Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-118


The episode starts with Ishaani starts eating food and smiles at ranveer… Ranveer tells her I also need food… She smiles and tells OK and feeds him food . he gets hiccups.. She gets up from chair and sits on his lap and tells I hate u.. Ranveer hiccups stops.. She tells I just told this to stop u r hiccups sorry if I hurted u.. Ranveer tells her not to tell this for joke.. She tries to get up. But he holds her hand and pulls her closer on chair.. Allah warriyan plays.. He kisses on her head and tells today is spl for me. Ranveer tells today I gave u big gift so u also should give gift..

Ishaani tells what gift u want?? He tells I want kiss from u.. She asks what?? I don’t know to kiss.. Pls give me 2days time I will practice And give u.. He smiles and tells her to do it..they leaves from there in-car.. Raghav was about to stab madhu in the mean time.. Radhika throws knife on him.. He falls unconscious.. Madhu sees her state and gets shocked.. Madhu comes to her and hugs her.. Radhika tells her not to say to ranveer. She alive!! She tells her to promise.. Madhu denies.. Radhika keeps madhu hand on her head and tells her to promise..

Madhu promises. Radhika comes out and gets into car and leaves from there.. Ranveer comes just in and does not see her.. He sees Raghav was taken by police.. He asks madhu about it!! She tells I caught him red handed and cooks up fake story…

Radhika comes to house and sees mirror and breaks it and cries.. She tells I am alive. But my son thinks me I am dead what to do?? She cries. She comes near ranveer.. She touches his hands and cries.. Suddenly his hand moves.. Radhika calls doctor. He checks and tells he is alright now.. Radhika gives big smile.. In her face.. She calls out shakthi.. But shakthi tells my hand is paining.. Doctor tells his hands cannot be moved. Becoz of accident… Radhika gets shocked. She cries and hugs him and tells I love u..

Shakthi tells I am almost dead u live with someone. She slaps him and tells I love u and I won’t leave u in any state.. He sees her leg and cries.. Radhika tells about kalpi blackmail.. He gets shocked.. Shakthi tells her not to fear about kalpi and tells radhika to face all situations and problems and tells about ritika,chiraag and sandhya and other. Milan also. How u faced it and now where is that radhika??

Radhika gets up and wipes her tears.. And gets up with stick and tells I will meet my son.. Kalpi comes out in bail. She comes to radhika house out and knocks the door..

Precap: Kalpi pulls radhika stick.. She falls down.. Shakthi tells her to get up.. Kalpi laughs and tells radhika is big looser.. Radhika gets up and throws her stick.. She walks with two leg.. Both gets shocked…

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Why no message to me?? I know u sent email but u should ask me also Na here!!!?????

  2. Sana ma my bro said that ‘s nainika only on climax ….ya it may be rumour …..but i dont know about it conformed.but my both bros r said the same thing that’s nainika only ……..

    1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Akka see bro comment.he is also saying that.

  3. Sana ma ya its true dhivya in theri climax …..i cant express my happiness … i am very excited to see vijay anna &dhivya……..just now i conformed that news from elder bro ….he said sssssssss thats dhivya ……….

    1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Me also very eager to see Vijay Anna and divya together.this news make me really happy.

  4. Guys why we all feel that shadhika should be real life jodi have you ever thought of it everyone everywhere whether it is facebook,twitter etc all people are saying the same thing that our shadhika will be together in real life as they both love eachother in real life too and when ekta kapoor took auditions for matsh she matched both shakti abd radhika horoscopes why their horoscopes match
    with eachothers becoz they are perfect with each other as a couple we are not saying this God has written their destiny to be together for the whole life
    We know everyonscrren couple cannot be together in real life also and we also not felt anything for them in offscreen
    So why only this with shakti and radhika why every people are saying that shadhika is real life couple as shakti and radhika are made for eachother as it clearly visible through their offscreen bonding and chemistry it is very much clear that both love eachother it will happen soon that our shadhika will confess to eachother by God’s Grace

    1. Payal dr u r 100%right dr…….all fans r said the same thing dr……we r want shadhika s real life……..u know onething shakthi give like to shadhika ‘s off screen pics …just 2days back …&he imatate radz inevery thing …

      But his reply tweet to neha only ……confused me …dr…..

      Radz said to fans tthey planned toeet each other ….but they meet each other or not …….thats is the big talk going on twitter ……

      But i have more hope on god …….so he will defintely some magic in shadhika ‘s life……

      Twitter ,fb,fans &us pray for them … soon we heard the goos news about shadhika …..hope ……

  5. Reply me guys keerthi dr,raji dr,vyshu dr, dhruva dr where are you all today come fast

  6. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Guys my ff is longest running ff in tu!! After love after marriage it completed 121part. But now I am 118 and I have sent next epi also!!! Don’t worry soon my ff will cross 200!!epi also pls support me.. Guys

    1. congrats bro…….carry on ur both ff …..we r with u always

  7. insha ALLAH …….SHADHIKA will be united soon….cause they r made for each other……..ALLAH will make them together Payal sis…….don’t worry…..have faith in GOD…….HE will definitely unite our SHADHIKA…… we just have to be patience & pray……..

  8. Sure we will support ur ffranaji bro …..

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Thnx so kind of u Akka???and Prince u also.

  9. Guys arjun bijlani is already married to neha pandit and has a son you all know it guys

  10. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Carry on bro.we will support u.

  11. Reply me guys tell me

  12. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Some guys always comment about others but not my ff.. Really!! I does not like it. Pls don’t hurt me. Like this guys.. Here there are few people who often comment after shadhika but she does not comment about my ff.. So I have decided to write quiz so that I will find who is reading my ff or not. Sorry if I hurted someone but u hurt me. Sana, raji,Prince,ishveer forever,and others who comment about my ff I am not saying… Sorry if u does not like my ff and to comment just leave. If I get 0comments also I will be happy…. This is for who dies not tell a single word about my ff and commenting members only….

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Pls if the comment understood by person who do this. Pls don’t send sorry to me. Try to read my ff. Or. Tell me it is not nice.. And just leave from here… Ok….. Sorry guys.. Sana,Prince,raji,khushi,Reena, praveena and others pls don’t get irked I hope u understand me.. And this is not for u

      1. Sorry rabaji if yu are saying to me but i am hurted from inside and as usual your ff is brilliant please don’t say like this i feel like crying i console to myself by talking here with my maysh friends
        And your both ffs sre superb ishveer forever and young love so please be happy

  13. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    yes we know payal dear . his son will be sooo cuutteee … i love him .. bubbly bubbly …
    and pls keerthi akka , payal and vyshu pls try to understand what pranjali – ishurv said . actually shakti tweeted was in favor of us . he says nexa didnt love him .. guys can u understand … yeppee…lol…some cold war is going bt them actually .. pls read it again .. u can understand … afer reading sakti tweet i am in cloud 9 .so happy . i have 500 percent hope on shakti .. love him
    pranjali dear i totally agree with u . how r u / i am sure u will get very good in 9th dont worry dear .

    1. You also think this my friend and this is only right

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