Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Episode 14


The episode starts with ishaani and ranveer having their romantic moments ishaani kisses him and leaves . the next morning ranveer and ishaani comes down one courier comes in that they find one more photo in that mentioned we will kill your son ishaani tells what is this call the police pls prevent my son.

Ranveer and ishaani was standing near the door siddharth comes and tells I want to go for tour pls dad ranveer tells don’t go he tells the courier siddharth tells nothing like that I need to go and hugs the parents they tell you can go

Siddharth calls meher and tells that I convinced my mom and dad we are going to Goa we both alone you are happy now she tells yes.

Meher also tells the same lie they both go out to Goa they go to beach house they open the room

They enter the room siddharth and meher both fell on bed siddharth tells I love you.

Ranveer and ishaani was worried they both try to get into romance but amba comes and tells where did siddharth go they tells about the tour amba leaves ranveer kisses ishaani on cheeks and love you

Siddharth gets intimate with meher but she pushes and tells after marriage but siddharth pulls her and takes her to bed by taking her in arms.

Precap:Ishaani and ranveer also come to beach resort they share their romantic moments . On the other hand meher kisses siddharth I love you ishaani wrongly enters the siddharth room and she is shocked to see siddharth and meher in the room ishaani asks why you came here siddharth tells we both were going for shopping they leaves ishaani tells that something is fishy I need to find it.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Guys I have decided to quit the fan fiction becoz I am not getting much response so I will make an exit I have completed 14episodes I will complete with 25 OK guys bye

    1. no narendran plz don’t do that even I m getting less response but the one who response loves my ff so that’s y I m still writing it. Plz don’t stop ur ff. Plz plz ur ff is more good than mine. plz don’t do such bad thing to our viewers actually the prob is that many ppl hv stopped seeing matsh so the viewers r less that’s y update viewers r also less that’s y u get less response but plz don’t stop it

      1. Thanks anandhi for your support I will not stop any ff thanks

  2. Plz don’t stop this narendran.plz continue the writing.

    1. OK i will continue I will not stop it

  3. Plz dont stop writing.this is going nice.i luv this track.plz dont stop this.

  4. plz dont stop its awsome……..

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