Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-115-117


The episode starts with Ranveer tells someone and tells him to prepare things for tmr.. He tells sure.. It is none other than Shravan.. He comes out and calls her wife suman and tells her tmr I have some work.. Suman scold him and tells I am 6months pregnant but u work.. He tells this for our child and for u only Na suman pls take care of u and I will come tmr mrng itself. She smiles.. He asks for a kiss.. She gives it on phone.. Their parents sees this and smiles..

Ishaani gets ready in red sari and comes down and calls ranveer.. They are super shocked to see Raghav and kalpi there.. Raghav and kalpi cries.. Ranveer calls police.. Madhu comes there and gets shocked to see Raghav leg is not there. She asks about it . Kalpi tells we met with accident when we tried to escape.. Police comes there to take both.. Madhu stops them. She tells them to take kalpi and Raghav is not killer.. Raghav smiles.. But kalpi shouts and pleads them to leave her.. Madhu tells police to take them away..

Madhu takes raghav inside and tell him to take rest.. Madhu goes out.. Raghav gets up from chair and walks and tells now this is the time I need to kill madhu… Raghav comes out and sees ranveer and Ishaani leaving and smiles.. He tells now my work will be over now.

Raghav comes to kitchen and takes knife and gets ready to kill her. Madhu comes there and asks what happened?? He tells nothing and hides knife and leaves from there in wheel chair..

Radhika comes out to buy vegetables with her servant and buys everything.. Ranveer crosses by there and Does not see her.. Ranveer brings Ishaani to disclosed location.. She opens the door balloon flies with heart shaped.. Ranveer jumps inside and sings song for her.. He bends down and asks for her hand to dance.. She smiles and gives her hand. Ishaani and ranveer dances for Tum hi ho song..

Ishaani thnx him and tells I impressed me now.. He smiles and tells there is one more thing and shows candle light dinner. She smiles seeing it.. Ishaani comes there and sees her fav dishes and starts to eat

Precap:Raghav was about to stab madhu.. Radhika throws knife at his back.. He falls down.. Madhu sees her stage and gets shocked and cries….

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. keerthi dr… shakti is confusing fans alot dr…. why he is copying radz dr….. why he is liking shadhika offscreen pics dr… when he realised his love only for radz….
    why radz delete ig account 1 pic…. why .????
    What happen to her….??? ???….!!!

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