Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV comes out of the car, and watches Ishaani coming in a rickshaw. He goes inside, and bribes the guard not to come the girl inside. The rickshaw driver asks Ishaani for money. RV comes inside the bar. He looks around at the dancing girls and come to the bar. He comes to the bar, and thinks about Ishaani.
Outside, Ishaani come running to the door. The guard stops her and says she can’t go inside. Ishaani says she is the wife of the man, who just went inside. The man says he told them not to let her inside. Ishaani thinks for a while, how to go inside.
In the bar, RV takes seat and was lost. He thinks about himself and Ishaani, and how he broke his relation to her.
Ishaani throws her purse away, and calls at the thieves taking her purse. The guard runs to her,

she says someone took her purse there. They run after him, she goes inside the club. She looks around at the dancing girls, RV spots her and finds some way out. He calls a girl near him. Some guys in the club tease Ishaani, and asks if she needs some money from them. Ishaani spots RV, and thinks though he is angry at her but her name is stuck to him, he will definitely save her. The men still tease Ishaani, RV doesn’t move but Sharman comes there saying she is his sister. He beats all the men there.
RV was drunk, when Ishaani and Sharman come to him. Sharman says she is his wife, he asks which wife.
Sharman asks RV not to bring his problem at home in front of everyone. RV says if he is talking about this girl, he came to bar alone. If he cares about her, he must take her. He won’t make any drama of his sister.
Sharman takes Ishaani away. She says he still cares for her, she can’t leave him alone there. Sharman drags Ishaani away, near the car. He says this isn’t a good place, didn’t she see how people talk to her. She says she came for RV. She will take him home. He asks why she is worried about her, he has denied considering her as wife. Ishaani says he didn’t see anything, but he was angry when the boys teased her. Sharman says this is her perception. She says this is her belief, he is just angry. She is sure, he has sqeezed the glass and must have come to her rescue. Now this courage, will bring RV’s love back to her. Sharman insists, that he can’t let her stay here. He makes her sit in the car.

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At home, Ishaani thinks the men said to her, that she will leave with their will. She had watched in the mirror, RV sitting in anger. She waits for RV, he comes singing. She asks he got quite late, his food is ready. He looks at the table, she smiles as RV goes to the table. She shows him the food. He says she is just conscienceless. He doesn’t want to eat. She asks him not to pour his anger at the food. He says she kept the Karwa chot for him, what will happen to him then. Amba calls RV, he smiles. She asks him to eat the food, he says he will eat with her hand. Amba smiles and serves him food.
Ishaani watch him enjoying the food. RV asks how he get to know has he eaten or not. Amba says a mother knows everything about the son. He asks for more daal, Ishaani come behind Amba and says she will get it. Amba asks doesn’t she like RV eating peacefully. Ishaani says she is happy that he is eating. She leaves, but Amba says she keep on the drama always.

Amba and Laxmi come to doctor and say weird stuff that Ishaani does. They ask him to give certificate to prove that she is mental. Otherwise RV will be in trouble because of her.

Baa is making Pratik do work for Disha’s marriage and he’s annoyed. Baa sees Disha going to a maternity hospital and gets confused.

Pratik returns with bunch of bags. Amba and Laxmi talk about a party for orphan kids and food in that. Pratik gets water in his mouth. Devarsh comes and asks him what he’s doing there. Ishaani watches all from upstairs. Laxmi acts of talking on phone and tells Baa that joker refused to come. Amba says party will flop without joker. Chitali comes and says she will become a joker. Amba says kids will run away then. Ishaani gets thoughtful and Amba notices it. Amba hopes to make her joker and prove that she’s mental.

Precap: Ishaani brings kadha (liquid medicine) to Amba. Amba says what if she mixed poison to kill her. Ishaani says why she would do that. RV comes and tells Ishaani she must drink it to prove.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Teju

    Hey how much time u need to update? This is very bad sona to make us wait for a long time. Day by day you have been updating after 23:30.U don’t have a concern about viewers who don’t know hindi. S for stupid sona, am I right viewers. Daily irritating. I want to see how many people will agree yo me.

    • nikki

      hey teju if you are so irritated then why don’t you look for any other site?? And this already enough that someone is updating the shows for people like us who dont haveany access to tv and that too for free. we have no right to call them ‘STUPID’ or anything like that. its wrong to blame anyone else for your impatience. YOU MUST APOLOGIZE AND BE THANKFULL. AND I DONT AGREE WITH YOU S IS FOR SMART AND NOT STUPID.

    • hasini

      I agree with Teju. Actually he/she is absolutely right. Once if it is late then we can consider it’s ok. But daily she has been updating late. Please check the updates for ye hai mohabbatein, diya aur baati hum, jodha akbar for these serials written updates are fast. When Amena, Atiba posting the updates very fast with less grammitical mistakes then she can’t update fast. Moreover poor vocabulary and she doesn’t know how to use pronouns, genders etc., Yesterday the show was ended by 10.30 pm and she posted full written update after 12.20 am. Wat she was doing for 2 hours. Instead of disagrreing someone u pls think what they were thinking exactly.

  2. you are right nikki….u guys should be thankful to sona because at least she’ve done the written episode…..I really appreciate sona for updating the written episode….thank you so much…..keep it up

  3. anjali

    Nikki is right. At least sona updates daily for the South Indians and peoples like me who can’t switch on the TV after 9. We should be thankful to her for this instead of calling her stupid. The comment rules forbids us from doing so.

    By the way, producers, stop dragging the story. Disha , Chirag and Rishi should leave the story now. They’re splashing water on serial’s interest. So irritating to see them. Its enough now. 🙁

    Shainella should make an entry in the story now. 🙂 Only she can put the drama on track. 😐

  4. anjali

    Ranveer should stop ill treating Ishani now. If he does the same what Ishani did, what’s the difference between him and Chirag. And now he’s following that idiot Chirag.
    I think, he’s doing these things to
    1.stop Chirag from manipulating Ishani
    2. make Ishani realise her mistake.
    3. make Ishani smart as she believes everything and everyone blindly.

  5. anjali

    I know hassini, Teju, Swathi, madhuri, and all who agree with Teju, sona updates late and she should speed up, but is it correct to call her a stupid just because she’s late? 😐 Teju’s request was just but the way of requesting was not at all correct. 🙂

  6. Ranveer

    Oh Ishani I really feel sorry for You.and when those people were teasing you my heart was getting…………….Ah! If Sharman wouldn’t come then U have to control police again.

  7. Radhika

    Ishaani ur courage is appreciable.Don’t worry about anything and see one day Ranveer will trust the word trust and her wife also!

  8. Disha

    Sharman is now getting responsible.Good to see.After all Brother should always stand with her sister not only on the day of Raksha Bandhan. andddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
    Anu plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz tell me the meaning of “Khamoshiyan”

  9. anjali

    By the way, all the characters of MATSH are present here, Disha, Ranveer, Radhika. Nice. 😀

    Don’t take it seriously. Just joking. 😉

  10. anjali

    Actually, I am completing my activity and practicals for my 12th boards side by side. Sorry, I commented late. 🙂

  11. anjali

    I can’t understand where are my smilies vanishing??? I just hate talking or writing to someone with blank face, without a smile.

  12. anu

    U don’t know rv’s fan..????? Hasini mam advised us to talk only about……. show….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. prasanna

    We know very well that Ranveer is acting ,but how long it is .we cannot wait till that time .plz move fast

    • sumit prakash

      it will take 50 episodes, one crime drama sequence before they get reconciled .. that’s he pattern of stories like this …

  14. megha

    please RV………….try to understand ishaani.why sharman u came there??????????? if u not came there RV will interfere in it. we know RV you love ishani now itself…………………

    • sumit prakash

      it will take 50 episodes, one crime drama sequence before they get reconciled .. that’s he pattern of stories like this …

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