Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-115-117

The episode starts with Ranveer tells someone and tells him to prepare things for tmr.. He tells sure.. It is none other than Shravan.. He comes out and calls her wife suman and tells her tmr I have some work.. Suman scold him and tells I am 6months pregnant but u work.. He tells this for our child and for u only Na suman pls take care of u and I will come tmr mrng itself. She smiles.. He asks for a kiss.. She gives it on phone.. Their parents sees this and smiles..

Ishaani gets ready in red sari and comes down and calls ranveer.. They are super shocked to see Raghav and kalpi there.. Raghav and kalpi cries.. Ranveer calls police.. Madhu comes there and gets shocked to see Raghav leg is not there. She asks about it . Kalpi tells we met with accident when we tried to escape.. Police comes there to take both.. Madhu stops them. She tells them to take kalpi and Raghav is not killer.. Raghav smiles.. But kalpi shouts and pleads them to leave her.. Madhu tells police to take them away..

Madhu takes raghav inside and tell him to take rest.. Madhu goes out.. Raghav gets up from chair and walks and tells now this is the time I need to kill madhu… Raghav comes out and sees ranveer and Ishaani leaving and smiles.. He tells now my work will be over now.

Raghav comes to kitchen and takes knife and gets ready to kill her. Madhu comes there and asks what happened?? He tells nothing and hides knife and leaves from there in wheel chair..

Radhika comes out to buy vegetables with her servant and buys everything.. Ranveer crosses by there and Does not see her.. Ranveer brings Ishaani to disclosed location.. She opens the door balloon flies with heart shaped.. Ranveer jumps inside and sings song for her.. He bends down and asks for her hand to dance.. She smiles and gives her hand. Ishaani and ranveer dances for Tum hi ho song..

Ishaani thnx him and tells I impressed me now.. He smiles and tells there is one more thing and shows candle light dinner. She smiles seeing it.. Ishaani comes there and sees her fav dishes and starts to eat

Precap:Raghav was about to stab madhu.. Radhika throws knife at his back.. He falls down.. Madhu sees her stage and gets shocked and cries….

Credit to: Narendran


  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice episode bro.waiting for precap.l hope Ranvi get his parents back.
    And pls replay back bro.l beg u.I said like what I am playing with my cousin bros.l don’t have any I love bros very much.lf u not replay back.l really become sad.

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      What replay?? Don’t confuse me tell me directly I am u r bro so tell me..

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Sana and all pls u will find a link near comments for rettai Vaal kuruvi ff and pls read and comment

  3. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Sana thnx for hearing naan UN song for me… It is superb song and others also superb especially mei nigara also… Trailer was superb….

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Sorry for confusing u bro.l just say to speak with me because l thought that u r anger with me.l can’t bear ur l asked so.

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Mariya dii it’s k after April 20 u will write daily na.l am happy.l can understand dii.

  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka I saw ur comment sorry for late.yesterday I am very tired so I only replied to bro and go to sleep and u r right akka we have a good family here.ashiqui family .

  7. Keerthi

    From today onwards I am not going to have any more hopes on shakti I totally give up after his tweeting status I lost all hope
    Neha had tweeted
    I love hanging out with people that make me forget to look at my phone ?
    For which shakti replied
    Saxena _1 that’s y ur always on phone when you are with me…..hmmm…..?
    No more dears I am not going to think about him or radz again sorry vyshu payal raji dhruva arham mariya sana prince sathya khushi ??????

    • Payal

      Keerthi dr ishurv is right shakti loves radhika only see no one taunt like this in public and shakti never did like this before this is weird onething he cancelled his marriage plans becoz of his career as his mind is changing slowly

    • Payal

      Keerthi dr you only give hope to us please don’t say like this shakti misses radhika that pics,imitating like radhika,missing her and think about her whst us this and their romantic scene so much real believe in God he will do everything right and unite our lovebirds our shadhika shakti and radhika
      Say something keerthi dr please we need you tou are my hope

  8. Keerthi ,vyshu ,payal …dre pls see this
    Neha tweet ….i love hanging out with people that makes me forget to look at my phone……
    Shakthi reply to her tweet ……thats y ur always on phone when u r with me …hmmm..
    What they try to say …..i am confused drs ….pls anyone know na tell me drs….

  9. Keerthi dr we r in dreamworld dr…..iam totally upset with this tweet ……what is going his mind …..really he is confused man ……..i am totally fed up with this drs

  10. Keerthi ,vyshu ,payal ….i cant believe thats shakthis tweet….drs…bez i checked all his tweets till last oct…..but once he retweet nehas tweetwith her pics which was on dec . ……
    But he never replied to her tweets…..this is confused me drs….bez of his recent tweet s,interviews ,fameapp…..

    I have a big doubt first about …which is tweet by him or her….how is it possible both of them r in same time in online……

    Ok shakthi loves neha … …..but he suddenly reply to her tweets …..i cant believe this drs….

    Pls see that &reply me drs……

    • Payal

      Your doubt is rigt raji dr see he is taunting neha in public shakti only loves her radhika this is true love and for neha no love just an attraction like a support since tere liye

  11. hafees

    pls anyone tell me parth…he is a affair with vikas????….Is this is real news or fake one..

  12. IshuRV(9th...result...kya hoga..??????)

    raji dear read that comment with full concentration.she tweeted that she loves to hangout with those people who makes her to forget her mobile…and than shakti’s retweet “that is why ur always on phone when u r with me” raji if neha loves shakti than why she always put her head in mobile if she is with we all know shakti don’t speak about his love in open(means in interview, fb, tweet, fameapp, etc,.) if he loves neha than why he will do tweet like this…this means he DOES NOT LOVE NEHA and I think the feeling which they think and call love is just a attraction. its not a love baby. try understand what I wanted to explain. just think if shakti loves neha than he would asked her this thing in alone not on tweeter because he is not so open like radhika when it comes to love…I think you’ll understand dr

  13. IshuRV(9th...result...kya hoga..??????)

    ranaji eagerly waiting for next epi….loved ur epi and u too bro

  14. Keerthi

    Raji dear I am already fed up dear I cannot come to ur conclusion ishurv……done with this shakti arora… more thinking about him it’s his life but from today I hate him ….he does not deserve my sweety pie Radz…….best girls get the best and handsome boys …..

  15. IshuRV(9th...result...kya hoga..??????)

    vyshu dear try to understand shakti don’t love neha….u know shakti never talks about his love in open….and whatever he replyed to neha is not in that way in which u r thinking….if I wanted to tell u in a simple way than in that reply shakti have just taunted and told neha that he can’t make her to forgot her mobile because he don’t love her….u guys r mistaking with shakti yarrrrrrrr…..we r his true fans we should understand his indirect way of telling things…..

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Finally after many days u commented on my ff!!!!! Ufffff… I AM soooooooooo happy ????i wish marry also will comment

  16. Hey praveena sissy u r bak….n ya I also agree wid ishurv so vyshu n others who r upset frm that tweet,,,plz don’t be scenty becoz in those links shared by paayal u can see how much shakti n radz love each other…..

    • No khushi dear…..that Shakti is a mind blowing actor…..he his playing with radz feeling……….I just can’t understand he is a man and he should not have fear of Neha…….he should tell the truth……..but the reality is he doesn’t love radz…….I hate him….

      • Payal

        Dhrva dr please don’t say like this radhika confessed her love for shakti and refused to marry ishan as she said he is her best friend only and a businessman and she will not get married for next 10 years they know each other for many yearsbut she
        said clearly that butNO MARRIAGE IS
        And shakti also cancelked his marriage plans before he told after matsh end and now no step towards marriage it is a good sign for us he liked that instagram matsh collarge photos in previous ff 102 see please

  17. Keerthi

    Praveena dear ur back its been long tym to see a comment from you how are you dear y not coming in for frequent commenting

  18. Keerthi

    Payal dear I am losing hope on shakti dear it was a shock for me in the afternoon seeing shakti tweeting for neha literally I got a heart attack only totally my heart broke into pieces…… Even though u all say he loves radz y did he reply to her today he is fooling fans dear I am done with him dear my hands are not allowing me to type also so much dejected I am now…… I agree that his reply tweet means that u don’t love me that’s y u keep seeing ur phone but y all of a sudden he gave this reply for which she replied@ shaktiarora ??
    I am done dear let God decide whatever he wants I have given up my hope but I will keep on praying for them both

    • Payal

      I only know that radhika said i love you to shakti and confess him that she loves him and misses him and now it’s shakti’s turn he also misses radhika alot but hesitating

    • Payal

      Shakti till now does not realised her feelings for radhika and he will realise it soon and radhika realised her feelings for shakti it is clear
      Now say something keerthi dr

  19. Sumaiya Sumi

    Hi I’m Sumaiya. Actually I am a silent reader…. I’m from Sri Lanka. I love this ff so much n my ShaDhika ❤
    Moreover I love this ff bcs this is the only one which talks abt our lovely ShaDhika real lyf

  20. Oh god…!!!! Really Shakti tweet like this ???? Now I’m seriously thinking what’s going in his mind……I think I might kill him or myself……pls some one do my brainwash and just throw that dreams of shadhika from my mind……..Keerthi now me too loose the hope….that’s why I don’t comment….and update my ff……I’m now stressed……don’t know what hell is going in his mind…???? Seriously a MYSTERIOUS MAN….!!!!!!

    • Keerthi

      Yes dhruva dear see he should be very frank if he doesn’t have feelings for radz he should tell it out openly I have all onscreen Jodi divyanka karan, parth niti, shabhir sriti , harshad preetika but I did not feel anything after their serial gets over I don’t know y but with shakti and radhika I always see them in my dreams and after seeing the story how they were selected together for the serial I thought it was destiny but shakti creating hopes one day another day he push us down to hell with so much anger I unfollowed him in Instagram and asked all my friends to unfollow him …… If he loves neha only means he had to tell us atleast like we will be getting married soon that and this or keep posting selfies with her he will make us all fools only so I really left thinking about him

      • Ya dear….he doesn’t open up na…..if he loves radz then why he didn’t reveal and if he don’t then why didn’t he gave a rude reply to fans who said him to leave Neha and marry radz……I think he only doesn’t know what he is doing…….

      • Dhruva dr ….me also think the same of loves neha ….why he didn’t give a rude reply to fans ….like virat ,,,,……i am totally confused & fed up dr…..god what is going on ???????pls ….do something

  21. Guysss you now what I again watch episode 313…..ishveer dance on meherbaan hua……..I cried a lot yaar….I don’t know why I’m crying after knowing that Shakti is not showing his real feeling….I don’t even know what I’m typing……just blur screen of my cell……

  22. Payal

    Keerthi dr you are making me sad please don’t say like this you only give us hope see the previous comments of yourself and mine so hiw can you say like this WE HAVE PROOF WITH US WHICH CLEARLY SAYS THAT OUR SHADHIKA LOVES EACHOTHER AND YOUR HUBBY ALSO SAID THE SAMETHING SEEING THAT ROMANTIC VIDEO OF THEIRS

  23. Keerthi ,payal ,vyshu ….i am in very much depressed with their tweets……but a mad i checked his tweet page till may 2015 ……he never reply to her tweet ……but suddenly what happen to him ….
    He said two days back interview on telechakkar …..he plan to postpone his marriage ….his recent tweets …interview on fame app &others …..

    Which all made me confused drs ..i cant come to an conclusion ……but why he didn’t gave rude reply to fans ….all fans r said the same thing ……leave neha &marry radz ….he still mum …..

    Why he cried like a baby on matsh last day shoot ……

    these things r going on my mind …..i cant concentrate any thing drs…….

  24. Keerthi dr now my afraid is about u ….not shakthi &neha ….pls dont take too much of stress dr ……dont think about them already ur health is not well dr . ….pls be relax ……god will do something …..dr

  25. Payal dr just now i see the shakthi give like to shadhika ‘s pics dr ……thats posted by fans…….pls see that on twitter …..

    Shakthi bhai really what is going on ur mind ……???????????

  26. PRINCE

    hey guys why u r all bothering about Shakti’s tweet???…….they r just pulling legs of eachother…like friends……i know Shakti & also know his feelings for Radhika……sooner or later he’ll confess his to Radz……reading one’s mind is my sixth sense…..have faith in the Almighty…….he’ll make SHADHIKA together cause they r made for eachother…….

    Comment edited.

  27. Guys….. shakti
    lelike this.Myrah Aliyummy my fav gajar ka halwathanks for uploading video….Like·1·Reply·Report·1 hour agoUzma BhattiMujy yh samj nhi ati yh bnda kr kiya RHA hi jo kam radhika krti kuch time k bad yh krta phly us ny painting bnai is ny bnai holi py us ny gajar ka hlwa bniyaab yh bna rha oh jis din selfi post dyti next day same pose my yh dyta hayyyy yh isko kiya hogiya hi…Like·1·Reply·Report·1 hour ago14 repliesEman AktherShakti ney banaya ha to tasty ho ga mera fav halwa ha wasey pehley radhika bana rahi thi ab shakti wo b apney maa papa ke liye shayed is liye neha ne isey chuna shadi key baad khana bananey ki b zarorat nahi parey gi us neha koLike·1·Reply·Report·1 hour agoMaria Qubtiyashakti very nice,par summer may gajjar ka halwa,but,mazaaaya dekh kr,Like·Reply·Report·1 hour agoMaria Qubtiyagajjarien is season may kahan se laye,aur tumne buht saari gajjaron o haat ke chopper se chop kiya, waoooooooo.meratoh gajjerien cheel loon yehi buht hota hai mere liye.Like·Reply·Report·57 minutes agoIndrani RitLo uzma pehele radhika an shakti dono ney hi halwa banaya pta nahi is munde ke dimag main chal kya raha haiLike·Reply·Report·11 minutes agoYounika GillWah wah shakti wah gajar ka halwa maza hi agayaLike·Reply·R

  28. Uzma BhattiMujy yh samj nhi ati yh bnda kr kiya RHA hi jo kam radhika krti kuch time k bad yh krta phly us ny painting bnai is ny bnai holi py us ny gajar ka hlwa bniyaab yh bna rha oh jis din selfi post dyti next day same pose my yh dyta hayyyy yh isko kiya hogiya hi…Like·1·Report·1 hour agoEman AktherPiyarLike·1·Report·1 hour agoEman AktherBut keh nahi sakta but us key actions se pata lagta ha yeah dono ak dusrey ki copy kartey hein abhi kuch days baad neha k bd per kya karta ha is ki ankhey batay GI k yeah neha se love kar ta ha ya nahi or gift to mehga hi dein ga us neha ki demand Jo ho giLike·2·Report·1 hour agoPushplata Srivastavakya pta uzma may be channel Dono se same things karvata hoLike·1·Report·1 hour agoUzma BhattiHahaha of course day ga

  29. a BhattiI don’t know Pushplata Srivastava kuch to hi unkha hide saLike·Report·1 hour agoSonali NayakUzma u know radz halwa bana chuki hai shakti phir seLike·Report·36 minutes agoSonali NayakRadz god dila rahi thi,shakti copy karti hai radz koLike·Report·35 minutes agoUzma BhattiKiya god dila rhi thi ????Like·Report·34 minutes agoSonali NayakRadz halwa karke god ko dila rahi thi..shakti bi esa kiyaLike·Report·22 minutes agoUzma BhattiAchaLike·Report

  30. Payal

    When will our shadhika come closer and matsh season-2 with shakti and radhika will start i am waiting for that lucky day guys

  31. anonymous

    I wanted to tell you guys about this since long but dint want to hurt you people but its quite unusual. This is Radhika Madan’s personal account on fb, she was quite famous even before she came into acting! And if you go through the account it proves she is commited to Ishan. Even if you go through ishan arya’s twitter page, he posted that “She is more than friend”. Am sorry but it shows not just Shakti but Radhika too is seeing someone!
    But this cant end I guess, for the first time ever there is an onscreen television pair that is followed even after almost 3 months of ending the show! That too not just for their onscreen but offscreen chemistry. Its not usual that sooooo many like literally there are many who want them to be real life couple and believe me its 3 months and yet nobody is ready to give up! Most of them are such who never even watched tv serials(I’m included too) but it is difficult to over shadhika for everyone! Why would this be??
    They are not aware of their feelings or they dont want to be alerted,whatever it is.. Everybody should respect their feelings,after all destiny will play its role you cry,laugh,abuse whatsoever! So guys dont take it too seriously and create a mess of your lives! And in the back of your mind and heart you can still pray,wish,hope they get together! 🙂

    • Payal

      But now she refuse to marry him and said he is her best friend and a businessman but NO THERE IS NO MARRIAGE HAPPENING HERE
      Keerthi dr please reply to this

  32. Keerthi

    Dhruva dear I agree with you he should atleast give some rude reply to fans when we all say to leave neha he will not say anything but see he is doing whatever radz did just now I saw the video of him making halwa…. One person commented that radz first did painting shakti after some days did painting the selfie which radz took in one pose shakti did the same radz prepared halwa on holi shakti did halwa on ram navami and everyone is thinking what’s going on in his mind ……. I also think the same ?

  33. Keerthi

    Payal dear
    Yeah we all saw that video no doubt but he is still speaking about neha this is the first tym he replied neha tweet that’s y I am worried but one thing I agree he taunted neha …. With the recent halwa video I think something is pestering him a lot

  34. Keerthi

    Prince brother are u sure brother I am totally depressed with shakti I feel radz and shakti are made for each other I pray that they have to become together in their life will it happen brother
    I am trying to hate shakti but I am not able to hate ranveer thinking him as one of my family member as my brothers date of birth is also 7 so I am thinking him as my brother only how to hate him???????

    • PRINCE

      ya sis don’t be tensed……it’ll take sometime……..pls sis have faith in GOD……..GOD will surely make ISHVEER together……..all we have to do is pray, hope , faith……..GOD will sort this out

  35. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    I am ok raji akka.yesterday I little bit busy so I can’t comment.

  36. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Guys I am always saying that have faith in all happen according to god’s decision.if god decided to make shadhika together it will happen but I want say u that don’t give big hope because I already told that every thing happen according to god’s decision.if shadhika will not marry u can’t bear pls don’t give big hope.

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