Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-124


The episode starts with They all comes to picnic spot. Ishaani sits near ranveer and holds his hand. But he jerks it. Radhika sees it and signs Ishaani to bring him that side. Radhika tells shakthi not to leave sesha at ant cost. He tells OK.. Ranveer gets up and goes near cliff.. Ishaani also gets up and comes near him and holds his hand. She tells everything.. He tells her not to cheat her. Radhika comes there and tells she is telling truth… He get shocked. He bends down and tells sorry to her.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays… She also bends down and hugs her.. Sesha comes there and tells u r family love story gonna end now.. She smiles and holds gun towards them.

Radhika gets shocked and tells her to put down. She shows watch. She tells I don’t want I want u are life. They all are stunned. Ishaani jumps and holds her hand and throws gun and slaps sesha. Radhika also comes there and beats her. Ranveer comes there and calls police and tells it..

Ishaani beats sesha and tells her to stay away from our life.. Sesha smiles and holds her hair. She drags Ishaani. Radhika tries to stop but she pushes her. Ranveer comes there and takes stick and beats sesha. She shouts in pain and tells him to stop it..

Police comes there and stops ranveer. They take sesha from there.. Ishaani smiles and hugs ranveer. Shakthi and radhika hugs.. Allah warriyan plays.. Ishaani smiles and tells them let us go to home. They all come to house.

Ranveer and. Ishaani gets ready for marriage. Ranveer sends her his pic. He asks her? She tells no. Wait and watch.. He sends sticker through messenger.. Ishaani comes down and as bride and she sits in mandap. Ranveer also comes there and sits near ishaani.. Rituals begins. Radhika and shakthi comes there and does kanyadhaan.. Pandit tells them to take pheras..

Precap:Ranveer makes her wear sindoor and mangalsutra. Sesha comes there and fires gun.. they all gets shocked.

Hope u all liked it. Next epi will be spl Maha epi don’t miss it??

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. update next epi soon

  2. Really nice and if she fires the gun like make like something happenning to radhika as she prevents ranveer and ishaani

  3. Ranaji waiting for maha episode

  4. Ranaji ranvi and ishani scenes are very cute..i try to understand one wk episodes r u bro.spl class going on na

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      It is boring.. But interesting in school. But I after coming from school I write 4ff.. And. I have ended one ff.. To write this ff and I have decided to end young love ff soon becoz my portion are above my head sorry..but this ff won’t end till I complete my +2.

  5. Raji dr how was ur bros wedding dr.u enjoyed it na.where r u now dr..i love u dr

  6. Vyshu dr ya radz loves shakti a lot dr.but tis stupid not realize her love dr.u saw yest tweet of shakti na.he is just annoying dr.he have that ego a girl radz convey her feelingsna but still he keep mum.sure he knows fans tweet and all but he never consider our wishes rude he is

  7. Payal dr i download that video dr .he gave interview in hindi i couldnt understand.but he sung a song which he likes that song more.that song was when Ishveer dance infront of nirbhay familyna that song dr

    1. No second link sathya dr

  8. Keerthi dr what u r saying was 100% crct dr.shakti is totally selfish.i keenly watch each and every activity of him.all are based on his carrier only dr.if he doesnt like radz means y he gave fake hope to us na dr.yest all fans tweet abt radz req dr.but he never mind abt rude he isna dr.ya it is his life so we wont interrupt in that but he is a lier dr.i hate him

    1. Sathya dear I am very upset only I think shakti is fooling all our fans by tricking and showing that he has a Cold War with neha but in reality I think he is In love with her but he is showing off that he is in not good terms with neha so that fans will give more support for him and love him more ….. My brother is saying that he is playing with fans emotions don’t believe him he is very bad if he doesn’t love radz y he is not even speaking to her y he is avoiding her a girl is leaving all ego shyness and coming down and pleading him to meet her once this much ego for a guy very bad? Dears do u agree with me

      1. Keerthi dr please reply to my previous comments

      2. yeah dr…. i tottaly agree with u….
        see dr….. his favourite song is Agar tum saath ho..!!
        .pal bhar Theher jaaodil ye sambhal jaayekaise tumhe roka karoonmeri taraf aatahar gham phisal jaayeaankhon mein tumko bharoon,bin bole baatein tumse karoon,gar tum saath ho,agar tum saath ho..stop for a moment,let this heart get stablehow should I stop you..every sorrow coming towards mewould slip away..I’ll fill you in my eyesI’ll talk to you without speaking,if you are with meif you are with me..behti rehti neher nadiyaan si teri duniya meinmeri duniya hai teri chaahaton meinmain Dhal jaati hoon teri aadaton meingar tum saath your world, canals and rivers seem to be flowingmy world is in your loveI mould according to your habitsif you are with me..teri nazron mein hai tere sapne,tere sapnon mein hai naraazi,mujhe lagta hai ki baatein dil kihoti lafzon ki dhokhebaazitum saath ho ya na hokya fark haibedard thi zindagi bedard haiyour dreams are there in your eyes,and because of your dreams there is anger (in you)..I feel the talks of heartare all deception..whether you are there with me or not,what is the difference,the life was merciless, and is merciless.agar tum saath hoagar tum saath ho..if you are with meif you are with me..palken jhapakte hidin ye nikal jaayebaiThi baiThi bhaagi phiroonmeri taraf aatahar gham phisal jaayeaankhon mein tumko bharoon,bin bole baatein tumse karoon,gar tum saath ho,agar tum saath soon as the I blink,the day comes out.I keep running around while sitting only..every sorrow coming towards mewould slip away..I’ll fill you in my eyesI’ll talk to you without speaking,if you are with meif you are with me..teri nazron mein hai tere sapne,tere sapnon mein hai naaraazi,mujhe lagta hai ki baatein dil kihoti lafzon ki dhokhebaazitum saath ho ya na hokya fark haibedard thi zindagi bedard haiagar tum saath hodil ye sambhal jaayeagar tum saath ho..har gham phisal jaayeagar tum saath ho..din ye nikal jaaye.agar tum saath ho..har gham phisal jaaye…

      3. This song in matsh when they hug when kya kool h hum cast came on sets remember

  9. Julina dr ya iam adopt uncle and aunty is very sweet.they r carriying me very well.but i miss my dad and bro very much dr.

    1. Give me your email id

    2. That’s gud akka… but missing our family is the worst condition right… pls don’t worry…

  10. Keerthi dr ya u r cent per crct he is just a lier.fool all fans.ya dr he is in love wid neha but he doesnt show becoz he know fans not like him wid he play wid our emotions.but sure oneday god ll give a punishment for our and radz sin

    1. No yaar yu are wrong shakti is not fooling may be something wrong is happening between shakti and neha why yu think so yaar it is good that there is fight between them

    2. Yes sathya dear he is fooling us too much if nothing is there he should be open to his fans but he is playing with our emotions

      1. No yaar please don’t say that

    1. Can you give me your number please????

    2. Give me your email id

      1. [email protected]
        these is my email id…. dr shakti is planning …. radz birthday…. see he will give suprise to her dr…

  11. Keerthi dr…. pls tell me meaning… yesterday…. shakti tweet dr

    1. Vyshu dear the tweet
      I be tryin to dive deep in shallow people.. hitting my head on d surface and then wondering y i hav an headache. .??
      Means how
      Much ever you keep trying to change me but u can’t change me I mean how much ever we fans want to make him feel about radz nothing will go in his mind and we we will only get headache by asking him again and again is what he means to say give me ur mail id vyshu I will send u my number

  12. Wow bro wat an episode. .. waiting for the maha epi
    By the way I think shakti is planning any surprise for radz for her birthday
    Thats y he may b ignoring her……
    Eagerly waiting for radz birthday ♡

  13. Sathya ,vyshu ,sana ,payal ….how r u all???i am come back to here…..but imiss u to much …..drs ….u know onething i was in my bro ‘s wedding but i cant forgot u …that ‘s y i last 2days i ask about u&shadhika …keerthi akka…but i am in travel …i cant control myself drs… i am comment here …..

  14. Sana chellam how r u ?????sana ma within 6days …theri reached 100cr ……this is 3rd 100cr box office hit to vijay anna ….

  15. why u all saying like this???? pls have patience bros & sissys…….if u all keep talking like this it’ll give me much pain…..our SHADHIKA will unite…….don’t lose hope…’s the test of our patientness……don’t lose faith in the Almighty…….keep pray to Him for our SHADHIKA…..i also saw Shakti’s tweet but i don’t feel bad cause i know that 1 day we will proudly call them as SHADHIKA…..pls bros & sissys keep praying & don’t comment like this

    1. Oh prince dr i am happy you commented you are a positive guy good

  16. Hi dears…. I think sumaiya is right…. we should wait until radz bday… atleast as a frnd… he should meet her…. how r u all….

    1. Julina dear I am fine dear how are u doing …. If he meets radz atleast on her birthday I will be happy if he gives a selfie for fans I will be the happiest

  17. It will take some time dr not so soon

  18. Sana ma where r u ?????

  19. Update next

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