Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-112

The episode starts with Ranveer leaves from there.. Ishaani eyes him crying Em cheppanu plays… Ishaani comes to Hall and tells yes to marriage.. Kalpi hugs her and tells boy to come in.. He comes there and Introduce himself as ishaan… Ishaani gives shaken to her.. Ranveer sees this and gets angry and breaks vase. Ishaani sees it and comes to him and asks what? He scold her badly and leaves from there… Ishaani gets teary eye.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays….

Ranveer comes to room and tells to mirror I love u Ishaani…. He cries… Ishaani comes there and sees ranveer.. He sees her face in mirror and breaks it.. He then turns and sees her.. Ishaani comes to her room and tells I love u ranveer.. She sees his face and breaks it..

Ranveer calls manik and azad and tells them to come to his house tmr.. They both agree.. Kalpi tells ranveer tmr is function and after 2days marriage becoz Ishaani has good time now only.. So that pls make all arrangements soon.. Ranveer nods and comes to his room..ishaani comes there and cleans his blood..

She tells him not to show angry on u r body.. Ranveer eyes her and turns… Ishaani gets hurt.. Ranveer asks her r u happy with marriage?? Ishaani remember ranveer breaking mirror and tells yes.. He gets teary eye and tells I am happy for u and leaves from there..

Ranveer comes to terrace… Next day ranveer makes all arrangements… Ishaani sees him… Ishaan comes there and holds Ishaani hand and take photo.. Ranveer gets angry and breaks glass…. Ishaani sees it and holds ishaan hand tightly.. Ranveer gets angry and leaves from there.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…

Kalpi sees this and tells this is what I want I need ranveer to be seperated from Ishaani.. She smiles evily.. Function gets over.. Manik,azad and ranveer sits on terrace and have Beer and they cheers.. Ishaani comes towards terrace..

Precap:Ranveer walks near terrace it starts raining… Ishaani comes there and hugs ranveer Allah warriyan plays.. Ishaani leaves.. Ranveer turns and sees Ishaani and comes near her and holds her hand???????

Next epi u cannot imagine this type of epi.. So wait for next epi and enjoy it I think today epi was quite boring…

Credit to: Narendran


  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice episode bro.l think they will confess their love in ur next episode.waiting..
    And all the best for ur chess competition.


    hey bro it’s marvelous epi……….but pls make the episoda bigger………u can post YOUNG LOVE ff twice in a week……..but pls make the epi big…….because it’s very fantastic

  3. Reena

    awesome episode bro!! i love this episode because even though they arent really together, they love each other and care about each other.. pls unite them tho


    oh i’m missing SATHYA sis very much………hoping that she will make a surprise return………by the how r u my all lovely brothers & sisters?????

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    And arham dr how is ur fever? Now u r ok? Pls take rest and take care.


    i’m also fine SANA sissy…….ARHAM sis got fever……..oh shoot…..GOD bless u my sweetu
    sissy…….ARHAM sissy u will be fine in no time…….take rest & don’t stress too much

  7. raji

    Keerthi dr just now i read ur comments ……i dont know the word irokoli erumbu ……what it means dr??????
    YA keerthi dr ur right …..i can see that video as shadhika &not ishveer ……
    The way of hug ,kiss is different dr……especially shakthi ‘s eyes tell everything how much he loves radz ……u know dr whenever i saw the intimate scene of ishveer …..they wah ranvi saw ishu is different ….when they get close ..particularly….cupboard scenes…valentiene day celebratetion at their home ..fridge scene ….ranvi save ishu from accident ….&&important one is ishu drunk well & in unconcious scene ….he confess his love on ishu ….i feel they r totally different we cant compare them with others dr….they r outof the world ……after saw that video &pics i am 1000%sure they r madly love with each others dr ……..

    • Payal

      You see how radhika was holding shakti tightly and she was looking with love and shakti how he was close to her and loving her and pushing her hands in that video THIS IS REAL LOVE
      And That anonymous video both look each other and start crying only both of them no anyother only shakti and radhika both tried with others but nothing like this happens which happens with our shadhika this love and they both don’t know themselves don’t know that they both love each other first they have to realise indide that they both love each other but not confessing it but radhika has realised her love that’s why she confess her love for shakti in recent fame app interview last week and she try to behave like shakti wants but now waiting for shakti
      and this will be happening soon

  8. raji

    Sana dr…premam was telecasted on local channel dr ……ok dr i tell him about premam on malayalam channel dr …u know sanadr ….today 5 .30 pm velayutham telecast on jeya tv dr …….

  9. Payal

    Shakti and radhika both are PUNJABIS and both has same date of month MAY so this not a coincidence it is their destiny to be together as husband-wife for whole life

  10. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    And raji akka thuppaki is telecasting in kairali channel at 3pm.

  11. raji

    Sana dr kairali channel is made for vijay ‘s film ma dr ……
    & here after i call u sana ma ok ……not dr ….bez i am the first girl child in my whole family i mean my dad have no own sisters ma…so my family members call me rajima ……they give me so much of love & care ….ma ….&ur my cute sister na ……so i call u sana ma …r u ok with it dr …???????

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Raji akka kairali tv telecast Vijay films almost every day because in Kerala there r so many fans for Vijay Anna so they get high ratings.
      And akka u can call me what u like.I am ok with u akka…

  12. Payal dr….. u r absolutely right…dr !!
    u know dr….. when i saw that shakti nd neha valentine…. video dr…. i cried alot….dr i lost my hope…. dr !! what if shakti didnt love radz ….. only radz love shakti …. i cried alot dr…. i want to kill my self dr…… so dats y i commit suicide….. dr !!
    after ur video dr… i got 1000% hope dr….. only that real romance shadika shows …. how much they r loving each other…. i can feel both heart feelings….

  13. Payal dr…. u know dr….. i saw that video i jumped nd go to my mom nd dad i hugged them n kissed u after seeing im flying only ….. both r involved…. in romantic….. scenes so much…. they lost their world…. !!

    shadhika love can happen not once, but many times but love shall be true n pure…!!

    I saw their pure love …. ur video dr….
    i cant say how much i’m happy after seeing ur video i’m flying….. i saw their vry natural romance

  14. Yes drs…’s not a conincidence that their b’day is in the same mnth…n their b’days are also coming.. Waiting fr any surprise on may?? waiting fr shaadhika’s union whenever they will be united it will be the biggest day of my life…… I saw that video it was looking as if it was not an acting…all of it was looking real…true love can be seen in their eyes… Their romance.. Their hug..their kiss everything was looking so watching that video am definate that they love each other…n paayal dr.. U were saying that u saw a video of Milan n ishani lip lock Dr… Plz if u get that link plz share it here also dr…

    • Payal

      It was on tv twitter fans are also searching but you can see that conversations in ff 94 that shadhika real kiss video many saw it on tv and about this real romance ff 110

  15. bro suprb… miror scene mak me depressed…but soon mak their luv confessing to each other…waiting for nxt epi..hw r u bro…and howzz the studies going on…don’t stop rettai vaal kuruvi bro..itzz very nyzz

  16. ohh myy sissy and bro…sana mariya and princ…thnx for ur concern guyzz…fever now okay guyzz..but tierdness nuch more…now i do no works..xcept NAMMAZZ and come this site…i didn’t properly talk and chat wid my scl frnds snd cousins…but here i daily visit..u all are very important to my life…u make me alwayzz happy…really miss u guyzz…

  17. how r u my families…sathya sana mariya ranaji princ dhruva rookey ishurv raji keerthu vyshu payal kushi julie tanvee…really miss u all….and luv u very much….i hav much more tierdness..even my hands and legs r so pain but also i stiill commenting bcozz of ur limitless love…ask me to go to ur telly family nu…i luv u from core of my heart guyzz…i don’t know when this relation can formed…and it’s formed in a correct manner r wrng manner….but now i strongly said…this relation never end even my death…it’s tru relation…wat u guyzz say…guyzz if i hurted u in any manner plzz forgive my mistakes…..luv u guyzz…

    • Oh my sweety Di…..pls ha don’t be emotional….or my home will be flooded with my tear……first shadhika then sathya….now you !!!! We are obvio a family….and who is that much stupid that he forget the family yaar…..and what’s happen yaar….I read comment of Prince I read that you’ve fever na….??? Are you okay ??? Please take care……and you’re shooo shweet….how could you hurt yaar……??? And me too love you dear……but why are saying like this yaar…..

  18. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Miss u too arham dr.take care and come back with more energetic.

  19. raji

    Arham dr sorry for late comment dr ….yest i was emotional with sathyadr comments………
    How is ur health ???????my sweet sister ……..

  20. raji

    Sana ma ok …….so vijay has lot of fans in kerala …..also …….vijay anna always rocking ma …..

  21. thnx raji dii for ur concern….nowadayss my health condition becomes poor…ystrdy i also feel for sathyaa dii..she make us crying na….i am also cried dr…but today her’s mehandi na….plzz say my wishes to her through mail dr…i hav no mail dr….so plzz do this favour for me…

    • Payal

      I know i am also excited to see shadhika real liplock video but it was on tv sbs and india tv and twitter fans are searching for it when they will get they will share but it happened in real as many have seen it on tv and they both were blushing during the interview see my links of that conversations in ff 94 and this romance video in ff 110

  22. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Arham dr u r saying correct then y u r ask for u too dr.

  23. raji

    Sana ,arham me alsoemotionally connected with u all …….sathya ,keerthi ,vyshu ,dhruva ,ranaji,julina ,mariya,khushi ,prince i can see u as my family members drs ……..
    What a lovely family we have na ???????

  24. thnx dhruva and vyshu dii for ur concern… ya guyzz our bond is starting from shadhika but it has no ending…onc it will end na tat’s our death guyzz…onc again thanx for ur concern guyzz…

    • Oh miss emotional…pls don’t say like this……today I think you’re sad . ….what’s the matter dear ??? And pls don’t call me Di…’re elder to me….I’m just 14 dear……I’ve many elder sis and bro……here I’m soo happy…..

  25. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Sana I am playing chess tournament and I am quite busy sorry for not commenting

  26. raji

    Arham dr no dr ….yest itself her mehendi fun over dr….sure i will convey ur wishes dr….

    Sana ma puli will telecast on april 14 on sun tv dr …….6.00pm ……

  27. guyzz..wat the hell…y sakthuu danc with shanaya…ohh god…..guyzz who r all watch golden petal…today really worried guyzz…dhruva dr …typing mistika…i call vyshu as dii…and i am forget to join (dr) near ur name…..anywayzz thankz for ur concern dr…yaa today my wrst day….

  28. Payal

    Guys shakti performed with sanaya in gpa 2016 becoz radhika was not there as when this programme happened she was busy with her real brother’s arjun madan marriage at her home in delhi that time so that’s why otherwise RADHIKA AND SHAKTI WOULD HAVE PERFORMED WITH EACHOTHER 100% SURE

  29. Payal


  30. raji

    Gud morning to all my cuties …….keerthi ,sana ,payal ,vyshu ,sathya ,arham ,dhruva ,khushi,mariya ,rookey rookers..ranaji ……..
    &today is our sweet ,lovable sister sathya ‘s marriage na drs…….so lets enjoy the day … dears …….

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Gud morning akka and thank u so sathya akka’s marriage is today? Not tomorrow?

  31. R.@[email protected]& Sanaya Irani’s performance on Janam Janam in HD!…

  32. R.@[email protected]& Sanaya Irani’s performance on Janam Janam in HD!

  33. raji

    Ya vyshu dr ..
    . i saw that pics of shakthi &sanaya ‘s performance …..i have no gutts to open the video ….i cant see him without radz &with other girl ……ya they performing well ….but my mind set ….shakthi na ….radz only his pair ….dr

  34. Hey guys tell me whether shakti n radhika were also present in colors golden petal awards or not…n was their any dance performed by them…I didn’t watch colors at all after matsh ended..plz reply anyone…..????

  35. me too same raji dr….. only saw pics dr….. omg i cant see that video…… if i see that video again i depressed….. so i dont want to see that….. but i give link here….. Anybody wants see shakti performance…. i give link but i didnt open that video….. dr
    ya dr…. without radz…… if radz is their na then it will be amazing dr…!!

  36. Mariya

    Hi sathya dii I know u are not here but I wish u a very very happy married life dii. Today ur marriage na I am very happy dii. I miss u dii & love u so much. May god bless u with all happiness & joy. & pls don’t cry we all & god are always be with u. & l know miss our matsh family. if u get free time na so pls comment in that page . we all are waiting for u dii. Again I wishhhhhhhhhhhh you a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happyyyyyyyyyy marriage life dii. Today I have my paper but I only come to wish u dii. & I send u email dii. Pls check it.

  37. All the best Maria Dr for ur exam…..
    N sathya Dr again I wished u a veryyyyyy veryyyyyy happy married life drrr….. Plz if u get time then plzz comment here u r jst like my elder sis…. I’ll miss u alot

  38. raji

    Khushi dr ….shakthi only attend the golden petal award fun dr….&he perform with sanaya irani …..radz was busy with her bro’s wedding ….so she couldnt attend the fun dr……..

  39. raji

    Payal ,khushi drs pls any one can see shakthi ‘s performance with sanaya &shadhika ‘s performance ……
    Payal dr if u can see that 2 performance na pls share about it ….dr…..i have no gutts to watch shakthi with other girl performance ….
    But i am 100%sure his expression &everything r different …..he performed with radz &he performed with sanaya … gods grace he performed with other girl…not that idiot neha na …..i am happy with it …..drs ….

    • Payal


  40. Keerthi

    My dear sissy’s
    Sorry was very busy yesterday….I saw the performance of shakti but there is no life in shakti very artificial dears ……..his face lost the charm if u seethe star plus award function u should have seen shakti’s performance with Radz u would feel josh happiness romance in their performance but with sanaya there was no feelings nothing it was lifeless I am telling na dears shakti’s shakti is in Radz only…… don’t feel bad dears the performance was not upto the Mark no romance from shakti’s side

  41. Payal

    Sathya dr today is your marriage dr my heartly congratulations to you both please come back soon and i think keerthi is gone to attend your wedding

  42. Payal

    See guys how much they both are missing each other this is true love and keerthi dr now reply to my comments on previous ff also ok

  43. Payal

    God has created shakti and radhika jodi it is written ontheir forehead ckearly that they will be together for whole life as husband-wife

  44. #IshVeerFan❤️

    Some one is missing #IshVeer ! Shakti liked these teo pics!??? Cr-to uploader
    11:20 AM – 10 Apr 2016

    By: #IshVeerFan❤️ @namitha995

    @namitha995 when and where ??? ?
    View conversation ·
    @tvphangurl1 @namitha995
    View conversation ·
    @tvphangurl1 @R_ShaktiLover Yup on insta!??
    View conversation ·
    @tvphangurl1 @namitha995 mubarak ho sab ko! ? jokes apart, he might be missing ishveer..
    View conversation ·
    @tvphangurl1 @namitha995 yeah he was, in fact both!
    View conversation ·
    @tvphangurl1 @namitha995 and you know, the best thing is, it was posted on the 31st march and he liked it now!
    View conversation ·
    @tvphangurl1 @R_ShaktiLover yes and even radhika was tagged!
    View conversation ·

  45. keerthi dr….. i saw shakti n neha…. valentine n gujarat that video….. when i saw that videos .. i cried alot dr…. i depressed….. so dats y i commmit suicide….. dr
    i have lost hope on shakti dr…
    when i saw that shadhika…. romance video i got 1000% hope dr….. both r madly in love…. with each other…..

  46. raji

    Ya payal ,vyshu drs ……i saw the twitter page ….this 100%shows that how much they miss each other …..

  47. raji

    Keerthi dr u r right ….just i saw the pics of shakthi &sanaya performance ……ya shakthi’s expression is different with radz performance ……i saw the video how happy &charm in his face dr ……wow …..

    • Keerthi

      Raji dear u see all dance videos of them performing in stage shakti was glowing and blushing but see his face when he is dancing with sanaya no josh just dance moves are intimate that’s it but where is the life in it ? With Radz he is full of liveliness this is what shakti needs to know that his luck charm looks everything came from radhika only …..shakti babbu please realize the reality u are still in the world of loyalty to neha please loyalty alone is not enough for marriage ……u should be drenched in love companionship is needed but when u are with ur girl ur face eyes everything should be glowing……if I am near my husband I am happy contended that’s the feel u should get with neha even if u are with her ur heart is longing for rads surround ur self by people who brings the best in you and who makes u stay in the top of the world luck and prosperity accompany a person if he marries a girl who his heart beats for and whose vibes are connected to each other shakti babbu ur real shakti is Radz only ……
      U shine only when she is near u ur glowness charm looks everything will return back to u if u go to Radz…..

  48. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    oh i dears .. how r u????
    pranjali i am fine dear . yes we r one family and we r great fans of ishveer and shadhika . if anyone talk bad abt them i am feelinf much anger and love to knock out their nose …lol….but expect my family….
    mariya how r u dear . yes i am fine ….love u dear . i try to mail u when i am fine dear…
    nasrin akka how r u akka . yes we r really one family . even i am connected with u akka . take care ur health akka . u can keep ur hands and legs in hot water . so it will be good for u akka ….love u too akka .. umma…
    raji akka how r u akka … i am fine … akka i want to ask u onething … when is ur marriage akka …dont be afraid akka ..just chill out … sry if i hurted u ….
    naren u r really gifted with magic writing skills bro … super writing skill … pls update young’s love atleast twice bro ….

  49. Keerthi

    Raji dear u can mail me whenever u want ……u are all my sisters I love u all loads ….I am busy dear that’s y no tym to come and comment

  50. Keerthi

    Mariya dear
    How are you doing I am fine now dear I saw ur comments but could not reply soon I was busy in hospital visits ….

  51. Keerthi

    Payal dear I agree to ur previous comments if God has decided to unite them he will definitely do it…….u know one thing dear the psychology of boys vs girls for missing a person
    Next day after missing a person they cry cry a lot
    Next week they keep on thinking about that person
    Next month they say to all their dear ones that how much they do miss that person
    After two months they may either forget that person or start to love that person
    But for boys
    Next day they party with guys
    Next week they go for outing , go to. Bar enjoy with their friends
    Next month they start to show the symptoms of missing that person
    After two months they start to cry inside and think about the memories that they had with that missing person
    So shakti is typically following guys mentality he was enjoying after he got seperated from Radz doing masti interviews with neha partying with friends after one month she showed the symptoms of missing Radz
    This month he is retweeting and liking the memories with Radz

  52. Keerthi

    Vyshu dear
    Don’t do this again dear sissy ok …..
    See I will tell you one thing u know diamond it doesn’t shine or glow until u polish it there is a saying in tamil u know that it’s erumbu oora kallum theyum means ” even ants can wear out a rock” persistence never fails even water can be held in a sieve if u wait till it turns into ice
    Like that only we waited for shakti to feel radz bug shakti did not feel anything initially same as Radz as time passed by he is starting to miss MATSH radz he would have seen the match of mumbai tigers there arjun was close with Radz na definitely he would have cried for Radz already he was missing her only but once she said I love shakti then he would have been flying only slowly he has started to show his feelings for Radz indirectly by liking MATSH pics? let me tell u one thing about boys I know one of my friend karthick was very close with a girl called priya they were called as the besties suddenly they had a fight and they seperated ok for that girl na she use to cry to us daily see how karthick is behaving I am missing him so much that and this but that guy na he was enjoying with his friends going out and having fun but after a month passed no he started to feel for her but she moved on in her life becoming very stubborn after six months of trying hard he won her back by openly confessing to her that he loves her ……and he understood that he was loving all the time ….y I am saying this means shakti is also like this guy only he was very happy and didn’t think about Radz and was enjoying with neha but as time passes na he found out where his real love is and is now eagerly waiting for MATSH 2 as that’s the only way for them to come together again …maybe Radz met shakti and confessed that she loves him which is y shakti started to like MATSH pics? Or love blossomed in shakti’s heart?

  53. Keerthi

    Vyshu dear and everyone I want to tell u all one more thing
    How much times the heart get pain also
    The heart cannot forget that person
    Because heart does not know to act
    it only knows to feel that’s y we say it has heartbeat
    So wait till shakti realizes his own heartbeat is Radz only

    • raji

      Ya keerthi dr ….we r waiting for that moment dr…….sure it will happen soon dr ……now ur health is ok????dr ……

  54. raji

    Keerthi dr i am already send a mail to u d ……
    What u say that 100%right dr……both of them missing each …..but shakthi miss radz her too much …that is the reason he post ranveer pics ,give like to ishveer pics ,his recent tweets ,fame app interview ,india forum interview …….
    Radz ….last day shoot i love u shakthi ,i miss u shakthi …& on fame app1 st time i miss u shakthi &2 nd time i love u shakthi ,i miss u shakthi …..but she express frankly …..he still hide it dr…..but now he has the symptoms …..soon our prayer will happen dr …..

    • Payal

      See raji dr how much they both are missing each other they are not saying but indirectly by matsh pics likes they are saying this and both likes each other pics in twitter,instagram right dr

    • Keerthi

      Yes raji dear they are missing each other but I really feel for shakti he is really struck with loyalty and neha …. When he felt the real feelings of love for radz he is now in sad state …. But God knows wat to do he will help shakti anyhow and bring them together he will change shakti’s mind and he will confess to radz soon

  55. raji

    Rookey rookers dr …i am fine dr …..i free for atleast 2 years ….but i dont know what god decide about my life …….this is normal fear of every girls na da ….no dr u r not hurt me …..u know dr nowadays i am spend most of my time with u drs ……

  56. raji

    Keerthi dr in recent days i got angry on ranvi on uu dr……i dont know …infeel bad for ishu ….whenever ranvi hurts ishu …automatically tears come from my eyes dr ……
    I know he do this is all bez of jealous on shikar ….but when ranvi unferstand ishu dr …….

    • Keerthi

      Raji dear really saying shakti is now getting jealous because radz became close with Arjun na the same as in serial he can not feel radz love but he cannot see radz close with another guy ranveer character is gone into shakti now his jealousy had made him realize his love for radz now so only he liked Instagram pics tweets everything

  57. raji

    Keerthi dr ur 7.35 pm comment is 1000% correct dr …..i want to learn from u lot dr…..bez i have no maturity like u dr……

  58. Payal

    You see guys how much both shakti and radhika loves each other both are liking eachother pics in twitter,instagram

  59. raji

    Ya arham dr ….i sent a mail to sathya dr …..sorry for late reply dr …..just now i read ur comments dr … ur health is ok na ??????

  60. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Keerthi akka ur 7:15pm and 7:53 comments r true.l loved ur words.

  61. Payal

    One more thing ekta kapoor and colors ceo have good terms with each other and shakti did a guest appearance in krishnadasi and now at golden petal awards 2016 and radhika came in last episode as special guest in katron ke khiladi 7 both come on colors only and both are involved in bcl which comes on colors only and naagin,matsh,bcl they are all ekta kapoor shows

  62. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys in matsh many ff came pls don’t forget mine????and Gus next epi tmr sorry …. 24trailer is launched and songs are super hit pls download and hear it especially.. Naan UN song arjit Singh and chinamay are mind blowing super song it..

  63. raji

    Keerthi ,vyshu ,sana drs did usaw uu drs ….o my ishveer intimate scenes r so natural …..keerthi dr ….i noticed one thing dr …..when ranvi (shakthi) come close to radz (ishu )……his face,charm expressionr change in a second ….dr wow ….what an expressionof shakthi &radz ….both of them r real in that scene drs ….

  64. Keerthi

    Raji dear I am here only from morning the site was down I couldn’t open the webpage now only was able to open the page

  65. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka u r family members r also saying this.they lived in that scenes.
    Akka u r studying now?

  66. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Bro what r u can we forget ur ff? I commented first on ur ff and will not forget u.

  67. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    I am here raji akka.l am trying to here from morning but I can’t open this only I get.

  68. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Why not urave uyire video? I am watching the video of urave uyire from one site.

  69. Keerthi dr when mt &kbm match dr ….this week end ?????
    Keerthi dr omg yest uu chanceless chemistry between our shadhika na……rithika’s words r 100%corret dr……the way he hug ,hold her tight ,kiss her ……so natural na ….i noticed onething shakthi did with full of happiness &radz also dr…….

  70. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    frnds frnds …important news for all ishveerians …
    now only i saw the recent tweets of shadhika and nexa … they all r interconnected ..
    radhi says its looks like i am not noticing anything but trust me i am seeing all and even nexa and shakati’s r interconnectd with radhi …. nothing is happening dears .. clearly its visible … today i totally agree with u all .. nothing is there fissy …yeepee……..

  71. Shoutout to the good hearts and beautiful‪#‎new‬‪#‎day‬‪#‎work‬‪#‎mode‬‪#‎alls[email protected]
    # instacool # instalike # instalove #instalikes # boring hashtag #swag #cliché

  72. Keerthi dr u r right dr …..shakthi cant see radz with other guy ……he loves her so much ….but he hides it …..that’s the reason he like & tweet the ishveer&ranveer pics dr …..

  73. Keerthi

    Rookey wat u want to say say it clearly dear I didn’t understand anything
    Vyshu raji payal dears u understood anything ?

    • Payal

      Keerthi dr he is saying that something is happening good with our shadhika like they both love eachother and they missing eachother and in detail he will only tell us

    • Payal

      Keerthi dr please see my comment on 12:51pm on previous ff please and you please see radhika’s recent fame app chat that metro travelling question then she will say looking all around mom to nhi h na yaha pe this means her mother is there in Mumbai but with her nani also because radhika lives with her nani(grandmother) but they were in other room they were not present during chat please you just see abd tell me becoz you know her mother mostly lives with radhika only but their home is in delhi so in between she has to go and she told in one interview that” i am there with her all the time(in Mumbai)” but she has to come to delhi in between

  74. Ya keerthi ,vyshu rookey rookers comments r confused ….but i think she comment about shadhika tweets r interconnected……as we already comment about na ..their tweets r interconnected one …..

  75. Keerthi

    Shakti’s recently tweeted shoutout to good hearts and beautiful minds
    Did u all see the wording in his tshirt
    Found myself lost again wat it means
    Raji dear vyshu payal u all see it

  76. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    vyshu and keerthi akka , actually i saw the twitter page of shadhika and nexa . the tweets passed were all interconnected . i.e somewhere they all r passing some comments abt one another . and from those tweets it is clearly visible that shadhika are missing each other and nexa is so jealous on them … yepee… and from those we can also know that they r still in contact too … so it a good news for us na …
    and radhi tweeted that she is not reacting for any news abt her , but still she knows all news abt her from her surrounding .. for example what we fans say abt shadhika , their relation , their bf , gf etc..
    now can u understand ??

  77. Payal

    Our shadhika wants to be together in real life too please help them to unite soon and confess their love for eachother

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.