Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-103 to 107 combined

The episode starts with Ishaani bids bye to arjun and asks ranveer how did u know that I like them?? He tells I love u from my heart so I can hear u r heart also????.. She smiles and hugs him Allah warriyan plays… Ishaani tells now I am alright so we can get ready and packs bag.. Ranveer shouts cockroach..!!.. She jumps into his arms and holds him tightly… He smiles… Sanam re and Allah warriyan plays… Ishaani asks where is it? He tells I was just joking… She pinches him.. She asks him to leave her down.. He denies.. She punches him.
He leave her down.. He asks do u went to ninja? She tells yes…he tells if I known this I would not have married u once.. Again. Ishaani asks what? He tells nothing.. I told u are beautiful?????

Veer asks madhu about Ishaani and ranveer.. She tells that Ishaani met with accident so she will come tmr.. Veer goes inside sadly and locks the door.. Shalini comes in and tells I don’t have parents but u have them so pls be happy they will come tmr…???????

She wipes veer tears.. He also wipes her tears.. Bolna plays… Ishaani calls veer and tells tmr there is a party in house so pls get ready.. He tells OK mom…veer comes to hall and tells this to madhu and tells her to get ready tmr becoz we are going to have fun.. he jumps in joy

ishaani tells let us go and meet astrologer now..He asks now?? She Tells yes get ready and she leaves. Ranveer wonders for what she needs to meet him??

Ranveer and Ishaani comes to astrologer house and comes to him..Ishaani gives something.. He checks and tells when u r son attend 25age u both will die.. Becoz his jathagam is like that… They both looks on shocked…. He checks veer and tells he will be a play boy and he should be locked with someone now itself or….. It will bad.. Ranveer and ishaani comes out.. Ishaani looks on worried.. Ranveer tells her not to worry and tells this is not real.. We should trust our son!

Ishaani and ranveer comes to house and gets ready with him.. For party…. They all comes to hotel and they dance for Lets nacho song.. Madhu sits there and sees their dance.. Vivian comes there and sits near her and tells her to be normal and gives her ice cream but she smiles and tells no….

20yrs leap…………

Veer was grown up and looks like Ranveer… Shalini is grown up and looks like Ishaani…..

Ishaani and ranveer. I mean veer parents died in car accident… Now this fan fiction takes new story line.. So pls support me!!

Veer as ranveer…..
Shalini as Ishaani
Madhu as madhu
Vivian died…..
Apu as madhu daughter…

From now on u all will see true love.. Intro… Ended.. Now ranveer and apu are friends and they both are college mates and they both are studying Charted accountant…Ishaani was a mechanical student and they all are in same college… Madhu is the head for all the three and she helps them in studies and all

Guys sorry I don’t know how to dragg so this is new plot and guys pls support me .. This won’t boring like previous epi… Hope u all liked it and pls don’t give negative comments then I will quit writing?????



    i love it sooooooo much…….but bro pls don’t separate ISHVEER………. give the same romance just like u did in previous epi

  2. Narendran Dr I am sorry if I am going to hurt u but plz I don’t want them to be dead at least show them as they r in coma atleast and they don’t see each other or veer and Shalini but plz plz plz Dr don’t kill them I am not able to think veer as ranveer or shalini as ishaani plz try to understand Dr and also do continue the story

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Sorry I need to draggg so that if I show both ranveer and veer then it will be confused.. So only I killed them simply


    really nice one……..but dear it’s confusing me…… apu can be the same age of veer ??//


      BYE GUYSSSS !!!!!!!! i’m crying yaar this is my last comment…….will miss you all guys…….arham,keerthi,payal,vyshu,sathya,raji,khushi,prince,sana,narendran,roockey rockers,…………….and all my best MATSH friends……… u all guys…………and miss u
      too !!!!!!!!
      all pls take care of yourself yaar………..and ya have a happy married life sathya dear….

  4. Ranaji really really its nice idea and pls keep the story wid youthfull.make story from iahveer college days itself,its nice bro and please add some possesiveness romance misunderstandings small small fights like that but dnt seperate ishveer bro.keep rocking bro.dnt worry tis track become hit like previous

  5. Raji dr ya u r crct dr.who r all see our crazyness abt shadika sure they change their mimdset for us dr.i hv hope dr.i tell to my hubby that shadika amtsh is my life,whenever i am depressed matsh makes me happy,so he understand my feelimgsna dr..dnt worry dr u hv best life partner in ur life and he understand u dr ots my blessing and praying dr

  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka I am hand hitted on the wall while am turning and it’s very paining so I can’t only I came to telly updates.

  7. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    durva dear what happened sweetheart . why r u crying dear ? …. dont cry and is well dear .. pls com. i will miss my sis then…
    naren dear really really a big big big sry bro. actuallyvi was in my native .. no net connection so i didnt com. dear i am very sry i think u r angry at me but pls pls forgive me na…. i love it … its super . hope a good story is on the way… waiting for next and a huge huge good luck for 12th std. 1st day of 12th today … officially….
    arham dear yes i agree with u . i love vijay very much . myself raji akka . satya r crazy fans of r illayathalapathi … so pls i request u guys dont talk abt. them bec. i feel very much hurt and at timesci may hurt u too… so pls.. no need that . it will spoil our frndship….
    satya akka … for u title song … manamagalae manamagalae va va…
    kumi aadi kumi aadi
    kalyana thaethi vainthu
    and all marriage oriented songs akka … i am egarly waiting for 12th april bec. u r then tamilian yeeppee….. and akja i will miss u … very very much atleast give ur mailaddress akka … and rookers dont have any mean. it should be pronoun. as rukey rukers… and yes i am so quiet and calm .. but i love to be active so named just like that dear …

  8. raji

    Ranaji i like ur new track also ……pls give some romanantic episodes … previous one …..

  9. raji

    Sathya dr …..did u see uu yest …..ranvi chancelesss man dr…..he said my love only on see u …not to touch u ….my god what a pure love na . ….i hate u baa ….& rithika stupid ….i cried on the full episode …..ishu chanceless acting ….he said we r crying without clyserine
    ….sobtouching scenes na dr ……

  10. raji

    Payal dr arham.yest asked me any good news about marriage …..that’s y i reply to her dr…..

  11. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Yes sathya akka and raji akka.l am better now.l am applying pain balm on my hand.

  12. Rookers dr thank u sooooooo much for ur dedication of songs..Till friday i ll comment dr on that day i ll give my mail id and fb account too miss u dr.actually ur name is amruthana dr very nice name dr.concentrate on ur studies dr all the best

  13. Raji dr yest i couldnt saw uu dr.becoz in my house my realtives are all came its little bit uncomfortable to watch uu..but today i ll see dr.yest itself iam worried about uu can i live without matsh and shafika dr.god only help me dr

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Yes akka I will take care.thank u.
      U also want to take care these days akka.

  14. raji

    Sathya dr dont worried about uu dr….i can understand ur feelings..dr…hope god will help u dr…..

  15. raji

    Sathya dr u know dr i am a mehendi designer …..i designed mehendi for bridal ,engagements ……on april 9 i have an order for bridal mehendi so today i prepared for that ….. that time i remember u dr …….if u r neighbour of me na sure i can designed mehendi on ur hands na ………..drrrrrrrrrrr

  16. raji

    Hi arham dr ….r u here ?????i reply to ur comments on ranajis previous ff pls see that dr….

  17. hii raji akka…..haa i saw ur commnts akka…don’t be afraid…god nenacha..ippo kooda allinc varal ka…plzz still pray for ur futur…wow..r u a mehandi designer….i al also…but i put the desings in my family memmbers only…i mean my family bridalsku only dr….

  18. raji

    Keerthi dr pls clear my doubt dr…. i saw some pics on shakthi ‘ s instagram dr….i saw upto 25 pics dr…..after 5 th pic i saw the last day shoot of matsh pics ….. 1st pics is shakthi post on his fb that pics dr……….which is his official instagram or not dr ….thats my doubt dr…..

  19. raji

    Ya arham me also designed mehendi to family members ….but she is my moms friends daughter dr ….& my friends bridal fun also dr…..&i cant understand ur comments after god nenacha ….pls tell me clearly

  20. raji

    Sathya dr r u here ?????pls give me ur mail id dr …bez my net back is over on 7apr dr….so pls tell me ur mail id soon dr……

  21. Raji dr wow its a great news dr u r mahendi desighnerna wow i dnt know abt that dr.even in my hand also i am put mahendi.ya dr if u r my neighbourna really its a pleasure for me u r well in drawingna dr

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Sathya didi I have sent email to u pls check and give reply if possible!

  22. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Wow raji akka and arham dr u both r mehandi designers.l love mehandi designing but I don’t know that.

  23. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    I have sent matsh(ishveer forever)ff and rettai Vaal kuruvi and I won’t update young love today becoz nobody did not suggested names??so it will be posted tmr only…?????

  24. raji

    Sathya dr i send mail to ur mail id ……hi sathya akka …thrice …sorry i for repeating the same …i received only not sending mge ….so i try it 3 times …..if u received it na …pls reply on mail ok dr….

  25. raji

    Ok arham dr…..& i know the word allince dr ….but ur comment allinc varal ka …thats confused me ….ok now i got it dr …

  26. raji

    Arham dr 9 th july 2017 is ur wedding na ….y this much gap dr …..&ur right if god decide to happen my marriage this year …it will happen ..dr who knows life is full of surprises,changes,surprises na …….

  27. raji

    Sathya dr i can designed more designs … i prepared for that …&i tell u onething dr…..after put mehendi on ur hand …..pls mix 2 spoon of sugar &lemon syrap ….use cotton or butts dr …dip into the mix & aply it on ur design… do it every one hour &apply just 2 time …dont use more time ..that will give bright colour to ur hands ….

  28. Guys…. i ‘m vry sorry for saying these news….. ystrday vyshu attempt suicide… she cutted her hand she want to die herself…. ystrday morng…. 9.30…. she talked with me …. in phone…. she say to me… akka i’m worried about shadika life… shakti….. not confessing his love for radz…. she aslo say these is my last word…. akka… i’m going bye ….. take care…

    I am worried about her ….. i rush to her home…. i checked all room…. but not their… i checked in washroom…. she is their she fall down….. she unconscious…. she cutted her hand …. omg so much blood loss …. !! now vyshu is out of danger…. if 5 minutes late na…. Then vyshu no more in the world…. !! ( she saw u tube videos i think shadika vds….. after she dont take with anybody….. !! she is depressed….)

  29. Mariya

    What are you saying vyshu is commented suicide . I am very much worrying for her. Pls take care of her. & don’t try to this again vyshu dr pls take your life seriously don’t spoil it. & enjoy it dr. Don’t take to much tension & stress . I will be praying for u.

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