Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Big Episode


The episode starts with they find a gift in their room and thinks who kept this ishaani and ranveer runs and takes

The paper they fight and they tear it they throw pillow and fight

Ishaani catches ranveer and kisses him and leaves but ranveer holds her hand ishaani sees siddharth and meher standing she diverts him

Next mrng ishaani and ranveer sees siddharth in the airport ranveer asks why he came her??

Siddharth replies that I came her to see his friend but he went meher was going in flight

Thinking about sweet moments with siddharth and thinks I came to act but I have really loved him

I will not do injustice to him she landed in Mumbai he sees the guy and tells that she loves him and not let anything happen to him

He slaps her hand and holds her hand tightly but she shouts police they come and asks what happened she tells that he is flirting with me

And trying to take me somewhere pls help me police takes him he tells that I will not leave you

Ishaani , ranveer and siddharth comes to the house they see the house fully decorated with flowers siddharth asks what is this ishaani tells sangeet function

For you today he goes upstairs hurriedly and gets ready but when he comes down all the lights where off they on and tells happy birthday siddharth ranveer this is your 20 birthday but you will get married next year

After completing your studies siddharth hesitantly says OK but he thinks if meher fights with him what will I do

They cut the cake he puts the cake on ishaani mouth and tells happy birthday to you mom ishaani gets happy that you remember my birthday and hugs him

Ranveer apologize her that he forget whole family apologize her she runs to room she find room fully decorated

She thinks who did this ranveer tells surprise happy birthday my darling he pinches him and catches his ears why he did not wish him he tells surprise should be surprise

Meher comes and gives a gift all of them leaves siddharth tells that you give me very big joy of my life so

Pls don’t give gift she tells nothing is inside and kisses on his cheeks he gets shy

Precap: Ishaani and ranveer goes to the orphanage house where they see one big man and shocked

Silent readers I think you should comment here becoz I am not getting much response so if you tell yes I will continue or I will stop

Pls give comments this is episode is combined of 17-20episodes

Credit to: Narendran

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