Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-126


sorry guys my mom found that i am writing stories so she scolded me and got my i am updating epi when they are not here..sorry she worries about me becoz i am +2..let us start

The episode starts with Radhika asks what happenend??sesha tells sorry and smiles and tells now we will die here and nobody can prevent us.radhika gets shocked and asks what??ranveer comes there and tells her to stop it..sesha tells i can’t..sesha tells goons to not to leave anyone from here..she tells them to lock the door and go..goons locks window and door..radhika and shakthi tries to escape but..goons holds their hand..radhika asks them to leave..goons push radhika down..her head gets hurt.

Shakthi comes there and takes her to sofa and gives first aid to her..radhika opens eyes and sees sesha beating ishaani..she gets up and kicks sesha..she gets shocked..she gets up and fights with radhika..ishaani takes pot and breaks on sesha head…she falls down..

2min left……..radhika comes there and tries to difuse bomb but she can’t she sees door are closed and sits down and cries..they all sit near window and shouts..goons does not open door..radhika gets up and comes near sesha and tries to wake her up.but she does not respond.police comes there and tries to break door but goons beat them…radhika sees this and comes to house temple and prays to god..

pallavi comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder and sees time and tells 1min left she cries and hugs her and tells i came here to kill u..when i found u did this is safeguard me i cries alot…she hugs her..ishaani comes there and hugs radhika..ranveer hugs shakthi..Ishaani comes near ranveer Allah warriyan plays..she comes near him and hugs him tightly…..shakthi and radhika hugs each other..

radhika breaks hug and thinks at once and comes near sesha and throws water on her.she does not wake up..radhika prays god and asks him to give strength to her

precap:suspense wait for i….t………….b..y…….e……g……u….y….s…

hope u liked it soon next epi will be posted and i won’t end this ff at any cost..bye

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. O ranajii bro it happened bad with u….but thanks fr updating this epi…..loved it bro….n thanks fr not ending this ff n congratulations u reached on 126 epi

  2. Hey raji Dr I m fine…how r u??? My studies are going good….my schools are starting frm Tuesday……

  3. Thanks bro for spending your precious tym for us MATSH fans. U pls concentrate on ur studies also. We will never forget u… SUSPENSE ?? WAITING FOR IT

  4. Ankita(ishveer forever)

    Wow.. Ranaji this shows ur love towards ishveer nd ur fans! The episode was fantastic! ?

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Thnx ankita I can’t leave reply to all sorry???????

  5. Wonderful ranaji but please do not end this ff i beg you it is a place where we all meet becoz yu are a regular writer if yu have problem yu can write once in a week no problem but do not end this ff please ranaji and reply to me

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Sure payal as u wish and I won’t this ff at any cost I will update once in a week or whenever I get time for u all

  6. Ranaji nice episodes.ur studies are very important becoz u r in 12th na so bro pls studied well.whenever u fl free u update ur ff but dnt end k na bro

    1. Ya ranaji I am agree with sathya dii first u have to concentrate on u r studies . & this short episode but nice & save all of them.

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        It is OK thnx for u r concern Akka. My mom is out of station but my father got net. So I begged him and got net to comment

  7. Prince bro don’t worry bro I will always pray for u. & our matsh members pls pray for Prince . his is suffering from lot of pain.
    bro put u r trust in Allah . & he definitely help u. & don’t try to think about die god will help u to reduce u r pain. Take care bro. & if u feel better na then only comment OK bro. Take care

  8. Raji , Khushi,julina dears now I am fine dr . thanx u dears

  9. Ranaji nice episode bro

  10. Mariya dr what happened to prince bro.he is k na dr..prince bro pls take care

  11. Prince bro dont worry…..ur leg will be all right soon…i will pray for……bro …

  12. Sathya dr prince bro met an accident few days back……his leg broken…..he said its painfull ……that’sy mariya dr said she praybfor him…..ok …

  13. Prince brother u are ok brother please take proper care don’t stress out and be careful brother…. I pray God for a speedy recovery

  14. I am sorry fans but I have to say it here….. We MATSH fans were scolding shakti for he being so close with neha and posting videos pics with her ….. But we all forget about radz ……there was a photo in Instagram now as she kissing ishaan and he is taking a selfie and tagging # love her….. Everyone is scolding radz now that she is very clever playing with everyone’s emotions one side she says she loves and misses shakti other side she says ishaan is my childhood friend no marriage plans for 10 years but now posing with ishaan like this ….. Atleast she can frankly say she is his boy friend then no fans will feel for shadhika Union….. How much dull shakti is in today’s Instagram pic I really feel bad that I scolded shakti so much…… I am sorry shakti ?????

    1. Yes i agree with you she is frank only with him nothibg else and that blo*dy is a cipku only remember radhika said matsh changed her dreams and aspirations

  15. Guys don’t be confuse only in cheeks and vo bhi lightly just for a pose

  16. Renember radhija call her pu**y means coward it is an insult word not used for everyone

  17. So guys now we have to pray for our matsh-season 2 with our shadhika and a union of shakti and radhika in real life beoz there jodi is God made jodi even God wants to unite them so no one can do anything in that right guys

  18. Keerthi akka… I think Payal is right…’s looking like a pose only…. That pic is even posted by Ishan…. Not by her…. I’m sure today also everybody asks Her about Shakti only… Let’s see….. I too praying for that dear….

    Prince bro… Why are u talking negative…. Pls don’t lose ur hope bro…. We all r here to pray for ur improvement… Pls take care…..

  19. Hey prince bro….get well soon i’ll pray fr u bhai…
    N yes I am also praying fr our shaadhika union n our matsh2…n u know guys today I went to my new school fr meeting…n on the notice board our names was written according to our sections…n u know guys my name was written below a girls name n her name was neha saxena I know she was not that neha but still…I was very frustrated on seeing it…hope that our shaadhika unite soon….n prince bro n dhruva sis take care…..

  20. Sathya di as raji di said that Prince bro meet some days before an accident . so he feels to much na that way I am saying to pray for him.

  21. Prince bro didn’t lose u r hope bro & god will reduce u r pain soon. Very fastly

  22. OMG Suspense!!! I love suspense! Quiet curious for the next episode

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Thnx Akka.. Next epi I have sent with much problem hope u all will like it.. And epi-128 is big suspense

  23. See guys in today fame app chat interview radhika clearly says “I HAVE NO BOY FRIEND I AM VERY MUCH SINGLE” now i am somewhere happy

  24. And for shakti she said no fight between me and shakti and pic delete she said why yu guys ask me ask him, he is busy in mmhv and meeting with shakti she said ask him when he is free
    It clearly shows shakti is so busy she is not even giving proper time to radhika that’s why she is a bit annoy on him nothing else

  25. Shakti said he said marriage after 3 years in sbs hot news repky who saw it

  26. I want to confirm pkease tell me

  27. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    prince and durva dear get well soon . i will pray for u dears … pls all matsh fans and my frnds pls see last ishveer forever season 2 and com . pls pls pls ….

  28. I am fine amritha dear & what about u dr don’t get stress & dull because of marks I know do very well .

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