Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Episode 15 and 16


The episode starts with siddharth takes her to the bed caring her she kisses him on head and leaves from there siddharth says I know how to capture he goes to her and proposes with her in romantic and she gets shy and pushes him he falls down and gets hurt she comes and cares him and says sorry siddharth sees her eyes the love for him siddharth kisses her but she tells stop it he takes her to bed zehnaseeb song plays

Both share the best moments in life ishaani and ranveer thinks they should go out and have to enjoy they both think the same thing they tell the thing rhymingly

They both look at each other they share eyelock ishaani tells ranveer let us go Goa and enjoy ranveer asks her that you told that we are aged that we should not romance she comes close to her and tells that I love you pls let us go ranveer tells but..ishaani tells that you need but or me he tells I need you and takes her in arms they both leave the house after informing amba and kailash.. They go to airport and starts their fight the lady says pls move they scold ranveer ishaani gets angry and shouts at her and says how dare you tell about my husband she pushes her and tells that now you tell that lady leaves

Ranveer and ishaani comes to the flight ranveer asks that you scolded her becoz of me but you will scold me ishaani tells I have the rights to scold you but she do not have the rights ranveer and ishaani looks at each other


The next episode

It starts with ishaani and ranveer comes to the beach where siddharth and meher have stayed she wrongly knocks the siddharth he opens and sees the mom she slaps him

It is dream he gets up and gets ready he tells meher to get ready that they both were leaving for shopping ishaani really knocks the door siddharth opens hesitantly and sees ishaani ishaani shocked to see him and meher together and asks why you came her he tells that we both were leaving for shopping ishaani thinks that something is fishy and thinks to find about it ranveer comes and ask what happened she tells nothing they both go to the room they see it is honeymoon suit room ishaani asks what is this and goes to the room to get fresh up

Ranveer gets a bunch full of flowers she comes out he gives to her and says I love you ishaani falls on ranveer and tells I did this intentionally to get your more attention on the other side of window she saw siddharth and meher standing together

Ranveer takes her to bed and talks about siddharth child hood ishaani I struggled to get ready with but I had grown up siddharth he reminds that siddharth will sleep with ishaani he tells that he will sleep with me ishaani keeps hand on ranveer mouth

Precap: Ishaani and ranveer thinks to go out ranveer sees siddharth there and asks why you came to airport he tells that I came to book ticket meher comes to Mumbai and talks to someone on phone and tells that my work is over

Credit to: Narendran

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