Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Episode 7 (Maha Epi Spcl For Readers)

The episode starts with ishaani in the hospital and ranveer was tensed outside and all of them are tensed Baa leaves to ask to doctor what happened to her .. Doctor tells Baa that ishaani is pregnant Baa gets over joyed and comes to tell to ranveer..

Ranveer cries and tells that we are just united but another problem came Baa comes and tell to ranveer..he gets overjoyed and Milan is bogged .

Ranveer goes to Ishaani and says about it they share an eyelock ..Milan tells in his mind now I should leave them happy and goes outside .

Six months leap….

Ishaani was six month pregnant ranveer comes and talks to his son and tells that I am going to office bye pls don’t disturb mum ishaani and ranveer talks and they share an eyelock zehnaseeb song plays ranveer kisses ishaani on cheeks and leaves

Ranveer before leaves Talk about the function to amba and tells her don’t tell to ishaani,both leaves ranveer comes to office and thinks that his son is special to us that I am getting more profit when I heard the pregnancy

Ranveer invites Abhi and pragya for the function both tells yes.

One guy comes and tells that I won’t leave pragya and ishaani that you both have done many sin to me..

Precap;Pragya and abhi comes to the function..ishaani was sleeping on bed all of them comes and tells surprise she aks what she sees and pragya and hugs her..

Guys any comments about this storyline pls give comments the following people will not be included.

Disha,manas,parul,lakshmi,..because I don’t like their track I will not include their name or track…disha live with her family..parul marry someone and happy lakshmi leaves the house..

Credit to: Narendran


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