Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-102

The episode starts with Ishaani keeps her hand between their mouth and tells now we should get ready… He tells what?? He goes to room and brings her sari and tells her to wear it and we are going out… We will be back within some time… Ishaani asks where?ranveer tells ghost house!! She asks really!! She comes to room and gets ready as marriage girl and comes and asks is it ok? Ranveer comes there in sherwani and tells we are leaving and he takes her in his arms and brings to Jeep and makes her sit and drives away from there… On the way they sees naagins and they both gets afraid… Ishaani sits on ranveer lap.. He drives fast and hits naagin and comes near beach… Ranveer shows Ishaani a mandap.. And pandit.. She looks on amused… He asks how is my surprise?? She tells it is like u….

They both hug each other… Ranveer tells good time is running leg is get remarried soon… They both sit in mandap and do rituals….. Ranveer gets up to take pheras but Ishaani faints.. He sees her leg is injured due to naagin bite.. He sucks out it.. He ties her leg tighlty.. Ishaani opens her eyes slowly… Ranveer looks at her with tear eyes.. Ishaani wipes his tears.. Ishaani gets up in much struggle and takes pheras with him… They both complete it.. Ranveer takes old mangalsutra and gives it to pandit and takes new and puts on Ishaani neck.. He keeps sindoor on her head and thnx pandit and gives money and brings Ishaani to hospital and shouts doctor…
Doctor brings Ishaani to room and takes poison away and tell ranveer she is normal.. Ranveer comes there and sees her and comes near her and sits in bed and tells her we are made for each other!! She agrees…. Smiles… Ranveer calls madhu and tells about Ishaani.. He tells we will come tomorrow and not today pls tell to veer.. Madhu agrees and tells him to take care of Ishaani…

Ranveer brings Ishaani to Beach house and makes her sleep on bed and sits near her… Ranveer tells I should sleep today night fully!! So I will sing song he songs Sanam re song… He wears dress like hero and stands near her and hugs her..

Ishaani tells him to on the TV so that I can be normal.. He ons the TV and sees ki&ka movie team with colors TV holi spl and cries.. Ishaani tells our show had ended or we will be with their team now!???????????

Ranveer smiles and asks now u want to meet them.. Wait and calls Arjun kapoor and kareena and they both comes inside and meets Ishaani.. Arjun takes ranveer aside and asks him r u doing house work? He tells no I am business man.. Arjun smiles.. Kareena asks do u work at office.. She tells no I am house wife..

Ranveer and Arjun comes there.. Kareena warns him not to do anything against her or u should cook food for me daily!!??he tells no and they both wishes ishveer happy married life and they both leaves from there….

Precap:Ishaani packs her bag.. She sees cockroach and jumps into ranveer hip Allah warriyan plays… Ranveer thinks now I need 2ladoo..

Sorry for same precap becoz I forgot to get married to them… Sorry and Sathya, arham,sana ,raji and we all are friends and why we need to fight for other? Be normal


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Sathya pls don’t think more about Coimbatore becoz here there very hot sun… Sooo hot here.. Pls get AC and come here???this month u cannot be here without AC u can ask ur hubby also!! Becoz I am also having AC here..

  2. Superb bro,oh snake bite ishna atlast she was k i am happy abt that.and bro coimbatore is cool placena,sure i ask my hubby for ac,but i dnt know bro whether he already hv that or not..One time i came there bro becoz of my final year project robotics related i did my projct near singanallur na that place.but on that time its very cool,coimbatore is very near to ootyna u frequently go there na bro.

  3. Keerthi

    Dears today shakti is not present in the match but neha has come for the match she is somewhat dull only

    • PRINCE

      hi sissy…… is ur health condition????? r u feeling better than before????? pls get well soon……..i’m missing ur ff sooooo much dearie.

    • Keerthi

      Ha ha I don’t think so after half of the match she disappeared……. But she is a bit dull only ….. Maybe shakti is busy with his shoots

      • Payal

        Keerthi dr i have replied to your comment in previous ff please reply it becoz now i can’t write whole thing again hope yu can understand me please keerthi dr

    • Julina

      Athu neengala…. i wondered akka… who posted in my name…. actually ishveer got second place…. twinj got first place… and swasan got third followed by abigya…. it’s ok akka… we know… our ishveer is bestest. …. how’s the wedding preparation going on akka

  4. raji

    Sathya dr….after 5 days u cant comment …..ok …pls soon come dr…i will wait for u dr ….

  5. raji

    Sana dr where r u ??????r u ok ????i reply to ur comments on ranajis previous ff pls see that dr ….

  6. Bro ….. it was suuperb… epi !!
    Raji dr…. i’m here only…. dr u know today ….. not their in bcl to match dr…… u know neha is dull …. ??? dr….. i’m vry happy she got a good punishment frm shakti…… shakti hats off…. well done shakti….. yeah raji dr…. i aslo see in that fb… but shakti in dream when radz say….i love shakti….. he is full of happiness dr…. !!

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      I does not get salary for it Na?????just kidding thnx for the comment

  7. keerthi. dr….. pls dr….. take rest dr…
    kbm not win match na dr….!!
    Shakti…. not only…dream…
    Radz thinking about their romantic moments nd dreaming…
    In nght both r dreaming their romantic moments ….dr !! nd laughing…!!

  8. Keerthi

    Yes Payal dear she lives with her grandmom only in mumbai she said in one interview day out with radz…..

    • Payal

      And her mother mother also almost lives in mumbai with her all the time she sais i am her with her all the time but she has to balance between delhi and mumbai and when her mother is not there then her nani lives with her

    • Payal

      Onecthing more keerthi dr on fame app interview you saw fully her mother is with her currently in mumbai becoz in one question radhika said”she looked all around she saidmom to nhi hain na ya par”means looking all around mom is not there know so it means radhika’s mother is is there living with her in mumbai
      What say keerthi dr

    • Payal

      On fame app interview also she said one fan in fun that he will have to wait for 10 years for marriage becoz she is just 20 years old you saw it keerthi dr

    • Payal

      I know but you see last chat again for some travelling in a metro so then she replied seeing all aroung and said mom to nhi hain na yaha pe
      You can see that clip please and tell me dr give me this favour please see it

  9. Keerthi

    Fans and dearies today kbm won the match ??????I did not want them to win the match but they won…….but one thing I was happy that today Shakti didn’t accompany neha and neha was bit dull only…….I am sure shakti would have missed Radz so much maybe that’s y he didn’t show up at the match ……even on fameapp chat when I saw him something was missing in his face……..hope shakti and Radz meet soon definitely when they meet shakti would definitely start crying and will not leave Radz ……praying for shadhika ???????

    • Julina

      Keerthi dear… i saw the match of mt and jj. … yeah everybody is flirting with her…. she looked toooo cute…. she did her best… i missed shakti there… do u know when is mt and kbm match…

      • Keerthi

        Julina dear yeah see how many flirts for radz ……shakti babbu get her soon else competition is becoming tough………

  10. raji

    Sss keerthi dr i always pray for shadhika dr …..soon our prayer will happen dr……& i pray for u also dr….

  11. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Ya I am ok raji akka.I saw ur comment.u sathya akka and arham and every one here is like my own sis and bros.ur comments making me happy.

  12. Payal

    Vyshu i am feeling very lonely and unhappy nowadays yu know i have not taken food today since morning not even water

    • Payal

      When will matsh-season 2 with shadhika will come counting even a single day crying only vyshu i don’t know what to do i lost interest in doing anything just lying on bed whole day that’s it

  13. Payal dr y u r cried.pls dnt a days good thing only happena,radz talk to shakti and they plsn to meet na.and yest match shakti was not wid neha tis are all good things pls calm.sure matsh 2 started soon so pls dnt br depressed

  14. raji

    Guys good morning to my drs
    Lovable keerthi
    Soulmate sathya
    Little sana
    Cute vyshu
    Beautiful payal
    Naughty ranaji bro
    Angel arham
    Darling dhruva
    Pretty julina
    Have a nice day drs

  15. Arush

    Sorry sorry sorry bhai I am wishing you late. But superb nace episode. & a big big biggggggggggggggggggg congratulations bhai you achieve 100 episodes & I wish you achieve 10000 episode & more. God bless you bhai.

    • Arush

      Actually I read all ff silently because I didn’t have time to comment. So don’t mind I am a silent reader.

  16. raji

    Payal dr me also like same u dr ….u know dr matsh is dubbed in tamil ….thats only give little happiness to me….u know dr that will end on next jan 2017 ….i count even a single dayfrom matsh end on feb 19….god only help to us ….dr day & night i pray for it dr ….hope god will do some magic dr….

  17. raji

    Keerthi dr …now ur health is ok na ?????yest also u went to hospital na ……pls take care ur health dr …
    ur right……sure shakthi will cry when he meet radz ….one twitter fan said …u think shakthi is fall in love with radz that ‘ s y he avoid to meet her …….all fans r said the same thing dr …..shadhika is made for each other …..& both of their eyes shows they madly love with each other …….keerthi dr feel sad about shakthi…..he is under big pressure ….radz is frankly said i miss u shakthi &i love shakthi ……i miis u shakthi is ok ….bez he was her costar …..but i love shakthi is not easy on social media ……i love her boldness dr….which is not easy …..she is a girl also ….

    I pray for shakthi specially dr ….god pls give boldness ,strength to shakthi to confess his love on radz …….

    Soon it will happen dr ……

    • Keerthi

      Raji dear ,
      Yeah wat u say is 200% right shakti has fallen in love with Radz I suppose that’s y he is avoiding her………else when asked if he misses Radz he said I miss everyone on the sets and radhika too…..when he specified Radz name his eyes were glowing and face was blushing ……..he acted as her husband in MATSH na , fourth tym they get married na after Milan entry that tym u should have seen shakti’s face full of love his eyes showed everything …I couldn’t think he was acting whenever he ties mangalsutra for her u notice his eyes and when he keeps sindoor on her forehead I saw the real shakti …and when in the offscreen interview as whom did she get married she said I don’t know whether ranveer or Milan sat near me for that shakti said Shakti sat near you….he should have told that ranveer sat near u na y did he tell shakti……..I really pray for him oh my god this poor chap is caught between loyalty and true love …….so god please unite these lovebirds soon it is the jodi u made so please u have to unite them soon……….yeah to say I miss shakti is common but to say I love shakti is not so common na…….she already told on the last day of shoot that I don’t know how I will react from tommo I may call up shakti and say I love u shakti I miss you shakti……so that’s wat she said after 1 month she said that she called him to tell him how much she missed him na….sure when he meets her he will never leave her see…..can ranveer forget his ishaani ……..

  18. wow epi…ki and ka portion is very diffrent…and i m not expected ishveer’s marrag at this tym…luvable epi bro

  19. Keerthi

    Payal dear sorry was not well yesterday had stomach pains so slept soon could not comment in ….yeah actually she said like she loves to travel in metro but her mom always insists her to take an auto for that only I think she said so mom is not here ……..why are u crying dear……see have faith in God definitely good things will happen soon I don’t know y comments are taking more tym to publish…….don’t be without eating it may spoil ur health I am itself enough as I spoiled my health more so I am saying u as my little sister don’t do this dear…eat well and enjoy life…..shakti and Radz will come together in real life I think shakti is in deep love with Radz thats y he is not speaking to her ……..he feels if he come close to Radz he might not leave her so only I think but this jodi was not made by fans it was God made jodi so he knows how to unite them have patience …….

    • Payal

      No keerthi dr you just see that portion and see her expressions her mother was at home only but not on chat
      Please keerthi dr see that question and reply me
      This you know when radhika house is shown her mother said that she is also there for her but in between she has to come and go she has to manage between delhi and mumbai and her nani lives with her in mumbai

  20. keerthu..payal..i am also seen raadzz guyzz in bcl2…she is very fresh now adays…pritam is alwayzz with her na…i am really laugh at raadzz bowling portion….hrr bsll is full of laddo..halwa…all balls r chakka……i lyk arjun supports raadzz portion..and yesterday match…y shakthuu didn’t come..really feel bad..but hiten done rocking….i sm also saw neha guyzz..she full and fully upset guyzz….this is a supr dupr punishment for her from shakthuu…..shakthi plzz soon break up with her..she is s unlucky girl for u


      ya arham…….you see that radz gives flying kiss na………and at that time sumeet commented that maar na hai to mujhe iito se maare apni adda o se nahi……i hope at that time shakti might become high tempered na dear…………and i think on every comment of commentator……arjun…….pritam and summit…….shakti got possesive……and jealous…..and also be angry na………

  21. keerthuu sis..plzz take care..abbot is not a gud thng akka…plzz keep ur health better akka…u r so weak na….i am really happy to heard abt gud news cozz of u and payal….really happy abt i won a this lyk sis in my lyf…

  22. Keerthi

    Arham dear how is your health …..I am not fine so only I couldn’t come in frequently for commenting……..yeah definitely think if shakti would have seen the match he would have been cursing all the flirters…… also noticed dear neha was dull only na I saw in her eyes maybe she came to know how much shakti missed Radz ………shakti is always a mystery guy ……..

  23. Keerthi

    Sathya dear,
    I am fine now dear going to hospital and coming na so bit tired and dull so only couldn’t come in for commenting …… is ur marriage preparations going on ?

  24. raji

    Ya my cute sathya dr next week this day u r marriage will over na ….today mor i think about it dr….next week my sweet sister promoted from miss to mrs sathya na ……i can understand ur feeling dr …..ya every girls fear about it …..but this will be happen in only girls life …..dr

  25. raji

    Ya arham dr ….neha is not suit with shakthi …shakthi is born for only radz not neha ……dr…..hope shakthi soon confess his love on radz …..

  26. raji

    Ya keerthi dr …..i norticed that scenes not only that scenes …whenever he come closes to ishani (radz)on matsh …..i noiticed different eye expressions.dr……last friday episodes also i saw that dr …..he comes to her …the way he touch her face ,hug her was totally different dr….last 15 days i can see differnt shakthi on uu ……but in friday episode ……his eye expression is totally different dr ….o god pls unite these love birds ……

  27. raji

    Keerthi dr pls see shakthi ‘s latest tweets …i mean after feb5 dr …….before his tweets r genearl one …..but last one month its so confused one …..pls see that & reply me dr

  28. ya raji dr…whatever u saying was really tru…whenever he saw raadzz he done diffrent expression dr…i lyk their…head to head portion dr.. ranvi tooks ishu’s head into his head..near by portion was alwayzz suit for their romanc….all their romantic portion was really suit for them

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Not like that yaar I am going to school from today so from mrng 8.30 to 3.30 from tmr but today they left at 2.30itself!!sorry yaar

  29. Keerthi

    Yeah raji dear I also saw all of his tweets but one thing is clear he misses radz more that’s y he was retweeting how much do you miss matsh who is ur fav onscreen Jodi…..talking about dreams belief planning clever mistakes…… When he meets radz he will definitely propose her I am sure about it or atleast he will cry hugging her…… His eyes showed everything the consummation scenes I could see how passionate shakti was with radz face blushing did u see it dear all the scenes when shakti see radz his whole expression changes have u noticed it….. I read one incident radhika was asked by some tv to make shakti believe that she is in a relationship with Arjun as soon as she did that shakti stormed off the sets pretending to be angry so radz had to go to shakti and apologize and say the reality that’s when shakti told that the prank was on her……see radz had feelings for shakti from the start itself it came out after they got separated He was just a co star y should radz worry about what shakti thinks when he was shot in karwachaudh she was shivering and was stunned she came back normal only when shakti came out of the pool and consoled her that he is alive see how much they are connected but they are hesitating because of neha I think

    • Payal

      You are absolutely right keerthi dr both shakti and radhika have feelings for each other
      In that prank incident radhika has to apologize to shakti as is very possessive about her and that karvachauth scene it was very real they both are real it is clearly seen in their eyes
      Whatcsay keerthi dr

  30. Arham dr ya its common for every women dr but iam lottle bit tensed,u know dr if it is love mrgena we dnt have that tension becoz we well known abt that person place and allna but its arranged mrgena so i dnt know abt his relations and place that is y little bit tensed dr..but he is very calm charecter dr..after mrge when i am able to comment i dnt know dr really iam fl for that dr.but i ll comment as soon as possible

  31. Raji dr ya next wk onwards iam mrs.sathya na,Oh ileave my house and all na,ya dr tis rules are all only for women and boys are always happy and thy never leave their parentsna.and u know dr when shadika mrgena that day i is happiest day in my life more than my mrge dr.tht much iam crazy abt shadika,i dnt know after mrge i see uu or not but really iam fl for that also dr.i cant able to lve without my shadika even a single day dr.y dr we r all tis much affectionate on them more thn our life,its really wonderna

  32. Keerthi dr ya preparations are going good dr,u already knew abt that na its little bit tension,little bit happiness,litte bit tiredness mingle of all tis things dr.but my big worry is whether i am see uu and iam able to comment or not..really i cant able without shadika dr.and dr u saw one videona ishani and ranveet celebrate hariyali deez video that shakti gave different colours of flowers to radzna,i saw that video dr but sound is not good in youtube if u saw that videona pls tell me abt tht video dr.and its summer na so pls take care of ur health,i know chennai is very hot compared to other city so pls tak cr of ur health dr

  33. Keerthi dr ya u r crct,y radz fl abt what shakti think abt her i already read abt tis dr.i know dr.200% radz love shakti,bit shakti is really a mystery dr.When they meet dr.but i think they meet secretly,u know dr radz told all those thinks without anu hessitation so that only shakti scared abt her behaviour,if shakti tell anything abt his love means she doesnt keep that secret that is one of the reason for shakti hessitation dr

  34. haa sathya dr..if it luv marrag na ..we r very well abt the person dr…but in arrang marrag w don’t know abt new person’s….but aftr some days we will know abt them dr…so don’t worry…next week mrs.sathya vishvanath na dr…really halpy abt u akka

  35. Keerthi dr u know after first night they return back to rnvee homena that time they gave one interview dr ,radz explain abt that seq meanwhile shakti interupt and told ishani also very tired suddely radz get shy amd shakti was laughing.its very sensual thimfna how he prank like tis dr.that much both r closena st

  36. Shakti Arora, who was seen in many shows like Dill Mill Gayye andTere Liyeis best known for his stint inMeri Aashiqui Tumse Hi. As soon as the show ended, his fans were getting desperate to see the actor on-screen again. And voila! Here he is, hosting Sony’s latest show Mann Mein Vishwaas Hai.In a candid conversation with the actor, we got him spill on why he took up this show. Excerpts.

    This is your third show as a host. So how has the experience been so far?
    It has been very nice so far.And it is nota bad thing to do. It adds to your versatility. Also, you earn more money and you have to dedicate less time thanyou do for daily soap shoots. The one difference between shooting for a daily and hosting a show is that in our soaps,we can improvise our dialogues. This is not possible here. The anchor links hereare written in shuddh hindi. There are many shloks and dohas. And obviously we can’t change them. We follow the script here like a Bible. During my Braincafe days also, we used to practisethe experiments one week prior to the shoot.

    What made you take up this show?
    This show is all about spirituality and God. At the same time it is also very inspirational. And with shows like MannMein, faith would increase among people. I believe that if you have immense faith in God and do good karmas, you will receive only good in return. But again, we are not promoting any religions on our show. We just share various faiths of people. I believe that if you be good and do good, good will come to you too.

    How much of a believer are you?
    I believe in Jesus. But I also visit temples. I have visited a lot of temples in and around Mumbai.Faith rakhoge tosab positive hi hoga aapke saath. If there is negative aura around you, only negative things will happen to you. But even after having positive thoughts and intentions, negative things are happening, then all they do is teach yougood lessons.

    You are considered a youth-icon. But a majority of youth today, are not believers of blind faith. What would you want to say about that?
    i am doing the show so that even if 5% of my viewers watch the show, they get inspired. We are making the show, so that we can inspire people.

    Any personal incident experienced by you which made you a more strong believer in God?
    There was this interview that I desperately wanted to pass. But I was also sure that I would not be able to clear it. But my near and dear ones prayed for me and I got through it. There is one more incident. I had wanted a specific car and at that time it was way beyond my price range. But I had it within 6 months. Miracles happenin life. It is just that you have to be patient and have faith.

    You took up this show immediately after Meri Aashiqui, any specific reason for doing so?
    I wanted to take a break. But then this show came along and I took it up. The main advantage is that I am able to balance my social life and work as well. I shoot for 3 days and take a break for 1 day. That is my schedule now which is pretty much sorted.

    How much do you miss your MATSH cast?

    A lot. But the good thing is that we are in touch. We try catching up as frequently as we can. We have worked together for so long. There is obviously a strong bond amongst us.The actor signed off after this. As for his show, it has been receiving a good response.

    We wish Shakti all the best and hope his run-in with success continues.

  37. My radz n shakti are amazing..n I know that they are definitely missing each other very badly..I m just excited to watch their union?? o god plz if their union is written in their destiny so plz god unite them fast..n plz ekta mam, plz start matsh2 wid same lead fast, becoz matwh fans are desperately waiting fr matsh2 n guys do u have any news fr matsh2 or our shaadhika as nowadays i am nt much active on social networking as I am seeking fr admission fr class11 n so their is a lot of tension ? but still I can’t forget my matsh n my shaadhika so plz tell if u have any news about matsh2 n shaadhika
    Kirthi Dr, sathya Dr or other guys plz reply?

    • Payal

      I also think same khushi dr God will definitely unit them as we are not saying this it is written in our shadhika’s destiny to unite for whole life as husband-wife in reel life as well as real life also

    • Payal

      How to copy the whole para sathya dr i don’t know you write whole
      And yes i saw and read it and feeling very happy for that last question

  38. raji

    Sathya dr ya shakthi still miss matsh &radz …..dr ……i read the last question dr that make me happy dr….

  39. raji

    Arham dr….ya u always angel to me dr….i have no gud news about wedding ….now i am free ….i think it takes 2years or 1and half years …..when ur marriage dr ……

  40. raji

    Sathya dr ur right dr ……..these things r happen in only in girls life na……but boys r cool ….we r in little bit tensed about out new life ,home ,city,family na …..
    Ur right sathya we r much interested on shadhika ‘s life more than ours ……its really wonderna ….
    Why u think like this dr….after mge u can see uu or not & comment here or not …..hope ur hubby understand ur feeling & give respect to it ……dont worry about it …… i correct dr?????……

  41. raji

    Sathya dr ….u know still i dont know about my lifepartner…..i mean i am not commited dr….but whoever be my life partner…..sure i tell him about matsh & ishveer shadhika dr… much i love them nu …….sure i will show all the videos of matsh also dr ……bez of matsh i can understand what is love ???how to love someone unconditionally ……?????thats y sure i will tell him about them & matsh dr….what u say ???about my opinion dr ……

  42. Raji dr ya u r crct dr.who r all see our crazyness abt shadika sure they change their mimdset for us dr.i hv hope dr.i tell to my hubby that shadika amtsh is my life,whenever i am depressed matsh makes me happy,so he understand my feelimgsna dr..dnt worry dr u hv best life partner in ur life and he understand u dr ots my blessing and praying dr

  43. anonymous

    You guys couldnt hear the video link I gave about shadhika’s chemistry it seems, so I’ll tell you what it is all about..
    The guy says… Shakti,Radhika said you guys have ome kind of connection when you do the romantic scenes together,do you as well feel the same connection?
    Shakti-Yes yes ofcourse,ye chemistry kaha se aati hai god knows par yes there is something, whenever she is looking at me and we dont have any dialogues and just look at each other,hum log with anything wo kar sakte hai and we have done it 1000 times matlab bass dekha and within seconds start crying.. We both only!! Maine bahot try kiya dusre kisi ke saath but aisa nhi hota.. Uske saath bhi same hai..usko kisi aur ladke ke saath khada karo toh nhi aayega uske asu itne jaldi nhi aayege sirf mere saamne.. ye kuch ajjeb hai.. i think that is why people connect.. Pata nhi it is something weird..

    If you guys can or wish to here’s the link again…

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