Meri aashiqui tum se hi (Ishveer forever) and kumkum bhagya fan fiction…Mahasangam


Kkb ff part..

The episode starts with pragya were leaving to Kashmir they reach Kashmir pragya and abhi start their knok jhok fight they both try to feel in the road just rk pulls them up pragya says u..are following us abhi asks her to stop and says thanks to rk they heads to leave pragya talks and asks rk why you are following me??

He says that yours and ishaani past are coming back he says I love you pragya and holds her hand pragya jerks her hand and slaps him hard abhi was walking forward to see the happening pragya leaves from there.abhi says what were you hiding from me she says nothing and leaves they reach the hotel Pragya ,abhi ,purab,bulbul..

They check their room pragya sees the room and shocked to see their college pic abhi was amused pragya calls ishaani and tells about this ishaani tells don’t get afraid nothing will happen..

Meri aashiqui tum se hi part

Ishaani and ranveer were talking to the baby just amba comes and talks to the child and tells ranveer past to ishaani .

That they left one child in orphanage and other is ranveer ishaani and ranveer gets teary eyes amba leaves ishaani tell that Milan is your brother ishaani asks him to go and meet him..ranveer tells that he left I tried to speak to him butt…

Ranveer comes closer to ishaani and kisses her on cheeks and says I love you..
Zehnaseeb song plays..

Ishaani thinks about pragya words and thinks to do something…

Kkb part…

Pragya and abhi share their romantic moments they share eyelock pragya kisses abhi zehnaseeb song plays..

Rk recalls pragya slapping and past incident in college and cries Hamari aadhuri kahani plays..

Precap; kkb:pragya comes back to home abhi tells dadi good news..matsh:ishaani tries to call pragya but her phone is switched off

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Plz explain who is rk.

    1. Guys you will get to know in next episode who is rk wait and watch

  2. when did diz mahasangam happend

    1. This is my fiction so I am bringing both together to make ekta show more interesting

  3. Who is this rk and what is the good news that abhi wants to tell dadie and how did abhi and pragya agree to go for a honeymoon im confused

  4. lovely………….my adorable couples…..

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