Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-109

The episode starts with Ishaani gets ready in the morning.. In malayali style.. She looks at mirror and takes selfie… Ranveer gets ready and comes down and sees Ishaani is not there and eats food and calls apu and tells let us go.. They both start bike.. Ishaani shouts them to wait. But he drives bike.. Ishaani comes down and calls madhu and asks for tiffin. She gives it and tells u are superb and greets her…

Ranveer comes to college and waits for his friends they both comes there.. Azad tells them that her father won big case and he gave me iPhone as gift.. Manik asks him for what u got it? Azad tells I gave my father one idea and he tells my father won case against neha father case only… Neha comes there in auto.. Ranveer smiles.. He laughs with his friends..?????????Neha comes there and sees them laughing at her ?????

Ishaani comes there in style.. Ranveer sees her Sanam re plays..????????????????????????. Ranveer stares at her.. Azad and manik tells wow!!! Ranveer tells them that she is my friend and we both are staying at same house.. But I have seen her in this type today only…. Ranveer tries to talk to her but Ishaani moves from there.. She sees him and talks with others and make her as busy… Ranveer tries to talk to her but other girls comes there and talks to ranveer.. He jokes at them and leaves from there..

Neha sees this and thinks something and makes an idea.. Ranveer comes to mani k and azad and tells them about Ishaani.. Azad tells then..?????They both laughs… Ranveer tells them to stop… They both runs.. Ranveer also runs to beat them… Ishaani gets ready with chain given by her friend… Ranveer runs that side.. Ishaani comes out and ranveer slips and falls on Ishaani and they both role on water.. Sanam re plays…???????????????????????????? Ranveer sees her and gets amused and he tells I thought of speaking… But now.. He tells u are speaking!!! Now with me. He tells u are all beautiful…. She tells this is water and now let’s get up and they both get up.. Ishaani tells my sari and cries like a child.. Ranveer tells I will wash u r dress at home.. He sees nobody and brings her lab and gives her new sari.. He changes and comes out.. Ranveer also changes dress

Precap:Ishaani comes to house and tells ranveer to wash her sari!



    it’s very nice bro………but when they will unite??????? i’m eagerly waiting for their romance…………..pls bro unite them & give them the famous ISHVEER’s romance

  2. Reena

    This is such a cute episode!! But i agree with prince.. When are you uniting them and showing ishveer romance? But amazing job!


    hey brothers & sisters……..can i get ur all facebook id pls?????? cause i want do friendship with all of u & stay connected with u all the time……….so pls bros & sis don’t think me wrong …….my intentions are not wrong…….i just want to make our bond strong

  4. raji

    Sathya dr …….ya i consult doctor dr…..he said dont take tension ….that may affect ur health ……i took tablet yest night ……now i feel better dr ……

    Sathya dr pls do one favour for me dr….pls reply on mail dr…bez i can send mails but my send box is invisible dr …..that s y i again& again tell u to reply me on mail dr…….

    Pls today night my net back is over dr……so pls reply soon …..i mean today …..dr

  5. Payal dr y u hv tis much stressed dr.nothing ll happen dr.pls calm down.ya i saw that valent video dr i wanna tell u onething radz and ishan are good frnds.u knowna dr radz is very frndly and childish in nature that is y she is very close wid iahan as a childhood frnd nothing between radz and onething i know shakti and radz having ego shakti also told in bollywood life interview abt that na so becoz of their ego both r shown that they r close wid another u understandna what i hv to tell.payal dr one thing i am sure radz and ishan not lovers just frnds and i dnt know abt ishan may be he loves radz but she is not ready to accept ishan as her lover.if she loves means she doesnt told in last day shoot as “i miss u shakti and i love u”,rads is very good girl she is very childish in nature but now a days she look like a matured girl becoz of her love over shakti..both r still having that ego dr.still shakti not marry nehana then why u r tis much tensed dr.anything ll change in life dr sur shakti confess his love to radz untilp we r all keep patience so pls calm

      • Payal

        Vyhu dr i was crying for you please don’t repeat it again you taught me BELIEVE IN GOD GOD WILL DEFINITELY HEAR US SEE THE ANONYMOUS COMMENT AND MY COMMENT ON THIS IN FF 108 AND THEN ASK ME OK DR

    • Payal

      Yes sathya dr may be initially it was like keerthi told but slowly radhika developed feelibgs for shakti sathey live in same city and spend more time together and in one year she changed her mind as she lives in mumbai now and he lives in delhi so connection lost becoz radhika does not visit delhi frequently she only told this and both don’t have time to meet as both lives in different cities radhika in mumbai and he lives in delhi but one thing now radhija is concentrating on her careee before she was casual but now she changed a lot as a mature person and then only radhika realised her love for shakti and radhika and shakti both lives in mumbai only so now radhika mind changed a lot as now she is mature and not casual for everything and radhika and shakti both are very possessive and serious about each other and fame app chat and that anonymous video is a big proof for it that video clearly explains their feelings for eachother that they also don’t know that they both love each other
      What say sathya dr??????????????

    • Payal

      Ishan is radhika’s mother best friend son also sathya dr and her childhood best friend whom she share her feelings you know sathya dr

  6. raji

    Payal i tell u one thing dr …..shadhika madly love on each other …..but that shakthi hide something ….he is loyal with neha for the sake of luck ….not love…….
    U know dr in recent days ….he is not happy dr…his tweets r confused one dr…..he is not posting any pics with neha but he spend time qith her & celebrated holy with her ….

    Payal all fans said the same thing dr ….both of them r made for each other … each other…..they said directly to shakthi ….neha is not suit for u ……rads id only suit with .u ….pls marry her…….
    Fans comment more about both of them ….but thereis nothing between them na y they mum ?????there is no response from them …….

    They r acting in serial or real life ??????
    Specially shakthi …bez radz frankly said i love shakthu & i miss u shakthi ……but he was not express anything in fame app also …….

    matsh 2 with shadhka be the only answer for these problem &questions dr……. what u say dr??????

    • Payal

      Shakti and radhika are made for each other no doubt both punjabis both same date of month this is not a coincidence they see each other and start crying and only shadhika they tried with other but nothing happen like that they also don’t know what is this thank you so much anonymous for giving us a solid proof about shadhika loves each other i was shocked whenbi heard shakti saying which i explained you in ff 108 previous sathya dr tell me

  7. Wohooo !!!! Loved it yaar……seriously ishu in malyali style sari I can’t imagine how beautiful she would be looking………..and she shows attitude to Ranveer I loved that part…….and then the roll on water …….its was soo romantic yaar…….loved it…..and why no young love ff yaar…..????

  8. raji

    Sana dr now ur hands r ok ?????how is ur pain dr??????sry i cant reply u yest … health is not well ….but today i feel better dr….

  9. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Oh thank god.u r fine na Vyshu dii.u made all of us worry.y u do this.pls don’t do this again.take care dii.

  10. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka I am using pain will be alright.if pain is not going I will use bandage as u and sathya akka said.

  11. Keerthi

    vyshu dear I was very angry on u but wat to do u are my sister so I couldn’t resist myself from commenting….. Don’t do like this dear I really felt very bad after hearing the news life is a beautiful that’s y the day is called as present so it’s a gift of God so please don’t risk ur life for shadhika …… Shakti is still silent not even opening his mouth to speak about radz….. So much offscreen nok jhok were there how did he forget everything especially the consummation scenes ……. But it was God who changed twisted their fates made shakti to postpone his marriage made radz to leave her dancing course and he made them reel life husband and wife maybe it’s written only shakti will tie mangalsutra in radz neck first so I think it will happen in real believe it pray to god ask him to unite them our prayers can change anything but another tym don’t risk ur life dear please

  12. ishveer forever (Khushi)

    Sorry again ranaji bro for the late comment…. It is really very nice…??
    N yes all drs plz wait fr shaadhika’s union as if their destiny wants them to meet then definitely they will meet….n guys tell me that is there any petition going on fr matsh2

  13. raji

    Wow my cute sister vyshu is back ………..vyshu yest i was worried about u dr……only thinking about u …. pls dr dont do this again ……life is so precious & beautiful … pls be practical & positive dr . …..hope with god he can change anuthing with in asingle second dr ……..if u feel depressed na pls which one is u r interest pls focused on it …..dr ……now i am alright dr…..

  14. PRINCE

    keerthi sissy i don’t have any instragam id but i have fb id…….What’s ur fb id?????

  15. raji

    Sathya dr i send 3 new mails to u dr…thats only for u dr …..if i know ur whatsapp na sure i will send many things dr…..hope u liked it ……

  16. PRINCE

    vyshu sis why did u do like that????? pls sissy don’t do any madness like u have done………

  17. PRINCE

    my dear brothers & sisters do u have fb ids?????? i want to communicate with u all……..if u have then pls let me know

  18. raji

    Keerthi ,payal ,vyshu ,sana drs ……pls see the forum page ……fans r get connected with fb …….for trending matsh 2 ……..those who have fb page pls give request to sourav balaji kapoor drs……..

  19. Vyshu dr omg u back na iam very happy dr dnt do tis again lif is more precious.u r my sister that is y i angry on u dr if somethimg happen to u na what abt ur parents dr.pls dr dnt be stressed.pps take care and proper rest.

  20. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    ranaji…bro please clear my confusion…y did ishani wore sari????? All girls were wearing sari or ishani only????I mean is there any function going on in college?????…..I asked this because now girls don’t prefers sari in college na…..

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      She wore the sari becoz her friends forced here and all girls wear sari that day to celebrate Ishaani friend birthday after 2epi and she is the imp person

  21. Arham chellam how r u dr.ya three days more dr.rmba exciteda iruku orumari bayamarku dr.u hv sufficient tume for ur mrgena so be ready dr.becoz now i feel when tis rituals getting over becoz that much iam tired dr..nan unga elaraum rmba miss panven dr dnt forget me na

  22. Payal dr what u r saying is crct.and u dnt worry abt radz amd ishan,we only watch shakti’s activities dr becoz he is the only mystery for us.but now a days he also not posting any pic wid neha so we r all wait and watch dr

    • Payal

      Sathya dr yu saw my comment at 2:34pm and then explain it to me clearly please sathya dr i want to feel relax i am depressed

  23. raji

    Ya sathya dr ….i checked it dr….but today i send 3 new mails to u dr …..i comment about that dr ….

  24. raji

    Sathya dr me also miss u so much dr…..atleast we can contact with mail na…..dr hope u like it ….i send a new mail to u …pls check it dr…..& pls try to comment after marriage & be happy always ……my net pack is over tonight dr …….u can comment tomorrow itself na ……i will try to recharge my netback dr ………but i miss u so much dr… can i forget dr …..i never forget u dr …..u r my soulmate dr …..bez of the reason i want ur mail id dr ……….sure i will contact with u through mails dr …… sweet ,cute ,angel sister ………

  25. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    nasrin sweety itis nice … thax for ur concern dear…
    vyshu dont do like this again pls … i said yesterday itself if shadhika should be united means then it will happen . fate is all… lets watch … we can com. here and fb but nothing else we can do ….. patiently lets wait for good news . pls resquest sony or any other channel for matsh 2
    naren its really super … no words to xpress … ilove this more than the previous… and young love too supper… love it u r an amazing writter….
    keerthi akka raji akka satya akka take care ur health and be happy always … a cute smile is the ans for any prblm …
    prince dear i not there in any social network . i opened a fb account for a work and then used it only for voting shadhika in golden petal award …. to be frank i dont know to use fb…. lol… sry….
    payal dear dont worry . i forgot to say last week sat. i saw the program hosted by shakti . it was supper . i dont know hindi . but still i love it that puppy saved the heroin … nice.. i love puppies and cats … and shakti is so sad in that . i can feel the diff. i keenly watched his style … but he is so dull in that and his laugh is so artificial… but pls lets request sony for matsh2…

    • Payal

      No we have to ask colors channel only becoz matsh is colors show and before colors gave season 2 for na bole tum na maine kuch kaha with same leads and cast within one year so more chances with colors channel only and ekta gave season 2 of kitni mohabaat hain with same leads so
      chances hain but we have to wait for few months patiently

  26. shakti activities….. really confused me….. in future i will… go to mumbai…. definitely i will meet him….!!
    i loss so much…..blood ….. why shakti still…. mum …
    i never connected ….. any couple…. but I connected shadhika…. couple.. vry much…. i dont no why I’m these much crazy about….them…. i dont know…. in srl…. when ishveer seperated i cried alot …!!
    if i meet shadika in real first i ask them…. pls confess ur love….. nd make fans happy….
    morethan my self…. im thinking about them….!!
    i didnt thinking….. about my life…. always thinking about them….!!

  27. Payal

    Thank you anonymous for giving this video shakti clearly says that shakti and radhika both love each other it is clear they don’t need glycerine with each other automatically tears comes out in a second why becoz tgey love each other in real life also like onscreen reel life

  28. raji

    Sathya,keerthi ,vyshu ,payal …..drs i cant express my happiness dr …… god after long time shakthi post ranveer pics on his fb ,twitter ,ig …….thiw shows everything drs ….he is still miss matsh &radz drs ….. god pls give matsh 2 …….pls god our prine &pricess & we r waiting for that ……

    Guys u cant express my happiness…….atleast shakthi think to post the matsh pics …..dr

    Sure god will unite these couple soon drs…….

    Guys pls see that &reply me dr

  29. Mariya

    Hi vyshu dr ohh you’re back dr I am glad to see you dr . you are fine na dr . get well soon dr . take proper rest & food. Don’t spoil you’re health dr. Take car dr. & pls think about your family members & our & don’t do this again . take care dr

  30. raji

    Vyshu vyshu vyshu dr me also saw that dr ….o my god i cant express my happiness drs……
    Pls calmdown dr ….hope we will hear good news about matsh 2 & shadhika dr …..
    Dont lost hope dr……god always with us dr ….

  31. Mariya

    Arham dr I am fine dr . how are you dr. I don’t know about that stadium & my family didn’t allow me to go .
    & dr u ask about my college to ur mamu dr & after my exams I will be meet. I have to meet you dr. Tc dr

  32. Mariya

    Woww sathya di only 3 days are remaining na. Enjoy it di. & can I send you email? Always keep happy. Tc di

  33. Mariya

    Keerthi dr how is health dr? Take care dr .
    I miss your ff dr. But you only write if you get free time & feels fine dr.

  34. Mariya

    Today my physics paper is very nice . I write my full paper I am very happy. & my sathya di get married then arham dr & vyshu also come back .

  35. Mariya

    Raji dr ur happy na dr me too. & That’s good new dr. Hope matsh 2 will came soon dr & our shadika feel their love for each other.

  36. Mariya

    I am fine rookey rookers dr . whr r u dr? & ya sure dr I get free time na I will visit this page. How is 12th study?
    U feeling happy na dr I am also very excited to come in 12th.

  37. Mariya

    Dhurva dr now how is your health dr . take rest dr . ur exams get over or not dr. Take care dr

  38. raji

    My cute sathya dr ….only 3 days na ……my cute sister ….u will change from miss to mrs sathya vishvanathan ……….
    I cant express ……how i am happy nu ….dr sathya dr ….my sweet akka…..i wish u always happy my cute akka ……….

  39. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Arham didi tu tells me to relate to matsh then only they will post they are telling what to do? How to relate Tamil with Hindi? But I will share u link if possible I will add ishveer also there..I can’t post ff till apr-12pls understand

  40. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    My name in FB is ishveer in that vishkanya show leads pic will be there

  41. raji

    Guys my netback is over ……..i will catch u soon drs ………gud night my cuties …………….

  42. Keerthi

    I am so happy after seeing shakti tweeting MATSH pic …….I think shakti is reading our comments …..when we spoke about him so much he is showing us a proof that he misses MATSH and Radz ……I ll keep on praying for shadhika to come together in life soon and for MATSH 2 to start soon …..

  43. Payal

    ff 108 and sathya dr also thinks the same as i think just see my comments in that ff and reply to me

    • Payal

      You can read sathya and my conversation comments in this ff also becoz she repeated the comment that’s why

  44. Payal

    And after that anonymous video i am 100%sure that shakti and radhika are deeply in love with each other i mean i heard shakti’s each and every world just listen carefully what you say keerthi dr please reply me

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