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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-101


Guys without u all 100 epi is not easy and i need to thnq some people sathya,raji,payal,keerthi,ishuRV,praveena,julina,ishveer forever(khushi),prince,arham,sana,reena,the couple,marry,vaishali and all my ff readers a big thnx for all…………..

The episode starts with Ishaani kisses ranveer and gets up and sings the song and they both comes to beach……Ranveer sees girls dress and removes his cooling glass and tells wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!She tells really and holds his ears and tells now i will show u whom i am? She kisses him Unnale mei marandu song plays……..Ishaani holds his beard and kisses him…He holds her head and they have a lip lock………..Ishaani tells him now other girls?? Ranveer tells not anymore and kisses her and brings her near beach and throws her in water and they both play……Ranveer takes her in his arms and happily rounds and spins and they fell down and see each other and smile……..Ishaani gets up and ranveer also gets up and follows her…Ishaani sits in chair ranveer sits near her…….Ranveer tells i thought u are family girl but u??Ishaani asks what?me?Family girl……..

Tum hi ho plays………..Ranveer asks her hand nobody is there so we can be alone for some time…….She smiles and comes with him and dances……..He dances intimate and kisses on her shoulder…..He removes her hair from it and puts it front and kisses her…..Slowly Ishaani turns to his side and kisses on ranveer head……Ranveer kisses her on lips and tells today is spl day for us……..Ishaani asks then yesterday?? He takes her and spins and they share an eyelock……Allah warriyan plays…………Ranveer comes close to her…..Ishaani tells this is not room………..He tells then ok and takes her in his arms and brings to beach house and he puts her in swimming pool and he also jumps there and swims with her…….Ranveer drinks wine with her and kisses her suddenly………She also kisses her…………

Ranveer takes her in his arms and brings to bed and kisses her ishaani tells ranveer wait my body is wet…….Ranveer kisses her and removes her……………After some time ishaani gets up and sees ranveer holding her hand and kisses on his lips and gets up and comes to mirror and gets ready iin blue sari………..Ranveer gets up and comes to her and sits near her and keeps his head on her shoulder and kisses on her cheeks and asks where r u going now?Ishaani tells my friend baby is born so i have to leave now!!

Ranveer asks then what about me?Ishaani tells then u also come with me!He tells sure and gets ready and they both comes there and sees her friend and have a talk…Ranveer talks to her friend husband but ranveer eyes was searching ishaani……….Sudddenly he sees ishaani was not there…He searches and shouts ishaani!!!!!!He gets teary eyes and comes to terrace and sees her playing with baby and comes to her and takes baby and comes down and gives to them and tells bye and takes ishaani with him……..He drives car fastly………..Ishaani sings Aaj phir song………..She sits on his lap and kisses him……But he does not respond………..She asks what happened??He stops the car and comes inside studio and tells i can’t live even a single second without u and u went to terrace i was shouting and searching u!!!!!!!!!!Ishaani keeps her hand on his cheeks and tells him to calm down and kisses on his head and tells I love u and i also can’t live without u!!!!!They both hug each other

Madhu tells veer to get ready fast…..He tells i will get ready after my mom comes only………..Madhu calls ishaani..She takes and asks what happened?Ishaani speaks to veer that i will come tomorrow night and i will tell u stories…Ranveer takes phone from ishaani and tells if u did not go home then i will send my stories through skype then u have to see it….Veer tells noooooooooooo i will go to school….He tells my good boy!!!!!I will buy swimming dress for u ok bye bye take care……….Ranveer tells see i have more brain than u i told one thing he suddenly running to school……..Ishaani laughs and tells this is not proud!!!!!! He tells then what?? He comes close and kisses her and tells this? He kisses on her hand this?Neck this? He kisses on her lips and tells this?She nods…….He takes her and keeps her on his hip and kisses her closely……..He continously kisses her,……..

Precap:Ishaani gets ready and packs her bag and sees cockroach and jumps on ranveer hip…..She shouts in fear!!!!!Allah warriyan plays……….Ranveer thinks i need 2 ladoo

  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I have sent next epi also!!

  2. Hi frnds… it’s julina… pls create another email id and account like this… and vote for ishveer in that best jodi on-screen…. pls… our ishveer should win…. I’m going to create another also

  3. Sathya keerthi vyshu payal ranaji arham dhruva …..all my friends happy sunday to all

  4. Sana dr y u ask me sorry dr….. u r my little sister dr….so u need not to say sorry to us dr ……pls all these bad things happen on yest ….start a new day with this sunday …..hope u understand dr….

  5. Dhruva dr which is true …pls tell bollywood life or filmyfolks …….pls tell me guys …..sathya ,keerthi ,sana ,vyshu ,payal where r u guys ….?????????????pls tell me drs…

  6. I can’t post another a.c…. ? I tried… but couldn’t… pls try and tell me… pls

    1. I tried to vote in that best jodi… with another a.c…. I couldn’t. .. our ishveer should win… pls try and tell that frnds…

  7. Keerthi ,payal i agree with u drs ….if shakthi see that match na sure he get jealous on radz & arjun drs….but sure soon he confess his love to radz …..drs

  8. Guys.. it’s julina… pls create another email id and a.c. like this and vote for ishveer in best jodi…. pls…. it’s my sister name… pls do it guys .. our ishveer should win

  9. Ok ranaji i agree with u ….we r good friends …we never fight with ourself

  10. Sathya ,keerthi ,vyshu pls see that dhruva s link & reply me drs …i am restless drs ….plsplsplspls drs

  11. it’s k my sweety bro..ya u hav altights with me for fyting…ya u r my real bro…don’t worry yaar.take some rest.then update nxt….

  12. hii…..sathya sana raji ranaji julina keerthu payal vyshu.and sll my frnds gud sunday to all…..sana i am not keep fasting….so today fully wid my sweety sisters and cutie bro….hii

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      I have sent next epi of both ff but u will like this matsh(ishveer forever)epi only I bet u becoz this epi will be superb than young love!!

  13. O god this u want to kill the comment box …it takes si much of time to post my comments ..& make me cry also…..stupid box pls post my comments soon

  14. Guys any one is here ??????

  15. Sathya,keerthi ,vyshu ,payal drs….i saw one comment below shakths pics on his fb ….one fan said …..shakthi pls underetand ur hidden feelings …accept radz love & marry her…she onlh suit with u not neha ….so radz se shadhi karo …..make ur fans wish as reel life pair to real life …..
    If shakthibsee that na what he think???????dr …..i want to know ur opinion drs ?????

    1. I think in mind he would blush but in real he would not react raji……

    2. As dhruva said only he would have been blushing inside and definitely he would have thought about their romantic moment……he is in so much pressure I can feel it really pity him a lot let God unite them soon

    3. Dear definitely shakti will realise his romantic moments with radhika

  16. Vyshu dear sure dear today another injection so I am in hospital now and commenting definitely if shakti would have watched the match he would be more jealous not only Arjun but the host pritam and sumit and that fm guys there were all eyeing her only even that babbar from jrj and all guys were back of radz only if shakti Was in the ground he would have been with radz how much competition for radz???

    1. Ya Keerthi when I watch I could not stop my laughing dear… how summit and pritam wanted to hug radz……then the commentator said……her to do something and she gave flying kiss…….and then summit comment……and all four summit pritam commentator and Arjun……were behind radz and mouni only na dear……they both were reallly looking gorgeous especially radz was soo cute na……I love her……..I bet you if Shakti had seen this episode na then he would have been become ash by burning…….I’m soo happy yaar…….

    2. Keerthi I’m waiting for MT and KBM……match eagerly will both summit and pritam tease Shakti with radz na………

      1. Ha ha yes dhruva dear I was laughing only all these guys are longing for her but her heart is longing for shakti definitely he will understand her …….if they meet up then everything will be fine….let them unite soon our prayers can do some miracles……
        If shakti saw the match yesterday he would have been stomach burning and he would have been cursing all these guys

      2. Definitely keerthi dr shakti think he would have been there

  17. Keerthi dr u r in hospital ………pls take dr ……whenever u free pls reply my comments dr …..

    1. Sure raji dear….please pray for me …….my health is recovering but I have to be in observation still

      1. Don’t worry yu will fine soon and please reply to my comments at 3:44 pm please keerthi dr

  18. Vyshub,payal drs where r u drs??????pls reply my above comments dr

  19. Yeah keerthi dr….. i aslo saw morng 8.00 pm repeat telecast…. dr… yeah Radz looking Awesum…. cutpie…radz….!!
    yeah…. dr all r eyeing radz only…….dr shakti getting jealous… today no tweets dr….!!
    shakti want to beat pritam, sumit dr…
    Arjun… is vry nice person…. dr !!

    1. Yes vyshu dear …definitely if Shakti was there na he would have not allowed anyone to come near her even arjun also cannot come near Radz ……?

      1. Yes keerthi dr yes

  20. Sathya dr ….where r u dr ??????? pls
    reply me dr….o god today no one is here na ……..

  21. Sathya dr pls commentme dr ….i miss u so much dr

  22. Raji dr ya iam here only dr.sorry dr for late commenting.and dr i am sure radz not replace radz its all rumour,so dnt worry dr.and in shakti fb me too one time send a message like tis dr,so every shadika fans insist shakti for leaving neha buy i dnt know when he realize true love dr,and dr just 5 days only iam able to comment after some days i cant comment today mrng i fl for that dr.but soon i ll be back dr

  23. Arham dr iam here dr.oh now itself u have fasting for ur hubbyna wow its really nice thing dr.but please take care of ur health too kna dr.

  24. Sana dr y u ask me sorry chellam ,u r my sweet sisna .dnt worry dr its not ur fault pls dnt think like that.i want my sis always happy

  25. Dhruva dr i searched all the website …but there is no news about radz on naagin …..pls tell me dr …its true ??????????????i am confused with ur link dr ……..

    1. I don’t know yaar…….cause when I searched it in bollywoodlife they had made an Aprilfool to us……but after iI see it in filmyfolk but they say that radz is going to be shivanya by replacing mouni……don’t know dear……me too confused….

  26. Keerthi dr what happened to ur health dr now u r alrightna.and in bcl match radz rockingna.dr day by day competition for our radz increase na sure dr shakti get jealous on radz.and ur crct arjum is very goo person and good frnd for radz,he never tease or pranking rarz in any interview he always behave like a best frnd.and i think his wife is not like that neha dr.bcoz he hv one som also but he never let his person life wid radz frndship.he is really a gem of person dr

  27. Ranaji i ask my hubby he is in nesapalayam ,i think its outer areana bro,near to amirtha vidhyalaya school.and how far u r from that area bro

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      U ask him i am near hope college avinashi road….!!… It is little far from my house…

    2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      My friends many are studying in that school only… Nesa palayam it is new to me… I am sure u will come to fun mall and Brooke fields with u r hubby? If u come to fun mall pls inform me before itself so that I will come there to meet u

      1. Ya sure bro if i come means i ll inform to u we ll meet there.iam very new to that place so iam very excited

  28. Vyshu dr ya u r crct sure shakti hot jealous on radz dr.if he think so means y he still not confess his love,tis is the punishment to him and he should face tis dr

  29. Payal dr ya in all interview radz told she wish to marry after 5 yrs only becoz she is very young and childish and dnt worry abt that rumour dr.and radz replace mouni in nagin also a rumour so pls dnt worry abt that a days i r very much worried abt all news its not good for ur health dr
    pls take care of ur health one day our wish come true by god grace dnt worry dr.keep smiling

    1. Thanks sathya dr for consoling me

  30. Julina dr where best jodi polls dr.i cant understand dr..

    1. It is not poll akka… someone called anushka upload a article… she asked us to comment us which is the best on-screen jodi… almost 550 commented…. till now swasan and someone is in first place…. abhigya and ishveer r in 2nd place…. pls comment in any other email address so that… our ishveer should win

  31. Dhuruva dr wow superb imagination,always that neha have tos criminal mind.superb epi req pls dnt use radz full name as radhika during shadikas romance pls use radz name as radhee or radhima .pls take my suggestion dr

  32. Ya sure bro if i come means i ll inform to u we ll meet there.iam very new to that place so iam very excited

  33. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys new epi is posted pls check it

  34. Sathya dear definitely if shakti would have seen the match he would have definitely cried……for us to forget our friends itself is such a pain ….think about him he acted as a husband for Radz in MATSH who loves her more than himself……he married her for 4 times in the serial…….at the last wedding scene I could see love for radz in shakti’s eyes ……….and he always mentions I have acted with many heroines and done romance with them but ranveer ishaani romance is shear magic and God gift… how will he forget her dear….God will definitely unite them soon I am praying

    1. Mee too praying keerthi dr Hope God will definitely listen to us

  35. Payal dear I don’t know which comment u want to know dear…….

    1. Keerthi dr in this ff only at 3:44 pm check in this ff only please dr

    2. It is yesterday comment

  36. Guys please help me i am not happy nowadays

  37. Julina dr i post many comment on that who best jodi ff..behalf all of u drs i post my comment in ur names pls check it dr.

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