Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: A different show in Colors’ line-up


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is an unique story of complete friendship and incomplete love. Ranvir, the lead guy is in love with Ishani since the first moment he saw her in childhood, when his dad came to Ishani’s house to do his duty as a driver. Ranvir started working as a servant too, but still Ishani’s dad did not treat him like that. Ranvir and Ishani became best buddies and she can get along with him better than any of her family members. Ranvir is loyal to her family and he loves Ishani no matter she reciprocates it or not. His love in unending and strong.

The story has a backdrop of a big Gujarati family and Baa being the head of the family. She is a very strict woman, for whom her values and words matter a lot, she can do anything to do what she decides once. At the time of Gauri’s marriage, which was happening against her wish and confided it with Ishani, the latter helped her in eloping. Baa was angry knowing this and asked who has dared to do this. Ranvir took the blame on himself, to save Ishani, knowing she was behind this. Ranvir decided to protect her in every way. Baa understood that Ranvir was lying and asked him to get Gauri back for the sake of Ishani’s dad and family’s respect which have given him everything. Even after testing her love, Baa stood against love marriage, and in end Gauri decided to marry the guy of her family’s choice, just so her love, Prateek, can live his life without any problem.

Ishani thinks why did Gauri leave her love. Ranvir explains her that Gauri really loved Prateek, she wanted him to be happy regardless she gets to stay with him or no. He says no love story is complete without pain in it.

Later on, another guy, Chirag, enters the show. Baa selects him for Disha, while Disha’s parents choose him for Ishani. After all the confusion, when Chirag’s family comes to see Disha, Chirag chooses Ishani over Disha. Disha feels dejected. Baa gets furious on Ishani and slaps her. Harshad thinks maybe Chirag is in Ishani’s destiny and asks her to marry Chirag if she really trusts him. Ranvir gets shocked when he finds out about Ishani’s alliance with Chirag. He cries seeing his love marrying someone else. Just after Ishani informs him that she rejected Chirag because he hurt her sister, Disha, he gets a big duty to do from Harshad which is to make Ishani agree for this marriage. Will Ranvir be able to do this tough job?

The story so far has been quite good and the show has a very strong cast. Tell us, what you find the best in the show.

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