Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-121


The episode starts with Radhika comes there and takes watch from ishaani hand. Ishaani tells her to give me that watch now or..Radhika tells or?/what u will do?i came back to save my son from u..not to leave him like this and run away like u r mother…Sesha comes there and asks her is she mean me?Radhika gets shocked and asks ru alive?Sesha smiles and tries to take watch from here hand.radhika holds it.

They both fight with radhika to pick that watch..But radhika brother comes there and pulls ishaani and sesha down..radhika looks on and comes to him and asks how r u?sesha leaves from there curtly..Ishaani comes to room and sees ranveer sleeping and comes near him and cres his face.Radhika comes there and takes her aside.ishaani tells i love ur son from my heart and i won’t cheat him..beleive me..Radhika tells i won’t she dragggs her and brings to hall

Radhika orders servants to pack her bags…Ishaani pleads her,..At one stage..ishaani pushes radhika and tells i am pregnant with u son baby..Radhika gets shocked..Ishaani tells this happened yesterday….

Radhika breaks down and sits near sofa..Ishaani smiles and tells them to keep his dress back..ishaani walks to ranveer room and tells sorry becoz i told lie to ur mom to stay back here..

Next day ranveer gets up and sees ishaani sleeping near her and smiles and kisses on her head…Ishaani also gets up and smiles at him..Radhika comes there with tea and smirks and leaves it on table..ranveer calls her and wishes good mrng..she tells mrng and comes to shakthi room and sits near him and tells everything what happened??

Shakthi tells her to keep faith on god and be happy..Radhika smiles and kisses on his head..he asks for kiss..she tells u are on bed but u ask me kiss..he smiles and nods the head..she kisses him…Radhika sits in lawn and dails numbers..simply..she gets doctor number and she calls him and tells him to come with pregnancy tester,..Radhika tells now she will be caught…..

Precap: Ishaani sees pregnancy tester and gets shocked.radhika smiles and tells her to prove her..

Guys ,y other ff will be updated once in a week only..this ff i will try to update daily or 2 days once……

Credit to: Narendran

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