Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Episode 6

The episode starts with ranveer and ishaani go to a movie they start their knok jhok fight . the people scolds them and stop their fight and start laughing at each other they both share eyelock.

Intermission comes they both were trying to come closer but one boy comes and asks what do like to have??

Ranveer tells one Pepsi and popcorn he tells thanks you and goes to bring that ishaani kisses ranveer on cheeks he gets shy the movie gets over.

They both go to one flower shop he gets boquet and bend his knees he kisses on her hand and proposes infront of everyone ishaani gets shy and tells him to get up they both hug each other..

They comes to house they come to their room and sees the room fully decorated and gets amused. Ranveer tells that he made arrangments.

Ranveer tries to flirt with her but ishaani falls unconscious ranveer gets panic and takes her to the hospital ranveer tells everyone all of them comes to hospital..

Precap; Doctor tells Baa what happened to ishaani she gets happy and tells to ranveer that he is going to become father all of them are amused while Milan is shocked to hear this..

Guys do you like this track or not pls give comments

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ajoyib!!!! Ammo qisqa?????

  2. Story runs very quick …. And expecting positive twist ….

  3. So what better….not she really pergent for ranver child,,,,,,,,????????

  4. Akhir koi toh btao ishaani kiske bachay ki maa banne wali hai .Milan ya ranveer

  5. So is it ranveer’s child? …Milan is shocked? What’s he doing here???

  6. ranveer ka bachcha?oh! I’m so last ishani maa banne waali hai.

  7. is that ishveer child i really love the episode

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