Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-110


The episode starts with Ranveer changes the dress and comes out and sees her and tells her not to tell anyone about this. She agrees.. Ishaani comes to class room her friend asks her where is that dress? Ishaani tells it got dirty so I throwed it.. Ranveer smiles he comes to his friends and tells today is my best day in my life. Manik asks what? Azad tells he fallen in love with someone and teases ranveer.. Ranveer tells them to keep quiet and they all comes to class room..
Manik sits near girls and flirts with them.. But girls sees ranveer and comes there and tries to speak but he leaves from there.. Neha comes there and calls manik he comes there.. Neha speaks to him softly and praises him.. Manik asks her what she wants? Neha tells I need to go with u dinner outside.. He asks what? Really!! Neha tells yes..

Manik tells sure.. Ranveer comes out and sees Ishaani listening to class. He tells his boy sitting out to get lost and sits there.. He sees her???????????????????????????????????He sees her lovingly…. Ranveer sees the class time is getting over and gets up and leaves from there.. Ishaani sees him running and calls out.. But he runs from there and starts bike.. But it does not.. Ishaani comes there and sits in back seat and tells ranveer to take bike.. Ranveer tells I need to pick up apu.. Ishaani tells for her today college got over by 3.00 itself now time is 4.30lets go…

Ranveer tells her to get down. Ishaani tells him to start or everyone will see u then u r image will be spoiled.. He starts it and drives rashly and puts break but Ishaani holds back?????????ranveer puts break near speed breaker.. Ishaani hits his shoulder???Allah warriyan plays.. He smiles..

Ishaani tells him to drive fast and they both comes to house.. Ranveer comes to his room. Ishaani comes there and gives dress to him and tells him to wash it.. He asks what? Ishaani blackmails him.. He tells OK and washes the cloth.. He smirks and tells I won’t wash mine itself but today I am washing for others it is all my fate!!?????

Ishaani tells him to wash neatly.. She smiles at him.. Ranveer gives her sari and tells her to put it on terrace and he comes to his room and smells his hand and tells ohhhhh!!paaaa!!!! He washes his hands… He comes to his room and takes books and starts learning…

Precap:Neha sees ranveer talking with a girl and tries to see her face…

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Sry guys… I haven’t come to this site.. my health condition was too bad these days….. now only I saw all ur comments… vyshu dear… seriously I’m very angry with u…. why u did such things… we all love ishveer… like evrybody said… if destiny want them to be United…. they will be unite for sure…. pls don’t do such things…we can ask them to feel… but we can’t force them to love …. if shakti don’t confess his love he’ll have a great loss in his life… but I’m sure… he will express his love …. we all hope and pray for that…. I’m sry if I hurt u…

    Sana dear… how’s ur hand…. pls take care dear….

    Mariya, dhruva, amritha dears… how’s ur exams….

    Raji, payal, arham, khushi, prince dears …. how r u

    Keerthi dear…. how is ur health… may I call u akka… u r too elder than me…

    Sathya akka…. how r u… wedding preparations over ah…. happy married life akka…. I’m going to miss u….

  2. Ranaji bro…. it’s really awsm…. superb story line… nice coverpic

    1. Sure dear u can call me Akka I am happy

  3. Payal that’s y I said I saw real love being a married women I could understand shakti’s feelings the way he pushed her hands dats the moment I found he is madly in love with her even radz the way she held him I saw saw???????☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️My hubby as soon as seeing the video said this is the best proof that how much his heart is longing for radz if u leave them alone then wat all will happen ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ He said he will pray for both of them to become one

    1. Yes keerthi dr yes i love you my sis please be there with me everytime

  4. Paayal Dr the video is not opening Dr,,

    1. Why khushi dr all others have seen it

  5. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    juliana dear .. yes i did my xams well .. now i am in 12th sad…dear..
    raji akka i am fine …
    payal ,keerthi akja , vyshu dear i cant able to open that video and in that site there r too many opion in that which one we should go??? keerthi akka what ur hubby said should happen akka!!!

  6. Guys you all should visit R LOVER TWITTER PAGE i saw this video there and that real lip to lip kiss of shakti and radhika during milan track,fame app chat discussion and many more i feel very goid visiting that page they discuss these things and told that many more scenes are there like rain scene which is too much censored means cut so imagine the real romance of shadhika which we saw was also really romantic and hot and here only i see unedited scene and many more unedited scenes are there but video is not there on twitter only this scene unedited video i got from there
    So guys please visit this page regularly and if any thing anyone gets please share with us and that link of that also

  7. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I have sent all my ff but young love will be some what boring pls forgive me but there is ishveer scene for u all???????????

  8. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Julina dr my hand is ok.pain is ru?

  9. Payal dear yes dear I agree with u TV actors are not treated properly only …….better shakti and radz can be on small screen itself yes they are perfect for each other themselves …… Only one doubt I have dear he loves her so much y he is not showing it out….. If he tells his heartfelt feelings to radz sure radz will accept…. Because the video shows that they were real life husband and wife….. Even in that consummation scene also I saw he was showing the real passion…… So as he said in one offscreen interview he said chance pe dance mardo…….so when they get into romance scenes they really are happy to do it I agree agree

    1. God will do some miracles as miracles exists and now God only will unite our shakti and radhika in real life and shakti have lot of love for radhika it’s sure but he is hesitating and radhika already confess her feelings to shakti in recent fame app interview last week and this video explains everything right keerthi dr

  10. Keerthi ,payal ,vyshu dr s pls see the forum …..they give the bollywooddadi link ….but its inactive ….dr …..good news for ishveer fans matsh 2 come ……

    Guys pls see the forum & give me link drs ……plsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplspls

  11. Payal dr r u angry with me dr…..?????y u not reply my comments dr ….plssorry dr if i did any mistake na …..&pls reply me dr …..

    1. No raji dr nothing like that but this site is wierd so that’s why they are saying may be april fool ho but i am not sure dr

    2. Some are saying ki news real hain

  12. Payal ,keerthi dr pls reply me drs …….plsplsplsplspls drs

  13. Julina dr pls take care of ur health ?????what happened to u dr .???????

  14. After seeing these video dears…. shadika in 1000% madly love with each other….. but shakti is hiding drs…. he cant hidding so many days….. couz….. i saw how much he loves radz….. i can understand….his heartfelt…. he open his heartfelt radz birthday her gift….. is shakti tell I love u…..radhika i love so much drs…. i cant live without u kyunki meri aashiqui sifi tumse hi….!!

    Iam sure her birthday going to be miracle happen…. im eagerly…. waiting for both birthdays…!!

  15. Dears….. i agree with u all…. i aslo dont want to go bollywood ….!!
    keerthi.dr…. ur hubby say should will happen dr…. now i have 1000% hope…. dr

  16. i want my whole life…..shadhika in small screen only ….

  17. Guys please see these links you will know how much shakti and radhika loves each other

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