Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-112

The episode starts with Ranveer leaves from there.. Ishaani eyes him crying Em cheppanu plays… Ishaani comes to Hall and tells yes to marriage.. Kalpi hugs her and tells boy to come in.. He comes there and Introduce himself as ishaan… Ishaani gives shaken to her.. Ranveer sees this and gets angry and breaks vase. Ishaani sees it and comes to him and asks what? He scold her badly and leaves from there… Ishaani gets teary eye.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays….

Ranveer comes to room and tells to mirror I love u Ishaani…. He cries… Ishaani comes there and sees ranveer.. He sees her face in mirror and breaks it.. He then turns and sees her.. Ishaani comes to her room and tells I love u ranveer.. She sees his face and breaks it..

Ranveer calls manik and azad and tells them to come to his house tmr.. They both agree.. Kalpi tells ranveer tmr is function and after 2days marriage becoz Ishaani has good time now only.. So that pls make all arrangements soon.. Ranveer nods and comes to his room..ishaani comes there and cleans his blood..

She tells him not to show angry on u r body.. Ranveer eyes her and turns… Ishaani gets hurt.. Ranveer asks her r u happy with marriage?? Ishaani remember ranveer breaking mirror and tells yes.. He gets teary eye and tells I am happy for u and leaves from there..

Ranveer comes to terrace… Next day ranveer makes all arrangements… Ishaani sees him… Ishaan comes there and holds Ishaani hand and take photo.. Ranveer gets angry and breaks glass…. Ishaani sees it and holds ishaan hand tightly.. Ranveer gets angry and leaves from there.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…

Kalpi sees this and tells this is what I want I need ranveer to be seperated from Ishaani.. She smiles evily.. Function gets over.. Manik,azad and ranveer sits on terrace and have Beer and they cheers.. Ishaani comes towards terrace..

Precap:Ranveer walks near terrace it starts raining… Ishaani comes there and hugs ranveer Allah warriyan plays.. Ishaani leaves.. Ranveer turns and sees Ishaani and comes near her and holds her hand???????

Next epi u cannot imagine this type of epi.. So wait for next epi and enjoy it I think today epi was quite boring…

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Keerthi dr when mt &kbm match dr ….this week end ?????
    Keerthi dr omg yest uu chanceless chemistry between our shadhika na……rithika’s words r 100%corret dr……the way he hug ,hold her tight ,kiss her ……so natural na ….i noticed onething shakthi did with full of happiness &radz also dr…….

  2. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    frnds frnds …important news for all ishveerians …
    now only i saw the recent tweets of shadhika and nexa … they all r interconnected ..
    radhi says its looks like i am not noticing anything but trust me i am seeing all and even nexa and shakati’s r interconnectd with radhi …. nothing is happening dears .. clearly its visible … today i totally agree with u all .. nothing is there fissy …yeepee……..

  3. Shoutout to the good hearts and beautiful‪#‎new‬‪#‎day‬‪#‎work‬‪#‎mode‬‪#‎alls[email protected]
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  4. Keerthi dr u r right dr …..shakthi cant see radz with other guy ……he loves her so much ….but he hides it …..that’s the reason he like & tweet the ishveer&ranveer pics dr …..

  5. Keerthi

    Rookey wat u want to say say it clearly dear I didn’t understand anything
    Vyshu raji payal dears u understood anything ?

    • Payal

      Keerthi dr he is saying that something is happening good with our shadhika like they both love eachother and they missing eachother and in detail he will only tell us

    • Payal

      Keerthi dr please see my comment on 12:51pm on previous ff please and you please see radhika’s recent fame app chat that metro travelling question then she will say looking all around mom to nhi h na yaha pe this means her mother is there in Mumbai but with her nani also because radhika lives with her nani(grandmother) but they were in other room they were not present during chat please you just see abd tell me becoz you know her mother mostly lives with radhika only but their home is in delhi so in between she has to go and she told in one interview that” i am there with her all the time(in Mumbai)” but she has to come to delhi in between

  6. Ya keerthi ,vyshu rookey rookers comments r confused ….but i think she comment about shadhika tweets r interconnected……as we already comment about na ..their tweets r interconnected one …..

  7. Keerthi

    Shakti’s recently tweeted shoutout to good hearts and beautiful minds
    Did u all see the wording in his tshirt
    Found myself lost again wat it means
    Raji dear vyshu payal u all see it

  8. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    vyshu and keerthi akka , actually i saw the twitter page of shadhika and nexa . the tweets passed were all interconnected . i.e somewhere they all r passing some comments abt one another . and from those tweets it is clearly visible that shadhika are missing each other and nexa is so jealous on them … yepee… and from those we can also know that they r still in contact too … so it a good news for us na …
    and radhi tweeted that she is not reacting for any news abt her , but still she knows all news abt her from her surrounding .. for example what we fans say abt shadhika , their relation , their bf , gf etc..
    now can u understand ??

  9. Payal

    Our shadhika wants to be together in real life too please help them to unite soon and confess their love for eachother

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