Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-10


The episode starts with ishaani comes to ranveer house in late night while ranveer is sleeping she sleeps beside him ranveer feels somebody is there he hugs her shocking ishaani gets up and scolds him for not seeing her and huginig he tells sorry….Ranveer tells thnx to ishaani for accepting south indian type marriage she tells it is ok becoz after that honeymoon in shimla only..ranveer comes close to her she kisses him on cheeks he takes her in his arms and brings to bed

he asks her to sleep on bed and he will sleep down ishaani holds her hand and tells we both can sleep on bed now he gets happy but she keeps pillow inbetween he gets sad…

Next mrng they leave from mumbai to coimbatore they reach cbe..they call taxi and leaves from there to ooty on the way ishaani tells i am very hungry ranveer tells to stop at people park hotel ishaani asks how did he know about hotels???

Ranveer tells becoz maya was here only..ishaani asks who is she?ranveer tells she is my mother but she is died.

Ishaani tells sorry they reach ooty and sees the decoration work going slowly he tells them to make it fast becoz wedding is within two days pls gear up guysss

ranveer tells let us go to our room and get ready becoz we need to go outside for sight seeing and he tells south indian girls will be so nice..ishaani gets angry and tells then who marry south indian itself ranveer hugs her and tells sorry i love you

Ranveer brings her to boat house . Harshad thinks i need to stop my secret coming out i need to kill ragini

Ranveer asks for a kiss but ishaani refuses he blackmails her she kisses and tells you are naughty

Precap; Ishaani and ranveer dance for tumhe apna song……

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. exellent yaar…y chang profil pic i am confused see semma story…

  2. Nice narendran.u are superb

  3. Thnx yaar

  4. Ya Excellent….. Awesome ….

  5. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    i love it……….

  6. wow ranaji an tumne do ff likhe hain na with different storylines

  7. Nice u in Chennai now.u told that u r going there for chess competition.

    1. Yes I am playing at Nehru stadium

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