Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-111

The episode starts with ishaani comes to her room and smiles thinking about ranveer…He also keeps book aside and thinks about ishaani Tum hi ho plays…Ishaani stops at once and beats her head and tells why i am thinking much about him now a days?? She takes books and starts learning..Ranveer also tells the same and comes to hall and comes to madhu and asks for dinner..She tells him to wait for 2min..

Ishaani comes there and sees ranveer…She tells someone always only eats and not works at all.. Ranveer tells her today I washed u r clothes.. Madhu tells what? Really!! She comes to him and tells so sweet of u PA.. She asks Ishaani how he accepted to wash u r clothes becoz he won’t wash his clothes itself… ????

Ishaani tells he is my best friend so only.. Apu comes there and Chat with her friends.. She sits on table.. She does not see food and keeps her phone.. It gets problem.. Ishaani and ranveer hi fi each other and smiles at her.. Apu cries and leaves from there.. Ranveer tells Ishaani I need to tell u one thing.. She tells him to tell tmr becoz tmr is my birthday.. He tells OK…

Ishaani comes to her room and thinks what was ranveer wants to say to me? She thinks if he tells I love u means what I will do? She gets prepared… Ranveer calls someone and tells them to make arrangements properly…

Next day.. Ranveer comes to her room and wishes her with cake.. She comes to washroom and gets ready and comes out and cuts the cake. She asks ranveer what he was about to say? Ranveer takes flowers and tells I……….. Raghav and kalpi comes there and wishes her happy birthday…

Raghav tells we have brought alliance for u.. Within 1month marriage.. For u… Ishaani gets teary eyes and remembers ranveer.. She sees ranveer crying in lawn .. She makes excuse and comes there.. He wipes his tears.. She asks her what he was about to say? Ishaani thinks pls ranveer tell me I love u… He tells her I am happy for u.. He wishes her happy married life.. He leaves from Ishaani gets teary eyes.. She sits down and cries.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays….

Ishaani shouts I love u ranveer… Kalpi hears it and tells I won’t let u and ranveer unite…. Ishaani breaks things and her hand gets hurt.. Ranveer sees it and gets restless he comes there and beats on her head and puts oinment to her hand.. Ishaani asks him to say the truth.. He leaves from there..

Precap:Ranveer tells to mirror I love u Ishaani… Ishaani tells to mirror I love u ranveer… Tum hi ho plays….

Credit to: Narendran



    oh man hey bro i’m also very restless here ……….pls unite ISHVEER in ur next epi pls pls pls bro

  2. bro…chanc less epi…really awaiting epi…plzz post nxt part soon…yhen whr is…rettai vaal kurvi..plzz post it in matsh page only….previous epi also nyzz…sry for not commenting..i hav shivered by heavy fever and sick…now i took my phon for reading ff only…

  3. Keerthi

    Payal dear I want that video dear….Milan and ishani lip lock scene….I am searching for that video dear……if u find it post the link dear……

    • Payal

      Keerthi dr twitter fans are searching when they will get they will post it actually olv was on tv sbs and india tv so not finding it online maybe it is online but where is it they directly told that many saw it on tv but not online and it was a sensation for india forums for few days about this topic
      you see twitter page R LOVER and you can be very interested and keen to visit this page daily

  4. hsppy news..i thnk praveena dr is back…she commented in…anushka’s ..who is the best coupl in onscreen…..she is our cuttie sissy…praveena sissy..plzz commnt in this page also…really miss u akka..u r also tamilan na

  5. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Here is next epi Arham I will soon introduce Ishaani and ranveer there so in that ff also ishveer.. I am writing 4ff in that 2already ishveer.. 1more ff also ishveer. But I can’t add in vishkanya becoz it is super natural show…

  6. Amazing epi bro,, n paayal Dr,, I saw the video…omg Dr it is called true love ??Dr…now I can definitely say that they both love each other a lot…?? omg I can’t telll u paayal sissy,, I can’t tell u how much happy I am by watching this video??? I am really speechless….
    N dr one request if u find any other such videos on Twitter or any where else… So plz Dr share the link plzzzz plzzz as I m not active in other pages other then some ffs of matsh n sometimes kkb….so plzz if u find some other such videos,, then plz share it here also Dr??

  7. raji

    Keerthi ,payal ,drs just now ia read all ur commente drs…..ur 100%right ……keerthi dr …bez ur a married womwan na ……… i can see them as shadhika not ishveer …..what a outstanding romance dr ……o my god the way both of look at each other ,radz hug him tight……

    I pray for matsh 2 & them drs ….soon god will do some big miracles dr s…….
    Waiting for that day …….u know drs……yest night i cant slept well …only thinking about the day dr…….

    • Payal


  8. raji

    Payal dr ya some fans r said its true ……some said its april fool news……i wish it be a true news dr ……

  9. raji

    Keerthi dr …. i agree with u dr ……i want to see them in daily soap …..not bollywood dr ….&…if they come to tamil industry like madavan(madi)na …..sure they will get a top place than madavan na ….bez he also ahindi serial actor na ……just this ie my opinion …..what u say keerthi dr .?????????

  10. Keerthi

    Vyshu dear I am here where are you
    Yes ur right shakti is hiding his feelings for radz that’s y he is waiting for matsh 2 his face has lost the charm nowadays I can see it clearly in mmvh….. After seeing that video I felt how much he would miss radz because not with every girls guys become romantic only if that girl is in his heart he can show this much passion in romance…… I am also waiting for the day when he will reveal his love if it’s on her birthday I will be dancing and celebrating only…. U know dear for April fool prank that radz is getting married to her beau ishan arya she has refused saying he is my childhood friend and he is a businessman I am not going to get married for ten years so I don’t entertain these news…… I am happy after reading radz interview a bit relieved now it’s up to shakti babbu to express if he speaks his heart out definitely radz would melt away wat say dear

  11. Keerthi

    Yes raji dear I am saying it’s the real romance I could see it in shakti’s eyes it’s not acting it’s real I was flying only after seeing that video now I get y he cried so much on the last day shoot as much as we miss their romance shakti is also definitely missing romance with radz I saw it love them both god please unite them soon in real and reel life too plz????

  12. raji

    Keerthi dr i have a doubt y shakthi…still not confess his love on radz & still mum……u know dr ….i like virat &anushka pair …..virat get angry when the bad news about virat & anushka ……he express his feeling in front of press people also….
    But shakthi is not like him…..he is still quite ….even after radz frankly said i love u shakthi &fb ,ig ,twitter fans said the same things …..there is no response that also …..really shakthi is a confusing man …..

    But i have lots of hope on god….soon he will do some magic in our shadhika ‘ s life dr …….
    What u say dr ?????

  13. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode bro.waiting for ishveer love confessing episode.

  14. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka I don’t know when college start it will be after results and seat allotments.
    Akka is there Malayalam channels in ur house? Today two Vijay films in Malayalam channels.velayudham in surya at 3:30 pm and khushi in kiran at will be in Tamil not u can enjoy it.his films is showing in kairali almost every day but it will be in Malayalam.

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Sorry akka khushi is at 7pm in kiran is one of my favorite film.

  15. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Bro now u r in Kerala? How is here? Here temperature is too high but today we got rain in our r u?

  16. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Sana I am going to theri movie first day first show!! I hope it will be good I watch it for Samantha and Amy and Atlee..

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      So after seeing theri u pls tell about that film to me.l mean how is the film.pls…..
      Because I can’t go for first day.

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Oh today is good day raji nanban started in kairali tv!!!

  17. Frns sis and bro i dnt know whether its my last comment but surely i miss u all.i wanna tell a few things abt u in my heart drs.

    ARHAM-she is very sweet and nice girl.i love u dr.i miss.u.u r my real sis.i know dr u r down to earth person as well as very kind person dr.ur hubby is very lucky he hv my sweet sisterna,i miss u dr

    RAJI-she is my soulmate.i dnt know whenever i comment for raji i fl her charecter is same like me.dr i love u i miss u dr.dnt forget me.u r very emotinal and hv white heart dr,my heartly wish for ur bright future dr,i know u r very sweet so ur life going to be wonderfull dr.i miss u dr

    KEERTHI-keerthi is my elder sis.dr whatever u said i ll follow dr.thanks for ur valuable words dr.u know onething whenever we r all fl sad that time ur comments make us fl good dr.u r an optimistic person,i learnt lot from u dr.sometimes i wonder as a married girl u crazy tis much abt shadika like me.u wish soon u give abirth to cute kutti keerthi.i love u dr i miss u

    VYSHU-we all know she is moreeeeee crazy on shadika like.dr at first i think iam only like tis becoz i keenly watch every scene of matsh sometimes my thinking are all very crazy but after i meet u na i thought oh she is very crazy om shadika like me.whenever i saw any videos of shafika i remember u dr suddenly i share that link to u.becoz u r crazzzzzzzy fan like me.i know ur future is shadika so i wish our shadika getting married soon and we r all enjoy that party k dr.but pls dnt take any wrong decision dr always keep calm dr.i miss u i love u dr

    SANA-sana sweety,i liie her name itself a lot.she is cuty kutti sis for me.dr whenever i visit kerala i inform to u dr.i love ur place very much.u r very sweet sis for me.i like ur way of response to each amd every one.all the best for ur studies dr.i wish u hv a great future dr i miss u chellam i love u

    MARIYA-mariya is very very sweet girl.u know she is not came regularly but whenever she came she response to all comments.such a wondersfull sister.dr pls concentrate on ur studies .u hv bright future dr i send u a mail that is mail id.dnt hessitate to contact me dr.i love u i miss u dr

    RANAJI-among all sisters i hv one cute bro.very kind bro.such atalent guy.bro u keep ur efforts sure one day u become a success man i wish u all the best for ur bright future.i miss u and ur ff bro

    PAYAL-payal is same as of vyshu dr.she is also a crazy fan of shadika like me.and i saw that video now dr thank u so much for ur link.and dr dnt be stressed always keep smiling one day our wish come true shadika marriage to be happen soon .i misa u dr i love u

    JULINA-she was not visit freq to tis page but at very short perio of time she is very very close to me.sucha wonderfull girl.dr u r very sweet and nice girl i like ur ff more dr.u r my sweet sweet sis.i miss u i love u dr

    DHURUVA-dhuruva is also crazy on shadika.dr ur ff is too good pls continue and thanks for ur wishes dr.u r also my sweet sis i wish u hv a bright future dr.i miss u i love u dr

    KUSHI-kushi dr at very short period of time u r very close to heartly wishes for ur bright future dr.i miss u i love u

    ROOKEY ROOKERS-she also not visit regularly to tis page but she is very nice girl.i remeber ur bday is on feb 14na dr valentines day.u r also tamiliana dr.i wish u hv a such a wonderfull future dr.and i like ur name amirtha.i love u dr i miss u
    and all frnds
    all my drs i miss u all i want all ur wishes becoz good people bleashing makes my life wonderfull i know u r all such pure hearted persons.tmrw my engagement and day after tmrw my mrge.i write tis comment wid my teary eyes here some rituals atmre going meanwhile i write tis comment,i love u all really really i miss u all.but i comeback as soon as possible dnt forget me drs..


    i miss some name pls pls pla dnt mistake me.i write tis comment very fast that is y i forget some name.but i miss each and every one here.
    I LOVE U

  18. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Sathya akka u r such a cute person.tears r automatically coming from my eyes.u r my own sis.u will be always in my dua.l want u always to be happy.don’t know y I am crying this much.u r loved by everyone because of ur behavior.enjoy all the marriage happy always.akka if u have time pls comment here.I am very attached to u
    Will miss u badly.
    Ok akka whenever u visit Kerala pls inform me akka.if I get a chance surely I will meet u.
    Wish u a happy marriage life akka..
    Love u sooooooooo much…….

  19. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    akka here i am crying… i cant able to forgot my sweet sis ang going to be mrs.satya viswanathan….i love u akka . pls dont say this the last com. pls com. us when u r free…. i will miss u so much…love uuu akka.. pls dont forget me… and i will contact u via mail…akka all r best wishes r with u always as a frnd and as ur real sis. 12th april i will mail..pls com. here after marriage u sweety have a verry verrrrry haappyyy maried life .. ur hubby will take care u like my ranvi . dont worry .. ur mom will be very happy in heaven … love u dear…

  20. ohh my poor sathya sissy..ur commnt make me cry…already i am in a heavy fever and it mak me ovr feeled dr…don’t wrry chlm…ur futur lyf will be very bright…our jijju with u na…he cares u lyk a god rv ur family…he is a very very very very very lucky person to deserves u lyk a girl…my sissy don’t panic yaar be happy…really luv u akka..i’ll dua for u daily…miss u very very….plzz try to commnt aftr marrag…all d bst akka……ur mom is with u…

  21. raji

    Sathya dr …..ur comments r made me cry dr ……..ya dr …i have only 5 friendsdr …..but in a short time …..i dont know ……how i can attach this much to u all……happy marriage life my soulmate sathya dr …..only tears r fell from my eyes …..i cant comment .more ……

  22. Pls sathya dear don’t say like this you’ll also make me cry yaar……..u know whenever any girl marry I think why to marry yaar…???? Can’t we always stay with our parents…..but its a phase of life we have to accept it……pls dear be happy in your life yaar…..and me too love you yaar…..and I’ll also miss you yaar….and best of luck yaar…..

  23. PRINCE

    oh my lovely, dearie, sweety SATHYA sissy pls come back soon……….don’t say like that there is a proverb u should remember “KABHI ALVIDA NA KEHNA”……….pls sissy don’t say like that……..cause we r a family……..if u keep saying like that it’ll feel like a family member is departing forever……..pls sissy don’t go………

  24. raji

    Sana dr ….ya dr …today is very good day dr… only vijay anna s movie on malayalam channels … dr …i saw velayutham on surya …..but my bro want to see premam dr …so i give remote to him ……dr .

    Ya sana dr ….me also want to see first show theri but i cant ….after one week i will see that dr ………

  25. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Pls try to comment Akka in my ff are I will cry????becoz of u only i write this ff and for arham,prince and sana becoz from first till now I encourage me alot if one is not here then I will cry

  26. Thank u so much sathya Dr…. Fr considering me also as ur frnd Dr… I m so happy that someone who haven’t seen me n don’t know me became my gud frnd… I really love u all dr… I was a silent reader usually n used to read ur comments…previously I used to think that I m only this much crazy on matsh, ishveer n shaadhika but after visiting this page I came to know that there are many who r fans of matsh more then me…I love u all… Drs even I don’t love my school frnz n other frnz this much…I love u all so much n sathya dr… Plz Dr try to comment dr I gonna miss u alot dr… Plz for our shaadhika sake.. Plz try to comment dr… Plz n Dr wish u a happy married life dr

  27. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    ohhhh sathya di… I’ll miss u so much….. whenever u get time please comment here…..and di I’ll be always in contact with u di through fb…..di we all will miss u so much….
    { [sathya(leader),ishuRV(means me Pranjali), vyshu,julina,ranaji,arham,sana,k.praveena,raji,keerthi,payal,arora(earlier),shalini,ishveer,dhruva,khushi,the couple,rookey rooker-amritha,sona,raji,riya,prince(sometimes angry young man….sorry prince),rimjhim(our old matsh’s daily epi writer),and the later writer(sona I think), cutie pie-zainu,tanvee,marry,Mariya, reena(sorry if I forgot somebody)]——-A CRAZY , DIE HEART , LOVING , VERY POSSESSIVE(towards ishveer), PAGAL ,SANKI , PYARRIIIIII FAN’S TEAM OF ISHVEER VAGELAS( RANVEER VAGHELA AND ISHANI RANVEER VAGHELA) OF MERI ASHIQUI TUM SE HI }

  28. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    I am doing the show to inspire my viewers – Shakti Arora
    The actor is currently hosting Sony TV ‘s Mann Mein Vishwaas Hai.
    Sunday, April 03, 2016 | 1:52:24 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)
    8 Comments | Copyright: india-forums/tellybuzz
    Shakti Arora , who was seen in many shows like Dill Mill Gayye and Tere Liye is best known for his stint in Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi . As soon as the show ended, his fans were getting desperate to see the actor on-screen again. And voila! Here he is, hosting Sony’s latest show Mann Mein Vishwaas Hai.
    In a candid conversation with the actor, we got him spill on why he took up this show. Excerpts.
    This is your third show as a host. So how has the experience been so far?
    It has been very nice so far. And it is not a bad thing to do. It adds to your versatility. Also, you earn more money and you have to dedicate less time than you do for daily soap shoots. The one difference between shooting for a daily and hosting a show is that in our soaps, we can improvise our dialogues. This is not possible here. The anchor links here are written in shuddh hindi. There are many shloks and dohas. And obviously we can’t change them. We follow the script here like a Bible. During my Braincafe days also, we used to practise the experiments one week prior to the shoot.
    What made you take up this show?
    This show is all about spirituality and God. At the same time it is also very inspirational. And with shows like Mann Mein, faith would increase among people. I believe that if you have immense faith in God and do good karmas, you will receive only good in return. But again, we are not promoting any religions on our show. We just share various faiths of people. I believe that if you be good and do good, good will come to you too.
    How much of a believer are you?
    I believe in Jesus. But I also visit temples. I have visited a lot of temples in and around Mumbai. Faith rakhoge to sab positive hi hoga aapke saath . If there is negative aura around you, only negative things will happen to you. But even after having positive thoughts and intentions, negative things are happening, then all they do is teach you good lessons.
    You are considered a youth-icon. But a majority of youth today, are not believers of blind faith. What would you want to say about that?
    I am doing the show so that even if 5% of my viewers watch the show, they get inspired. We are making the show, so that we can inspire people.
    Any personal incident experienced by you which made you a more strong believer in God?
    There was this interview that I desperately wanted to pass. But I was also sure that I would not be able to clear it. But my near and dear ones prayed for me and I got through it. There is one more incident. I had wanted a specific car and at that time it was way beyond my price range. But I had it within 6 months. Miracles happen in life. It is just that you have to be patient and have faith.
    You took up this show immediately after Meri Aashiqui, any specific reason for doing so?
    I wanted to take a break. But then this show came along and I took it up. The main advantage is that I am able to balance my social life and work as well. I shoot for 3 days and take a break for 1 day. That is my schedule now which is pretty much sorted.
    How much do you miss your MATSH cast?
    A lot. But the good thing is that we are in touch. We try catching up as frequently as we can. We have worked together for so long. There is obviously a strong bond amongst us.
    The actor signed off after this. As for his show, it has been receiving a good response. We wish Shakti all the best and hope his run-in with success continues.

  29. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka in which channel premam telecasted? In Tamil channel?
    And bro u love premam na.on vishu day premam is in asianet and kairali.if u have time watch it.

  30. Julina

    Hi dears…. sathya akka really I’m crying…. I don’t know what to say… u must come back…. I’ll eargerly wait for ur comments…. i have many yonger sis.. but here i got many elder siss….. seriously within this short period u guys become very cls to me…. I was suffered from fever last days… I can’t visit this page…. I missed u toooooo much…. like pranjali and dhruva said… we all become one family praying for shadika happiness…. pls akka visit this page…. we all waiting for ur comment…

  31. Mariya

    Hi sathya di ur my best dii . how are you dii & I think today is ur mehendi ceremony na . I know my dii’s mehendi get more dark red colored . I am very happy my sweet di get married . keep enjoying it di . & don’t cry di be happy & god will full fill all ur wishes & I always pary for u di . even I am also crying. Miss u di & love u to di. Take care.

    • Payal

      Keerthi dr this proves that she does not love ishan as she has confirm now right my keerthi dr reply me

  32. Mariya

    Vyshu , sana, ranaji , prince ,keerthi , dhurva , amritha,IshuRv, Khushi, payal , how are u friends. I am fine .

  33. Keerthi

    Raji dear yes dear always shakti babbu is mystery only ……the only reason he is still hesitating maybe because of neha ……maybe in tamil we say na irukolli erumbu like that only dear….shakti’s position is he is struck between loyalty and real love now ……I pray God only he does some magic in everyone’s life so he will do it in his life also ………..but I saw the real love my hubby was cent percent sure that he is having so much feelings on Radz the way he pushed her hands I found it ma it is how real couple romance that he showed off……during their consummation scene u know when giving interview I saw both of their faces drenched in shyness…….God should help them if. They truly love each other definitely the whole universe will play Cupid for them ………

    • Payal

      Yes keerthi dr i also saw love in both shakti and radhika eyes everyone is thinking same this is not a coincidence so you only imagine

  34. sathya dr….. ur comments made me cry dr…. sweet sister … pls come back…… pls i cant control my tears…. i love u i miss u love u loads….??????????????? here is my email id…. [email protected]….
    pls come back soon dr….
    enjoy ur marriage rituals…dr ur maa always with u…. u always be happy….. I wish vry vry happy married life…..!!
    i dont have any sisters… here all r my own sisters….. nd 1 own bro….!!
    keep smiling…. sathya dr….. pls come back soon 🙂

  35. or quite some time now, rumours of television actress Radhika Madan tying the knot with beau Ishan Arya have been going viral on social media. Rumour has it that the actress, who is apparently dating businessman Ishan for several years now, is planning to get married by the end of this year in Delhi.However, Radhika refuted the wedding rumours claiming it as an April fool prank. She also claimed that she will notbe getting married for the next couple ofyears. “I guess people love playing pranks and taking advantage of April 1. No, I am not getting married for another 10 years. Marriage is so far for me. Ishan is my best friend. He is a businessman and we have known each other for many years. But no, there is nomarriage happening here,” Radhika told theTimes of India.The latest report will surely disappoint Radhika’s fans who were excited with the news of the actress’ wedding.Meanwhile, Radhika, who played the role of Ishaani in popular show “Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi,” is on a break after the show went off air. Last month, the gorgeous actress was seen actively participating in her brother Arjun’s wedding in Delhi. Radhika also shared some pictures and videos from the wedding on her Instagram page.Besides her brother’s wedding, Radhika – a member of team Mumbai Tigers – is busy with celebrity “Box Cricket League 2” (BCL 2).Recently, Radhika had also made a guest appearance in the semi-finale episode of “Khatron Ke Khiladi 7,” whichhad Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor as the host. The actress was seen performing some daredevil stunts alongwith some other popular celebrities.

    • Payal

      Vyshu dr this proves that radhika doesnot love ishan as she clear it now he is her childhood best friend only nothing else RADHIKA ONLY LOVES HER SHAKTI WHO WILL SOON BE ENTERING IN HER HEART AND RADHIKA ALSO IS ENTERING IN SHAKTI’S HEART RIGT MY VYSHU DR REPLY ME

  36. Fans gear up for some dancing drama!!!Popular dance reality showJhalak Dikhhla Jaa(Colors & BBC) is soon going to be back.Earlier we reported about Siddharth Nigam being a part of the series.Now, as per the reports, popular television faces including Arjun Bijlani, Shakti Arora, Jigyasa Singh, Karishma Tanna, Mandana Karimi and Nora Fatehiare all set to take part in the show.While reports suggested that Arjun and Mandana have already signed for the venture, Karishma, Nora and others are yet to confirm.When we buzzed Shakti, the good looking man remarked, “I get approached for Jhalak every single year. Even this time as well, but nothing is confirmed.”On the other hand, Jigyasa shared, “Yes,I was approached, but I have not finalized anything”.Aren’t you excited to watch them on Jhalak soon? Shout it out loud for them

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