Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-120

The episode starts with Ishaani and ranveer sees radhika in news and gets shocked. Ranveer was taken back. He tells to Ishaani is my mom and dad are alive? Ishaani tells yes. He tells only one can tell me the truth. Ranveer gets up and comes to jail and asks to madhu about radhika. She gets shocked. Madhu tells him all without knowing. He cries.. She tells then u don’t know. Ranveer and Ishaani comes to radhika house. They both comes inside. Radhika sees Ishaani and gets shocked and she comes to mirror and sees her face and Ishaani face. In past. She recalls some incident. How she was stabbed by someone. She and her child came to Delhi. She left her daughter in orphan age.. All bla bla.

Ranveer sits near shakthi and talks to him. Shakthi sees Ishaani and calls radhika. Ranveer tells she is ishaani. He gets shocked. Radhika comes near her wardrobe and sees the watch. She gets afraid to use the watch. She recalls the mistake done by her. Radhika tells I won’t do this again. She comes to Hall and puts that watch on ranveer hand.

Ranveer thnx her and they both takes blessing.. Ranveer tells I love her. Shakthi smiles and tells I won’t tell no. Becoz my son will be like me. Only.. Radhika looks on tensed..

Ranveer tells them to come to home . radhika tells he should not move so we will be here for some days and come. Ranveer leaves from there. Shakthi asks her what she is hiding from me?radhika tells nothing and comes inside washroom.. She breaks mirror and cries thinking about her past. Radhika gets afraid that her past should not affect her present..

At home. Ranveer tells Ishaani that time is over. She removes his shirt.button and kisses him… In the lips. He holds her head and kisses her.. ????.. Ishaani tells this is enough and while leaving. She takes watch and leaves from there..

Radhika cries remembering. Her friend and her magical daughter. Who tried to harm. Radhika and ranveer. When he was 3yrs old.. She ran and saved his life.. She tells this time. She came back to kill my son. And my family. Radhika gets up and tells I won’t leave Ishaani destroy my family…. She comes out and sees shakthi slept and comes to ranveer house. She comes to his room and sees watch is missing. She searches it in all places and gets shocked sees it missing..

Ishaani holds that watch and tells this time it is mine. I will use this and I will change radhika and shakthi past life. And I will kill radhika there itself. She smiles evilly????????????????????

Radhika calls shakthi.. Nurse takes call and keeps on his ears. Radhika tells I will come in the mrng. Pls wait. He asks any problem? Radhika tells nothing like that. She cuts the call.

Precap:Radhika comes there and picks the watch from Ishaani hand. They both fight for that watch… Sesha comes there and holds radhika hand. One man comes there and holds their both hand. Radhika smiles and asks how r u brother?sesha leaves. Ishaani goes to her room…she breaks things..

Guys here is the one more hot news to all. Radhika had delivered 2 baby… One baby she left in orphan age. She will come soon. Ishaani and sesha are the villain… Soon Ishaani will be turned positive and ishveer will be united. Pls be patient and support me.pls don’t scold me. Becoz I made Ishaani as villain just for 3epi then u will realize for what she is doing it.

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Sumaiya Sumi

    But plsssss yaar don’t make ishani as negative character. Pls change the plot. We want ShaDhika n IshVeer together always

  2. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    yes we will wait bro . but pls unite ishveer soon … waiting for that … nice ..
    hi arham , mariya , satya akka , keerthi akka , raji akka , payal , vyshu , durva , prince , kavipriyae , tanvee , pranjali , naren , ranvi , ravi , juliana , ayana , praveena.k and all other frnds .. how r u dears…

      • Payal

        Prince when will our shadhika unite in real life and ehen matsh-season 2 with shadhika will start becoz both shakti and radhika loves eachother and it is proved
        Have you seen that romsntic connection video and romantic unedited scene video that link which i send in ff 102 and ff 108 see it

  3. Payal

    Wonderful but names are confusing real names are also there and reel names also please only my ishveer romance today that kiss romance ??

  4. Payal

    Keep rocking like this ranaji make our ishveer separate romance and bed scenes their room scenes and more ishveer scenes you know what i mean

  5. Keerthi

    Ranaji twist is nice but I think ur twisting too much why making ishaani evil? Who is that brother character u introduced in precap

    • Payal

      Keerthi dr have to read my previous ff comments and not even replied i am upset with you why not replying i have written so much in that ff??????

  6. oh plz….. shakti koi bhagwan ni h joh kuch glt ni kr sakta…. woh bhi insan h or glti usse bhi ho jae ap radz ko… his blame kroge….. jb shakti se pucha ja rha ki ap radz ko miss kr rhe ho toh itni rudely…. woh bol rha… h main yha khana khane gaya…. hu usme apko kuch rude ni kaya pr radh ne kuch photos del. kr di

    Toh ap usse blame kr .. rhe ho…. kis tarah ke fan ho yr ap….. ek kam kro agr apko radz ni psnd na usse unfollow kr do pr faltu…. me ussme blame na kro…. radz usse …

    kitne dino se milna chaha rhi hi par usko…. apni gf se time mile na toh mile….. radz mostly arjun, smirti, rajveet sbse…. milte…. h yeh batao shakti kisse mila MATSH end hone ke baad isse ego ni khenge toh or ky khenge…. ek bar aahke khol kr dekho fir kisi ko blame karna understand…

    hum kyu defend krenge kisio joh dikh…. rha h hum bol rhe h even hum ni sb bol rhe. h….. pr aplog h shakti ke blind fan toh woh kuch…. bhi kr h blindness…. bhi shi ni dr… aakhe kholo agr shakti kuch acha kre toh usse uske lie appreciate kro or agr kuch glat kre…. toh usko bol u r wrong…. chodo khair ap nj samjhoge…. ap shakti ke blind fan joh ho

  7. Sana ma where r u?????r u ok ?????what happened to u ?????y uvr not comment from from yest AN…..

    Sana ma i am just flying dr… i am going to watch theri on theatre ……


    PAYAL sissy have faith in the Almighty…..our SHADHIKA will unite soon …….just keep praying……okay????

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.