Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Episode 10

Guys this is continued of matsh fan fiction here I am started with ishveer son his name was per the viewers request

Twenty year leap,

The episode starts with ishaani sees the photo of siddharth ranveer comes and hugs ishaani at back and says I love you ishaani says too but give me a gift ranveer asks for what??ishaani tells today is our wedding day ranveer tells sorry..

Ranveer tells that you are same karate master ishaani throws pillow at ranveer..ranveer catches and tells that you are aged so don’t fight ishaani I am just 36 you are 39 you are aged ishaani and ranveer both fight..siddharth comes and tells stop the fight he comes and hugs ishaani

Ranveer tells I am here he comes and hugs him. siddharth tells dad and mum I am going to college and tells bye..

Ranveer and ishaani start their fight they both fight in the kitchen with plate telling that you are aged I am not aged ranveer tells today it is enough I need to leave for offie.. Ranveer tells get ready we both were going out for our wedding out ishaani tells don’t joke he tells her to get ready at 5.00 pm

Precap; Ranveer takes ishaani to a candle light dinner..ishaani gets amused seeing the decorations.

Guys as per your request I changed the track now you like this track pls give comments.. Guys I don’t know the age of ranveer and ishaani if it is wrong I am sorry

Credit to: Narendran

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    1. Thanks muskan

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  1. Ya this is right track BT u take many year leap

    1. Thanks but taking leap for good is not wrong

  2. Your track is good but don’t make ishveer story rare and siddarth is high we always want ishveer didn’t meant that we don’t want siddarth

    1. OK I will make only ishveer actually my imp force on ishveer only not siddharth but he will be the part of the show

  3. wow!! i really like fan fiction stories.both kumkum bhagya and meri aashiqui tumse hi.superb

    1. Thanks janu I am doing my best to impress you all

  4. thank u guys you realy so good ple donot track for so good ple etha mathainga

  5. Hey narendran !! I jus l9ve d track yaar !! Sorry cudnt cmnt bfor but I hv been reading !!

    Hey hope ur gonna start d love story of siddharth!!!☆☆☆☆

    1. *love d track !! Mistake !!

      1. Thanks mansi

  6. now ishveer age is 26 and 29 they show in rv sucite episode………….but i love the track……..

    1. Thanks marry but the age is not a problem so very nice of you

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