Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-118

The episode starts with Ishaani starts eating food and smiles at ranveer… Ranveer tells her I also need food… She smiles and tells OK and feeds him food . he gets hiccups.. She gets up from chair and sits on his lap and tells I hate u.. Ranveer hiccups stops.. She tells I just told this to stop u r hiccups sorry if I hurted u.. Ranveer tells her not to tell this for joke.. She tries to get up. But he holds her hand and pulls her closer on chair.. Allah warriyan plays.. He kisses on her head and tells today is spl for me. Ranveer tells today I gave u big gift so u also should give gift..

Ishaani tells what gift u want?? He tells I want kiss from u.. She asks what?? I don’t know to kiss.. Pls give me 2days time I will practice And give u.. He smiles and tells her to do it..they leaves from there in-car.. Raghav was about to stab madhu in the mean time.. Radhika throws knife on him.. He falls unconscious.. Madhu sees her state and gets shocked.. Madhu comes to her and hugs her.. Radhika tells her not to say to ranveer. She alive!! She tells her to promise.. Madhu denies.. Radhika keeps madhu hand on her head and tells her to promise..

Madhu promises. Radhika comes out and gets into car and leaves from there.. Ranveer comes just in and does not see her.. He sees Raghav was taken by police.. He asks madhu about it!! She tells I caught him red handed and cooks up fake story…

Radhika comes to house and sees mirror and breaks it and cries.. She tells I am alive. But my son thinks me I am dead what to do?? She cries. She comes near ranveer.. She touches his hands and cries.. Suddenly his hand moves.. Radhika calls doctor. He checks and tells he is alright now.. Radhika gives big smile.. In her face.. She calls out shakthi.. But shakthi tells my hand is paining.. Doctor tells his hands cannot be moved. Becoz of accident… Radhika gets shocked. She cries and hugs him and tells I love u..

Shakthi tells I am almost dead u live with someone. She slaps him and tells I love u and I won’t leave u in any state.. He sees her leg and cries.. Radhika tells about kalpi blackmail.. He gets shocked.. Shakthi tells her not to fear about kalpi and tells radhika to face all situations and problems and tells about ritika,chiraag and sandhya and other. Milan also. How u faced it and now where is that radhika??

Radhika gets up and wipes her tears.. And gets up with stick and tells I will meet my son.. Kalpi comes out in bail. She comes to radhika house out and knocks the door..

Precap: Kalpi pulls radhika stick.. She falls down.. Shakthi tells her to get up.. Kalpi laughs and tells radhika is big looser.. Radhika gets up and throws her stick.. She walks with two leg.. Both gets shocked…

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Keerthi

    Prince brother sorry for replying late I ll keep on praying for both of them brother that’s all I can do ….. Don’t get angry on anyone brother leave it some people never understand our feelings

  2. Keerthi

    Raji dear u send that photo on whatsapp no which radz liked….. 200% it’s about shakti only no doubt she liked it because it describes their relationship…… And shakti liked one post no it shows how much he likes their pair….. Ego fight is going on between both of them dear…….
    Vyshu dear I also saw it did u notice one thing she had deleted the post yesterday evening only afternoon shakti replied to neha’ tweet after that only she deleted I think 6 pics remember after their first night pic in the hotel that one and during naina and ranveer roka she took 6 selfies remember that one……. Something is going on fight or something between those two???

    • Payal

      Keerthi dr radhika doesnot love ishan and it is proved in thattellychakjar interview of hers she told he is my best friend and a businessman we know each other for many years(as he is her mother’s best friend son and her childhood friend also) so she is very frank with her may be before she thought of this but slowly slowly she changed her mind as she realised her true love for shakti and she lives in Mumbai now and he lives in Delhi so regular connection is not there now and she has no time now
      I know she diesnot love him she only treats him as her childhood best friend and even ishan also they are like in family members as both mother’s are best friends and a part of family to more than friends to hue
      hi like relatives RADHIJA TOLD THAT SHE WILL NOT GET MARRIED FOR NEXT 10 YEARS AS MARRIAGE IS FAR FOR me if she love him then why she delayed for 10 years or 5-7 years this is a point and she has everything with her she has money,her family is rich, no pressure, no tension so then why she don’t want to marry beciz she loves shakti before it was attraction only and she called ishan pu**y means coward it is an insult word she is not at all serious for ishan she niw limited it to their friendship only

      • Payal dr …..u r right radz is sure with her decision….but shakthi’s activities r totally confused one dr…he did one day good thing na &next day he do only confused thingdr……
        Ya ur right shakthi also said …he postpone his marriage …..&he imitate radz in everything like selfie,halwa ,marriage interview ……u know onething dr….just 2days back he gave likes to shadhika ‘s off screen selfie dr…..

        &radz deleted the selfie pics on her instagram …after shakthi &neha twitter conversation dr…..
        Fans r talking about this only dr……really something is happen between our shadhika &neha ….dr….

      • Payal

        You agree with my above words raji dr and what about you keerthi dr and i think anonymous is not regular reader that’s why he didn’t read that ff 111 and ff 113 comments then only he can understand it and romsntic scenes so much real it is how can we forget this noway guys we have to trust in God definitely God will do miracles and unite our shadhika in real life soon as no doubt both misses eachother a lot and are very much in love with eachother
        Reply me keerthi dr,raji dr,vyshu dr,ishurv dr please give me some relief
        Radhika directly refused in ibn article interview and shakti cancelled his marriage becoz their destiny wants our shadhika to be together as husband-wife and that’s why all this is happening Radhika said i love you to shakti that we will plan something to meet and i called him yesterday only saying that i really missing him and shakti also specified i miss everyone on sets and radhika too he soecified her separately and he would work with radhika again and both shying and blushing taking eachother’s name

  3. Keerthi dr i send one post on whatsapp na ….fans r said ….these lines r truely match with shadhika ……

    2days back also shakthi gave like to shadhika ‘s off screen selfie dr……

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka now I read the comments in Vijay Anna”s fb.really I am flying.there also many malayalees commented.really happy to read that.try to read it those comments ajith fans also congregated Vijay Anna.l felt really very happy.
    In Kerala it was superb superb hit! Every one r happy on Vijay Anna’s Malayalam diologues.

  5. Sana ma ya me also see that on vijay anna -s fb …….i am just flying ….ya ajith fans r congrats vijay anna ….wow …..u know yest night my bro saw that film ….he said …akka sure u will cry in 3to 5 scenes ……o my god my curious is increased day by day ma…….i am 1000%SURE THAT THE WORD ANNA IS SUIT ONLY FOR VIJAYANNA …….

    Sana ma u know onething …..mostly boys r involved in 1st day show ,banners & all……but girls r involved in vijay anna ‘s films only ………really he is Anna to every girlsma……….

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      U r right akka.he is very down to earth and he is perfect in every way.u know akka in my heat he is my elder bro.he is like a member of my family that’s y I became very emotional when anyone speak bad about him.
      Yes akka he is Anna to every girls.
      I don’t know when I get chance to watch film.l am veryyyy eager to watch it.

  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka I am very surprised to know that girls r doing banners and all for Vijay Anna’s it true? Wow our Anna always rockz……love him loads…..

  7. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Next epi will be posted on Monday sorry guys.. I am going to theri movie tmr with my friends so bye bye…all my 4ff will be posted on Monday.. I will try my best to update tmr for u all..atleast this ff for u

  8. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka read this…..
    G.V ANNA your bgm for theri and bgm was osm Anna I liked vijay annas acting I am a thala fan but still I cried in two scenes and g.v Anna and saindhavi song en jeevan was most touching thanks to Atlee for good camera work and screenplay and 3 getups for vijay Anna and different style of dialogue delivery osm……..I felt satisfied watching in theatre and I am going to go for second time…
    From one of ajith fan!!!!!

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Sana here vijay changed his hair style that is it. But in 24movie sury has changed himself for 3getups and villain and all he only.. He is great.. I mean surya . vijay film is nice only many told me

      • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

        Ok bro and this words r not mine.this words r of one of ajith fan.I got it from g.v’s fb page and ya may be Vijay film is only nice but he is adhukkum mele and Vijay looking so lovely in three getups.for me he is the real actor.
        I am thinking that we both r always like this.

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        ???we both are behind each other actor.. Ok 24gonna be released on may-6 so pls watch it..

  9. Keerthi dear….today bcl match did you see Mumbai Tigers won !!!!!! But Radz was not there……but today Arjun played well as well lil bit silly……..but I’m happy cause if like this they play na then that will be one day against KMB what I want……..waiting for that match only………

  10. Yes sana ma girls r involved in banners &all ……i was surprised when i saw that on twitter ma….its true…..
    One fan post that pics &comment …like ….
    Only boysr involved this type of activities……but girls …..this is really happened in vijay anna’s films….vijay anna u r great ….like that ….
    They did palabhisegam,dance ,selfies ……
    …….&most of the fans said the same we were cried that pariticular scenes……i am waiting to see theri ….but on 23april only i can see ma….bez of my bros marriage …….

  11. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Yes bro me also waiting for ur words because u already promised me that u will tell me about that film after u watch it.

  12. Vyshu & payal dr where r u ??????

    payal dr pls see shakthi ‘s recent tweet dr….which is in hindi with eng ……i can only understand if it is in hindi dr……but its in mixed …so pls translate dr….

    • Payal

      It is now clear so all fans relax he is saying ki while seeing this smile i am shocked but i came to know how to hide my pain

    • Raji dr….. i am here only ….dr due to headache i didnot comment here…. radz not coming in online frm past 9 days in ig acc….. something…. gonna happen their birthday r coming na…..dr…!!
      raji dr….. pls post pic …. which shakti likes shadhika offscreen pic….
      radz give like na which is shadhika relationship….
      i want that matter dr…. pls tell me its humble request

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      I have readed full epi?? It is OK thnx for the comment. I know that u will comment after that only u will read correct Na Akka.

  13. PRINCE

    Hey guys today i checked through……ishan arya’s facebook page…….what shocked me very much that Radz commented on of ishan’s photos & commented “i love u” ………guys it’s like 440 volts of current passing through my body……….pls guys say to me that RADZ doesn’t love ishan……she is only made for SHAKTI…….pls guy tell me that it’s fake…..i’m dying…..i should have died on the accident that night…….i’m feeling like i should commit suicide

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Prince take care of u. Pls leave it to God. I’d he wants shadika to be united then they will be united so pls be patient

    • Payal

      She just said it like friendly meaning like we say to our best friends i love you i am a girl and i have a close friend a boy then i can say seeing his photo nice pic i love you like in a friendly way
      Why she will hide this she is very frank,straight forward, bubbly and bindass giel she said directly in a recent interview that ISHAN IS MY BEST FRIEND AND A BUSINESSMAN WE KNOW EACH OTHER FOR MANY YEARS BUT NO THERE IS NO MARRIAGE HAPPENING HERE then why she will say like this think guys it is her frank way to her best of friends
      Who all agree with me

      • Payal

        She said to ravjeet also so what like in friendly way what can she say he is her childhood best friend like a family member only as her mother’s best friend son so she can say frankly but to this recent msrrisge interview i am confirm and clear about this

    • Payal

      Like i say i love you to my khushi sis you also saw that ibn interview of radhika that link which keerthi posted and guys in that bollywood life interview today i was reading RADHIKA SAID MATSH CHANGED MY DREAMS AND ASPIRATIONS it is a good sign but RADHIKA SAID I LOVE YOU TO SHAKTI AND SHE WAS SHYING AND BLUSHING AT THAT TIME IN LATEST FAME APP CHAT INTERVIEW so guys just chill now she has changed her mind matsh changed her alot she now think ishan as her best friend only that’s all may be before it was just attraction but now nothing like this no more discussion about this rubbish topic
      Now repky me ok

  14. Keerthi

    Dhruva dear I saw that match what a win no…… Radz was missing even smriti was missing ….. I saw kishwer and suyyash rai supporting for Mumbai loved their presence for our Mumbai tigers team my second favorite is Delhi dragons eagerly waiting for next match of Mumbai tigers

  15. Keerthi

    Payal explain me each by each word what is the meaning of shakti’s recent tweet please dear

  16. NOOOO!!!!!!! Prince bro I don’t know what to do…..??? I’ve already left the hope of shadhika but don’t want to see radz with Ishan………I’ll die now………crying from last few days….can’t enjoy my vacation also because of all this news…..

    • Payal

      Have faith in God and relax by reading ibn interview of radhika which keerthi gave the link calm down dr it is just friendly way like close/best friends have so relax dhruva dr

  17. Keerthi

    Prince brother please calm down let’s wait and see ……. Some ego problem is going between those two let’s watch what’s going to happen

    • Payal

      Keerthi dr what you say about my above comments and that ibn interview of radhika in which she clearly said that HE IS MY BEST FRIEND AND A BUSINESSMAN WE KNOW EACH OTHER FOR MANY YEARS BUT NO THERE IS NO MARRIAGE HAPPENING HERE she just said in friendly way like ravjeet also it is common like i say to my bes friends wow i love you bye like this andYOUR HUBBY EXPLAINED EVERYTHING OF THAT ROMANTIC VIDEO OF OUR SHADHIKA WHICH IS VERY MUCH REAL EVERYONE FEELING SAME WHY IT IS BOT A COINCIDENCE IT IS WRITTEN IN THEIR DESTINY TO BE TOGETHER FIR WHOLE LIFE

    • PRINCE

      i have full faith in ALLAH……..SHADHIKA will be united in no time……..we just have to pray …….GOD will do his miracle on our SHADHIKA……INSHA ALLAH

  18. Hi my dr all
    and all my besties i miss u all i love u ..
    and prince what happen to u bro pls take care of ur health

    drs dnt worry shakti weds Radz happen soon
    dnt loose ur hope

    • Keerthi

      Hey Sathya dear how are you doing how’s married life………. I really missed ur comments

    • WoW…. sathya dr…. are u back …. i ‘m vry happy dr….!! my dear sweet sisy… me too miss u alot…dr
      Dr… u know…. radz loving shakti so much dr….!!
      ystrday…. one thing happen after shakti n neha consveration…. over in twitter… evening radz deleted…. 1 pic in ig account…. !!
      i think radz cried alot…. when shakti replay to b*t*h neha ….. Dr…. omg both…. having so much egos….
      I’m eagerly waiting their birthdays r coming na…. what suprise shadhika give to the fans….

    • sathya dr…. how r u dr ?? i am fine dr…
      Radz liked these matter dr…

      “SOMETHINGS …. never change ; like that feeling u get when u havent seen someone for sometime now
      THAT feeling of 2people starting right where they left off
      And then somethings do change like 2 people growing further…. apart but aslo…
      remembering the little things, the little similarities… That string them back together
      As if nothing ever happened or as if nothing ever drifted them apart…

  19. PRINCE

    yaay my SATHYA sissy is back…… r u sis???? how is ur married life going???? i hope ur all well… the way i missed soooo much…….pls always keep commenting

  20. Love u loads sathya dr…. How was ur marriage life going on dr….
    Sathya dr…. shakti is tottaly copying radz dr…. when radz did halwa on holi day…. shakti make carrot halwa for his mummy n dad…
    u remember dr…. when radz say goodnight… mazine… they asked radz…. about husband qualities….
    radz replied to he is tottaly copy to mine…
    so now shakti is tottaly copying radz. dr….!!

  21. Keerthi

    Payal dear I agree with you but just think I don’t have problem with Radz but shakti always a mystery man one day he gives us lotsa hopes next day he will push us down ……..u see the pics link I gave for Sathya dear which Radz deleted and which was liked by shakti two days ago before radz deleted it was all after he reply to neha tweet no ……..I don’t understand what’s going on in his mind

  22. Keerthi dr thanks for ur link tht pic is awesomena how cute couples they it true na dr.tis pic like by shaktina dr,but y tis stupid tweet for neha dr.when he realize his lobe dr.always he cheat radz.he has that much ego dr.i am on angry wid shakti but here so many frnds like shakti a lot that is y i keep mum dr

  23. Vyshu dr ya iam also angry wid shakti dr.always he did sme irritating things.y he rply to neha like tis.if he loves nehana than y he gave us false hope always,he is really a mystery man.but one day he realize radz love but that time he lost all things dr.really he is a mad

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      I am fine akka.l didn’t watch it akka.will watch in coming week.l am sooooooooo happy that my Anna’s film running all over house full.did u watch it akka?

  24. Prince ya iam fime what abt u bro..thank u so much for ur limitless love bro.and what happen to ur leg.u told na u face some accident,r u k now na..pls take rest and take care of ur health bro.and here after dnt drive in midnight pls go safe.take care

  25. Vyshu dr I love u too dr.u know onething dr i really really miss u all.and all time i think abt shadika amd iam eagerly visit tis page for good news but i saw shakti rply to nehana oh really i fl bad dr.when realize his love dr.their ego worried us lotna y they r not realize that dr.And ur health is k na dr.

  26. Wow my sweet sathya dr is back ….
    …….sathya dr how r u ????how is ur life going on ..?????sathya dr did u seen theri ya ….???? sathya dr i send a reply mail to u ….pls see that ……

  27. Keerthi dr thank u for give us the link …dr….that i send in whatsapp na…..i dont know how to share here ….here after i send to u on whatapp ……dr….

  28. Ya vyshu dr ….me also suffer with headache dr…….still i cant believe &accept what is going in our shadhika ‘s life ……hope god will do some magic in shadhika ‘s life dr……

  29. Sana chellam i asked my bro …is theri is yennai arindhal 2..?????..he watched the film…..but i dont know about it …..he said no akka ……this is full of emotional carry ….so dont worry ma……theri is differnt from yennai arindhal ma……

  30. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Me also got the same answer akka but after hearing from u I really got some relief and did u here about divya sasha’s acting.l don’t get news of her.may be it is because she only in climax na but I think their (vijay anna and divya)scene will be nice to see.what do u think akka?

  31. Sana chellam no nainika only acting as a child of vijay anna ….ma ….if she is acting in theri sure fans were trend that on 1st day itself ma……did u seen her pics ….????i mean divya …she is so cute ,darling baby ….ma

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  33. Guys…. Anyone is here… drs !!
    @ishveerloverMar [email protected]_ShaktiLoveri too really miss them a lot they are just love :-)View [email protected]_ishveerMar [email protected]_ShaktiLovern these things confuse me so much!View conversation·R.@R_ShaktiLoverMar [email protected]_ishveerHe misses MATSH & Radhika.. ?View conversation·rutaba || [email protected] [email protected]_ShaktiLoverwho posted this on insta that person nameView [email protected]_ishveerMar [email protected]_ShaktiLoverif ths s it,i wish he could take some actions too for it! Afterall listening to heart is not dat bad .View conversation·R.@R_ShaktiLoverMar [email protected]_ishveerMaybe waiting for a good project? I don’t know.. but I have no hopes of them coming back that soon. Let’s be real, at least.View conversation·I❤u [email protected] [email protected][email protected]_shaktilover;) ya bt y they dont wanna listen their heart! :/View [email protected]_ishveerMar [email protected]_ShaktiLoverbeing real n ignoring things, hav a vast difference! -_-View [email protected]_ishveerMar [email protected]@R_ShaktiLoverthey would nva!View conversation·R.@R_ShaktiLoverMar [email protected]_ishveerI agree. But I am really tired of begging and asking them. ?View [email protected] [email protected][email protected]_ishveerdon’t linkthem in real life just requist them 4 work togetherView conversation·I❤u [email protected] [email protected][email protected]_shaktiloverhmm:'( bt hope for the bst i’m still praying for tht! :'(View conversation·…

  34. Keerthi

    Raji dear u send shakti’s interview in whatsapp na …..I read it again and again the last sentence when he said I never plan in my life….everything happens in my life sudden….I love surprises and I always want to live like this… one thing is clear na he planned to do marriage with neha after his roka was over in 2014 but it didn’t happen…suddenly he got MATSH project……he loves surprises and he wants to live life like dis …… it’s clear in his life unplanned things only happen so he has not planned anything with Radz but that will happen soon

  35. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka yesterday while I am reading comments in Vijay Anna’s fb I saw one person saying-Vijay Anna I am glad to see divya sasha in ur I got doubt and searched in Google then I got that news from many sites
    Read this akka-
    We had earlier reported that actress Meena’s daughter Nainika is playing Vijay’s kid in Theri film, now its look like Vijay who had introduced his Son Sanjay in Vettaikaran film is will introduce his real-life daughter Divya Saasha in Theri film.

    Divya Saasha might be playing the grown-up version of Nainika. Sources say that Divya Saasha’s portion were canned in Ladakh.

    Looks like Theri film has a story of strong bonding between father – Child.

  36. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Yes I saw her pics akka.she is very cute and I felt she is looking like her mom.
    One site reported that she is seen in climax only.she is shown asgrown stage of nainika.

  37. Keerthi

    Vyshu dear I saw it dear shakti is missing I think radz doing l this to create jealousy in shakti ….. As soon as he replied to neha tweet she deleted selfie with shakti now she posted pic with ishan??because of shakti only she is doing all this

    • Payal

      Not only that ishan but arjun and her bestie aditi was also there and they were in delhi both arjun and radhika becoz of mumbai tigers team promotion during an event

  38. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Sana film is theriiiiiiiiiii I loved it alot.. Superb movie. Samantha was superb???????waiting for 24now.

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Hey bro I am very happy to hear these words from u and bro is Vijay Anna’s is in climax of theri? I mean did they showed nainaka’s little bit grown stage?

  39. Payal

    Guys i miss you all and my ishveer bring back our matsh-season 2 and please unite our shadhika in real life too we know they both love eachother oh God keerthi dr i feel lonely i am crying God is testing our patience don’t know til whenvwhen we will hear Good News

  40. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Why no message to me?? I know u sent email but u should ask me also Na here!!!?????

  41. Sana ma my bro said that ‘s nainika only on climax ….ya it may be rumour …..but i dont know about it conformed.but my both bros r said the same thing that’s nainika only ……..

  42. Sana ma ya its true dhivya in theri climax …..i cant express my happiness … i am very excited to see vijay anna &dhivya……..just now i conformed that news from elder bro ….he said sssssssss thats dhivya ……….

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Me also very eager to see Vijay Anna and divya together.this news make me really happy.

  43. Payal

    Guys why we all feel that shadhika should be real life jodi have you ever thought of it everyone everywhere whether it is facebook,twitter etc all people are saying the same thing that our shadhika will be together in real life as they both love eachother in real life too and when ekta kapoor took auditions for matsh she matched both shakti abd radhika horoscopes why their horoscopes match
    with eachothers becoz they are perfect with each other as a couple we are not saying this God has written their destiny to be together for the whole life
    We know everyonscrren couple cannot be together in real life also and we also not felt anything for them in offscreen
    So why only this with shakti and radhika why every people are saying that shadhika is real life couple as shakti and radhika are made for eachother as it clearly visible through their offscreen bonding and chemistry it is very much clear that both love eachother it will happen soon that our shadhika will confess to eachother by God’s Grace

    • Payal dr u r 100%right dr…….all fans r said the same thing dr……we r want shadhika s real life……..u know onething shakthi give like to shadhika ‘s off screen pics …just 2days back …&he imatate radz inevery thing …

      But his reply tweet to neha only ……confused me …dr…..

      Radz said to fans tthey planned toeet each other ….but they meet each other or not …….thats is the big talk going on twitter ……

      But i have more hope on god …….so he will defintely some magic in shadhika ‘s life……

      Twitter ,fb,fans &us pray for them … soon we heard the goos news about shadhika …..hope ……

  44. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Guys my ff is longest running ff in tu!! After love after marriage it completed 121part. But now I am 118 and I have sent next epi also!!! Don’t worry soon my ff will cross 200!!epi also pls support me.. Guys

  45. PRINCE

    insha ALLAH …….SHADHIKA will be united soon….cause they r made for each other……..ALLAH will make them together Payal sis…….don’t worry…..have faith in GOD…….HE will definitely unite our SHADHIKA…… we just have to be patience & pray……..

  46. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Some guys always comment about others but not my ff.. Really!! I does not like it. Pls don’t hurt me. Like this guys.. Here there are few people who often comment after shadhika but she does not comment about my ff.. So I have decided to write quiz so that I will find who is reading my ff or not. Sorry if I hurted someone but u hurt me. Sana, raji,Prince,ishveer forever,and others who comment about my ff I am not saying… Sorry if u does not like my ff and to comment just leave. If I get 0comments also I will be happy…. This is for who dies not tell a single word about my ff and commenting members only….

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Pls if the comment understood by person who do this. Pls don’t send sorry to me. Try to read my ff. Or. Tell me it is not nice.. And just leave from here… Ok….. Sorry guys.. Sana,Prince,raji,khushi,Reena, praveena and others pls don’t get irked I hope u understand me.. And this is not for u

      • Payal

        Sorry rabaji if yu are saying to me but i am hurted from inside and as usual your ff is brilliant please don’t say like this i feel like crying i console to myself by talking here with my maysh friends
        And your both ffs sre superb ishveer forever and young love so please be happy

  47. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    yes we know payal dear . his son will be sooo cuutteee … i love him .. bubbly bubbly …
    and pls keerthi akka , payal and vyshu pls try to understand what pranjali – ishurv said . actually shakti tweeted was in favor of us . he says nexa didnt love him .. guys can u understand … yeppee…lol…some cold war is going bt them actually .. pls read it again .. u can understand … afer reading sakti tweet i am in cloud 9 .so happy . i have 500 percent hope on shakti .. love him
    pranjali dear i totally agree with u . how r u / i am sure u will get very good in 9th dont worry dear .

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.