Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Episode 4-5


Episode 4:
The episode starts with milan keeping knife on amba neck and ask him to tell the truth he says why they left them at anjaar..tell the truth ishaani silently text message to her friend to call police..kailash runs to amba but milan shoves him and cuts amba hand which started bleeding.

Police arrives and shoot the bullet on milan leg he fell down and police takes him amba cries and leaves from there kailash goes to room taking first-aid box…on the other side while in traffic jam milan runs from the jeep and comes back to the house but he sees ishaani he thought to kill her but his heart did not accept this..

police arrives but milan did not take eyes from ishaani..ishaani was laughing cutee milan thinks that i love her something had happened to me police takes milan from there ishaani and ranveer did not see this ranveer and ishaani goes to amba

She says to ranveer that she was better now ishaani cares for amba and tells ranveer that she will stay this night with her..baa tells ishaani don’t worry iam and kailash is there to take care of amba you go with ranveer..

precap;ishaani and ranveer start their knok jhok fight on the other side amba thinks that she should tell the truth,milan gives money to police an dsays them to release them

Episode 5:
The episode starts with ranveer and ishaani comes to the room and they speak about milan..ishaani thanks his friend for calling to police.ranveer and ishaani start their knok jhok fight and they share an eyelock.

milan on the other side gives money to the police and tells them to release him.milan comes out and says in mind i love you ishaani i will not give you to anyone

amba thinks to say to ranveer but they both were talking happily and thinks to not to disturb them she moves from there . baa and others think about milan . And they think about ishaani and ranveer and she gets teary eyes..ranveer and ishaani share an romantic eyelock .milan comes out and thinks about ishaani and says i need to kidnap ishaani and make her as mine..

precap:ishaani and ranveer go to a movie and they start their fight in the theatre all of them started scolding them to stop the fight.ranveer and ishaani stops fight and they laugh at each other

Credit to: Narendran

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