Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV notices the murderer. Paro comes behind the murderer and takes him to dance. RV asks who this man is. Ritika comes and asks why he wants to know. He says he is worried because of the security of someone he is loyal with. He says he always boasts his loyalty, and can be loyal with his owns till last breath. He is always alert when something is wrong. Ritika says there is a limit to loyalty, RV says there is no limit to loyalty in love and goes away.
Dewarsh announces for the dance of Shekhar and Ishaani. RV watches in pain as Shekhar asks Ishaani for dance, she keeps her hand on his and they come to the floor. The murderer makes a call and tells that Ishaani would be finished in next five minutes. He cuts the chandelier’s chain upstairs as Ishaani and Shekhar dance together. RV drinks

watching them dance together. Ishaani also notices RV’s stare on them.
The murderer’s phone rings, he says only one minute more; then Ishaani would die and people will think of it as an accident. He heads to cut the chandelier again.
Ishaani and Shekhar were dancing, RV notices the chandelier moving up them. He gets worried at once, runs towards the floor and pushes Ishaani and Shekhar aside, rolling himself over Ishaani on the floor. The chandelier breaks with the bang. Ritika watches the floor, Baa and everyone were shocked. Ishaani and RV lay on the floor without moving, look at each other. Ritika watches them cutrly. Ishaani looks away at her hurt arm, she tries to get up and remove the glass off RV’s coat where it was bleeding as well. His arm also had a glass stuck in it, she removes it too feeling pain for him.
Ritesh asks how the chandelier fell down. Pratik says it was about to fall on Ishaani, better RV saved her. Ritesh was shocked and goes to see Ishaani. Chaitali asks him to see Ritika, now RV won’t be saved. Ritika was curt, she goes to RV and Ishaani and taps RV on his back. RV tries to get up holding Ritika’s hand. Ishaani stands up.
The murderer tries to escape when Shekhar goes to get him, he runs to the man and gets him from his collar. He asks who he is, the man stammers. Shekhar slaps the man hard, he tries to fight back and escape. RV gets to the man and beats him along with Shekhar.

PRECAP: Baa says to Ishaani that she must not make her love as a punishment, today she is telling her not to marry Shekhar and return to Ranveer.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Suga

    Thank you sona for express update.. Today’s episode was good.. untill Ranveer is alive nobody can harm ishaani.. Rithika was burning when Ranveer ishaani are together.. worth watching..hate this Rithika to the core.. er.. kabab me haddi.. go away from their life.. truly It is Ranveer Ishaani aduri kahani..
    day by day confusions increasing.. is Chirag alive ? all r Rithikas plan.. so falguni maa death also a planned murder.please show some interesting stuff like rithika negative shades.. finally that black cat got nicely from RV and Shikhar.. ha ha.. Dragging is enough. Its time to tell audience..precap is good.. baa is right.. waiting for a good episode.

  2. arora

    omg helllo idiotic rithika, unaku evlo thimiru irkum, ranveer avan wife ku avan ishaani ku help panran, unaku evlo thairiyam irkum… Ni avana thadukura, unaku ena rights irku ni thaduka, and alude saathikiriya ni innocent nu, sekrame unoda unamai velila vara povdu,…. Waiting for that episode…

    • sindhu

      neenga romba crct ah sonnenga arora ava mugatha pakave enakku pidikala . enna dhairiyam irundha ava ishaaniyayum rvyayum pirikka pappa.ennamo rv avaloda sondha husband madhiri pandra………..ava unmai velila varra anniku papom ………baa en ishaanikitta apdi sonnanga enakku onnum purila…..oruvela avangalukku therinjuducho………

      • arora

        baa ku than theriume ishaani rv yoda sandosathukaga than elam panranu…….., ungalku theriyatha

  3. arora

    but ranveer and shekhar both are doing good job, they will beat that killer, its such a amazing scene…….,

  4. arora

    ishveer scene really lovely and emotional,,, both are take care of each other, its really true love, all the ishveer fan really enjoyed….., but nalla than poikitu irnduchu intha rithika eruma vandu elathaium keduthu vituta,

  5. arora

    ishkar dance sequence also very gud, rv feel jealous, so sad,,,,,,, precap is good, baa is right, ishaani you should stop the marriage and return to ranveer, waiting for that lovely scene……., eagerlly waiting for that.

  6. pinky

    which song played in ishveer moment? Two song played one is hamari aduhiri kahaani….., and the another one is? Plz anyone of them tell me.

  7. neha

    Well I am waiting to see when ritika true intentions revealed in front of everyone especially ranveer. As usual it will take too much time. Ritika will not leave rv so easily. Today’s episode was OK but hope to watch good episodes…. Plz writers ishra ko jaldi ek kara dena…

  8. Ariyan

    Love is any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection and attachment.
    Such a lovely couple ishveer

  9. arora

    -Shikhar and Ranveer nab Ishani’s attacker;
    culprit revealed
    The mystery just got more mysterious as
    not one but several suspects come to the
    In the last episode of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se
    Hi, Ishani (Radhika Madan) and Shikhar
    throw a lavish sangeet party and invite
    family and friends. Ranveer (Shakti Arora)
    starts the functions with his and Ritika’s
    performance. Seeing them together makes
    Ishani uncomfortable and she walks out for
    some space; RV follows her and they both
    share a moment and they both dance
    seductively. But it all turns out to be just in
    their heads.
    In the next episode, Ishani’s attacker who
    tried to run her over with a car earlier tries
    to attack her again. This time he unscrews
    the chandelier and tries to drop it on her,
    but RV sees him at the moment and jumps
    to rescue Ishani. He saves Ishani and then
    Shikhar and he runs to catch the attacker.
    When Ritika sees RV’s concern for his ex-
    wife, she gets irked and walks out of the
    party. Ritika is fed up of RV constant nature
    to go back to Ishani and attempt to be a
    part of his ex-wife’s life that he ignores her
    in the process. Ritika (Smriti Khanna)
    decides that now she has to stop being nice
    and if she wants RV then she will get him by
    hook or by crook.
    She drags RV back home, but when he gets
    a call regarding the attacker, he leaves Ritika
    and rushes to find out more about the
    culprit. RV comes to know that Devarsh
    (Anmol Parnami) is the one who hired the
    attacker and is actually the one behind
    killing Ishani’s mother as well. Armed with
    this information he goes to Ishani’s house
    and meets Devarsh there. He accuses of
    Devarsh of killing Ishani’s mother and
    attempting to take his ex-wife’s life and
    beats him up. Ishani who trusts her brother
    intervenes and asks RV to back off and stay
    away from her personal issues.
    Shikhar then takes Ishani to the prison
    where they try to extract the truth from the
    attacker who was caught. The truth he
    reveals shocks Ishani, but will she believe
    him? Will Ishani put her mother’s killer
    behind bars? Will Ishani be safe from her
    attacker now? Guess we’ll soon find out

  10. mk

    I love the fact that ishveer will be reunited but I feel sorry for shekhar plz producers be kind on him and show ritikas negative shades

  11. Today epic was nice but waiting for revealed from rithika mask from ranveer how painful loves ishani and ranveer facing waiting for twist please go fast epic

  12. vivian

    Who the hell is this ritika not letting rv to lend a hand to his own wife why is she been so obsessed with rv as if he is some property she just bought fool can’t wait for them to throw you out, you days are number.

  13. Res

    every single episodes showing one or two songs, and every day all episode was finished like time pass. is it necessary to show songs every episodes?

  14. jasmine

    ishani is fat and ugly. she makes foolish expressions during love scenes..shakti arora deserves better co actor..he is handsome..

    • Ishani is not fat and ugly
      Agar tumhe ishani achhi nhi lagti to chup krke rho
      Ishaniki bareme kuch maat bolo pls
      We like ishani
      Aur shakti ki wife neha tumhe kaisi lagti hain
      Ishani nehase bhot sundar hain

  15. aman

    hey guys,
    chirag is alive, in today episode you can see him behind Mr Mehra at the time when rv was beating that man.

    and I believe as far as ritika is a good girl now she will move to devil side to take rv back.

    HATE YOU ISHANI Please commit suicide.
    all these nonsense is happing just because of you.
    how much a woman could hurt a man.

  16. mavis

    ishani is beautiful and she is perfect for ranvi is just dat she litte short.wel today episode is gud waiting for isveer unity.

  17. Ish

    Now seriously I started to think that ritika ws not behind all this.. but then that stupid promo.. it’s all really confusing.. and nw what.. she’ll go back to rv leaving ShiKha just like that..her being selfless all the time won’t stop her doing so.. I mean she has to realize that whatever she thinks she is doing is not happening… instead ppl are getting hurt.. everyone.. fans rv Shikhar baa and ritika. Oh and one more thing I really thought that Chirag has finally left.. but whaaaat he’s back… NOT AGAIN!! And pls.. does anyone else think.. that Amba could also be after all this planning?? ..just wondering.. or that itika ws chirag’s gf?!

  18. XYZ

    Cant see Ishveer suffer like this. Dumbo Ishani, she is the real villain… she spoilt everyones life. Cant see RVs helplessness anymore.

    • anita

      true say…but what to do ..
      the story has to move on with twists and turns..
      that is why these writers are changing our lovable characters into characterless people…
      everyone should curse the writers only….

  19. Until ranveer is alive Ishani will be safe,,,
    However much Ishani taunts him he never gonna get tired of her,, that’s pure aashiqui,, the show is becoming interesting since Monday, can’t wait till RV come to know Ishani is in love with him and all pain she underwent for him,, I think RV will die in happiness ,,

  20. Guys, I got to know the flash back,ritika is actually carrying chirag’s child. Both of them will get together to take revenge from ranveer and ishaani.Unfortunately chirag don’t agree to marry ritika after knowing that she is pregnant, ritika and chirag enter into argument, later due to heat of the moment ritika pushes him and his head hits a stone and chirag is spot dead,….Then ritika will be seriously thinking about, how to get rid of chirag’s murder, then our bewakoof ishaani takes the blame on herself thinking that ranveer actually killed chirag, inorder to save him. Later ishaani goes to jail and ritika takes full Advantage of the situation and enters wagela house by getting sympathy from Amba. Soon all this is going to unveil in the show

  21. XYZ

    All of a sudden, Baa seems more sensible than Ishani. Chirag is probably alive. Since they abruptly ended that character, there are 1000 chances that he is kept alive by the writers and will bring him in just when Ishani and RV are getting closer 😉

  22. Rutika unnaku enna problem. Ippo kuda ranveer ishaani ah divorce pannala. Rv ishaani oda husband. Ritika voda husband kidayathu. Husband and wife pesuna care panna love panna unaku enna .nee epadi ranveer ah ishaani ku help panna kudathu nu solluva. Hate u ritika. Unmai ranveer ku therinja un nilama danda nakka danaku nakka dhan. Wait ritika u will get all ur punishment for ur sins. Than vinai thanai sudum mathiri nee ishaani ah rv kitta irundhu pirikanum nu nenaichaa rv una vittu pirivan….

  23. annah

    Awesomeeee episodes!!! Luv ishveer!!! Rv wat a tyming yaar!! Awesome!! Hope Ritz real face cums out soon…

  24. vivian

    Good news fans of matsh I just read the news on spoiler that ishani and rv will soon be remarried in on coming episode.

  25. ishveer

    yes today i can say that ranveer is a ishani saver all the time .
    episode was very nice . when rv saved ishani and the song played after that scene was actually awesome .
    guys soon ishani gone find out that ranvver is not father of rithika baby she want to move to rv life again by knowing the truth

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