Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Next morning, Ishaani wakes up and couldn’t find Ranveer there. She sits up happy. Naina sat there on a chair, Ishaani tries to explain him. Naina asks Ishaani if she is looking for Ranveer, she says she has seen everything.
Maa comes to Nurbhay who gets up from his chair to take her blessings. Maa backs up. She asks what this all his happening, Naina’s marriage is near and he again locked Ishaani in the room. She wants Ishaani to remain everywhere, in all the rituals. She says she doesn’t want Ranveer to get an idea that his ex-wife is unhappy here. Maa asks him to go and get Ishaani out of that room.
There Naina says to Ishaani that she must tell Nurbhay. Ishaani pleads her not to tell anyone, especially Nurbhay. Naina jerks her hand away and says she must tell Nurbhay,

she can’t marry someone who spends night with his ex-wife even after getting his marriage fixed. Nurbhay asks who opened the door, and comes in to find Ishaani and Naina. Nurbhay asks what is happening here. Ishaani comes to him, but Naina holds her back. Naina says that Ishaani is her well-wisher though she is his ex-wife, she says she will never come between Ranveer and her. Nurbhay tells Ishaani to do as Naina wants. He warns Ishaani that if she doesn’t cooperate, he won’t say anything to anyone but will kill Ranveer.
Ranveer gets up in the morning. He had a head ache. Pratik comes and asks him if he found something. Ranveer says he doesn’t remember anything from yesterday, he recalls that he went to Nurbhay’s house as a servant. He was sent with a plate and he doesn’t remember anything other than this.
There Ishaani apologizes Naina. Naina says she didn’t understand what to do in front of Nurbhay, but she is really confused. Ishaani tells Naina that Ranveer had a fatal ailment, only Nurbhay has the medicine for it but he kept a condition that Ishaani will get away from him. Ishaani says that we both love Ranveer, but only one will get Ranveer. She says she will never come between them, but Naina must not tell anything to Nurbhay and keep it a secret else he won’t leave Ranveer. Naina leaves. Ishaani finds Ranveer’s watch.
In the room, Ranveer thinks what happened last night. He recalls the address of the room, then going through the corridor, watching the clock.
Ishaani looks at the clock, remembers the last night. She cries and says she is unlucky that she got the best of her life.
Ranveer wonders what happened, there was something that is very different. He has never felt so before. His own shadow tells him that he was with Ishaani last night. Ranveer says he has been with Ishaani since childhood. He thinks if he was with Ishaani she would be able to answer his questions. His shadow tells him to go to Ishaani and ask her.
Ishaani watches her shadow who asks why is she crying. Ishaani says she did a mistake. Her shadow tells her to think it as God’s will, isn’t she happy with what happened last night. Doesn’t she want everyone night of hers as last night. She asks Ishaani if she loves Ranveer, Ishaani says more than herself. She asks if she trusts his love. Ishaani says more than anything. Ishaani says Ranveer and she have joined today, it doesn’t matter who he is marrying because a love relation if stronger than anything. If they get united, no one would be able to wrong them. Ranveer thinks that only Ishaani can answer his questions.

PRECAP: Ishaani and Ranveer hug each other. Nurbhay points a gun at them, they are worried. He fires at Ranveer.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. K.praveena

    Oh no. Precape nibhray point out gun to ranvi. And he fires to ranvi. I hope nothing wrong will happened in my ishveer. day by day naina role goes more worst. Its matsh has been only 8 epi. Oh no.

  2. Wow what an episode,writers did tis earlier means sure matsh gonna be rocking,but its too late,but i like each eand every scene of my ishveer,ranvi think what happened yes nt,omg his expressions are awesome,and naina i dnt hv a word to scold u just get lost,and i think precap is just a dream of ishaani

  3. Meera

    What a sad precap!! But is it all over this week only , as all this gun drama was to happen the next week ryt ?

  4. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Amazing now I just don’t want to listen that crap about MASTH end….just happy for ishveer……..Today Ishani words were too good and emotional and Ranveer you’re gonna get your love soon……love the precap but uff that idiot and illiterate Nirbhay I’m gonna kill you how dare you shoot to Ranveer…????? And that Naina just from now going to ignore her and Ritika…………….but again today episode was nice because ishveer gonna confess their love SOON !!!!!! Happy For Ishveer………….

    HAPPY CHOCOLATE DAY !!!!! To all my sweet dhf of ishveer……..

  5. shadhika pls cast in new show pps,after matsh ending i miss ur chemistry ,Shadhika i love a lot,i want u two r always together in real life too,u hv that amazing chemistry,pls shakthi radz is only suitable to u ps marry her,and u r the best couple in the world,u guys pls understand that and propose each other,

  6. prince

    Today’s episode is very emotional. b*t*h naina what the f**k she thinks of herself? But the good thing is Ishani & Ranveer had their honeymoon.

  7. Saranya

    Such a amazing episode. Lovely episode but precap is not good. Ohhhhhhhhhhh my ishveer ka pyar. KANAVE KALAIYAATHEY UNNAL NAAN VAAZHKINDREN. …..

  8. hi suga where are dr…how are you….these is our last days of matsh.why you are sending any comment…do you watching our show….repay me… gd ni8 dear

  9. IshuRV

    guys I’m feeling very bad yarrr . I’m willing to slap myself harder. till 10:19 I watched matsh than the break occurred. than I just changed the channel to see score, India v/s srilanka and I don’t know what happened to me I just forgot to come back to matsh . I missed that ishveer’s shadow talk part yarrrrr . and the match I was watching India loosed it yarrrrrr. feeling very bad……………………..

  10. obed

    never seen a show like this… they are insulting the holy relationship , morality , values and self discipline… serials like these are spoiling the culture of India…They are thinking that viewers are idiots and beleive anything and praise about their shit like stories…End this show ASAP…..

  11. sana

    Nice episode.ishveer was superb.what a u shadhika.we want u again in a show.lovely couple and sad precap.hope nothing will happen to my Ranvi.

  12. Guys I got a news that ending of matsh disappointed all the fans of matsh very matsh and after seeing this disappointment from fans ekta mam has been deciding to come up again with matsh season 2 with full n fresh storyline

    • But i dont want these colorstv ….. colors tv never deserves our ishveer jodi…

      They never respect love , sacrifice, serial …. ( MATSH )

      They only respect ,,,, black magic tracks nd bhoot ,….
      nd that swaragini stupid serial … nd , balika vadhu, …. etc ….

  13. These episode s they really show before these serial never gone …. off air

    ishveer every scenes i love it god gave jody ….

    sathya i aslo shadika couple in really life…..

    But i am pray god shakti break with neha

    And shakti married with Radhika

    precap i love it …. but my Rv ….. omg these nir go to hell that is better for u ….

    These nir track only trp down …. I enjoyed milan track but leap after i love Rv look nd ishani look …..
    ishveer is looking in new look Amazing …

    U knows Guys Radhika in love with shakti ….

    i saw feb 6 th Abp news channel sbs segement …. Radhika said I Love u shakti… I miss u shakti …
    but definetly i miss him alot…

  14. Guys i heard the news about MATSH serial CREW MEMBERS asked COLORS&EKTA KAPOOR to give the SECOND CHANCE get the BETTER TRP and lot of serial low TRP and colors give second chance BUT CREW MEMBERS REQUEST the EKTA&COLORS not hear the CREW MEMBERS REQUEST.AND grew member second chance to give ur serial DEFINITLY bring back on the TRP OF MATSH to write audience attracting story line but COLORS TO END THE SERIAL.This news tell the crew members of MATSH IN SOCIAL MEDIA.

  15. Guys pls saw feb 8 th comments ….. yar …..

    kiya sirf shadika co – stars hai look their eyes kya bol rhi…..

    These cmments in that page go nd see feb 8 th epi tellyupdates….

  16. K.praveena

    Sry vyshu. I have no answer abt ur question. Bcoz i only saw matsh utube and not seen zee tv show in utube.

  17. K.praveena

    Just i thought previous 2 epi of matsh that every scence r going too past. I know matsh going to end. But its too past. Colors tv only consider trp not loyal fans heart.

  18. raji

    Guys we want our shadhika is back soon… bez not only hindib serial but they have lots of fans in tamilnadu also…full youngsters….yesterday i saw u2 in tamil rv what a husband u r …such a wonderfull person ….what a trust about ishani …it is mind blowing…..guys we have no time only 7 days more…we have to do anything for shadhika……

  19. plz obed dont write these type comment…we are the hearty fan of matsh….dr all serial can present these type situation all serial have these type dragging un intresting twist ….these all the part of any serial not only for matsh…..but matsh alwys promot shows about TRUE LOVE,DISCIPLINE,RELATION BETWEER AMONG FREINDS,VALUE OF LOVE,UNCONDITIONAL LOVE,SELF SACRIFICING THESE ARE SOUL OF OUR SHOW .so about me i am learn more from matsh and my dearest ishveer…..AlSO I BILIEVE THAT THIS NOT ABOUT ME ONLY…BUT ALSO ALL TRUE FANS OF MATSH….so i considr matsh in first place in my heart…..obed dr which is the perfect dragless only culture oriented show…100% perfect plz give that serial name…..MATSH SHOWS ONLY THE CULTURE OF TRUE FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE….

  20. Praveena dr …., i only saw Matsh serial ….. only ….

    If Matsh season 2 telecast on zeetv ….. then these u tube always mutted in colors channel….. ishveer so many dialogues…. we are misssing ….

    In zeetv aslo they mutted in utube means

    i want starplus MATSH 2 …..
    i dont want these sound problem … dr praveena …. my 1 st serial only Matsh …. before i didnt saw any hindi serial …

    In my house only colors tv bcouz ishveer ( MATSH) i connected …. these srl vry much ….

    In my house no zeetv , star plus , …… etc

    If Matsh 2 telecast any other channel i definetly get that channel ….,

  21. obed dr based on your comment balika vadhu ,sasural simarka,ye hai mohebethein,sath nibhana sadhiya,yrky….these type serials are firstly ending serial than………………………………………………………………………….
    ………………….OUR MATSH…


  22. K.praveena

    Ya jesa kerala. I agree with u. We r demanding matsh2 untill than we r not getting rest. So we want to trend setter of matsh2. I have only fb a/c. I created my fb a/c only 4 my matsh. And i commenting matsh, shakti, radhika fb 4 matsh2. I have no twitter ac.

  23. K.praveena

    Now a days i’m not enjoyed the matsh epi. When i saw the conformation news that matsh going to end that Every epi of matsh i watched with my painful heart. I can’t explain my feelings. Furtherly i will said my feel then i cries very bad. My ishveer 4 ever

  24. Manisha

    I feel that kasam serial can’t take place of our matsh and can’t beat matsh.actors are also not very attractive like our lovely ishveer.i read that it’s time 10:30 pm on can it possible if it is replaced matsh?lets see what they do finally.i think they will start from 22 Feb.

    • Shażñä

      Agree wid u..n kasam lead actors sharad n yuvika…no1 can replace ishveer..Shadika oly 1 pc unique couple n osm chemistry…n al shadika fans don watch tat kasam n make it as big flop f ekta n colors…thn ekta ll undrstnd her mistake n ll cme up wid Matsh 2..

  25. K.praveena

    I never been watched kasam seriel. Its replacing our matsh show. So my 10pm it will be empty. So i waiting 4 matsh2.

  26. No i dont want these colorstv…..,
    I dont want sound prblem for my MATSH season 2 …. we are missing so many ishveer dialogues …..

    These colorstv…..always sound prb….. so …. pls ….:-(

  27. I love ishveer plzz don’t go
    I have never liked any couple as much I like u both so plzzzzzzzz don’t go ishveer
    My ishveer are world bestest couple no one can tale my ishveer place in my heart ♥ u sooooo much ishveer

  28. I read the COLORS couple page LOT of fans disappointing incomplete end of MATSH and EKTA KAPOOR CONSIDER MATSH 2 new story line It is not confirmed.PLZ FANS PRESSURE OF EKTA KAPOOR to start the MATSH 2 MAINLY WITH SAKTHI&RADHIKA PAIR.


  30. sana

    I want matsh 2.I will not see kasam and not let anyone of my family to watch.oh god make it an flop serial.

  31. sana

    Yes jasa dr.l agree with u.we have to fight for our matsh 2.matsh is the best serial I have ever watched and shadhika is the best pair in the world.

  32. Stupid colors channal mujhe laga is sunday matsh ka blockbuster rahega bcoz valentine day and matsh ka last sunday bhi hai but ab thapki pyaar ki and ssk sunday ko aaiga i wish ki colors ko kabhi success na mile

    • Actually frds the reason of cutting episode are they are want to off air the show but there is no other shows to replace matsh so they are reducing the timing of episodes by this they get time to make alternative show now they get kasam but cast and crew then story for this they need time the only reason is this becoz trp of iskrs is also low but that was playing for 20min so then by this how can they post matsh for 1hour special episode this 1hour timing of episodes are partted away and played by that stupid colors atleast for four days but now the track was really good going they are ending matsh useless colors trending in twitter for matsh 2 was going pls join with them agar matsh 2 was started in zee TV that was so nice for us

      • Hai hema dr….

        pls tell in zeetv matsh 2 videos…… in u tube there is sound prb?

        These colors all ways …. , they mutted in u tube ….., ishveer so many dialogue s we are missing ….

        Now …. Matsh 2 ….., pls i dont want these sound prb ….,

        if zeetv is not sound prb… in u tube ….

        Iam happy they telecast ….. Zeetv in Matsh 2 ……, or star plus ….,

        But i dont want these colors …., dr ….. they never deserves my dearest ishveer jody…..,

        i want these colorstv big flop channel ….,

  33. ishuRV

    guys don’t request matsh 2 to start on other channel because if they start matsh on other channel than its storyline will be completely different . like how ishani feels presence of ranveer without seeing him and how they confess their love by saying meri ashiqui tum se hi instead of I love u . these all things will be not there . how can they start a 2nd season of a serial with same name on other channel . I’m sure we ourself will call them copy cat.

  34. No IshuRv . … Same story dear … but only change the channel…., ishveer go to mumbai…. happy married life they show in zeetv … channel..,

    If they telecast Matsh …,2 in colors tv in u tube always …. mutted videos prb …. dr …

    we are missing ishveer so many dialogues….., dr …. try understand …. dr my prb…

    I dont want these…., these sound prb …. in MATSH season 2 ….

  35. No IshuRv . … Same story dear … but only change the channel…., ishveer go to mumbai…. happy married life they show in zeetv … channel..,

    If they telecast Matsh …,2 in colors tv in u tube always …. mutted videos prb …. dr …

    we are missing ishveer so many dialogues….., dr …. try to understand me …. dr my prb…,

    I dont want these…., these sound prb …. in MATSH season 2 ….

  36. Sakthi and rithivik dhanjiyan and asha negi only LAUNCHED YAI HAI AASHIQUE serial in bindhass channel not acting the hero so guys don’t worry.I hope see the SAKTHI in STARPLUS OR ZEE TV serial WITH RADHIKA MADAN.

  37. Shakthi talk about neha in an interview,he loves neha a lot guys,he always sing about neha,always he talk about neha neha neha..oh iam really disappointed,though he loves neha lot atleast he consider shadhika fans,he well known that most of the fans like shadhika a lot then y he always talk about neha in public media,always he praises neha a lot,shakthi y u do tis,he never consider radhika as a pair,even radhika always talk gilood thing about shakthi ,but he never consider her,i think shakthi celebrate Valentines with neha i cant even imagine that,so after valentines only i see news about shakthi,till than i didnt search for any news about shakthi,really i’m disappointed

  38. Manisha

    Aradhya gave news of matsh 2.pls Aradhya give us link.we are eager to know that.when will they start new show “yeh hai Aashiqui “? Who are the actors ?they can make other ashiqui series with Shakti and what we can do for matsh 2 ?

  39. Manisha

    you are right ishurv.only colors can show matsh 2 .other channel can’t copy we should request colors and Ekta mam for matsh 2.

  40. Hai vyshu in utube zee TV not upload their serial but there separate app for zee TV like starplus’s hotstar they used to post the full episode in their zee TV app in utube there are only 5min episode available but satrangi sasuraal has trp of only 0.6 they still running it for loyal fans so that I suggest zee TV

  41. Shakthi was a part of yeh hai aashiqui in season 4 or season 5 I don’t know which season that was so for this reason he going for the launch of season 6 for friendly reasons?

  42. Guys who are all feel when seeing two ranveer in screen is Milan is back ? I felt that seeing two ranveer and get shocked too but later that was imagination nice na

  43. Guys who are all feel when seeing two ranveer in screen is Milan is back ? I felt that seeing two ranveer and get shocked too but latter that was imagination really nice episode na

    • Ya dear in future generation people if they see matsh they gonna surely like matsh becoz it was about pure luv
      But if they see sasural simar ka they feel like cartoon show some peoples cannot able to understand the serial they feels what was story why they r showing like that they gonna feel like this as cartoon show thank god matsh does not use any bhoot,asthma like funny and stupid supernatural thing I liked swaragini before but when I see Pataki devi used to control the car of sanskar I was just laughed and laughed I think is that sanskar driving a remote car and it’s remote was in Pataki devi’s hand then i stopped that serial and if when I used change the channel and i suddenly seeing sasural simar ka I get stopped and I used to laugh for while what they showing actually cartoon shows are nowadays doing good they using scientific things for even kids but nowadays serials are like cartoon lol na frd guys if ur really upset then see sasural simar ka and suddenly u will get laugh and sathya dear my fav episode is 341st epi of matsh I was seen that for much more time I got the memory of all dialogues in that epi but I will watch again that epi I am sure about it and I don’t think that another serial makes an beautifilul episodes with small thing that is using bells actually I don’t know the name of the thing but when it sounds ishu get knows that rv room is open actually in that time all episodes are really super yar matsh best serial ever na

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