Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-113

Guys in matsh page many ff came pls don’t forget my fan fictions.. Young love and this pls????

The episode starts with Ishaani comes towards terrace and finds nobody is there.. She turns and finds beer bottle.. Ranveer and his friends are hiding behind wall.. Ishaani tells then to come out.. Neha comes there and calls Ishaani and tells her to come.. Ishaani keeps it down and leaves with neha..

Neha thnx her for clearing her route.. Ishaani asks what?? Neha tells I love ranveer but he loves u. Now u gonna marry that my route is clear.. Neha hugs her.. Ishaani gets teary eyes .. Neha thnx her and comes to ranveer… She sits near him and speaks softly… Neha hugs him and tells him to be normal.. Ranveer gets up and slaps her hard and shouts at her and tells her to go from here.. I love Ishaani and u came here to put oinment to my wound right.. He takes wine glass and plashes on her face.. Neha gets shocked.. She tells how dare are u?? Neha raises hand but she stops and tells him to leave this and tells I love u.. Ranveer sees Ishaani there and tells I need some time.. Neha smiles and hugs him and leaves ishaani sees this and gets hurt.. She comes to her room and breaks things and shouts . madhu comes to her room and sees her state and gets shocked.. Madhu sits near her and asks what happened??

Ishaani tells nothing.. Madhu tells her to tell and cries u does not accept me as u r mom right?? Ishaani tells not like that..Ishaani tells her love towards ranveer.. Madhu smiles and tells now u are 3rd generation.. Ishaani asks what?? Madhu tells nothing and leaves from there. Madhu calls ranveer and tells him to come to her room… Kalpi sees this and tells sorry madhu u r role in this story gonna end now . she smiles and comes to kitchen and sharps the knife.. Ranveer comes to terrace it starts raining… Ishaani comes there and hugs him…. Ranveer gets amused he was about to hug her back.. But she leaves…

Ranveer wonders what happened?? She comes to Hall… She sits near her friends and have a talk. Ranveer comes towards madhu room.. Kalpi comes there and stabs madhu and tells today u are finished..

Ranveer opens the door and sees madhu and gets shocked he comes there and takes madhu and takes knife and cries holding it.. Everyone comes there and sees this and shouts ranveer killed madhu… Ishaani hears it and gets shocked and comes there and sees this and cries.. Ishaani slaps ranveer and asks him why u did this?? Ambulance takes madhu from there…

Madhu was brought by others to hospital.. Doctor takes her inside.. Ranveer waits outside.. Kalpi calls police they arrive… They was about to arrest ranveer… Neha comes and sees this and tells police to wait and calls lawyer.. Lawyer comes there and give bail papers.. Police leaves kalpi smirks..

Neha comes there and stands near ranveer and holds his hand.. Ishaani sees this and cries more… She thinks I love u ranveer… Ranveer tells I also but… They both stand staring at each other… Doctor tells she is fine now… Kalpi gets shocked.. She tells Raghav that she only stabbed her.. Raghav tells what nonsense?? He tells don’t worry I will kill her today night itself… Ranveer tries to enter room. But kalpi stops him and slaps him and tells him to wait outside.. Ishaani tells kalpi that ranveer did not do this.. Kalpi tells then u also believe him?? Ishaani tells yes.m I know him from 5yrs he is my best friend and she smiles.. Ishaani holds ranveer hand and brings him inside room and waits till madhu opens eyes… Police comes there and takes statement and they leaves.. Ishaani asks who stabbed u?? Madhu tells no… She tells ranveer that Ishaani loves u alot.. She loves u… Ranveer gets amused and asks Ishaani! She tells yes.. Ranveer thnx madhu and tells u confessed our love thnx and hugs madhu and comes towards Ishaani…

Precap:Ranveer takes flowers kept near bed and bends down his knee and proposes her.. Ishaani smiles and picks flower and tells I expect more from u…

Guys sorry I was little busy.I hope this epi is long.. Many likes this epi right?? Pls comment here and pls

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Ankita

    Omg! Ur ff is Awsomee :O how can we forget ur ff bro! The one who achieved more than 100# episodes in Telly updates (I guess lol) I every time used to read ur ff from the first update xD ?


    bro ur story is heart touching & don’t worry dude i can forget my self but i’ll never ever forget ur both ff……….because i love ur both ff more than myself

  3. Anjali

    Hi guys!!! Haven’t commented since a long time… Beautifully written ranaji. I f you don’t mind could you do a small favour? Could you ask your friends and you yourself go to the following link and read this story:

    I had posted a message regarding this even before, but I don’t think many people saw it. After reading the story, if you like it, could you add a small mention of it in your next part? You may even PM the author on his/her page and I’m sure two writers can bond really well

  4. Payal

    I am eagerly waiting for matsh-season 2 when it will come oh God bring matsh-season 2 with our shadhika soon

  5. bro…wat bakwass is this…how could..would…we forget u and ur ff…u r the one who started the ff…first for matsh…plzz don’t say lyk this here after.. u r our cutie dashing charm…then how would we forget u…ur ffs teaching me more incidents..i alreadt said u these wrds…plzz keep concentratevon ur studies also…itzs very important for ur whole lyf…and one favour donzt stop rettai vaal kuruvi…and post it in 2 days once atleast…anywayzz all d bst for ur all activities…and plzz u also don’t forget me

  6. yaa payal dr..i’m also wait for matsh2… all r waiting here…but when will ekta mam hear our voice…plzz ekta mam…plzz do efforts for matsh2…we really trust you…plzz don’t destroy our trust…

  7. supr cool epi yaar…atlast ishveer confess their love..cozz of madhu..plzz don’t destroy madhu’s charecter…then whr is appu…wat abt neha’s charecter then whr was her intro..herebefor u didn’t said abt neha’s charecter na…plzz xplain me yaar

  8. how r my buddies….sana mariya dhruva ranaji prince rookey raji vyshu keerthu ishurv payal julie kushi tanvee …really miss u all…..and tanvee choti plzz come this page to comment here…no one will scolding u dr….if u tak me as ur sis na plzz come this page…

  9. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Me also waiting for matsh only relief is urave uyire.if that end I don’t know what to do.we have to bring our show back.what will we do?

  10. Keerthi

    Dears u saw shakti’s tweet in the morning today” I dnt have a vibe….if we vibe….. We vibe!!”
    Anything anyone understood
    Vibe means
    A person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others
    Or ambience or atmosphere

  11. Payal dr….. u tube videos better or vootapp videos better ???
    I think u tube hd quality….na its was suuperb…
    but i dont know about voot app video….. is bad ???
    If voot app videos is not good then i will brought MATSH orginal cd….. i want to see shadhika my whole life dr…!!
    i’m vry angry…… with u tube u know i uninstall u tube app….dr !!

  12. Wow my sweet sister sathya is back …….we miss u to sathya dr… r u …..sorry sorry sathya vishvanathan…….i am happy to see u dr ……

  13. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka do u like our thalaiva’s aadhi film? It is in we channel at 12:30pm.

  14. Julina

    Sathya akka…u came…. wow….how r u…. how’s ur marriage… how is jiju…. we all missed u soooo much…

  15. Guys plssee this …….shakthi’s recent interview about marriage plan…on telechakkar …..he said…..marriage plans r there but not for the time being we r focusing our respective careers …..currently work is on our mind …..

    About matsh….
    Ya ofcourse we all keep meeting we have whatsappgroup we r keeping in touch ……

    Keerthi ,payal he hides something drs…..he is under big pressure i think
    Y he postpone his marriage dr ??????something wrong …….

    • Payal

      It is a goid news for us and all are saying first she was not ready now he isn’t and all sre saying it is a goid news we are focusing on our careers and he was saying after matsh ending see guys shakti is on love with radhika that’s why all this is happening and radhika interview kwerthi dr already posted in ff 110 and 111 so you can see she refused saying we know eachother for many years but no there is no marriage happening here it is a april fool prank so she also told that he is only her childhood best friend and borh have different careers so only limited to friends right

    • Payal

      Yes you are right now shakti changed his mind and said marriage is not in my mind so we should be hapoy as radhika also refused and clear that ishan is her best friend only nothing else you already saw that interview in previous ff and now shakti also said that now we are focusing on our careers

  16. Payal dr pls translate this ……no matterhow smart u r …..
    Crush k sammne paglo wali harkate khud ho jati hai …..shakthi like this on ig …..pls translate dr…..

    • Payal

      This says that how much smart and intelligent you become from outside but jab crush/pyaar hota hain to paaglo vali harkaten yani crazy doing things automatically comes from inside now understood

  17. TV heartthrob Shakti Arora may be seeing TV actress Neha Saxena for a while now, but he doesn’t have plans to settle down anytime soon.The two met on the sets of the daily soap Tere Liye where they played a reel couple and hit it off instantly. Friendshipblossomed into love two years later. While speaking with Tellychakkar, the actor said, “Marriage plans are there butnot for the time being as we are focusing on our respective careers. Currently, work is on our minds. Neha is also anchoring programs for a web series.”Shakti is currently seen hosting Sony Entertainment Television’s spiritual drama Mann Mein Vishwaas Hai‬. Askedif he was spiritual in real life as well, he said, “Yes, I am very spiritual. I believe intarot cards.”Talking about the show, the actor shared, “It is a different concept for the audience. The anchoring pattern and body language are also different. In every episode, I have to say four-five shlokas and it is very difficult to memorize them. These are motivational stories, which connect audiences on an emotional level.”We also asked him if the genre-specific show would appeal to a wider audience,“Well, the concept and story-line are mostly attractive to the 40-50 age group. While the youngsters tune into the show for me. I am not giving the credit to myself but it’s true,” he said.The actor, best known for his stint on reality dance show like Nach Baliye, says he is not open to star in a show likeKhatron Ke Khiladi.“Not really, I love adventure in life but I can never do a stunt with animals or insects. I believe in staying away from them. I can never ever sing because my singing can put a person to sleep (laughs),” he stated.Lastly, when asked about missing Meri Aashiqui cast and show, Shakti said, “Yes, of course. We all keep meeting and have a Whatsapp group so we are always in touch.”We wish you good luck for your new venture, Shakti!…

  18. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka I am super excited about tomorrow and also very tensed.hoping for good news.

  19. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Sana I am going to movie on Sunday only ?????can’t wait to see Samantha and Amy in screen but I will wait till that I am going with my friends for first time

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Oh so sad news bro.I thought that u will say about the film after watching I also want to wait for ur words! Its k.when u returned from Kerala?

  20. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I’m next epi will be updated tmr pls be patient and one thing I will update all my 4 fan fiction waiting for u r replys now a days many are not replying to me

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Its k bro.I know u r busy with ur study and all and y u r thinking so? V r replaying to ur comments bro.

  21. Keerthi

    Brother not like not replying u ur doing an amazing job by introducing new twist and turns there are no words to praise u …. I am a silent reader of all ur ff’s but I don’t comment doesn’t mean that I am not reading ur ff…. Despite of ur precious time ur spending tym in writing and uploading na thank u so much brother keep it up brother??

  22. Mariya

    Superb episode ranaji .ishani confess her love. Waiting for next. Nice one.
    What u r saying ranaji I didn’t forgot u r ff. U know U r ff makes encourage us to write our ff.
    U know Like it is our daily essential need. I daily read u r ff but I don’t have time to comment. So sorry. But u didn’t loose u r hope. Keep it up bro.
    & how are u ??

  23. Guys shakthi ‘s recent tweet
    ………millions of people can belives in u ….n yet none it matters if u dont belive in ur self .. …..
    Why he delete the tweet ??????what he try to say ?????drs …pls tell me …..

    Sana ma me also waiting ……..hope we hear good result dr ……

  24. Mariya

    Hi amrita I am fine. How are u?? Ya sure dr you can send me email if you are fine.
    But how are u ? U didn’t fine??

  25. Mariya

    Hi arham sathya ranaji sana raji prince keerthi vyshu amrita dhurva , Julian , payal how are u friends . & how is you’re life is going on.
    I am fine. Take care of u r health friends. May god bless u with all happiness & joy.

  26. Keerthi

    Raji dear thanks for the news u made my day I am really happy when matsh started they asked shakti when he is going to get married he said after the show is over I will marry …… Now when asked the same question he says I have to focus on career as for now …… Oh my god God is changing his mind slowly and he will bring radz and shakti together rab ne bana di Jodi definitely they are the match made by God only radz already refused doing marriage with ishaan now shakti has postponed his marriage plans….. God I will keep on praying for them until shakti and radz unite in their real life

  27. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    I am fine Mariya Akka thnx for u r concern.. Sana thnx and I came back today night 12.45 I mean railway timing…

  28. Mariya

    Sathya dii u come na. That’s very nice. & dii how was the marriage rituals?. I miss u dii. & love u dii. Have a beautiful life dii.

  29. dears…..Shakti Arora tweet…..
    Millions of people can believe in u..n yet none ofit matters if u dnt believe in urself. ? ? .‪#‎swag‬‪#‎strong‬‪#‎positive‬‪#‎takethestrike‬‪#‎believe‬‪#‎achieve‬‪#‎recieve‬‪#‎instamood‬‪#‎instasize‬‪#‎instacool‬‪#‎instalike‬‪#‎instalove‬‪#‎shaktians‬‪#‎shades‬2 hours ago…

  30. Mariya

    wc bro. U are my friend & as well as bro. bro com friend & we didn’t forgot u & u r ff till our death.

  31. What rubbish yaar…???? Are you gone mad…???? Who is such idiot to forget your ff…..???? You are the only one yaar who has achieved this much pride dear…..I can’t imagine 113 episode…..!!!!! Congo dear….and don’t think no ones gonna forgot it…….and episode is awesome yaar….specially the confession part…..hope this happen in real…..want to Neha expression…..superb keep going like this…..

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