Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika fells on the floor apologizing Ishaani, Ranveer and ishaani looks at each other. Ritika holds a piece of glass in hand and hurts Ranveer on his left. She throws him on the floor and gets a knife from the bedside placing it on Ranveer’s neck. She tells Ishaani not to move forward at all, else she will kill Ranveer. Ishaani pleads her not to hurt him. Ritika says if Ishaani keeps on standing here, she won’t kill Ranveer. She asks why should she apologize, she just wanted. Ishaani cries and pleads to stop Ritika but Ritika asks Ishaani to do as she tells her. She asks Ishaani to bring the rope and tie the hands of Ranveer else she will kill him. Ishaani abides by.
Baa asks Shikhar why is he quiet. Shikhar turns to face Baa and asks what he should say, he can’t say anything.

Ritesh says he can atleast understand that Ranveer loves Ishaani when she was nine. Baa says they both love each other but could never be one. Ritesh says that sometimes conditions are against them and sometimes people. Baa says that if their biggest Ritika gets punished both of them will lose their misunderstandings. She says that we all wanted them to be together but Ishaani’s promises came in between, she says she can’t go back to Ranveer because she has promised him and his family that she will leave Mumbai. She asks him to make Ishaani understand. Shikhar says he is no one to make him understand, it is her decision. Baa says this time she needs him in this decision. She can’t take the decision of living with Ranveer under his pressure. She apologizes Mr. Mehra that she herself wanted to marry Ishaani and Shikhar. But later, she realized that the love between Ishaani and Ranveer will never end. But if Ishaani loves Shikhar even, she won’t be able to stay happy herself, nor will she be able to keep him happy. Shikhar tells Baa that he had freed Ishaani already that she can stay with anyone she wants to after the completion of her mission. Baa says that Ishaani thinks that if she returns to Ranveer after promising him, she will betray him. She says that Ishaani respects him and will never deny what he says, he must free her from his promise. Shikhar says that even he agrees Ishaani, the two families aren’t together. Kailash and Amba are still silent, though they aren’t against but they aren’t even in favor of Ishaani. He says he is sorry, Ishaani must take this decision alone and leaves.
Ranveer says to Ishaani that Ritika can’t do anything to him, Ishaani watches Ranveer bleed. Ritika says she will do the same to him as she had done to Chiraag. Ishaani stops Ritika but Ritika says that everytime they are about to get united there is something that stops him. This is God’s plan everytime, she can just decide the way to kill him. Ishaani says to Ritika that she will do anything Ritika would ask for. Ritika says that she has a condition for that, she must kill herself then, because they must get apart at any cost. She tells Ishaani to take Ranveer’s licenced gun and shoot herself. She begins the countdown. Ranveer shouts at Ishaani not to go. Ranveer tells Ishaani to kill Ritika, but Ritika says this is even possible that the bullet goes to Ranveer. Ishaani points the gun on her forehead, Ritika bucks her up, Ranveer cries at her to stop. Ishaani shuts her eyes, remembering all about Ranveer, their childhood and youth. Ishaani pulls the trigger and fires, she fell on the floor leaving Ranveer shocked. He pushes Ritika away who was about to flee, she opens the door to see Shikhar standing there. Shikhar holds Ritika’s hand before she could hurt him, turns her arm and takes him inside.
Ranveer wakes Ishaani but Shikhar tells Ranveer there were no bullets in the gun and the sound was of his mobile. He tells Ranveer to take Ishaani inside. He still held Ritika and says that he knew that when Ishaani left railway station she could hurt her. He knew she could use Ranveer’s loaded gun, so he took Parul’s help to remove all the bullets. He is a lawyer and thinks about precautions before action. Ritika says wow, he himself pushed ishaani and ranveer together. Shikhar tells Ritika that she will only learn in jail what the meaning of friendship is. The police takes Ritika who deters Shikhar that she will come back to take revenge.
Ranveer tells Shikhar that he has called the doctor. They go inside.
Ritika messages someone ‘thanks’. The police watches her using cellphone and takes it from her. They take Ritika to police station.
At home, Baa thanks God that he has saved Ishaani. Ranveer goes to see Ishaani. Baa thanks Shikhar, Shikahr says she disowned him again, he will complain Ishaani about it. Baa smiles.
Ranveer looks into Ishaani’s room who wasn’t in the room. He calls Ishaani and reads a message on the mirror that he must find Ishaani if he can, she is with him. He shouts Ishaani’s name, Shikhar runs upstairs and is shocked to read the message. He tells Ranveer how is this possible, who can do this. Ranveer cries that someone has kidnapped Ishaani.

PRECAP: Ishaani was bring driven in the car, which a young man drove.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Today’s episode is good.. but not as expected.. to whom Rithika send thanks msg… ??? Hope it is RV’s enemy… lets wait and see… hope we get some interesting stuff in the upcoming episodes… doesn’t know what is going to happen.. it seems Ishveer will never unite happily.. OMG.. Hope RV’s enemy kidnapped Ishaani… in the precap. Bechari Ishaani always in some trouble… i think Shikhar and RV will join and find her… this will be the next track on the show…

    1. I also think…ritika send thanks msg to that man(rajat)….he’s rv’s enemy

  3. Shit stories wats gng on here

  4. again twist…bt 1 thing I din get while ritika goin jail she juz msgd some1 thanks…whoz tat…n lso in ystrdyz epi amba n kailash were talking abt sme mystry nyt…nxt full f twists n turns…

    1. Ritika messaged the guy who kidnapped Ishani…

  5. what ishani out ,shocked but till a could have been fun if we watches ishveer together for a few episodes

  6. Omg.. im gonna kill this ekta… wt r u doing?? Anothr kidnap drama so soon.. we fans never expected this agn.. plz stop wrtting drama like this.. i think that kidnapr is the new villian.. really fedup.. now bth guard angel wil go in search of ishani..

  7. Rajat kidnapped our poor ishani….So sad…

  8. Every follower of this drama wants to see ishveer unite. I like this show .This show is full of love emotions

    1. Yup but nowadays it’s change like a kidnaping stories

  9. Ritika most probably send the text message to Rajat and he kidnapped Ish.The new director is not that good in direction ,it is average.Some actors expressions are also average from previous few episodes.

    Baa n Shikhar convo was nice and saviour from other not so good episode.Shikhar has freed Ish from promise long time back but don’t know what actually BAA wants.It is also not easy for Shikhar to do it,he also loves Ish and he is also in pain.Ultimately Ishveer and their not so good families have to decide.Shikhar dialogue that Kailash is
    not speaking anything was awsum.

  10. Is shikhar involved behind this kidnap…???rithika sent thanks to shikhar..??plz unite ishveer…don’t drag it anymore..

    1. No, there is a new evil guy coming in the show, Rajat, who kidnaps Ishani. Ritika messaged him.

  11. It must be shikhar the villain now..
    May be even dewarsh has helped her in exchange of money..
    It’s like inki aashiqui aashiqui nahi
    “meri talaash tumhi ho”.. Banke reh jayegi.. 6 mahine torture sahegi fir bhagne ka hosh aayega… Hadd kardi aapne ekta ji

  12. Who rajat? Shastri sisters wala?

    1. Amit tondon as rajat…..he was last seen in yeh hai mohabbatein in a negative role as subbu.

  13. what is this again separated,oh no ,iam waiting for ishveer reunit

  14. oh god , dont repeat the family fight

  15. Ekta’s show are too much dragging and no logic , senseless

  16. plz…. unit ishveer poor ishani so sad…

  17. Now I no need to watch dis show… I am stopping

  18. Oho foolishness ashiqui after villion befor villion ho villion………..?

  19. To whom rithika send thanks?? And who is the guy kidnapped ishani?? Anyway some good stuff…

  20. Its shikar d new villain…as he told ritika that he has saves his firend ritika……..n ithink ritika thanked shikar

  21. Meri judaaie tumsehi

  22. hahahha sepration again….lets see what happn next……??????

  23. i think rithika send thanks msg to shikar

    1. Why would Ritika thank Shikhar when he’s the one who aggressively handed her to the police. I think he brought the police.. Read about the new character coming up..the kidnapper.

  24. The guy who kidnapped ishani is (Amit tondon)as rajat…..he’s the new villain of this show…..before this show Amit was seen in yhm(yeh hai mohabbatein) …. Amit(rajat) has a past issues with ranveer…he’s coming in rv’s life again to destroy rv’s life and he(rajat) target ishani the love of rv…..and I think that ritika send thanks msg to rajat…

    I hate this ekta…..again she copied this twist from kumkum bhagya,,,the difference is only is show taking 6months leap…..and I think again this twist will take again 5-6 moths to reunite ishveer… ishveer reunion will take time coz of new villain rajat and as we all know that shikhar still in love with ishani… I just hope that this rajat will not fall in love with ishani…… Otherwise show becomes so messy… logic n sense….

    I am not happy with this leap,,,the cvs bring this twist later without leap….no need to take leap…..till then we wanna see ishveer romance…..but biggest problem of this show is lack of romance of ishani and ranveer….
    Anyways.. Its totally up to the writer’s….. Let’s see what happens next.????

  25. what a stupid stuff…senseless,the theme and starting of the show was good..even the work of actors..but stupid directors and order to bring more and more twists..spoiled everything..the show would have better if they would have united ishveer 2months ago..continuous dragging..saas bahu drama…lack of trust etc etc…show something better and unique….not traditional Hindi serials where leads meet…fall in love…get separated…again meet again Seperated….stupid

  26. I think I like watching this show to see what new absurd thing happens. How would Shikhar know where RVs gun was to be able to switch out the bullets in advance. Is there no security at this home that people can so freely come in and out….like the kidnapper.. why woukd RV leave Ishani alone. Annoying! Wonder how long the kidnapping story will drag on…

  27. me 2 thinks dat its shikhar behind kidnapping

  28. shikher is d new villian

  29. From where did ritika got her phone. Full episodela kaila phone ila sudden lasta phone epdi varum. Any magic????

  30. nice episode

  31. Home come Ishani gets kidnapped from Ranveer’s Home . How it becomes possible to kidnap a woman from bedroom of a home which will have security of every kind and where there are so many people and servants present in that home at that time. Such a blunder !

  32. How couldn’t Ranveer save himself from the woman Ritika. Does he not have muscles to push the woman….!

  33. Rookey Rookers

    ranveer will be in double soon after the leap . 1 as a new villan and the 2 our hero

  34. what a story yaa….

  35. I think shekhar ritika se shadi islie krega taki ishani life me move kr sake ranveer k saath.. N uska negative role bhi ishani k lie hi hoga.. Poor shekhar..

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