Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-12


The episode starts with ishaani tells oh!!!!!!! sorry i forgot tomorrow is our marriage and she laughs ranveer asks her not to joke she tells sorry ranveer tells let us go to rooms we should get ready tmr ishaani comes to room phone rings it is harshad he tells ragini opened the eyes she gets happy she tells i want to meet her harshad tells tomorrow is your marriage after that only he thinks what to do???if ragini tells the truth to ishaani

Harshad comes to ooty in the morning ishaani gets ready in south indian style ranveer also gets ready harshad arrives and sees the decoration and gets happy he sees ranveer coming and goes to him and hugs him and tells i am happy that you are marrying my daughter pls keep her always happy ranveer tells sure i love her so much

ishaani comes there and sees harshad and comes to him and hugs him and tells i am happy that you are here ranveer tells if your talk is over let us go to mandap ishaani wipes her tears and goes towards mandap suddenly ishaani tells ranveer that ragini opened the eyes ranveer calls ragini but she does not pick up.

Ranveer and ishaani takes the vows he make her wear mangalsutra and sindoor harshad gets happy and thinks my plan is over now the whole property is mine..

ragini calls and asks where is he??ranveer tells now only my marriage is over ragini tells noooo she tells after your marriage all property will be in harshad name for life time.

ranveer was amused and asks what is she saying??/ragini tells that all the property is yours only my father killed your parents and took all the property he can transfer it to his name once you get married.

ranveer disconnects the call and comes to harshad and asks what and all ragini said is true???he tells yes and laughs

Harshad tells now all the property is mine ishaani was clueless and asks what?/ranveer tells her everything she gets shocked and she too laughs and tells i also acted to get property on his name Ranveeer gets shocked

Precap;;Ishaani cries in the room thinking about harshad blackmailing that he will kill ranveer. Ishaani tells what i will do ranveer i need to save you???Ranveer hears it and gets shocked and he thinks so ishaani was blackmailed by harshad now i will not spare him….

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. awsom ranaji…waiting for precap..and how will ishver,s ok jhok and romances happen yaar

  2. Ur ff is super . waiting for next episode

  3. Superb Ranaji.

  4. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)


  5. superb ranaji you are superb writer

  6. hope that the what is going to in next episode should be followed in next episode of MATSH

  7. Woah Ranaji seems like u r a crazy MATSH fan I also used to like this show but I feel bad to see Ishveer cry can’t tolerate to see them seperated n cry for each tier I m jut waiting for the day Ishveer becomes together I enjoyed those epsiodes a lot, and looks like MATSH will become old MATSH can’t wait for that day
    N ur ff is awesome

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