Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-123


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The episode starts with Radhika comes to house with pallavi…Ranveer comes there..radhika pleads him and tells i will stay here and i won’t do anything against u r wish..He smiles and sees ishaani.they both nods their head..Ranveer tells ok..he asks who is she?? Radhika tells she is….she is….u r sister pallavi..He gets amused and tear eye..he comes near her and he was about to hug her. but she jerks away and tells him to stay away from here..

Ranveer breaks the things…In the room Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…He tells i did this to save my family..Why they are not understanding my feelings??He cries..Ishaani comes there and holds his hand and tells him not to open the mouth infront of radhika..Shakthi comes there and tells them tmr is ur reception and theyafter tmr is marriage..Ishaani jumos in joy..

Radhika comes to room and gives her chain to pallavi and tells her to wear it.Pallavi smiles.shakthi comes there and sits near her and asks about her wish…Pallavi tells i want to become an IPS officer..Shakthi smiles..

Ishaani comes near store room and her head hits in wall..she recalls incident happenend.with sesha..Ishaani cries and breaks the things..radhika sees this and hides and sees all..Ishaani tells i did this to save my radhika mom..radhika gets teary eyes…

Ishaani sits down and cries.radhika comes there and locks the door and sits near here and tells her to be normal and i am with u..Ishaani smiles and tells thnx for understanding here..Radhika tells now we both should not leave sesha and we should trap here in her way itself..Ishaani smiles and gives her hand to her…

Shakthi talks with pallavi…Radhika comes there and tells him let us go out tmr..he smiles..ishaani tells sesha that tmr evening is reception for me so we are going picnic tmr..

Ishaani comes to ranveer and tells him tmr we are going to picnic.. he tells ok and he leaves from there..ishaani tells tmr u will understand me.

Precap: Ishaani tells his plan.ranveer does to beleive her..radhika comes there and tells she is telling truth..Ranveer gets teary eyes and bends his knee and cries and tells sorry to ishaani..she bends down and hugs her Allah warriyan plays,

Hope u all liked my today epi…Bye and young love will be updated asap…

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Wow bro. Its fantastic
    Finally Ishani is positive n IshVeer united. Woooh

  2. Good but make ranveer and ishaani hot romance more we want more romance of ranveer and ishaani

  3. super fantastic bro

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice episode bro eagerly waiting for next.l am very excited to read it.

  5. Wow bro superb…….

  6. Sathya ,vyshu ,sana ,julina ,mariya ,payal ,rookey rookers…i miss u all……

    1. Me too miss u raji dr…. love u loads….
      dr… here radz…fame chat….she made me so happy! nd we were thinking too muchQue: one selfie with shakti aora… please ?radz say That shakti isvery busy…. guys plz ask him totake out some time for radhika…. she said he has no time…. he is too busy…. I know he is star but tell him to get sometime for radhika….Que: would u like to doanother show with shakti aora?Of course I would loveto ! shakti ”How cutei hope they meet soon….

  7. bro…I aslo want more romance of shakti ( ranveer ) radhika ( ishani )
    Shadhika / Ishveer ….

  8. Very nice it will very good if you became the writers of drama

  9. Shakti [email protected] be tryin to dive deep in shallow people.. hitting my head on d surface and then wondering y i hav an headache. .??10:23 PM – 20 Apr 2016

  10. Here is recent tweet of shakti I think he is annoyed of fans?
    I be tryin to dive deep in shallow people.. hitting my head on d surface and then wondering y i hav an headache. .??
    Very bad shakti

    1. Keerthi dr when you will be back to chennai if yu go to us then how will we chat here becoz time zone is different and it means yu will not talk to us whole day and then in night only you will come here tell me keerthi dr please

  11. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Miss u too raji akka.pls come back u loads….

  12. Raji dr me too miss u..pls convey my wishes to our brother..

  13. Keerthi dr i already toldna radz love shakti and she is not not bothering abt anything whatever she fl in her heart she just spoke out.but tis shakti oh i am really tired abt his activity.dr today u saw his tweetna.what really in his mind dr

    1. Sathya dear me and raji were discussing about his tweet only in whatsapp what’s going on in his mind I don’t understand dear……if he doesn’t love her what is the problem of him giving a selfie with her as a previous co star ………atleast consider as a friend and he can meet her na……if he loves her so much he can frankly speak to Radz and tell his feelings out na…….Radz is a beautiful,innocent ,rich but not money minded , down to earth, caring, religious girl even if shakti does penance to God also he cannot get a girl like her ….due to previous birth connection God is knocking the door and trying to give Radz in his hands but this stupid shakti is not recognizing the value of a person like Radz ……….only thing is that Radz is very close and very much friendly with arjun ishaan ….if shakti is feeling jealous on both he can tell it openly to Radz .. And sort it out ….I understand for every guy if they are in love with a girl they become over possessive of them even my husband is like that only ……..they will get angry if the girl they love speak with another boy…..that’s what happening here…….Sathya dear did u see the telly news segments shakti has said after 3 years only he will marry and he is single and ready to mingle …??????????????

      1. And radhika also told that ishan is her best friend and a businessman we kniw each other for many years but NO THERE IS NO MARRIAGE HAPPENING HERE she is very frank she can tell whst she fells and it is clear she is limited to a close friend only and now shakti is saying he will marry after 3 years and he is single i am hapoy hearing this guys you also feel hapoy for this

  14. Julina dr iam fine chellam and ur jiju also good dr.u r college is ur studiea dr

    1. It’s too heavy…. I couldn’t even write my ff… u r in jiju home right… can u adapt there

  15. Rookers dr sorry for late rply ya soon i ll watch theri film but here no time dr..

  16. Sana dr how r u.where is arham dr.she is not comment so longna ..ur exams overna dr

  17. Vyshu payal drs already we knowna radz loves shakti but tis stupid guy only not freek out still now my point of view shakti is totally selfish.sorry if i hurt anyone drs.but i cant control myself.she is tis much tell abt her feelings but he doesnt consider her.what is tis all.its not necesaary he think her as girlfrnd atleast as previous costar or fn h should respect herna but he never thought abt her feelings stupid fellow

    1. Sathya dr please see my link second one please dr

    2. Shakti has love for radhika sathya dr but he is hesitating and radhika already express her feelings for shakti in both fame app chats radhika said i love you shakti,i miss you shakti we will soon plan something to meet i call him yesterday only to tell him i really missing him and yesterday she told the fans to tell shakti to meet her and give sometime to her

  18. Sathya dr just my second link dr please and then tell me

  19. Keerthi dr onething radhika rubbishes her marriage rumours that times of india article is official mtlb aise hi to nhi h aur articles bhi aate h times of india se tell me keerthi dr anyone knows tellychakkar ka i know please clear my doubt

  20. Tell me guys please

  21. Payal dear I saw the link dear can u explain what they told dear as shakti has said he is single and ready to mingle do they say that he already secretly married neha? And he is saying single what is going on in ur mind shakti? Is what they are saying in the video am I right dear? Tell me no…..
    Don’t worry dear I will be going to California only so there is a possibility that I can comment in indian time morning and night also …..and I will stay in chennai for another three months so don’t worry if u want I will give u my number if u use whatsapp send me a mail to my id and I will give u my number as I am connected very close with raji by whatsapp only… don’t worry sissy whenever u need me ur elder sister is there for u

    1. See my comment on 3:08 pm and reply me and when you will be back to chenbai keerthi dr tell me

    2. Yes but it was old news which shakti confirmed in day out with shakti arora on sbs abp news but it was a rumour only nothing else but he said single and he will marry after 3 years becoz of their respective careers now understood keerthi dr


  22. Guys you know that shakti told that i am single and ready to mingle in recent interview why and in other interview shakti told that he will not be getting married for 3 years becoz they are focusing on their respective careers
    Point is that he said “single”guys this is a good sign for all of us

  23. Dears just check this video
    Radz said she will marry after three years see what shakti said ……
    Payal dear translate what shakti spoke about marriage views?
    Please check it out and tell me dear

    1. NO KEERTHI DR THIS IS OLD VIDEOIN 2014 now radhika will marry after 5-7 years or after 10 years as she is now bored of marriage as she married 4 times with shakti in matsh serialshe told in recent fame app chat and now in that times of india article and shakti said latest that he will marry after 3 years and said he is single SO SEE THE LATEST ONE NOT OLD ONE OK

      1. Radhika said in all her latest interviews that she will marry only after 5-7 years or may be after 10 years whether it is sbb,fame app chat,sbs and recent times of india article as radhika is just 20 years old only so not mature for marriage marriage age starts from 25-27 years aajkal
        Right my keerthi sis

    2. This is very old news in nov 2014 so now everything has changed in this 1.5 yrs their dreams and aspirations and they have to focus more on their careers you can understand by their latest interviews shakti in telkychakkar and hot news and radhika in radhika’s brother wedding bells,fame app chat,sbs and times of india article who only give the link keerthi dr so why you are seeing this useless old video?

  24. Payal dr that is fb linkna.sbb segment of shakti video posted na dr.u talking abt that na i try to download that video dr.if u saw means pls tell what he told

    1. No sathya dr that sbb link is in previous ff so just see there ok dr

    2. This is latest hot news video just see it sathya dr and then tell me ok

  25. No payal dear I know it’s a old video I am asking u wat shakti said that tym because when the reporter asked love marriage or arranged marriage radz said of course love marriage shakti did not say love marriage he said maybe arranged Marriage is also good what I am coming to tell is shakti was not interested in marrying neha before itself I think else tell y he postpone his marriage plans to another 3 years now and said he is single now something is fishy

    1. Yu are right keerthi dr radhika already confirm that she will marry after 5-7 years and now shakti is telling that he will marry after 3 years and saying he is single
      You know keerthi dr God is doing all this to unite our shadhika in real life too that’s why all this is happening what say keerthi dr

  26. keerthi dr…. ur 100% crt dr…. pls give me ur number dr…

    1. Mee too keerthi dr

  27. Sathya dr…. hai dr…. how is r u dr ?? i really miss u dr…. dear radz loving shakti… more than herself…. i think she cant live without shakti…. only 2 months matsh end…. she how much she missing him…. how can she live whole life without shakti…

    1. You are right vyshu dr

    2. How yu change your logo colors vyshu dr?

  28. keerthi dr…. u r 100% crt dr…. pls give u ur mobile number dr…

  29. Come here guys where are yu????

  30. No more shakti…my brother told me the real meaning of his tweet ….shakti if u are not interested in ur fans saying to meet Radz and give a selfie together please give ur mad and crazy fans a stern reply so we will not think about u or radhika anymore…its ur life and ur decision but from today I will not think about it or think about u ……..

    1. I think now shakti will fullfill his fans wish and meet radhija so keerthi dr don’t say like this smile please

  31. Keerthi dr and vyshu dr one thing is sure shakti arora and radhika madan will never get so much popularity that they both gained on television in matsh if they want to try in bollywood it’s there wish both it is sure they will not be successful becoz it is true that THEY BOTH SRE NOT BOLLYWOOD MATERIAL THEY ARE NOT THAT TYPE RADHIKA ALSO IS NOT SO BEAUTIFUL SHE IS OK NATURAL BEAUTY LIKE ANY OTHER GIRL AND HER PERSONALITY NOT SUITS FOR FILMS IN BW AND SHAKTI PERSONALITY ALSO NOT SUITS FOR FILMS IN BW and then they will return back to television only but they both are on break only it means only for some short period of time they will not be doing television but after that BOTH SHAKTI ARORA AND RADHIKA MSDAN WILL DO TELEVISION ONLY


  32. Keerthi dr and vyshu dr please reply to my comments ok love you

  33. Sathya ,keerthi,vyshu ,payal ,sana drs …….i missu too much ….omg what is going on … our shadhika ‘s life …..guys pls anyone tell me the good news about shadhika ……..after read all ur comments…..i am totally upset ……why shakthi doing this so ??????

  34. Sathya ,vyshu ,sana ,julina,payal ,rookey rookers ,dhruva ,arham ,ranaji,prince ,how r u ????all

  35. Raji dr…..i miss u alot dr…. love u loads…. how r u dr ??
    raji dr…. i think shakti is doing these all may be he wants to suprise radz birthday….

  36. Raji dr….. radz thinking shakti only her life…. dr !!
    vry bad shakti….

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