Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-108

The episode starts with ishaani was getting ready to go to college ranveer comes down running and picks sandwich from her and eats and smiles…They both fight…Apu comes there and picks it and eats both stares her and tells we both fight u will eat this only happens daily!! Madhu comes there and tells them all not to fight and gives them food and tells them to have it…They all take blessing and leaves from there to college…..Ranveer comes there and sees his friends…Manik,azad, and smiles and comes to them and asks about the girls?? Ranveer asks who are most beautiful here??Azad shows one girl and tells she is the richest girl in the city..Ranveer tells i am also rich!! Manik tells we all are rich here..So one by one we can go and talk to her…A girl wearing Red dress comes out of car…She is wearing big heels..All boys sees her..Ranveer stares at others and tells them to mind their business… Ranveer asks her name?? She tells Neha…. Ranveer tells soo sweet name… Neha friends tells her that he is don of the college and all girls will flirt with him..But he won’t see anyone…Pls make friend ship with him so that our work will smooth..Neha gives her hand but ranveer does not respond and leaves from there…Manik and Azad gives hands but neha leaves from there..

Ranveer comes to class room and calls out all students and tells them about annual day of college coming after 2months and tells them all to get ready……Ishaani comes into same college and tells her friend that i am going to complete my MBBS here…They both smiles and comes inside and they both sit in classes..Ranveer comes to the class where ishaani is sitting and tells about annual day and leaves from there…Ishaani asks her friend about him??She tells he is don of college and everybody will try to flirt with him but he does not respond to anyone…She tells principal also will stand before him..Ranveer will sit before him…Ishaani thinks he is comedy piece in house and terror in college…
Ishaani watches class and comes out in lunch break and sees ranveer standing with friends not going to class…Ishaani tries to talk to him but he leaves from there…

Apu tells her friends about ranveer and shows his pic..They all tell wow!! Apu tells them to maintain he is u r brother…Becoz ranveer is only for me!! Apu tells i was just kidding…Ranveer comes to canteen and asks servants to give cool drinks,,,,,He denies..Azad,manik and ranveer breaks all things there…Canteen owner and tells sorry and gives them cool drinks they all drinks it and leaves from there..Canteen servants asks him why he gave it??He scolds him and tells he is spl to principal so that only he is doing like this and pls give all things what he asks…Servants agrees..

Neha comes there and tells ranveer u are good and nice….Ranveer Thnx her and leaves from there…Neha tells one day u will come back of me..Then see..Apu comes out of college and waits for ranveer..He comes there in bike and picks her up and comes to house and drops her and he also comes inside…He goes inside and takes books and cleans all dust and opens it and he coughs…….He starts to study.Ishaani comes to house and sees ranveer studying and comes to him and asks about his college??He tells nice only..

Ishaani asks him not to tell lie..He tells i am telling the truth only…Ishaani smiles and leaves from there and comes to her room and thinks about ranveer and smiles..She takes ranveer small age pics and smiles seeing it…Ranveer sees his his parents pic and gets teary eyes and hugs pic and cries…Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…

Precap:Ishaani comes to college in Malayali style sari..Ranveer sees her and gets amused…Sanam re plays….


  1. raji

    Sana dr ….initially i dont know about mehendi …..during my college days ….i practiced well &designed on brides hand also dr ….


    very nice………..but pls don’t let neha to harm ISHVEER……….make ISHVEER together s soon s possible


    dude i have some confusions………if ISHVEER r in the same collage & they know eachother till their childhood then why is ISHANI asking her friend about RANVEER????

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Ishaani asks who is ranveer in the college?? Ok Ishaani needs to know what status for him in college.. Becoz he is comedy piece in house??????

  4. Mariya

    Woww amazing nice episodes bro & you starts new story line that’s really nice.& rv is the don of the college na superb.
    & very very sorry bro I didn’t Congress you na sorry . but a huge congratulations bro you achieve 108 episodes. Good bless you bro & you will make more & more episodes. & give our happiness . thanks bro.

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Bro this track is more interesting.l am loving awesome.keep rocking.
    Precap making me happy.ishu is in malayali attire na.waiting for next……

  6. Mariya

    Hi sathya di , arham dr,sana,keerthi, vyshu, raji,dhurva, rookey rookers, ranaji, Prince, payal,IshuRv, drs . how are you friends. I am missing you so much . so today I can’t control my self & come into that page.
    I didn’t visit this page from 6 days. I am doing my study preparation very well . so i didn’t visit this page sorry. But today I missing you all badly so comes to this page.

  7. Mariya

    Hi sathya di . how is your wedding preparations going on di. Very well na. I miss you my best di. Pls don’t forgot me. I am your little sis . & this days are very especial & having valuable for you na. Enjoy it di . good bless you & I wish you get all happiness in your new home & jijju is like Rv & always care for you. & god will full fill all your wishes. Keep smiling always di.

  8. Payal

    Why no one is commenting from so long where is vyshu dr,keerthi dr????????? Why no one is commenting

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      ????what?? I will pray for him.. Vyshu why?he did?.. Do u know payal?

  9. Mariya

    Arham dear wh r u dr? How is ur holiday enjoining na dr. I get meet u 20 April on my last paper . if u want. But I have to meet you dr. I am waiting for that moment dr.
    You know na azam campus in pune. I am studying in there. U come to meet me in azam campus .

    • Sorry narendran bro fr not commenting frm so long.. Today’s epi is superb?? n is that right paayal Dr that vyshu tried to suicide… Hey vyshu plzz Dr be strong….I don’t know why u tried to do so..plzz dr don’t repeat this again

  10. Keerthi

    Fans and friends I read vyshu news leaving out life is
    Not a solution for all problems….. If we give our life will shakti confess his love to radz really worried about u dears…… I left the decision to god if we wants to unite them let him do it ….. We will watch it happen….. U all don’t understand how much I cried and was depressed when my baby got aborted because of shadhika news itself I became dull stressed so much which led the baby to get aborted ….. My mom was the one who said if really shakti loves radz they will unite…. They are happy in their lives enjoying having fun with their own friends circle…… I always felt that shakti created an dream world for our fans as soon as serial got over he is not at all speaking about radz even though radz is so pure she openly said whatever she felt about shakti but shakti not even a single word so please dears stop risking ur lives for them…..

    • Payal

      Keerthi dr but both shakti and radhika loves each other we can see it clearly in their eyes and when matsh-season 2 will come everything will be alright only waiting for this good news to come soon
      You also think same that shakti and radhika both loves each other i mean just look at their eyes and you saw anonymous comment they both themselves don’t know that they feel for each other and radhika said i love you to shakti on fame app with head down and she also proposed him 2 times lohri video and happy ending video and shakti also misses radhika but they both have to confess to each other instead they look dull not that glow and spsrk which was when our matsh was there
      What say keerthi dr

      • Hey guys do u know yesterday I watch a video on YouTube that matsh2 will soon be started….. I was very happy but at last part of the video they clear that it was just an April fool video.. I feel like killing the one who made this video??
        N yes drs plz wait as if shaadhika’s union is written in their destiny then no one could separate them….. Only we have to wait n pray God for matsh2 n our shaadhika

  11. Mariya

    ranaji bro you are angry with me na so sorry bro. Pls talk to me otherwise I didn’t feel better. Even I don’t sleep in proper way. I do some mistakes so please forgive me bro.

    • Mariya

      Ranaji I suppose to think that I didn’t comment on your previous ff so you’re angry with me & didn’t talk to me. So that ask to forgive me. & u didn’t replay my 11:47 pm. How was ur exams narendren. U are also my one of the best friend.

  12. Mariya

    Keerthi dear how are you dr ? I am worried about u . u are fine na pls take proper food & rest. & don’t take to much stress about shadika. Tc dear

  13. Mariya

    Sana dear how are you ? You’re like my little sis dr . I don’t have little sis & bro. U are my little cutie sis. U get holidays na enjoy it dr & take care.

  14. Mariya

    Hi rookey rookers & ranaji how was you’re exams? Very well na .U reached in 12 na that’s very nice. My 12 extra classes are starts from 1may. Take care dears & study well.

  15. Mariya

    Raji dr how are you dr ? How was your study dr. You are also my dii . take care dr. Keep smiling dii

  16. Mariya

    Dhurva, IshuRv, payal &Prince drs how are you drs ? & dhurva dr whr is ur ff dr if u have free time na then update it dr . all take care dears.

    • No dear I’ve exams and me too was depressed yaar……but due to exams I postpone the idea of committing suicide…….because my friend saw an interview and in that Shakti saying his marriage date !!!!!! And she said I have even checked it in internet……he going to marry that b*t*h lady next month na dear……I was became mad……and searched that news but I can’t find it……..I really wanted to die……and that worst situation of mine my bestie couldn’t see so she said the truth that my friends made me fool……I was sad yaaar……this they had done from 1st but I don’t want to depress you all also guyss……then I loss the hope of shadhika… l left this place…..but when mine friend say that I was pranked I’m back……I’ll update dear…..but okay for you I’ll update it one Friday…….Happy na……

      • Mariya

        Ohh dhurva dr you’re going to attempt suicide . what is this yaar pls don’t do this again. & take care your self dr. & don’t take too much stress & tension . be happy & live your life with ur family friends & relatives . & gives happiness to them . if shadika don’t want to live with each other so we didn’t do anything it that dr. Only god will help us. & take care dr if you don’t feel fine na so take rest & don’t update ur ff I will Wait dr. I will also having my exams dr & they end on 20 April. So take proper rest & food & enjoy your life in good way.
        & if I hurt u then sorry dr

      • Payal

        Really dhruva dr which are saying true it is to make april fool
        This news is not in the media and it is not true tell me dhruva dr please

    • Mariya

      Prince bro I am fine but my exams are starting & tomorrow is my physics paper. & very sorry bro I didn’t write my ff before 20 April. Because on 20 April is my last paper. So sorry.

  17. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    I am fine mariya didi.thank u for considering me as ur little I got many sisters.ya l am in holidays and enjoying r u didi?

    • Mariya

      I am fine my cutie sis . & here I am also have many sis & friends. Enjoy you’re holidays dr

  18. WTH ??? Vyshu dear…..are you gone mad dear……what have you done yaar….??? Pls yaar I know you are depression because of Shadhika not confessing there love right……but if you have die and then the confess…then you may miss it yaar……vyshu u know that how much does it pain when some one who is close to you gets far away..???? I know you may feel bad I’m sorry but you are an stupid dear……because of two unknown person……who lives in your heart……but how can you hurt your parents yaar…???? I’m sorry if hurt you dear……but if could not digest if someone try to commitsuicide yaar……pls don’t do this yaar……

  19. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Oh what happened to Vyshu dii? Praying for dii’s well being.

  20. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Keerthi akka what u r saying was correct.y u r risking ur life? Its their life they have to live.they will not marry if we sacrify our life.first they had to decide na.if they really loving each other surely they will unite.pls my family members don’t do anything like this.

  21. Mariya

    vyshu dr why did you do this ? We all are very much worried about your health. We all pray for you dr. Don’t take stress dr .

  22. PRINCE

    keerthi sissy how r u?????? why r u not updating ur ff (100% love MATSH)????? pls update it………i’m missing it soooo much

  23. raji

    Vyshu dr y u do this ?????i know we u r in depressed ……but suicide is not a good decision for any problem ……how can u forget ur parents dr???????
    U know vyshu dr …i saw ur comments in morning 9.30am …i cant comment anything …only tears fell from my eyes …..just now i came from temple &today my prayer is only for u dr ……pls dot do this again ….dr …….hope with god …..he is the only hope now ……never lost ur hope …life is full of surprise ,beautiful ,……pls be practical ..nothing happen in bad way ……so pls think in positively …….i wish ,i want u to soon recover my little vyshu ……..

  24. raji

    Keerthi ,payal ,sathya y this is all happen in our life …. drs…health is not well of sathya ,payal &me ……..
    Keerhi dr lost her baby …..
    Vyshu attempt suicide ……&dhruva dr also ……..this is all bez of shadhika news …..i cant accept what is going on now …….keerthi dr i can understand ur feelings ……but shadhika deserves fans this much love ???????

    I have more hope on god …..but i cant accept what is going on now ……we r in so much of pain ,depression ,not well health……god pls help us to overcome these things ……

  25. raji

    Mariya dr sorry for late reply …i am very much emotional about vyshu ‘s news dr … is ur life going on dr ????? Ya u r my cute sister dr

  26. raji

    Sathya dr pls see mycomments on ranajis previous ff & reply me dr…..
    I forgot one thing dr…..after mehendi get dried dont wash it ……only remove it dr……..

  27. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    No raji’s I go to hospital.they tell to bandage but I don’t agree for I am in my mom’s network is bad I don’t know when u will get the comment.if my comment is late.I am really sorry akka.

  28. Vyshu dr what happened here omg y u did tis.oh i cant beleive it.vyshu dr y r u commited suicide dr.really iam getting angry on u.vyshu what i ahv to tell omg iam crying dr oh y u did tis pls dr pps commenting oh iam very much worried vyshu dr shadika enjoy wid their frmds dr we should be keep.patience dr.y u commiting suicide now only i visit tis page really iam get shocked what is going on.really if u get in my hand i ll kill u dr.u know each and every one are liie my own sisters and bro y u not realize tis,if anything happen to u na how i can tolerate ,tears are fell in my eyes i cant control myself.y u did tis dr.pls commenting dr then only iam get relaxed,or else iam not happy wid my vyshu dr pls comment i love u dr pls get well and commenting dr

  29. Raji dr sory dr iam not see my email id still dr.what happened dr y vyshu commitef sucide dr.she was not care abt her parents and us na.after reading that news i cant control my tears dr.Really oam affectionate on each and every one here i cant tolearate tis dr.y tos stupid shadika always hurts us sr.u know dr my mrge not give any happiness to me r becoz of tis shadika y iam mad abt them i dnt know really i want to kill shakto and radz .now vyshu also did liie tis iam very much depressed dr.

  30. Mariya dr how r u sweety really really i miss u dr.ya u r my little lovable sis .And dr what happened dr now only i saw all comments what is going on dr.y vyshu dr did tis.iam also very depressed abt shadika even all r worry abt them but we r all keep.patiencena but vyhu y stressed tis much.when she come back dr i cant tolerate tis dr

  31. Keerthi sr what u r saying was 100per crct,shadika not care abt us dr.they r very happy with their frnds circle we only suffered a lot dr.y tis all r happen dr.even in my house functionis going on dr but i couldnt concentrate on that really iam fl very bad dr.y vyshu commited suicide dr.i wabt to kill shadika dr becoz they r the responsible for all these prblms,sometimes i hate them dr they r not care abt fans na atleast their meating give some happinessna but after matsh end tgey r not meet each other rubbish.

  32. Sana dr u go to hospitalna that much ur hand get injuredna sis.pls dr take care of ur health dr really iam fl bad today dr.all news are suffered me dr.pls take care of ur hand dr.Y u regret bandage dr it is better na dr..all my sisters are make me worried during my mrge days

  33. Arham dr where r u .yest onwards u r also not commentingna what happened dr.what abt ur head pain all r gave me bad news dr.y vyshu attempt suicide .i cant tolerate tis dr.pls atleast u guve me gud things dr

  34. Dhuruva dr what u r saying that video is fake news onlyna pls tell that shakti going to marry nehana? Pls tell me dr.then y u yest wrote that tis is my last comment like there any prblm dr.r u k na,and pls dnt take any wrong decision pls be patience dr god help us pls dnt be stressed

    • Payal

      I also wanted to know this sathya dr it is not true totally fake news if shakti marry then what about career? It is fake news totally she told april fool friends made her then only dhruva dr is back

    • No dear… friend told me that they played prank on me dear…….
      Actually first they told about that Shakti is gonna marry that b*t*h……so I was depressed and lost the hope of Shadhika……so I left this page……but then they told me it was fake because I was depressed……..hence in short Shakti is not gonna marry that girl dear……don’t take tension…..yaar be chilled and enjoy the marriage function…….

  35. Raji dr thanks for ur mahendi tips dr.i love u dr.i dnt know tears are role in my eyes cont dr.y bad things only happen to us dr.ya sure i ll follow ur tips dr.sunday engagement monday mrge dr so sat nt I put mahendi dr..

  36. Raji dr today in my home there was one fn now only iam free dr.u know dr mrng onwards i miss u all.i am really worried that i cant able to commentna.but after saw all comment iam very confused then i visit previous epi then only i realized vyshu commited suicide.u know dr tears only come in my eyes u know dr iam also very emotional dr like u.when vyshu come back dr

  37. hii mariya was the xa. prepration gone dr…i don’t know abt azam campus dr..but i soon i ‘ll disscused to my maamu.. he knows abt all places…and i thnk i’ll go to ipl stadium in pune..if u ‘ll free na then come on buddy..we will try to each other dr..i will try to meet u cutie..hw was ur health yaar..

  38. raji

    Ya sathya dr …me also crying from morning onwards ….dr ….i cant accept these things dr…..i pray for vyshu soon she will recover …..not only us lots of fans suffered like us …..dr i never see this type fans love ,affection on just two people ….dr …..shadhika pls confess ur love …..if i see them now sure i will slap them dr…..this is all happen bez of them dr …..when they realized these things dr…….i

    I am very much emotional with vyshu’ snews dr………..

  39. raji

    Sathya dr today morning i cant comment anything after saw vyshu ‘ snews …..just tears come from eyes ….so i switched off mh mob …..12..00pm.onlybi came from temple &i only for vyshu dr …..y she do this dr ??????????i cant accept ,believe ….these things dr….god only help to us …..dr

    • Mariya

      Thanx di I also didn’t forgot u dr di . ur are my besti di. Sorry I didn’t get free time before 20 Apr to write my ff. & in my house my mom is not well so I have to do all work in my home as well as to concentrate on my studies so sorry di.

  40. Payal

    Guys i saw that anonymous video yes shakti said samethibg which he has written to explain just check ff 106 it clealy means shakti don’t know till now that he loves radhika and radhika also don’t know she loves shakti just see it guys i have seen it and heard everything from shakti’s mouth

  41. Raji dr iam very depressed now dr.iam cryingna then my relatives are all asked me y u r worried. Dr u know i am fl my mrge happiness dr.daily i am thinking somethimg and cried dr.if u r wid me na iam hug u and crying dr.that much iam vyshu news maks me more worry,i dnt kbow dr y god give tis much pain dr..dr pls do one favour for me dr if vyshu come back after my mrgena pls send me a mail dr.suppose i am not able to visit tis pagena but sure i ll see my mail id dr so pps convey vyshu recover news to me dr

    • Payal

      Sathya dr question was about there is different conbection when you do romantic scenes radhika said in one interview so how you feel as radhika feels that different connection????
      Look this the answer shakti give yessss yessss but i don’t know from where this chemistry comes from we look at each other eyes and start crying we have done this 1000 times but i tried with some other ladki but kuch aisa nhi hota but when i see in radhika’s eyes tears automatically comes out in a second and same is with radhika if she stands ibfront with another ladka to tears will not come so fast but only we both it is with me only i don’t know what is it that’s why people connect what is it i don’t know something strange
      So sathya dr it is 101% love what do you think reply me fast?????????

      • Payal

        Sathya dr dhruva said in a comnent at 7:04 am this news is not true please tell me? I don’t hear this anywhere her friends made her april fool only they were tryibg from 1 april tell me sathya dr

  42. Payal

    Vyshu dr please get well soon i also wanted to commit suicide but you and keerthi dr convince me please don’t try this again ever got it? Everything will be alright once shakti and radhika both meet each other and it will happen soon radhika said i called shakti yesterday to tell him that i really missing him and we will try planning to meet up soon

  43. Mariya,payap drs pls pls tell tis in english dr” Shakti,Radhika said you guys have ome kind of connection when you do the romantic scenes together,do you as well feel the same connection?Shakti-Yes yes ofcourse,ye chemistry kaha se aati hai god knows par yes there is something, whenever sheis looking at me and we dont have any dialogues and just look at each other,hum log with anything wo kar sakte haiand we have done it 1000times matlab bass dekha and within seconds start crying.. We both only!! Maine bahot try kiya dusre kisi ke saath but aisa nhi hota.. Uske saathbhi same hai..usko kisi aur ladke ke saath khada karo toh nhi aayega uske asu itne jaldi nhi aayege sirf mere saamne.. ye kuch ajjeb hai.. i think that is why people connect.. Pata nhi it is something weird..

  44. Payal

    God is not heartless all fans want shadhika in reel life as well as real life too it is not with everyone it is only with shakti and radhika only becoz their destiny wants them to be together they really love each other it is clearly seen in both of their eyes and confirm in both shadhika’s fame app chat are you agree with me guys????????

    • raji

      Payal dr i agree with u dr …..we can see pure love on both of their eyes ….but y they still mum ….that i cant undersatnd dr ……especially shakthi ……what he think…what is going on his mind ……he is really a confused man ….but radz is pure heart girl ….she said frankly i llove u shakthi & i miss u shakthi at matah last day shoot …..she repeated the same on fame app also …..that is not easy na ….she is a girl ….how can she said like this ….i like her boldness ….but shakthi hide something …..for the sake of luck …….but soon he understand his love &life both r only radz not neha……

      U noticed one thing dr….see recent pics on his instagrqm ….he wear coolers on all of the recent pics …his eyes show everything …peoples eyes show everything…..particularly shakthi ‘s eyes r tell everyrhing ….i can see him in dull eyes in mmhv …..pls check all pics on his instagram before matsh & after matsh……u can easily identified dr …..matsh last day shoot pics of shadhika &shadhika with the group also we can noticed the different ………i am 100% sure ……both of them madly love with each other ………dr

  45. Keerthi

    Payal dear I agree I saw love in both of their eyes but we feel it but they are not thinking about it why do they get tears when they keep looking at each other and when shakti said I have tried with other heroine I need glycerin but for Radz I don’t need glycerin if I see her for sometym I automatically have tears the same is for Radz that for other guys she will take glycerin but for me she doesn’t need glycerin also…..that’s how people connect and its God’s gift…… They know this much but they are not saying their heart out and we are crying dear… I thought from now on I won’t think about them let God take care of those two……

    • Payal

      You are right keerthi dr but i can’t stop thinking about them it is easy to say but we cannot leave them to God

    • Payal

      Whether yu see both fame app chat,tanvee interviews and remember tanvee has written an ff also recently, that anonymous video, all fans think same how come???????? Becoz both shakti and radhika are madly in love with each other so kutti b*t*h neha and bluddy raskal ishan have to move out from their lives as soon
      as possible becoz their eyes and behaviour shows everything their offscreen masti not every onscreen couple has this so why only shakti and radhika has this becoz both loves each other but
      Radhika is very pure sweet girl that’s why she is afraid of neha na that’s why and ishan will understand as he is her best friend she knows her since childhood but

  46. Keerthi

    Mariya dear
    Sure sis I will take care …my health is improving I am not going to worry about them anymore enough of sacrificing my life for them if God has written radhika madan name near shakti arora’ name definitely it will happen …..I know one of my friend he loved a girl for 8 yrs very sincerely but just a year back he broke up with that girl and married another girl and he has a son too… we can’t predict anything ….it’s destiny which brought them together which did not allow Radz to leave to usa. So destiny knows when to unite them ……

  47. Keerthi

    Sana dear
    Exactly this is wat Iam saying if it’s written that they will unite then definitely they will unite …without destiny they would not have been brought this much closer they married in serial 4 times 3rd and 4th tym I saw love in both of their eyes especially shakti babbu….
    So we have to wait they both already have girl friend and boy friend respectively so we will have to pray for shadhika God will do rest……

  48. Payal dr thank u so much for ur translation dr.ya sure still shakti and radz doesnt knows their love dr.shakti told na he doesnt k.ow abt his chemistry with radzna wow sure dr one day he realize that is nothing but love..sure dr if he realize his real love is radz not neha na sure he confw his love wid radz dr.still shakti not take any steps for his mrgena.u knowna dr both r engaged last yr itself that time he is not realize his feelings over radz but even after matsh end he doesnt take single step for his mrge becoz he loves radz we r all keep calm untill or shadika unite.and ya i read dhuruva comment dr its fake news from her frnds for april now i relaxed dr.thanka for ur translation dr

    • Payal

      Yes sathya dr i also think same and you also reply to keerthi 4:00 pm comment you also explained it before to me tell me sathya dr please

  49. Keerthi

    Prince dear
    I am sorry dear I am really busy these days hospital visits work load , so I don’t have free tym to write dear I will write soon and update …..

  50. Keerthi

    Raji dear
    We have to blame God only he only made this jodi let him do wat he wants to do ……….he changed Radz fate and made her to act as shakti’s wife in the serial let him him make her as his wife in real life too …….but we leaving our lives for them is stupidity
    Vyshu for this I hate u sis ….u did not think about ur family atleast ur mom the one who gave birth to u … can u punish them for shadhika Union not happening if u leave ur life will shakti marry Radz?they are happy and dat too shakti is really happy eventhough he is not uploading pics with neha he is spending tym with her only holi celebrations, took her to Delhi for mmvh promotion …..joined her in kbm team y are u worried vyshu dear …..?
    He is not even tweeting about Radz as much as Radz is doing for shakti that’s y I said Radz is so good and pure in heart ……does shakti really deserve her ? I don’t think so he is still with neha just for the sake of luck and prosperity but one thing I will say he thinks that only after her entry he has reached heights … True love is not based on reasons like our fans love for shadhika …..he says he loves neha but I will say he is not loving neha just with her for the sake of success……I dont. Think he will become successful again

  51. Keerthi

    Sathya dear I will say one thing marriage is an event it will only come once in a lifetime forget about shadhika dear and concentrate on ur life u understand what I mean as soon as u are married u have to be with ur husband all the time that tym if u are depressed or worried about shadhika it will not be good….there will be misunderstandings as a married. Women I am telling u all this …..when u are married u have to become more responsible…..don’t know how in laws will be so u have to be ready to face and tackle each and every situation if u keep on thinking about shadhika then Our personal life will be a hell for us…….,so I say forget about them and concentrate on your marriage think about ur hubby learn about his likes and dislikes try to be very good girl don’t argue with him for first three months because those are the days which needs more patience u understand what I say I am saying all of these to you because I think u all as my sisters so I am telling it because I am married and celebrated 4 marriage anniversaries successfully with my husband ……

  52. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Sathya akka pls don’t worry.u must enjoy these days.u will never get these days back.I know akka bandage is better way but it was too much irritating.when I got an accident I used it on my I know.that’s y I not agree for that.l am using pain balm.if pain is not going I will use also feeling bad on Vyshu’s condition.praying for di’s well being.sathya akka pls don’t worry.I want u to be happy always.

    • Ranaji

      Guys i have sent next epi of young love ff and rettai vaal kuruvi and i did not send matsh ishveer forever becoz i can write only 2ff daily i update alternative days,But rettai vaal kuruvi is regular

  53. raji

    Sathya dr dont take too much of worry about shadhika dr……pls we never get back these days …….marriage days r very precious to every girls ….so pls dont waste that time for shadhika …..if their love is truna sure they will unite dr …….dont worry about them …..that makes bad impression infront of ur family dr……so pls try to be happy …..sure i will send mail to u …..about vyshu’scomments ……u know dr ..from morning onwards i am in stressed …be zof that i have severe head ache &neck pain ……i cant turn my neck dr …..u know dr bez of this reason i cant continuee my studies……after 2 years ..i suffered with same pain dr…….i dont know when it cure dr……so pls dont take stress about shadhika dr ………plsplsplsplsplspls

  54. raji

    Sana dr ….sorry dr i cant reply u ….i tell u the reason for that …..pls see that …..sana pls use bandage dr ……thats may reduced ur pain ….pls do this dr

  55. raji

    Keerthi dr …..what u say 100% correct dr…..we r all suffered with so much of pain ….but shadhika still not considered our feelings dr..ya ur right shakthi didnt post any pics with neha …but he spend time with neha dr …..he doing this bez of the sake of luck ……but we r sufferd for them …..too much dr…. u know dr i cant turn my neck from afternoon on wards dr … gives me pain dr…..i handover all these problems to god ‘s hand ……what he want s to do …..he do dr……..

  56. raji

    Sathya dr ya …i can understand ur feelings dr……u r in very much stressed ….but leave that dr…u know dr i cant see my mob ……but when i saw ur comments i cant control myself dr……i cant comment propperly bez of severe head ache &neck pain …..even i cant turn my neck also ……pls dr dont cry these days …..that makes sure bad impression infront of ur family & ur hubby’ sfamily also ……so try tobe happy …..dr sure i will send mail to u dr…… y cry dr …..this is the time for happiness ….so pls be happy always

    ……pls ennakkavathu alatha dr …..plsplspls

    Yest i send to u 3 mails …pls see that & give reply mail to me ..dr….

  57. raji

    Sathya dr i want to conform thats ur mail id ???thats y i ask u to reply on mail ….dr …so pls reply dr

  58. Keerthi

    Payal dear
    Let ishaan be radz mother’s best friend son but u know I saw one video of shakti and radz during Valentine’s Day it was taken in around February 2015 I suppose day tym reporters ask about radz real life boy friend for which shakti stressed ishaani Ji please tell na…… And radz said I have …… Ok days and months have passed but recently in ishaan arya Instagram post he posted a pic of radz and him together and tagged as when love takes over …… I don’t understand both of them even though shakti and radz are with someone else their heart beats for each other these stupids are not able to identify it shakti is going back of neha for luck and radz going through the policy that she should not cheat anyone?

    • Really if this the matter na then I really want to die…..radz choose any other guy but not Ishan yaar……go someone else…….and keerthi you told name dear the does Shaktideserve radz ???? Then iI say I don’t think…….because he is a mean person yaar…..sorry sana……but he is really mean he is with neha just because he thinks that she is his lady luck…….now I think the prob is just with him…….he is playing with Neha also…….

    • Payal

      But keerthi dr then why in the valentine video in February 2016 he introduces him as a best friend may be as time passed her feelings changed as may be it was just attraction only and now she feels something else time is changed now keerthi dr it was one year back
      If what yu say then why she is not admitting as she is very bold and straight forward person she introduces ishan as her best friend and yu saw he tagged noor ahuja,arjun madan,aditi and manvi also in that picture may be for that pose he was saying casually as they are very frank with each other as childhood friends
      And tanvee interview radhika said ishan is my childhood best friend whom share everything with each other we are not in a relation of gf and bf i never consider him as my bf as i am too young for finding love in my life as i am just 20 years old only
      So whst is this keerthi dr?
      I think radhika changed her mind in that one year becoz now the matter is different she didnot get time also as he lives in delhi so being a good friend is ok for her now
      I think she tried also but her expections for him are not like bf so she limited it to best friends only why in recent valentine video she treated him as best friend only as people are seeing this video on valentine day why?

    • Payal

      And may be she thought bf only as best friend as slowly she started realizing the difference between them and yu know in valentine video starting she said “kon kehta hain ki valentine day sirf aise gf ya bf ke saath manana chaheye jo is dil ke log hote h hmari tarah vo valentine’s dsy apne friends ke saath manste h apni family ke saath manate h jo fun ho sakta h ji haa so aaj mein aap ko introduce kara rhi hu mere ek ek nhi mere best friend se”
      At last when they both wished the viewers ishan said to say this “we all wish you valentine’s dsy people all you can say the people like us”

  59. Guyss if I say frankly I seriously don’t know what is love…..???? But I see something special in shadhika’s eyes when they are together…….but now after soo much of stress and depression I just put my hands off !!!!!!!…..I am asking myself that am l mad ???? Who is depressed for those who just want to keep there feelings in ????….I don’t know what the special thing I saw in their eyes but I consider it as love………but Shakti says he loves Neha…….I don’t know…….I’m fed up……..I’ll not break my faith in god as its too strong…..but I just pray that pls god do something……if not unite shadhika then do my brainwash and throw thoughts of shadhika out…….now I just want ishveer and MATSH2….. other than this iI don’t matter…….everyone can see love for radz in Shakti eyes but he stupid don’t say it…….he is really fattu…..who fears in confessing his love……..but now for those who just want to keep their love secret and sacrifice themselves……let them do that……!!!!!….

    • Payal

      Dhruva dr,raji dr,sathya dr,keerthi dr just observe thst valentine video carefully and focus on into part and last part and then tell me she ecen said him pu**y as a joke which means coward do yu think she will say this to her would be husband?????????just think guys she was speaking franking ki outside only he looks dude but inside he is coward not at all expressive and normal video only it was whst say?????????REPLY ME

  60. Keerthi dr thanks for ur valuable advice dr.ya sure i ll follow all those things.and dr u r my elder sister u already know abt mrge life so iam very glad to here tis word from my sis.once again thank u so much dr.and when shadika unite i snt k.ow but still i hv hope dr.u watchna dr now a days he is not post any pic wid neha.and i think there is something behimd their relationship nowa days.whatever may be we should give that to god dr.we just prying for them dr

    • Payal

      But sathya dr i explained you everything about that anonymous video they themselves don’t know tha they love each other and their initimacy is real they love each othef forsure so and reply something about me and keerthi conversation please dr yu saw valentine video and see and
      listen to intro part and last part clearly they
      said “all you can say for all the people like
      us”means like best friends now she is moving so she understands that that was only attraction and for shakti it is love as
      she is too young how can she make a
      difference fast? But wgen shakti and radhika both talk each other about their personal life then shakti gave him advice to focus on her career as it just started and
      radhika has no time now as now she is
      busy with serials and her career and one more thing she has no time to give as radhika lives in mumbai now and not visit delhi frequently as she is busy with her work she said also that she visits delhi less and he lives in delhi so no proper connection can be maintained

  61. Raji dr ya sure dr hereafter i try to leave all worries dr.and dr what happen to ur neck y its so paining..u consult doctorna dr.y tis paining dr.pls take care my col days also i hv severe neck pain but after its k dr.u consupt doctor first dr.pls..i send u a mail dr pls check it

  62. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    someone who postponed suiside idea for xam is advising vyshu !!! really r u guys r mad ….. sry … i am ur frnd so i can say this really u r so stupids … pls guys u all have family . think them . if god made shadhika together besides all prblm in ishveer role . he know to bring them together in real too . dont worry . i am happy that durva is commenting
    i am feeling bad for vyshu . but now if i see her . i will kill her ! dont she have brain … really . oh god . pls vyshu dear dont be like this ….
    mariya i missed u dearly …. pls have a visit atleast twice a week … yes i am now in 12th std . and i have classes … i am fine . how r u ?
    arham dear . i am fine how r u …
    satya dear thax . and i am amirtha … have a good sleep frnds
    sry naren i forgot u . i really love it its so nice than the previous…

  63. Payal

    Keerthi dr forget the one year old interview now only focus on the new valentine interview and see carefully

    • Payal

      You will understand everything every word just listen it carefully and NOW OUR MAIN FOCUS IS TO BRING BACK MATSH-SEASON 2 WITH SHADHIKA IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING

      • Payal


  64. Payal

    Reply to all my comnents and then tell me i expect good answer from everyone especially keerthi dr you are the only hope for us and please we talk about shadhika only do not talk about that kutti and kutta i can’t tolerate yu all know very well whom i am talking about i loose control

  65. Payal dr y u hv tis much stressed dr.nothing ll happen dr.pls calm down.ya i saw that valent video dr i wanna tell u onething radz and ishan are good frnds.u knowna dr radz is very frndly and childish in nature that is y she is very close wid iahan as a childhood frnd nothing between radz and onething i know shakti and radz having ego shakti also told in bollywood life interview abt that na so becoz of their ego both r shown that they r close wid another u understandna what i hv to tell.payal dr one thing i am sure radz and ishan not lovers just frnds and i dnt know abt ishan may be he loves radz but she is not ready to accept ishan as her lover.if she loves means she doesnt told in last day shoot as “i miss u shakti and i love u”,rads is very good girl she is very childish in nature but now a days she look like a matured girl becoz of her love over shakti..both r still having that ego dr.still shakti not marry nehana then why u r tis much tensed dr.anything ll change in life dr sur shakti confess his love to radz untilp we r all keep patience so pls calm

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.