Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-121

The episode starts with Radhika comes there and takes watch from ishaani hand. Ishaani tells her to give me that watch now or..Radhika tells or?/what u will do?i came back to save my son from u..not to leave him like this and run away like u r mother…Sesha comes there and asks her is she mean me?Radhika gets shocked and asks ru alive?Sesha smiles and tries to take watch from here hand.radhika holds it.

They both fight with radhika to pick that watch..But radhika brother comes there and pulls ishaani and sesha down..radhika looks on and comes to him and asks how r u?sesha leaves from there curtly..Ishaani comes to room and sees ranveer sleeping and comes near him and cres his face.Radhika comes there and takes her aside.ishaani tells i love ur son from my heart and i won’t cheat him..beleive me..Radhika tells i won’t she dragggs her and brings to hall

Radhika orders servants to pack her bags…Ishaani pleads her,..At one stage..ishaani pushes radhika and tells i am pregnant with u son baby..Radhika gets shocked..Ishaani tells this happened yesterday….

Radhika breaks down and sits near sofa..Ishaani smiles and tells them to keep his dress back..ishaani walks to ranveer room and tells sorry becoz i told lie to ur mom to stay back here..

Next day ranveer gets up and sees ishaani sleeping near her and smiles and kisses on her head…Ishaani also gets up and smiles at him..Radhika comes there with tea and smirks and leaves it on table..ranveer calls her and wishes good mrng..she tells mrng and comes to shakthi room and sits near him and tells everything what happened??

Shakthi tells her to keep faith on god and be happy..Radhika smiles and kisses on his head..he asks for kiss..she tells u are on bed but u ask me kiss..he smiles and nods the head..she kisses him…Radhika sits in lawn and dails numbers..simply..she gets doctor number and she calls him and tells him to come with pregnancy tester,..Radhika tells now she will be caught…..

Precap: Ishaani sees pregnancy tester and gets shocked.radhika smiles and tells her to prove her..

Guys ,y other ff will be updated once in a week only..this ff i will try to update daily or 2 days once……

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    How is this epi? Will Ishaani will prove herself to radhika?? Will she win the fight? Sesha will Get time mission watch??

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Guys anyone can find and tell me when this ff is started I mean matsh season-2 ff.. Pls becoz my net balance is less only.. Pls can anyone tell me I itself don’t know.. About it

  3. Ankita

    Hey Ranaji this track is quite amazing n different! n u posted ur first epi on 30th October , 2015! ?

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      U mean season-2???? I asked season-2 and I think I started season-1 at niv I think..

  4. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Today I am free so I sent next epi also… Guys I wrote this season-2 on jan-5 anyone remember? I itself now only saw???now it hardly completed. More than 3months to complete 121epi!! I have sent next epi also! Becoz I am today free. For me holiday so only… Pls support me

  5. Ya ranaji ur right ….but she wrote thats oct 2015 … i am confused … once again i search for u &find its start on 5jan 2016 …….

  6. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Sana,arham, vyshu,Prince,keerthi,dhruva,khushi,Sathya,payal and all where r u guys??

  7. Ranaji i search ur young love episode also but i can see only epi 3….i search more than 5 pagea …but i cant find ..bro …u know onething i have one naughty bro like u …his name is hari ..he is not my own bro dads bros son ……he also studying 12th std …….&he is big fan of surya ….also like u …

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Becoz first 2epi I thought of writing story for Ishaani and ritvik.. I mean shikhar. But sana,arham,Sathya and others told me only ishveer! So I have changed track after 2nd epi and brought to matsh page..OK

  8. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Bro and raji akka I am here but I got headache and tired.that’s y I am not commented.

  9. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Bro I read ur both’s nice.l didn’t thought ishani is negative but it’s very interesting.carry on.

  10. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Akka did u see Vijay Anna’s fb? He thanked for 5million likes but I know he has fans more than that who not using fb like us.
    My one more bro watched theri yesterday and he said me that it was superb film.he like it lot and he promised me to take for film but he is so busy.

  11. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Sorry akka I didn’t saw ur comment before because I forgot to refresh I read that comment.
    Akkaaaa u r going to watch therii????u r going but I am feeling very happy.ENJOY IT WELL AKKA…..
    when u r going?pls tell me about film after u watch it.

  12. Keerthi

    Payal dear sorry was busy I had my us visa interview today and I got my visa so now one mind block over so resting ll start to comment soon

    • Payal

      Means yu will go to us then when will yu comment becoz there time zone is different i am worried and reply to my comments in ff 119 and reply me in this ff ok keerthi dr

  13. Keerthi

    Ranaji nice episode but will radhika find out the truth of ishaani and expose her to ranveer …. She told everything to shakti y not to ranveer?

  14. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    its super naren … really nice . i loved it . keep rocking .. yes jan 5th it started a bit long journey . u have holiday bro . but i don’t have any holiday .. humm…..
    prince bro what happed to u . why r u not well .. yes i am well but still i have a lot of work on head includes all my 7 sujects …
    raji akka i am fine . and my studies are going well .. today only my english mam appriciated me a lot …. and akka how is ur work going on?

  15. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    this epi is really super and u changed the track just like that. so nice . i love it . eagerly waiting for next epi . pls if possible update it daily naren …

  16. Rookers dr sorry for late rply dr.ya life going well hubby is very jovial charecter dr so i think there is no prblm for commenting here.and dr i watch theri as soon as ur eng teacher praise u na its really a good thing.which class u r dr

  17. payal dr…. pls translate these dr….
    jstriyaar aap kin logon se pooch rahe ho reason dekha nahin khud hi woh bilnd fan hain apne…. do defendkarke dusre parsab daldiya. To aap kaupna opinion hai aap khud hi maloom hai iss tarah ke bilnded fans last log hain jin se kisi ko puchna chahiye ya un ki opinion ko consider karna chahiye….

    oh plz….. shakti koi bhagwan ni h joh kuchglt ni kr sakta…. woh bhi insan h or glti ussebhi ho jae ap radz ko… his blame kroge….. jb shakti se pucha ja rha ki ap radz ko miss kr rhe ho toh itni rudely….woh bol rha… h main yha khana khane gaya…. hu usme apko kuch rude ni kaya pr radh ne kuch photos del. kr diToh ap usse blame kr.. rhe ho…. kis tarah ke fan ho yr ap….. ek kam kro agr apko radz ni psnd na usse unfollow kr do pr faltu…. me ussme blame na kro…. radz usse …kitne dino se milna chaha rhi hi par usko…. apni gf se timemile na toh mile….. radz mostly arjun, smirti, rajveet sbse…. milte…. h yeh batao shakti kisse mila MATSH end hone ke baad isse ego ni khenge toh or ky khenge…. ek bar aahkekhol kr dekho fir kisi ko blame karna understand…hum kyu defend krenge kisio joh dikh….rha h hum bol rhe h even hum ni sb bol rhe. h….. pr aplog h shakti ke blind fan toh woh kuch…. bhi kr h blindness…. bhi shi ni dr… aakhe kholo agr shakti kuch acha kre toh usse uske lie appreciate kro or agr kuch glat kre…. toh usko bol u r wrong…. chodo khair ap nj samjhoge…. ap shakti ke blind fan joh ho….

    • Payal

      Nothing vohi pic delete to whose mistake vohi radhika ne 1 pic delete kyu ki aur shakti ki ego problem

  18. Sana chellam i am speechless….after long time i can see vijay annas actiing full of life ……omg atlee what a man he is ??????hatts off to him for his full of positiveness dr……..sure i will explain the review……ya climax ….vijay annna with divya ……

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  24. Mariya

    Wish u many many happy return of the day vyshu. Happy birth day dr. May good bless u.
    I am in very hurry bec today is my last paper. So I will come at 4 pm.bye have a nice day.

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