Anna who trying to meet him in his house.the film shooted in Vijay Anna’s house.the film have one song which including his 59 films names.
    Akka u can search it.I try to copy the news but I can’t.
    Bye akka.catch u soon….miss u so much….love u loads…..
    Love u and miss u all guys…….

    1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Sorry…mistake….it is -I want to share a news.

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