Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-102


The episode starts with Ishaani keeps her hand between their mouth and tells now we should get ready… He tells what?? He goes to room and brings her sari and tells her to wear it and we are going out… We will be back within some time… Ishaani asks where?ranveer tells ghost house!! She asks really!! She comes to room and gets ready as marriage girl and comes and asks is it ok? Ranveer comes there in sherwani and tells we are leaving and he takes her in his arms and brings to Jeep and makes her sit and drives away from there… On the way they sees naagins and they both gets afraid… Ishaani sits on ranveer lap.. He drives fast and hits naagin and comes near beach… Ranveer shows Ishaani a mandap.. And pandit.. She looks on amused… He asks how is my surprise?? She tells it is like u….

They both hug each other… Ranveer tells good time is running leg is get remarried soon… They both sit in mandap and do rituals….. Ranveer gets up to take pheras but Ishaani faints.. He sees her leg is injured due to naagin bite.. He sucks out it.. He ties her leg tighlty.. Ishaani opens her eyes slowly… Ranveer looks at her with tear eyes.. Ishaani wipes his tears.. Ishaani gets up in much struggle and takes pheras with him… They both complete it.. Ranveer takes old mangalsutra and gives it to pandit and takes new and puts on Ishaani neck.. He keeps sindoor on her head and thnx pandit and gives money and brings Ishaani to hospital and shouts doctor…
Doctor brings Ishaani to room and takes poison away and tell ranveer she is normal.. Ranveer comes there and sees her and comes near her and sits in bed and tells her we are made for each other!! She agrees…. Smiles… Ranveer calls madhu and tells about Ishaani.. He tells we will come tomorrow and not today pls tell to veer.. Madhu agrees and tells him to take care of Ishaani…

Ranveer brings Ishaani to Beach house and makes her sleep on bed and sits near her… Ranveer tells I should sleep today night fully!! So I will sing song he songs Sanam re song… He wears dress like hero and stands near her and hugs her..

Ishaani tells him to on the TV so that I can be normal.. He ons the TV and sees ki&ka movie team with colors TV holi spl and cries.. Ishaani tells our show had ended or we will be with their team now!???????????

Ranveer smiles and asks now u want to meet them.. Wait and calls Arjun kapoor and kareena and they both comes inside and meets Ishaani.. Arjun takes ranveer aside and asks him r u doing house work? He tells no I am business man.. Arjun smiles.. Kareena asks do u work at office.. She tells no I am house wife..

Ranveer and Arjun comes there.. Kareena warns him not to do anything against her or u should cook food for me daily!!??he tells no and they both wishes ishveer happy married life and they both leaves from there….

Precap:Ishaani packs her bag.. She sees cockroach and jumps into ranveer hip Allah warriyan plays… Ranveer thinks now I need 2ladoo..

Sorry for same precap becoz I forgot to get married to them… Sorry and Sathya, arham,sana ,raji and we all are friends and why we need to fight for other? Be normal

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  1. Ya kushi dr …soon our matsh 2 will start dr ……pls hope with god dr….

  2. Payal dr in my mob i press the screen long dr so that the copy paste option shown dr.u try in ur mob dr

  3. Arham dr….ya u always angel to me dr….i have no gud news about wedding ….now i am free ….i think it takes 2years or 1and half years …..when ur marriage dr ……

    1. Whose marriage raji dr

  4. Sana dr …….where r u ????my little sana

  5. Sathya dr ur right dr ……..these things r happen in only in girls life na……but boys r cool ….we r in little bit tensed about out new life ,home ,city,family na …..
    Ur right sathya we r much interested on shadhika ‘s life more than ours ……its really wonderna ….
    Why u think like this dr….after mge u can see uu or not & comment here or not …..hope ur hubby understand ur feeling & give respect to it ……dont worry about it …… i correct dr?????……

  6. Sathya dr ….u know still i dont know about my lifepartner…..i mean i am not commited dr….but whoever be my life partner…..sure i tell him about matsh & ishveer shadhika dr… much i love them nu …….sure i will show all the videos of matsh also dr ……bez of matsh i can understand what is love ???how to love someone unconditionally ……?????thats y sure i will tell him about them & matsh dr….what u say ???about my opinion dr ……

  7. Raji dr ya u r crct dr.who r all see our crazyness abt shadika sure they change their mimdset for us dr.i hv hope dr.i tell to my hubby that shadika amtsh is my life,whenever i am depressed matsh makes me happy,so he understand my feelimgsna dr..dnt worry dr u hv best life partner in ur life and he understand u dr ots my blessing and praying dr

  8. You guys couldnt hear the video link I gave about shadhika’s chemistry it seems, so I’ll tell you what it is all about..
    The guy says… Shakti,Radhika said you guys have ome kind of connection when you do the romantic scenes together,do you as well feel the same connection?
    Shakti-Yes yes ofcourse,ye chemistry kaha se aati hai god knows par yes there is something, whenever she is looking at me and we dont have any dialogues and just look at each other,hum log with anything wo kar sakte hai and we have done it 1000 times matlab bass dekha and within seconds start crying.. We both only!! Maine bahot try kiya dusre kisi ke saath but aisa nhi hota.. Uske saath bhi same hai..usko kisi aur ladke ke saath khada karo toh nhi aayega uske asu itne jaldi nhi aayege sirf mere saamne.. ye kuch ajjeb hai.. i think that is why people connect.. Pata nhi it is something weird..

    If you guys can or wish to here’s the link again…


  9. Anonymous i already enter into tis site but video did not open.pls explain in english dr

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