Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Episode 13


The episode starts with ishaani thinks about ranveer and siddharth and walks around the room ranveer comes and consoles her and says I love you she says I too.

It’s morning ranveer gets ready and comes down he sees the meher parents coming and greets them siddharth was standing there too ishaani comes down and asks whom they are ranveer introduces them ishaani leaves meher parents tells that let us leave ishaani comes there with a bangle and puts it in her hand

Siddharth gets happy and hugs mom they start speaking about the qualification ranveer tells my business and he studied and his parents tell OK for marriage they tell that we will start the marriage work siddharth and meher gets happy they leaves.

Meher comes to her room siddharth calls her and praises her beauty she gets shy and tells stop flirting with me.

Ranveer and ishaani in the room speak about siddharth ranveer tells I will handover my business to him so that I can be free ishaani tells no then how can I be happy they start their knok jhok fight ranveer comes intimate with her zehnaseeb song plays..

Precap:ranveer and ishaani share their romantic moments in the room ishaani kisses him and leaves

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. nice…

  2. The track is very nice but I want to see the childhood of siddharth as u know ishaani doesn’t know how to pile up a saree
    it will be difficult to handle a child so it will be good to see ihveerr managing their child…

    1. No there is another track it will be shown. And till next Saturday i cannot update becoz I need to learn for exams

      1. Ok fine do ur exams well all the best bro

  3. i love rv and ishaani

    1. Thanks sumaya for your comments

  4. hey i thought ishaani is really looking like a cat i know ranveer’s jok is true

  5. loveelyyyyyyyy………..

  6. nice epi…. adding up romantic elements of ishveer is best thing..thank u

  7. Thanks for your support

  8. Please show siddharth’s childhood.we are eager to see that

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