Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-114

The episode starts with Ishaani smiles at him and turns aside.. Ranveer comes there near her and tells her today is spl for me!! She asks why?? He tells becoz I got u in my life through madhu.. Ishaani smiles and turns aside and tells now u should impress me.. He tells what?? I will not talk to any girl in college.. But I loved u so I won’t do anything.. So u should do it..

Ishaani tells no she heads to leave.. But he holds her hand and bends down his knee and proposes her with rose.. He kisses on her hand and tells now I love u… And forever I love u…She smiles and tells I expect more from u.. He asks what?? She tells him to take her to date after madhu gets cure and then u should impress me.. He looks at madhu and tells sure.. He comes to madhu to asks her who stabbed u?? She tells no and tells him to call kalpi and Raghav and u both wait near door.. She shows him one button and tells I will click it then u both come in.. They both agree.. Ishaani and ranveer comes out and tells to go inside.. Kalpi comes inside. Madhu gets up and takes her oxygen mask out and tells I was just acting.. She shows fake blood and tells u have already have metal inside.. Kalpi gets shocked… Madhu tells u both are exposed now… Kalpi takes knife and Tries to stab but madhu presses button.. Ishaani and. Ranveer comes in with press and they take pic of them..

Raghav and kalpi runs out.. Madhu smiles and hifi them and tells I just acted to bring out their truth… Ishaani tells ranveer now madhu is alright so u should take me to date tmr… He smiles and tells sure and takes her in his arms . madhu tells I am here and tells them to wait till marriage.. Ranveer leaves her down and tells OK mam and he comes to counter and pays bill and gets shocked to see his mother Ishaani there.. He shouts but she tells him to leave way to others.. Ranveer comes to madhu and tells about it.. Madhu rushes there and sees Ishaani not there and asks him.. He sees every where.. Ranveer mother Ishaani comes there holding a stick.. A FB is shown..( Ishaani and ranveer was driving a car that time… They met with accident and ranveer in coma stage for many years. Ishaani lost her leg and comes out of hospital kalpi comes there and warns her not to come back in ranveer life or I will kill him.. Ishaani tells OK by crying FB ends)…

Ranveer mother name is from now-Radhika. So that it will be easy to me Na…. Ranveer father name is -Shakthi…

Radhika comes to her house and locks the door and cries seeing ranveer in coma stage.. And she cries ranveer and cries Hamari aadhuri kahani plays… Radhika comes near shakthi and holds his hand and cries… She tells him to come normal soon and today I saw our son he is good. Radhika smiles and tells him I missed him many years..

Ranveer comes to house and thinks about her mom.. Ishaani comes there and tells him.. Pls prepare for date.. He tells I forgot it and comes to Hall and tells someone to make all decorations.. He agrees face is not shown…

Precap: Ranveer brings Ishaani to disclosed location and tells her to go in.. He disappears.. She walks and opens the door all baloon with heart shape flies up Ishaani smiles…

Sorry for Ishaani name is changed I mean ranveer mother name.. Sorry and his father name also.. Sorry I did not got any ideas so only sorry

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. No mariya dr i know her inch by inch dr…..but in last 1yeara….she changed so much dr….but i never hate her……even i talk to her today mor also …..but pain only dr…so that i comment my feelings here ..dr……..i never hate her …..she is my best friend …..
    No dr ur not hurt me …..dr

    1. OK dr . our life has many ups & downs so be careful dii. & don’t to much trust on friends. Even my friends also cheat me many times. We have to be aware from this world every time. & always trust on only god. & definitely he will be make all fine. If we cheated by any other peoples we say OK let’s forgot it but if we cheated by our friends or near one then we feel more than that one. I know it dr. If our friends leave alone our in bad condition than they are more bad then our real enemies. because our enemies stab our to see our good time but our friends stab in our back to see our bad time. If any one leave to see bad conditions then they are losers. So don’t worry dii. Only god will help our. Be Faith in god.& god love those people who have Faith & trust in him & be happy let’s forgot those things. & live u r life be happy. & take care.

      1. Thank u mariya dr …….really i feel happy now…..bez we dont about each other…….but u understand my feelings….dr……really thank u very much dr…….ya i have more hope on god …….than ….others…but i am in very much disturbed dr …….now i am cool .dr……..thank u so much dr…

      2. Ya dii be happy & always keep smiling.

  2. Sana ma i am already told na ….sure theri will be block buster hit….&it will change vijay anna carrier also……
    sana ma semma response for theri …..vijay anna s fans r flying dr……

    Atlee superb superb superb ……..
    vijay anna &nainika outsatnding performance dr…….
    Samantha &vijay anna romance r just amazing …..
    Theri ….superb ,summer treat for families ,kutties ,&all …….no doubt vijay anna is back with bang dr………

    1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Yaaaaaay! Oh akka me also flying.l am in cloud nine.don’t know how much happy I am.thank god.l am praying from morning to hear good news.u know akka my cousin bros watched theri .for making me tensed they don’t give perfect answer.they always like teasing me saying about Vijay I think here also it is super hit.and sorry in Kerala theri released 300 screens around not 202.
      And one more happy news in u.s theri breaked kaththi, I and vedalam film first day record.

  3. Raji dr….. i am here only !! i was slept dr… bcouz of hand pain….!!

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Vyshu dii ur hand still not ok? Take care dii.

  5. I like ur this ff too Bhaia precap is too good an how do u write so well without dragging much , I can’t even bring any of my ff till episode 20 as mine always dragging. Do teach me

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      It is not like that I won’t like any dragggggging… So I write something different.. Which I like it.. I love matsh very much.. So I write with my wish.. Fatarajo but u write moreeee good than me???????????????????????????????

  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Mariya dii where is ur ff?

    1. Sana sis sorry I can’t write my ff. After 20 April sure I will write daily. Pls understand me.

  7. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Bro pls replay back.l heard nan Un song only for is very nice.I love arjith Singh voice a lot.

  8. Sana ma sorry for late reply …..just now i came from sai baba temple ma… theri break the first day collection of katthi,i,vedhalm ma……its really great news ma……i eagerly waiting for see it…but my bro’s wedding is on 21april…..after the fun only i can see theri ma….sana vijay anna always rocking ………………………

    Sana dr …now only i feel very relax …..what a good friends ,sisters &family we have …….na ….thank u god for give me the friends &sisters like us…..

  9. Shakti Arora
    2hThnku for 300k guys. .love u all.. as happy as this pic..cud hav uploaded my excitement but…

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