Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-122


Guys from this epi. I have done.. the longest running ff in tu is this ff only!!!! Congrats guys for u r support towards me.. and now I have beaten love after marriage. It is 121epi only.. But now I am 122!!!!! Happy I am soooooo happy…

The episode starts with Radhika calls doctor and tell him to come to house. Radhika shouts and tells Ishaani to come down. She comes down wearing short dress. Ranveer comes there and holds Ishaani hand. He bends down and kisses on her hand. Radhika tells ishaani to come down soon.. Ishaani comes down and asks what happened?, Radhika tells her to wait ?

Nurse brings shakthi in chair. Shakthi asks what happened? Radhika tells him not to worry.. Doctor comes in. Ishaani gets shocked. She asks who is he? Radhika tells he is the doctor. Ishaani gets shocked. She asks why he
Came here? Radhika tells he came to check u r baby which u are carrying.. Ranveer gets shocked and asks what is she telling? Radhika tells she is pregnant with u r child she told me. Ishaani tells she is telling lie.. Ranveer tells them to stop this nonsense and everyone go to their room.

Ranveer pleads radhika to stop here drama!! He leaves. Ishaani comes near radhika and tells now I won’t leave u. I will torture u and I will seperate u from ranveer. If u try to seperate me from him. She gets shocked… Ishaani leaves. Shakthi gets up from chair and his hand moves. Much to radhika surprise. She holds his hand.

Radhika smiles at him.. Shakthi comes to ranveer. He slaps him and tells him to believe radhika. Ranveer tells I can’t live without Ishaani. He comes out and stands in terrace. He tells u should leave radhika and throw her out of house. Then only I am and Ishaani can be happy.. Shakthi tells I promise u she will not do anything..

Ranveer tells him to choose.. He cries. Radhika hears it and tells shakthi that I will leave. She lacks her bags and leaves the house. Shakthi stands near door and cries. And tells her to stop and he also comes with her. She tells him tk stay here then only u can take care of ranveer.. Radhika leaves and comes orphan age and asks for her daughter.

Pallavi comes there and asks her who is she? Radhika tells I am u r mom! Pallavi gets amused and hugs her radhika brings her to house. They both have a happy life…

Precap:Radhika comes to house. She promises ranveer that she will not do anything against his wish! Ranveer tells yes. He asks who is she? Radhika tells she is u r sister pallavi.. Ranveer gets tear eye. He tries to hug here. But she jerks away. Ranveer comes to room and cries and tells I did this all to save my family.. And my mom he tells I love u mom… Ishaani and sesha smiles and tells him not to open his mouth or radhika will be killed…

Guys next epi is spl treat to u all becoz Ishaani will be turned positive role!!

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Fans dears Radz in fameapp she said shakti is too busy yaar,he is too busy so please tell him to…Ke you know…….
    When everyone asked for a selfie with shakti
    I was flying when Radz said so Radz was very dull
    Now it’s upto shakti to come and meet Radz
    Radz openly asked us fans to tell shakti to come and meet her once
    So she misses shakti so much dears don’t worry

    1. Wahh keerthi you are back i was missing you so much

    2. So keerthi dr now it is proved that radhika loves shskti so much she said i love you in previous fame app chat and now this and shakti is hiding his feelings for radhika and all are saying the samething that both loves eachother OUR SHAKTI AND RADHIKA IS A GOD MADE GIFTED JODI not everyone is like this only few are made
      And we are so lucky that our shadhika is in this few couple list why they don’t need glycerine when they see eachother tesrs automatically come becoz they both love eachother their real emotions for eachother comes out

    3. Keerthi dr…. muuuah…????????? dr…
      i’m flying n dancing….dr…
      yeah dr…. radz madly love with shakti dr…
      i dr…. i saw dr…. [email protected] shaktilover. twitter… omg so many tweets going for shakti dr….

  2. [email protected]_ShaktiLoverAyiii she made me so happy! And we were thinking TOO much.

  3. ver13mQ: Would you like to do another show [email protected]? ‘Of course I would love to! Shakti!’ [email protected]/2#ShadhikaView details·

  4. R_ShaktiLover’But we (@shaktiarora& Radhika) have taken a break from television, so I don’t know if we’re doing it..’ [email protected]/2#Shadhika8:23 AM – 20 Apr 2016

  5. Log inSign [email protected]_ShaktiLoverQ: one selfie [email protected]? ‘Shakti is too busy yaar, he’s too busy. So pls tell him to.. ke you know’ [email protected]/28:33 AM – 20 Apr 2016

  6. [email protected] chat was super cool but your app sucks as usual! Thank you!View conversation·

  7. Guys…. here radz…fame chat….she made me so happy! nd we were thinking too much
    Que: one selfie with shakti aora… please ?
    radz say That shakti is very busy…. guys plz ask him to take out some time for radhika ???????…. she said he has no time…. he is too busy…. I know he is star but tell him to get sometime for radhika….
    Que: would u like to do another show with shakti aora ?
    Of course I would love to ! shakti ”

    How cute i hope they meet soon….

  8. Vyshu dr be happy now where are yu and keerthi dr have yu read vyshu comment on 4:17 pm he said that he is single in one interview and in other i think abp news that he will not get married for next 3 years becoz of their careers but he said single and KEERTHI DR RADHIKA IS MISSING SHAKTI SO MUCH DR SHE TRUELY LOVES HIM AND EVEN SHAKTI ALSO
    You read vyshu conversations in ff 119 just see yu will know it all are saying same think shakti is hiding her feelings for RADHIKA and one commented ki “ladki to tyaar beethi hain” everyone cannot be wrong keerthi dr soon God will do some miracles and unite our shadhika in real life also NOW IT IS PROVED BOTH SHAKTI ARORA AND RADHIKA MADAN LOVES EACHOTHER AND THEIR LOVE IS PURE AND TRUE FOR EACHOTHER SO DESTINY WILL UNITE THEIR PATHS FOR WHOLE LIFE THAT’S WHY ALL THIS IS HAPPENING
    What say keethi dr

  9. Keerthi yu are going to us when you will come back dr?

  10. Vyshu dr all please see twitter page name R LOVER THEIR ARE FULL DISCUSSIONS

  11. Payal vyshu raji Sathya and my cute sissy’s and brothers already I was flying only yesterday as I was watching her in fame the way she told tell shakti to give some time for radhika wow I was flying ….shakti babbu u r doing too much if you don’t feel anything in ur heart y are u not meeting her if u have something in ur heart please y are u not telling it out we are always happy on seeing u as onscreen couple we will be more happier by seeing u as offscreen couple too………please God make Shakti to see Radz for one time my sweety pie Radz is looking very dull she is missing her shakti so much the way she said shakti is so busy yaar I could see her lifeless face and josh less speech?atleast shakti please ask her to come and meet u where you are shooting she will definitely come and see …….please give her charming face back before her birthday ……please shakti I know you are reading our comments in telly updates so please please meet her once no….ur giving Radz so much punishment by forbidding not to see u …… can u be without seeing ur ishaani……….please shakti she is ur radhee ma …..

    1. keerthi dr… muuuah ?????????????????????? my sweet heart thank u dr….
      dr…. only 2 months over MATSH end…. how can they live shadhika without whole year

  12. Payal dear and vyshu dear if u can message me u can message me to my mail id dears its [email protected]……..I will be going to usa only after my health becomes normal …..
    I got my visa in hand … I can travel anytime ………I was bit busy yesterday sorry dear for late comments

    1. Keerthi dr…. thank u so much dr…. for giving…. ur email Id….. love u loads dr… take care ur health dr…. i waiting for ur cute baby…. take care…. keerthi dr… i think radz cant live without shakti na dr….

      1. Yes vyshu dear it’s crystal clear now I already sent tweets for shakti lets see atleast if he respects our fans wish

  13. See shakti’s tweet

  14. Shakti [email protected] be tryin to dive deep in shallow people.. hitting my head on d surface and then wondering y i hav an headache. .?

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