Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-125 Maha Epi


The episode starts with Ranveer and Ishaani takes pheras.. Ranveer holds her hand tightly. Ishaani smiles and they walks.. 7rounds gets over. Ishaani sits down. Ranveer makes her wear mangalsutra and sindoor.. Sesha comes there and fires gun. Everyone gets shocked. Radhika comes there and tells her to leave becoz she needs her son happiness only.. Sesha tells I need watch and u r death. Ranveer gets up and comes there and asks sesha what is in the watch? She tells time mission.. He gets shocked. An FB is shown..(radhika has ranveer as 3yrs baby.. She gets watch.. Sesha asks her? Radhika runs from there and she uses the watch and she gets one more baby also!!)FB ends.. Shakthi asks radhika so she is my baby!! Radhika smiles and tells yes..

Ishaani comes there and pleads her and tells her not to do any drama.. Sesha smiles and tells I don’t have anything to loose.. But u have radhika, shakthi,pallavi and u r love ranveer. She tells her not to take his name from her mouth.. Ishaani asks radhika how she got 2child? She tells I delivered 2baby but doctor hided one baby. I found it using watch.sesha found I was using so I safe guarded my child. From here..

Pallavi smiles and thinks so my mom prevented me this much years so I have to do something for her. She plans something and leaves upstairs.. Radhika comes there and tells sesha to leave and she throws chilli powder on her. Sesha shouts.. Ishaani comes there and takes gun from here and gets relieved..

Ishaani smiles and runs from there and hides it.. Sesha smiles and tells I knew u will do like this so I have planned everything and she removes her sari.. Gents closes their eyes.. Radhika tells u are shameless!! Sesha tells her to see bomb.. She gets shocked. She shouts.. Pallavi shocked

Radhika tells her to leave Ishaani and ranveer becoz they have to live. Pallavi calls bomb squad.. She comes down and pleads sesha. Sesha tells I knew u called bomb squad.. She gets shocked..sesha smiles and shows her camera which is set on her ears.. Radhika asks her what she wants? Time mission. I will give u pls leave us..sesha smiles and tells OK..

Radhika gives her time mission.. Sesha wears it and laughs and tells sorry I can’t save u.. Goons comes inside.. Sesha tries to stop bomb but it does not.. Radhika asks what happened? Sesha tells sorry I can’t do anything…

Precap:20seconds left… Ishaani and ranveer tries to escape but goons holds their hand.. Radhika comes near sesha and tries to do something

Credit to: Narendran

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