Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-108

The episode starts with ishaani was getting ready to go to college ranveer comes down running and picks sandwich from her and eats and smiles…They both fight…Apu comes there and picks it and eats both stares her and tells we both fight u will eat this only happens daily!! Madhu comes there and tells them all not to fight and gives them food and tells them to have it…They all take blessing and leaves from there to college…..Ranveer comes there and sees his friends…Manik,azad, and smiles and comes to them and asks about the girls?? Ranveer asks who are most beautiful here??Azad shows one girl and tells she is the richest girl in the city..Ranveer tells i am also rich!! Manik tells we all are rich here..So one by one we can go and talk to her…A girl wearing Red dress comes out of car…She is wearing big heels..All boys sees her..Ranveer stares at others and tells them to mind their business… Ranveer asks her name?? She tells Neha…. Ranveer tells soo sweet name… Neha friends tells her that he is don of the college and all girls will flirt with him..But he won’t see anyone…Pls make friend ship with him so that our work will smooth..Neha gives her hand but ranveer does not respond and leaves from there…Manik and Azad gives hands but neha leaves from there..

Ranveer comes to class room and calls out all students and tells them about annual day of college coming after 2months and tells them all to get ready……Ishaani comes into same college and tells her friend that i am going to complete my MBBS here…They both smiles and comes inside and they both sit in classes..Ranveer comes to the class where ishaani is sitting and tells about annual day and leaves from there…Ishaani asks her friend about him??She tells he is don of college and everybody will try to flirt with him but he does not respond to anyone…She tells principal also will stand before him..Ranveer will sit before him…Ishaani thinks he is comedy piece in house and terror in college…
Ishaani watches class and comes out in lunch break and sees ranveer standing with friends not going to class…Ishaani tries to talk to him but he leaves from there…

Apu tells her friends about ranveer and shows his pic..They all tell wow!! Apu tells them to maintain he is u r brother…Becoz ranveer is only for me!! Apu tells i was just kidding…Ranveer comes to canteen and asks servants to give cool drinks,,,,,He denies..Azad,manik and ranveer breaks all things there…Canteen owner and tells sorry and gives them cool drinks they all drinks it and leaves from there..Canteen servants asks him why he gave it??He scolds him and tells he is spl to principal so that only he is doing like this and pls give all things what he asks…Servants agrees..

Neha comes there and tells ranveer u are good and nice….Ranveer Thnx her and leaves from there…Neha tells one day u will come back of me..Then see..Apu comes out of college and waits for ranveer..He comes there in bike and picks her up and comes to house and drops her and he also comes inside…He goes inside and takes books and cleans all dust and opens it and he coughs…….He starts to study.Ishaani comes to house and sees ranveer studying and comes to him and asks about his college??He tells nice only..

Ishaani asks him not to tell lie..He tells i am telling the truth only…Ishaani smiles and leaves from there and comes to her room and thinks about ranveer and smiles..She takes ranveer small age pics and smiles seeing it…Ranveer sees his his parents pic and gets teary eyes and hugs pic and cries…Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…

Precap:Ishaani comes to college in Malayali style sari..Ranveer sees her and gets amused…Sanam re plays….

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  1. Keerthi dr forget the one year old interview now only focus on the new valentine interview and see carefully

    1. You will understand everything every word just listen it carefully and NOW OUR MAIN FOCUS IS TO BRING BACK MATSH-SEASON 2 WITH SHADHIKA IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING


  2. Reply to all my comnents and then tell me i expect good answer from everyone especially keerthi dr you are the only hope for us and please we talk about shadhika only do not talk about that kutti and kutta i can’t tolerate yu all know very well whom i am talking about i loose control

  3. Payal dr y u hv tis much stressed dr.nothing ll happen dr.pls calm down.ya i saw that valent video dr i wanna tell u onething radz and ishan are good frnds.u knowna dr radz is very frndly and childish in nature that is y she is very close wid iahan as a childhood frnd nothing between radz and onething i know shakti and radz having ego shakti also told in bollywood life interview abt that na so becoz of their ego both r shown that they r close wid another u understandna what i hv to tell.payal dr one thing i am sure radz and ishan not lovers just frnds and i dnt know abt ishan may be he loves radz but she is not ready to accept ishan as her lover.if she loves means she doesnt told in last day shoot as “i miss u shakti and i love u”,rads is very good girl she is very childish in nature but now a days she look like a matured girl becoz of her love over shakti..both r still having that ego dr.still shakti not marry nehana then why u r tis much tensed dr.anything ll change in life dr sur shakti confess his love to radz untilp we r all keep patience so pls calm

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